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CSerS updated...reviewing our club too

enjoyable film , with a positive message.the 5th element... .
The Fifth Element Theatrical Trailer

 Online discussion

 Steve M>  Politicians of all sorts are economical with the truth. Did the Tories tell us they would make huge cuts to government spending if they were elected? I think they did. Did they get a majority at the election? No, but they were able to form a government with the Lib Dems. That's Democracy and Politics in action, something we have gone to war in both Iraq and Afghanistan to promote and support. So should we complain when it is in action in our own country? The cuts we are enduring, suffering, at the moment, whose fault are those? The Bankers? Not really. 

The banking crisis just brought forward the day when we couldn't really afford to repay the loans we had taken out to pay for things we couldn't really afford in the past. Politicians have know we have been borrowing too much for years and years. But the hardest thing for a politician to say to the public is I'm going to give you less and they don't say it in those terms, for fear of not being elected. The consequences of this lack of candour with the electorate? Look at Greece, look at Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Countries facing the consequences of not addressing the over borrowing their politicians sanctioned to keep in office. Politicians in opposition don't tell the truth for similar reasons. Labour have shouted at the government about every cut, but never said what they would cut. Now, just this month, they have quietly began to say that if they get into power, they will continue they cuts. Politicians of all sides need to treat the electorate as adults and tell us the truth. And then tell us how they will deal with it and let us chose.

CS> i am surprised that anyone is surprised that politicans just serve their own interest! Steve, u sound like a victim, people need to dsop giving their power to whose who lie, its the same since thousands of years, "treat ppl like adults" ??? ppl need to BE adult! and take respnsibility for their own lives and the local & global community..u mention all those countries with "problems" yet the truth is the world is bankrupt (the USA debt is bigger than all other countries combined) ..too much debt and too many ppl living on credit..the world is mad! "democracy" is a joke when ppl are taught to be like sheep! few have a mind of their own, or dare stand against the herd..! its all too ridiculous to be serious about.. :) "an illusion" thats more funny than a monty python sketch .. from NL asked for
CSKelly from NL asked to stay in Pg, but was a bit too short notice although my previous CSer (Sevilay, ) had left that morning..& I was planning to go out friday evening, with TB but  not confirmed, Csers should always check with me by sms  as I am not always online!) ;)

planned to meet Milos at o sheas sunday to watch merseyside derby game, and "meaner" is serving there...damaged girl craving for attention..... & 
SCLOG: CREdS - LIVE r POOL Rebel-LION Updated ..
- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"

I have made a proper reservation at the hostel for Dani too! as my guest, so I am there already from november 1 , It is city hostel (u can see all information @ ... ) so Ill wait her there Prizren in 2th november from Belgrade
============== check the latest events on  CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB     an open social not for profit club to bring people together who know how to party & enjoy themselves no matter where they come from & to enjoy & develop social & fun events and tournies ;)

 head, heart & SOUL was “buzzing” with ideas & positivity from our meeting, I hope mina’s negative waves don’t disturb U too much more
Mina has a lot of energy but needs to be “centre of attraction” what we call a “drama queen” if she could direct that energy into positive things and attitude she could be a lovely girl, but at the moment she is “trouble”

I want to share ideas with U all,  to involve U in the club and subsequent charity activities (even if U don’t come to our project) we can discuss in Pg and again in December
and talk about our project, it looks very positive for next year..i would have invited u to a special meeting of our club 1-5 november in Prizren

Artu> "The Balkan meetings started in Serbia and now we end the 1st season in Kosovo. It’s been a fun time at every of the semiannual meetings in past 6 years, therefore the Balkan Mafia family invites you to join us at our 12th Balkan meeting to be held in one of the most historical cities..."

if u have skype - (chrismith.csema )
ZA DZ Live@TheSub!!!  Podmornica beogradski rnr podrum

Dani> I always keep my promises:-) I'm so happy because I be with you in Prizren

CS> I arranged for a car to meet Sevilay but a power cut in Toloshi and a confusion over time zones meant i had to change my plans..
Sevilay> After a nite stay in Podgorico I am plannig to go to Iskodra. I think it is not that far just an hour. I am usually agreeble flexible person and would love to adjust my plans to your plans and suggestions. I just want to be a part of life in Podgorica for a while :)...

