Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 1-5

I moved the "Celts new Year" party to Prizren @ the "Balkan family" weekend meeting..

after a 8 hr journey with Vinhko who i'd met at the Pg bus station, arrIved at city hostel and the friendly "G"...a snack in the bar,
I really that enjoyed thursday night..

& as usual danced quite a lot , with a girl that smiled (Kalina?) and one who didnt , but Pauline fitted me even better, U couldnt fit a cigarette paper between us!

  but she didnt even smile...a "cool" girl.. I spread the vino around and exhausted G's supply (3 litre bottles of REd)

 Friday we went to Hobbiton club, (shame "Raz" the pocket-sized walker to Istanbul wasnt there!) then the group split up to do some photo-competition..
and I went to meet a girl bringing "wE are" t-shirts from Prishtina ...I had lunch with her & a siesta before she went back home and joined Raz and others
to test the "homemade" cooking @ the terrace.. it felt strange NOT to eat, so i stayed ... then we went to "IN club" but loud Kim was there too..
and despite singing "birthday" for Rudi, and a few dances, with Liisi..(Tallin) , Kalina and another local girl (?) i went back shortly after midnight..

DS ("miss harvey") had sent an sms I lost some sleep  but we had a great afternoon together in the pretty countryside & old town centre

talking and enjoying stories ..... the rest is self explanatory (see below)

I stayed an extra day, Raz and I watched the REds game in the hostel , then a few locals joined us for a casual evening of stories and such..

monday , I took a long and beautiful bus ride back via the Tara river/canyon, and the view and (surprisingly good) music played by the driver!



NOT allowed!! ;)

Pussy gets U into trouble too!

talking of trouble...

Triin would like this beer?
next years hostel !! ;)
fountain causes marriage (not for CS & DS?)


relevant music...

"Love Divine" ("seal")

Subject: "to whom it may concern" CS meet Prizren.. (extract)Subject: "to whom it may concern" CS meet Prizren.. (extract)

On my return to Pg, i received an email asking me to explain in a media article.. to write that which I find important, not only about last weekend's "Balkan Mafia" meeting but about the mentality of CS-ing generally...

this is an extract... to whom it may concern :=

" This is the 2nd of this years "family meet" that I attended, and AGAIN< I was having a great time, and , as usual do my utmost to create a positive atmosphere, be friendly and communicate positively with all members wherever they come from or whoever they are.. i am usually the first to extend the hand of friendship and to introduce myself..

- I host a lot of people and the element of trust and huMANITY IS VITAL TO cs-ing and myself to continue an often difficult life..

three weeks ago, I met a bosnian girl, ("miss harvey") who I wish to involve in my life, and who wanted to connect with me,
within a special non-profit club project , we seemed to have common goals and specific agreements on respect and friendship...

and trust when she hosted me in budva after i protected her friend in a budva pub we had danced and joked and exchanged stories and she invited me into her home, on trust..which I RESPECTED!

so we kept in touch by email, and I felt it right and GOOD that I invite her as my guest to Prizren, I am a mature man, older than most CSers..

I am sensitive to that too..i dont need reminding .... and I didnt want her or other members to think that I was taking anything for "granted" by sharing a room, as MY GUEST at the weekend, as she had written that she was "very happy to be with me in prizren"

... I merely wanted to continue our discussion about her involvement in next years charitable project and to share a good time... so we had a beautiful afternoon in this pretty town


even in such a place and within what should be a "special atmosphere of trust" some people are still....SELFISH ///

3 or 4 people (including a girl) decided that it was "funny" to get her drunk, and "come on" to her whilst she was MY GUEST

(i have a basic respect for people, and expect that respect in return, without asking for it)

it was obviously her choice too to respond to their selfish action or not, but being drunk she was weak, couldnt maintain her dignity...

the result ;

MY weekend was ruined, and probably her participation in the project too, I doubt if those few people in a group of 80 or so, cared at all about if she or I got hurt in the process... my humour was damaged , it will return, but its unlikely that a very good connection between her & myself, will be repaired..

I repeat that I have hosted and shared great trust with more than 50 CSers in Montenegro this last summer...

at least 9 out of 10 people were good company..and in a cynical world where so many people are SELFISH, cynical, materialistic & negative , this was/is a GOOD result..! ;)

so, Take care, all CSerS, this is worthy of your attention, enjoy this global project..and don’t bREAK this trust or let ANYOne spoil it for you or me.. ;)

with hope in your heart!
Because WE are the CLUB! ;)


she didnt want any "fuss" but.. "Raz " is WALKING from Cornwall to Istanbul, almost 5000 kms...

IF u can help her with finding hosts (probably in February IF she don't collapse!) I joked with her that she was 2 metres tall when she left cornwall, but now is the size of a hobbit! ;)

her link on CS ; http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=PT3B87K

Global ...

"new york is closed!" ... all things will come to be...if we dont improve the ills of the world , NATURE will! ...face the truth!

http://www.facebook.com/groups/152996974833540/ OUR CLUB..

next meeting; - may '13 (22nd - 26th)
house-telling http://www.facebook.com/events/363433193750897/

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  1. U didnt dance with me in Pg, Mayda!!! pity..I "stole the show" friday night (shame saturday was ruined by a lack of .....long story..)