Friday, October 12, 2012

OUR club ; = Monty Logic..

OUR club ; a choice
 = Monty Logic..
Be Yourself !
and join
Y-OUR club!

"OUR CLUB" .... we are recommending our global member-friends to associate with "Monty Logic" ...(is a choice; take the REd Pill!)

A concept based on not-for-profit initiative...for all people by ordinary people without any business, political or religious enjoy exchange of culture & friendship

....most importantly, thanks to a cynical world, currently obsessed with material reward and "security" (..with often a deliberate policy to "alien-hate" the stranger, the "odd one", or the "outsider" ) WE have
managed to find TRUST again and want YOU to share that too..

what is the "Monty" aspect?  answer; ...Monty = my nickname for MNE, and because we want to have FUN as well as friendly associations with local (Balkan region) people.....a bit of "dark humour", irony perhaps
similar to the original and unique (monty) "pythonesque" style.. lets not take ourselves too seriously..

existing "CSerS & "members" of this casual global club, have & shall benefit from fun events, free tours & concerts
sharing of econimic accomodation and travel, and recommendations ; an "exchange of ideas" to help & support each other!

an addition are members of our "Global REdS inter-networker/supporters" who enjoy "having a party" anywhere where
people like to share, sing, wine, dine & dance..

...... this is Y-OUR CLUB! OUR CLUB!  ..for the local mebers of the "OUR CLUB" family..

"This is one of those times when you basically have to say to heck with everyone else, I'm going to do what I want to for a change. No-one is going to like it much, but you are entitled to have your own way, your own space, every now and then. Just be sure that the treat you pick is worth the aggravation they will give you for it. "
(CS quote of the week, from me to me! )  

CS> I wonder when the BBC sold its soul to the devil?..(sorry if u are naive, then U wont know that all news items re sponsored by the USA?) ...a) guilt by media... without any impartial hearing (Luis Suarez, anyone?) the anti-doping squad/allied to the mainsteam media show Armstrong to be guilt of serial doping..! - if that is the
case shouldnt american parents ALSO be guilty if they have more than 1 child? ;) 

 b) so the "american dream" that was sold to the rest of the world, whilst they made "war" a business, is now also the "chinese nightmare" as "peasants" are forced off ancestoral land to make way for the new (capitalisT) property speculators. ..communism? never existed anywhere! ...
c) a girl staying with me from california ...went into panic mode because monty dont have "big macs" the whinging spoilt brat, treated my place like a she knows the truth & she just met her first "true REd socialist" LMAO! ...and from the corrupt , mad to the ridiculous, rooney = ingerlund capt? ...!

So, MB. & H (the quiet one!) arrived by surprise
MB is cheeky - u can tell by her eyes
so we had snacks & drank wine
exchanged stories, ideas & it was fine...

enjoy the journey! ;) cuvaj se, (take care) ChriS

G! has written the following reference :

He is not happy about my such a late reference... I know, I know... but I
thought I have already wrote it, so doing it "again" took me some time. Not explaining my self too much I'm coming back to the point :). I stayed for few days in Podgorica in summer while traveling through Balkans. My host was mister Liverpool-the club-life traveler-business-organized-wise-fun-extraordinary personality-Chris.
Now I know, it was one of most memorable meetings! Thanks :)

CS> I want to tell U how much i appreciate yr message, i took a girl from ravenna, who lives in paris, to OUR lake, I say OURS because thats how I recall it ..and perhaps thats "too much" in a world that doesn't want anything more than "cool"  i am TOO much! because I do care TOO much.

U are the one I remember, amongst the many happy days this summer,the waiting at the station, time together in Pg, the t-shirt in the morning  we danced so well together
... maybe what i said wasn't so important,
.....but still I look forward, to knowing u more.
CS with a big, BIGGGGGGGG X just to embarass "teacher"

G >Looking forward to meet you in December ! :)
>take care, 


Grazie, for your beautiful smile,
it will take a while,
to forget,
after a sad night,
it was alright! :)

we  found a way,
to share a special day!


(enjoyed with U, the cooking, boating , and lots of walking too... )
cuvaj se (take care)
ChriS x

thanks for the visit , 5 days Pg & budva, Serena from Ravenna, alias "YaYa" from paris.. ;)



CS> if u want to, U will....leave the matrix! ;)