Hope to see you, Cheers Sevilay

Why I'd Like to Meet You
Well I will confess your profile is so tempting and definately you have lots of sense of humour and mind. I love the idiea of giving more to the planet then we are taking from it and of course red. I felt more excited about my trip when I read your profile.


CS> Triin

happy birthday " ' sNO white"
 ..hope u see the light..
travelling as a CSer making all them decisions
seeing life and all those divisions
trust yourself and enjoy the day
& then u will surely find your way..
ChriS x
Subject: MYmLT121023 ChriS=>TRiin Paja ("sNOwhite") by "Squeeze; "up the junction" that we listened to, ... Ian Durie ("hit me with yr rythumstick")
and i miss u. ...if U come back its to visit CS, nogt via CS, a warning that we will obey no-one rules except
mutual respect, and test each others limits... share films & music and not complain about choices..

scene with Woody Allen & MARIEL Hemmingway ("eyebrows") ;)

Poem for Triin..

"snowhite" is obviously a mass-debater,
its not that difficult to hate her ;)

Causing confusion in Pg, lost notebook, phone and I, my atm card..
ooooh, she makes it hard! :)

(warning! :- she eats quite a lot, but isn't really that "hot" !)

in a couple of days can wreck yr head!
but she didn't (yet) wreck my bed!

but also saw that she can "care"
and that today, is (again) so rare..

NOT an angel from above..
but someone I could love
in a woody-hemming-WAY,
should not really say..

she's a (nice) sort of evil, "have a nice day"

(p.s. this is neutral, until U return to correct it...! ha ha ha...)
 Triin  > wrote:I was going to hitchhike from Dubrovnik, but I feel a little lazy so I'm taking the bus. It leaves at 3 pm and should be in Podgorica in 4 hours. So, around 7 o'clock I'll get to the bus station, I think it's in the center. I got your message, but couldn't reply because I was in Croatia for a while longer than I planned, and couldn't use internet. I'm arriving to Podgorica anyway
Raz > - has written the following reference about you on your profile:

Spent a great few days with Chris chattin football, taking a day trip to
the beach, being tailed by C.I.A and avoiding the tourist traps in the
city. Really laid back guy with plenty of great stories from his travels
and tribulations. Thanks so much for a relaxing few says and great
Ps There is a Liverpool bar in Shkoder - complete with Y.N.W.A in huge
letters on the wall! I think they are waiting fr you!

ChriS >a ditty  for "Corny->Istanbul-Raz" :)

so U travelled x Kilometres from Corny, & so..
 got "lost" in Toloshi, Pg,
ha ha the locals really dont know
where "here" is, U see?

Those "boots are made for walking"
(romanian - italian design , i note)
they probably could also start talking
with the socks, i'd vote..

had a few days in Monty
the wild-beauty U didnt see
went around the "highlights of of this city
Park, bridge, caffe "Berlin" & me..(he he)

"You'll Never walk alone"
the REdS are always singing
well our spirit is with U, & yr mum on the phone!
and hopefully over the Bosforus(Rafa) bringing

So thanks for the visit
& the chats about footy
come back to make curry-burek, is it?..
"monty wine & food club, ..cant make the end rhyme, sorry.. ;)

good luck
Y.N.W.A / J4t96
ChriS the volunteer/NGO/frisbee organiser ( two to one ) in istanbul,

for the Rebels...(probably why i get regularly blocked..)

CS x

Subject: My121023 ChriS-Anita Re: winter in Latvia ok, thanks for the advices (I'll inform u about Monty I am permanent host here & our club project next year could be attractive for U) in the meantime i have to explain that i am a unique agent using a sophisticated philosophy ; If i publicise my activity NO one believes me! - lets keep in touch..working on a plan! ;)

Anita K wrote:
>Hi, Chris!
>You know, agent's should be more shy and non-visible - I would advise you better to think about change of the profession, just for your sake not to be captured by ... ok, you should decide which country's secrets you are going to steel.
>Well, what the hell you are going to do in winter in Latvia??? Have you be informed about temperature here?
>In order to keep you alive for your future spy-job or changed-to-something-job, I would even be ready to offer you shelter for some cold winter night.
>Hmmm.... do you know that we here are used to jump in snow after sauna? Have you tried it some your crazy day? No??? So - this is included in the offer (provided that we will have snow by then).
>Well, my family is living a bit out of Riga city - in the middle of woods in country home - so, if you would need to breath fresh air, you are welcome to stay with us some couple of days.
>No, sorry, not for Christmas time. Since December is presently free in my calender, so you can choose any if you like. Better weekdays because then I can pick you up in Riga where I go each day to work.
>I have Montenegro as plan for our travels and would like to hear what you could tell about your canyon and best routes.
>Let me know if you like this idea,

ChriS SmiTH> U are welcome back here, of course, Skopje is birthplace of mother teresa, (I wll go to CSers Balkan mafia meeting 1-11 november in pristina *kosovo.... take care! MEETING DETAILS:
FROM: 1. November 2012 - 12:00 TO: 4. November 2012 - 18:00

"The circle’s round. The Balkan meetings started in Serbia and now we end the 1st season in Kosovo. It’s been a fun time at every of the semiannual meetings in past 6 years, therefore the Balkan Mafia family invites you to join us at our 12th Balkan meeting to be held in one of the most historical cities of the region..."

Triin >
Chris Chris Chris.
I will return a reference. But not now. Tirana is okay, prefer Montenegro. Now I am debating with myself.
If I'll go to Macedonia, or back to Montenegro, or, or.. I hate plans and I will not make any. I know one thing, we'll meet at least once more.

When I was on my way to Albania, a driver kept insisting.. be careful, be careful. I mentioned Kosovo. His reply was.. FORGET Kosovo. Maybe he was paranoid. I'm going to head out now. Bye Chrissy
ChriS SmiTH> in which direction? 

TRiin> The honest answer. I don't know. I have thoughts in my head. Greece. But they're thoughts. I will see when I'm doing it.

ChriS SmiTH > btw there is only one difficult area in kosovo (on border withh serbia) ..paranoia!!! come back to podgorica! ? ;)

Triin > I will! Time is the question, as I feel like I want to go further. Okay. I have to leave now  Bye :)

CS>ok me too pick up girl from airport , cuvaj se ! x :)

[CS Reference written: Magdalena Bin...] NEW reference
Magdalena Binderova has written the following reference

Great person to talk to. I could listen to his stories for ages. Chris is
very inspiring, enterprising, admirable and strong and everybody should
learn a bit from him. Thanks for showing us Berlin, loved the place!

CS> To M-law

btw do u see much of yr uncle Chris? ( a local guy proposed the idea of organising "Liverpool nights" event weekend here in Monty... i mentioned it via my "Linkedin" network, (are u on "linkedin" - might help yr writing service??) ..

"to increase Liverpool's "global exposure" I am currently planning & promoting a special connection between "Monty" & LIVERPOOL U may know I am a sort of (volunteer) "Liverpool (REdS) missionary" here in the balkans ;)

 and our local club members here are organising  a "Liverpool nights" long weekend non-profit event for early next summer, and I would be grateful, personally,  if u became involved in the idea to raise awareness of the important role LIVERPOOL has played in music,  culture & not forgetting our world famous footy club..

the aim is to inject a positive experience of our culture (especially music & footy) into the progress of a previously conflict - affected region..& invite Liverpool ppl here to experience and connect with creative projects...

...and from the results bring creative support activities to street kids too!

the first event is expected to be in early summer..2013, if u agree I hope U would grace us with your presence

 Times has changed a lot here & Montenegro is also becoming the "in" holiday destination, and we would be pleased to show U around, as our guest,  during the very FIRST events weekend...

& inform u of the many activities that can be enjoyed within economy budgets here ; such as group seminars, nature treks, campaing, hostelling, rafting & of course fantastic wild mountain & lake scenery and several beaches to enjoy!
ChriS SMITH > Hiya M, had a "heavy" night with a local girl, (well , shes in her early 30's) although i get a lot of girl visitors staying with me, this was the first time i have had anything like a "date" since a long time.,...... we have taken over a year to get to share a dinner here in the city , and she found the most expensive vino in Pg! ...blown my months budget..but was nice even though she forget to tell me before that she has a boyfriend (doctor)...a rare departure from my economic style,although she might get involved in the community project of our club, helping people start-up with their own eco projects & enterprises, so i wonder if she gets to know me .....(it takes a long time ...) ..... as we have some rare rain today, I am staying in bed or on the bed,, spending a while on the net and watching easy tv ....with a cuppa , no visitors .....and just being ......ME! ;) ....
M>    Yeah, l'd still like to meet up but just as friends, think you know that tho. Head still really f*cked x