M-Law> If only it was that simple Chris...I'm desperately trying to crawl out of this material world
 l'm living in but the catch 22 is that you can't without the material...I've already decided l'm gonna travel
...<snip> I'm letting fate carry me right now....l can feel it happening and l'm just gonna go with it.
    Ok, a little about me......born as a result of a failed vasectomy,
there was a nine year age gap between me and my sister Carol and my brothers john and Chris were 10 and 12 years older respectively.
 My dad was an alcoholic, though never admitted it. Never remember him sober when l was a kid.
But could he kick a ball! <snip>  My dad was one of the eldest of 15 kids: typical Catholic family.
 Being the eldest he was expected to go to work to help support the family...Shankly wanted to sign my dad up,
<snip> but the wage wasn't good and they couldn't afford to be without my dad's wage
<snip>..l'll never forget at my dad's funeral my uncle Chris sayin to me
"The way Pat played (football), l wasn't fit to lace his boots
...taught me everything l knew" Don't ever think he got over what could've been.
So he drank. Worked too...gas man...
didn't realise how much he earned until he died and found payslips, dating back to 1985
<snip> That was megabucks back then.
<snip> ...There was no happy ever after
...My dad retired after developing Leukaemia in 1986, which he never told anybody about,
not even my mum, throughout the treatment...coz he was that kind of guy
...we found out accidentally after he started getting Alzheimers in 1999
....Next instalment tmrw x Prob 

oh, U just dont realise how much It meant to me, that u (o)pened that up ..THANK YOU! .if i started to tell u all,
there is not enough time for u to know.all...born of socialist family, i started work @16, manager @19,
with adopted daughter and house & all
.. divorced @ 21, biz owner @ 26, whole world in the next decade, then.
...well some things I want u to  know face to face, and a very close encounter that shd be?,
its up to U! wink hugs & big X

i dont think u have read the other blogs yet, have U?

    And no, not had chance to read blogs yet...
as you know, got so much on right now tho.
Sun/Mon will give me a rare two days off consecutively tho so l will do then smile x

    09.30h (10,40H!!)
    me, a "trick-cyclist"?... i just came back from my run..theres open field just outside the door,
ideal to get my head & body together, I was thinking about U! ooops, and wondered....
if i ever want to "get involved again" i suppose I have always been a psychologist since I wsa a kid,
 people twice my age told me their stories , and I listened, and learn t..a lot..
I want to "get into" people, especially if they are attractive,
(i mean that something other than looks pull me towards them..U?)

so take off yr clothes , lay down on the couch..and I will give u my full attention..wink

 I am a giver, in everything.(some tell me "too much.." but its me..)
.i dont really boast,but I have a confidence, in myself and my beliefs,
a little bit of arrogance , so work through that too, come here and the least I can do is to give U some options,
in life..its a big universe out there! smile ............. x...

    Elo Cewiu...You still awake?
    "Tell me how you feel!!" You sound like a psychiatrist!!
I'm sure I'll do that one day when l find out myself!!
    What other questions didn't l answer then? x

    no, i went sometimes about 01,30 (our time) I am now awake, goiing for a run this morning,  pump the blood & clear the mind (as I dont have another way to use up my "energy" ..yet..)  I would like u to show me how u feel .. wink ok, do u want a man in yr life,  and if yes, can u describe how/what that man should be like, ?
(I know u said u want independence, but lady, do u keep to your word..?

    by the way, that "blog" is more a collection of notes as i didnt write much during the summer,  (its still 27degrees Centigrade.. (70's F?) ...might go swimming this weekend though,,. smile x
    Hiya Kidder, I dont know if u are on the bus yet, but..I got up early to send off my last visitor,
 and i probably go to bed soon..maybe this time U will tell me how u feel,
..i had a quiet day..and caught up on some blogging.. laku Noc! (goodnight!) x wink
    UnSUB-B: end of summer, begining of OUR CLUB!

    On bus to work seems to be the only chance i get to catch up with people lately!
 Beautiful torture eh? Like the sound of that but that's kind of like cold fire
...never been into S&M, beautiful or not...
I'm open minded like and will try most things once but can't help thinking they may have been the last words
of that MP, Spike Wotzaname...the one who died from asphyxiation by an orange.
Although the VU's Venus in Furs has to be in my top 20 favourite songs.
    Gemini, eh? Same as my dad...we clashed so badly! ;p
    If your f*cked up sleep pattern permits i shall try to get a text rally going on when i get home
...should be around 12ish gmt x grin x

I dont like s & m, whether physical or mental,(i discovede that a german girlfriend liked it about 10 years ago,
after we split..had she told me before it 

a) would have explained a lot and
b) i would have ended it sooner..) mind U, alternatively, I have had a very loyal girlfriend who also had yr sun sign...
 I can imagine that we could get at each other..or hit it off..
I dont really follow UK politics/tabloid stuff..
i have a global network of contacts & google.. etc..!
 i dont think I have read a tabloid in almost 20 years
..I am not sure having a txt rally with u wil help me get sleep..but..lets see,
if we are both online , why not...anyway.
u still didnt answer the other questions I asked U ...? smile x