CS> ok, i dont like the word "friends" (i have almnost 3000 on Fb!) i dont think about life like that...i dont like rules & regulations , I know yr limits and respect them ..thats it, for all i know we might hate each other when we meet..although I doubt it.. i just want...honesty,,,and whatever that brings...I would be pleased to share some time with U and "unf*ck " yr head! ;) .... by the way, if I dont swear or write that way, i am not being "holy" ..its just that being away from Gb since more than half my life , I have cut out "street language" and only insert 4-letter words when I REALLY am angry,,,so IF I swear U know it, Lol...hope U have a good weekend..x btw ...I will be there from friday afternoon through to Sunday evening so I hope u can find time...I will take the chance & book the room soon.. ;) i am prob. a bit jealous too.. so my opinion isnt entirely objective .. take care , are u still struggling with the situation concerning yr ex?? do u want to tell me? x

M> Thanks mate...there's nothing to say tho...he's not trying to get back with me...we seen eachother twice this year and it's him avoiding me if anything. It's so hard to deal with, someone loving me so much that he won't be with me incase he hurts me by cheating on me, like he has done in all his previous relationships. Makes me love him even more, that he's so selfless and putting me first...x

CS> ..ok...!! as long as u know what u are doing... ..I just said goodbye to a lass from estonia, 21years old..she thinks too much, but it was nice to help her on her way.. x turkish girl arriving tomorrow, less & less visitors, although still sunny (30degrees C again today) gonna have an early one, in a quiet reflective mood.. x we started this contact talking about spiritual connection, and I felt that too, but since i gave u those links - u seem distant and unable to open up again, i know u are busy, but as much as i might (!) want to get "into U" I have the ability too, to bring myself back and reflect U, I am booked to come to Lp in december, before I book my accomodation, I was considering taking a room in a B & B in old swan...but if U dont want to meet, I wont.. ;) ..I want to communicate with u when u have time, ........ when I write "take care" i really mean those words.. & I am here :) x

 M>    Hi mate, yeah, i'm ok ta...just still very confused about my ex...had a message from him saying, copied and pasted:
    "Babe, sorry won't cut it, I kno that but need u to understand I not been in touch BECAUSE I love u so much, but am a player and have never been able to be faithful to one woman...would kill me to cheat on u but I kno I'm a twat an would do eventually. Never loved anyone like I love u. No-one turns me on like u do and doubt anyone ever will. Miss u like u wouldn't believe and hope that some day we can be friends again. No-one gets me like u do. No-one makes me laugh like u do. No-one will ever replace u. I'm always here for u if u ever need anythin...Love u always Ms L x x x"
    Grateful for the honesty, i suppose but wtf? My head's a bit f^cked!! x

CS>    maybe he is being honest,.but it reads EXACTLY like the stuff my dutch girlfriend used to send me after I had stayed away..the question si do U trust him? and do u want to share... ? is it more a less a case (similar to me, when I left Holland..) u either go back or go forward, there are no rules,. only consequences, agreed? U wrote to me that U dont EVER want to get into that situation with anyone ever again,, never is a long time, but if u want a new life..u dont want to be an old wife? ..only U know , only u pay for yr decisions, kid, and u dont need me to explain that..but i am here..I'll play devils advocate too. i appreciate how hard it is, I was tempted several times, (hey i have been "solo" for almost 3 years now...) to dive in to "anyone" or go back to Josee ..but I feel thats just asking for pain./..thats MY philosphy, it doesnt have to be yrs!
CSErS meeting/Artu

Subject: MY m LT 121027 Re: MY,m.LT121025CS>Hiya Vesna, ok, BUT....
i answered yr message prevously! ?? <snip)
of course U should know me a little from last time, and just read my references if I can help i will, I dont yet know my departure times/route but if theres a way to pick u up I will..thats my mentality!

p.s. "offended" ..
Yes, because all i ask for, and in the "family" it should be normal is some "respect" :) cuvay se! x
the Go(o)dfather

artu wrote:
>Hey, did you get my email regarding the double <snip>
>Also, if I got it right, you'll be going by car, right? I hate being sassy in such situations, but if you're keen on picking up people on the road, you might have me in mind :) As I said my budget is really low this time and I can't share the costs, but would gladly chip in with a bottle of wine at least ;-) Wouldn't like to take it for nothing. But, I'll have a hh partner too. We're planning to leave on Thursday morning heading to MNE and then Kosovo, so our paths will match in Ribarevina, the crossing just before Bijelo Polje. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!
Hey, don't get offended. Because I know you like to joke, I thought you might have added your cat as a guest just for fun :) and by the name I couldn't really tell. Anyway, your booking's fine. First come, first served as I said. The last minute ones will have to wait and see. Will tell the hostel manager - Chris + guest and as you'll be coming together, that should be fine. I wrote to everybody I had doubts by the way!
Thanx for replying. You made my job easier as I have already asked for extra beds.
See you next week!

ChriS><snip> Hiya Vesna, i wont discuss this on Open forum!!!!<snip>when there was plenty of places available, if NOW others decide to join.(as usual locals are often late!) .then thats no reason to question my arrangements, do U do that with others who bring guests or only with me???? ..I am very happy with the long summer I have had because of FOREIGN CSErs..but locals....???
I didn’t want to mention it..but Slobo made a negative action at a party last year , seemed to object to a mature man being in a CSer party..
...last night i took a Turkish girl to meet the podgorica group, they are (typical of MNE) a bunch of young snobs who didn’t want to greet me,

Its not my loss, I have had 50 foreigners here..i dont need them or some little couchsurfing nazi ...

don’t be surprised..if i do not “bother” with him next week..

just because i use humour so not disrespect me..I am not bringing a cat, so treat MY booking(s) with respect!

I wrote this to U via CS..

From: artu []
Sent: 24 October 2012 20:06
To: chrismith@<snip>

World is smaller than you think.

OUR CLUB & CS House-telling = PLus

No-profit club events & funholidays from 1st april until 30th June ;
register now..
parties on the lakes & beaches, Rafting, boating or just being lazy! :) @ cost accomodation (e.g. one week ; e50) or join our wine & food club, OR experience the wildy beautiful scenery; easy-trek or hiking / camping according to choice, individual or in groups; all @ cost!!

add yr name @ OUR CLUB/

CS> hiya Frank, dont know if u have had time to read my previous message about "Liverpool nights" (?) but I saw yr video promo of yr book / DvD , I would like to include a web-link in one of my next blogs (Monty TV) ...i need an http address to add??? ta mate!

Hiya, Frank, firstly, congrats on yr new book/dvd, i understand it is selling well, and to increase yr "global exposure"
I would like to promote it here in the Balkans, as co-incidentallty I am currently planning & promoting a special connection
between "Monty" & LIVERPOOL (when I am next in Lp maybe i could get a signed copy & talk about YOU being a personality involved
in our plans for next year) U may know I am a sort of "Liverpool (REdS) missionary" here in the balkans and our club members here are organising  a "Liverpool nights" event for early next summer,  and I would be pleased, personally,
if u became involved in the idea to raise awareness of the important role LIVERPOOL has played in music,  culture & not forgetting our world famous footy club..

the first event is expected to be in early summer..2013, if u agree I hope U would grace us with your presence  (Montenegro is also becoming the "in" holiday destination, and we would be pleased to show U around, as our guest, during the very FIRST events weekend..)

 Linkedin..ChriS SMITH wrote:
Hiya Stacey,
I am inviting people in Liverpool to co-operate with events that connect Liverpool with Montenegro for alternative enterprise and charitable results this involved music and football and I believe will compliment our respective experience abiltiies and contacts,
MYmLT121026 Monty-Logic-CLUB (non - profit)
ChriS SMITH creativity & support people at CSer Host

the aim is to inject a positive experience of our culture (especially music & footy) into the progress of a previously conflict - affected region..& invite Liverpool ppl here to experience and connect with creative projects...

...and from the results bring creative support activities to street kids too!

& inform u of the many activities that can be enjoyed within economy budgets here ; such as group seminars, nature treks, campaing, hostelling, rafting & of course fantastic wild mountain & lake scenery and several beaches to enjoy! ===================

 CS> HiYA G, thanks for posting that pic...reminds me of greeting u , some very good times..together, & a (for me) emotional farewell at Pg station..<snip>
G>me and Lithuania! :) already tought what would be fun to show and do while you are here. Have you decided how long you will stay? it the crazy clothes day tomorrow at school! cant wait :) going to sleep now take care,
CS> Hiya jake, unfortunately I only got yr request this morning, Sunday, a bit late to host, as I already planned my day! the weathers bad, but if u leave yr mobile number i might be able to meet later!

Karina E>
We are three absolutely great erasmus students. Me and my friend Piotrek are from Poland and Hanna is the one from Estonia. We met in Ljubljana during our Erasmus and we want to move a little bit south to check out the Balkans. We actually play truant now but who cares, our thirst of adventure and travel is stronger than thirst of school :D We travel by hitchhiking to make our journey as cheap as possible, but anyway we think that way is better because you meet interesting people, just like during CSing ;)
Sooo maybe you would like to meet us this time and share your couch with us. We don't need much, we are still young and don't expect much but only piece of couch (can be one for us 3, doesnt matter, just to rest something). If you also have some spare time we would be grateful when you show us around, give some advices where to eat and go.
Why I'd Like to Meet You
You are experienced CSer and we think you know what is this all about :D We think you have a lot of stories from your travels we would like to listen to them.
Karina, Hanna, Piotr

ChriS SmiTH >
October 28th, the weather now is wet, but..maybe when u eventually arrive here its much better.. however i would recommend..this ...
CouchSurfing - 12th BALKAN MAFIA MEETING - KOSOVOas U are HH-ing its likely yr schedule changes, so the best is to tell me yr mobile ph number NOW, and we shall check nearer the date ok?
enjoy yr journey

Eszter H>
Hello Chris,
We are two hitchhikers, i am Eszter form Hungary my buddy is Vinko from Croatia. We are on a autumn balkan trip. It would be great if you could host us in Shkoder for a night. As we are hitchhikers the exact time we dont know yet but if you are available and home we will send you message 2 hours before arrival. on that day we start from Split our journey. next day after a little sightseeing we will go further to east.
thank you for replying me!
cause sometimes it can apea problem with CS connection
our next plan is go to Prizren maybe you could give us information about tht city :-)
only 2 people answered us about hosting and both of themarent sure... and it would be great to have some place to stay or maybe a hostel... could youhost us? i guess you host a lot of people. i met also with several people who dont host just for one night cause its not the aim of the CS... we are going to balkan mafia meeting in kosovo you could join us if you want :-) Prizren seems anice city!
thank you for answering!

October 29th, 
CS> Hiya Ezter,
i dont know how much experience U have, but even though english is not yr first langauge I suggest U check the host info/location before posting requests,,

a) I am in Podgorica, not Shkoder
b) I am at the top of the list of people registered in prizren..

MAYBE, we could travel together from podgorica to prizren, if U sort yr plans out! ;) my ph; 00382 686 1****
ChriS - ! ===================

Jordy > October 29th, 2012 - 11:08 am
If you're not interested in hosting us because I support the "wrong" football team...well, I guess that makes you a true fan, but kind of a &&& :) haha I may not have grown up with the sport like you did, but I played all through my teenage years, and I have fond memories of the Treble just like you have fond memories of Istanbul.

But...if you don't have time to host or there's some other reason, hey, I totally understand. No worries. Again, we won't be in your city for over a week, so let me know if you become available. Thanks for responding (it's more than many hosts have done lately).

Best, Jordy 

ChriS SmiTH > October 29th,
well,  whilst your opening sentence seems to have confirmed u as a typical "plastic manc" ..and dont embarass yourself again or even try to compare your "adoption" of OUR game, which is part of OUR culture with your americanised commercial franchising of everything we love and your nation spoils..that u happen to come here via CS is not goping to avoid the reality, that i dont host mancs or yankers.. and i dont believe U! c1a-o!

p.s. I am not a "fan" or a "fannie" as u may be, I am a Lifelong TRUE REdS Supporter ..a member of the best supporters in the world, because we dont only sing when we are winning, bye bye!
chrismithlog.blogspot.; reds-win-2-2-goodie...      

 and @

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