    Deliberately ignoring someone and then sending a message to apologise for doing so is worrying behaviour,
don't you think? Rest assured that i am not guilty of freaky sh*t like that.
    Just on bus now...what star sign are you by the way? You have characteristics of a water sign, Pisces maybe, but I'm feeling Virgo. X

    why are u feeling (a) Virgo on a bus, isnt there a law(xxx) against that? wink
and i am not piscied either, even though I drunk a large part of a couple of bottles of the local
(good quality, cheap ) vino...(do u like wine?) with my surviving guest on her last night at my place before she goes back to ravenna, I am a universal gypsy, its sure that both those signs have some influence, i think in the "Venus" (aspects of love?)
and as I am also a secret agent (shhh..i will NOT tell u who I work for ....unless u interogate me ...with beautiful torture,
 i might..) i am a Gem...ini..should have guessed? as I am, a communicator (mercury).. wink

    so yr sun sign is cancer.? .hmmm...have to go careful with u,
dont want u taking a sidestep out of this connection..
u still seem to be avoiding telling me yr feelings..but ..i shall be patient...
i woke up (04h) and felt like checking for yr message - its a good feeling I have when I read yr messages..
hvala! (thanks) x

    hiya ..
    wink think Ur "note" on yr FB wall indicates that U certainly should "test"(!) the rest of the World,
I dont want U to be a reader, I would LOVE u to build enough trust in me to exchange , to share
    and mutually motivate,,,(although, i am probably over-motivated, if there is such a thing..)
We mentioned "spiritual" at the beginning, so, I will not force you ,
u should only communicate if U feel instinctively that we have a posiive connection..
i hope so... wink x take care...

CS    my sleep rythum disturbed..thats all... wink 



    Hiya mate...Just letting you kno I'm not ignoring ya just so busy right now. Try and catch up later.
 What's the time difference between us btw? X

    time difference between US??? hopefully as little as possible wink as far as the zones are concerned u are 1 hr earlier !
...u wont get jet lag if u visit me wink ..u keep sending me messages to say u are not ignoring me...
its nice..but i am getting some sort of reverse phobia ..its ok, I know U are busy girl...
 and i appreciate..your consideration, (no irony in this message) smile cuvaj se (take care)
..I look forward to yr next message... x

5:02am Oct 9
Not my problem but am a very good listener/reader if u wanna talk/write. Not surprised by the Californian.
..can't take her ale probably. And why try to sleep? You an insomniac? x

(she wrote: "Na're the one who's permanently got his hands glued to his sack (missed that one!)
And are you being sarcastic by any chance there Chris? Pure class that is lad!!!
You got no taste you aven't!!! Bet ya wear Hi-Tec trainies ;) x x"

CS> 01,54 9th october

its 02h here, just got back from the "local" and had to "eject" the californian guest, (KS) she just went too far,
 she came as a friend of my guest..and hasnt respected anything, and as I "host" for social reasons ,
to have fun & make friends with visitors I dont have to put up with a trouble-maker who is nothign but a spoilt brat,
 reminds me of my last dutch gitlfriend, stunning looked and great company (when shes positive) but...
anyway, not yr problem..another reason I am very careful about any relationship
...not that U are looking, obviously , goodnight M.... , sleep well, I am gonna try to ... x

seems ok to as in dont like "american's doing anything" wink i have a "guest " from california, shes ok,  but too often bitching about something because its not like back in the USA and reminding me why i didnt respond favourably to other requests from yanker visitors, (u know i started a campaign to get FSG OUT of our club almost as soon as they announced their arrval, for me they are worse than G & H because Henry suckered a lot of fans with sweet "PR"
...btw I also wrote lyrics for an italian girl when I was in Freiburg..just for fun ..and also helped young musicians with support etc and an irish lad called "Raemon" who had a hot with "Super girl"
just after i helped him get started (i "discovered" him jamming in a german wine festival..near where I lived before) we have aanother common "talent" ?
... I sort of act as club "host" here and will help someone in the neighbour hood extend my hosting into a casual club hostel
..anyway will write more later..i have just got up,, but, u see I dont want to know "your best"
..i have no interest in only knowing u when u are up, If we are to be "friends" of any kind in any true sense of the word then i (repeat!!)
I WANT u to share the "boring" because those few lines tell me more about U than the "fun stuff"
..and I am sure we can exchange plenty of that ,, especially if u accept my invitation to visit ,  I dont care about yr age too much, I am certainly not yr grandad, might be young enough to be bobs son, but,  for me i have more energy than a lot of teenagers I meet..i could act like Yoda or a 10 year depends... on me and who i am with..obviously..get some rest, and read u later...if u want.. x

...not sure i am a fan of "pedantic" but it could make for an interesting arguement... LMAO! xx

    October 3

        Hiya Mandi, I noticed u were having a "bit of a go" at someone on FB ..? U like to wind 'em up...?


        Who are we talking about here? Probably a wind up...l'm a terrible wind up...can't help it...get myself into all sorts of trouble wink
        hmmm we may some things in commone,, take care x

        M, if theres any way u can affod it , get a cheap flight to Pristina, theres a GREAT weekend ...  BalkanFamilyMeetNov12.jpg
        just to be serious for a moment...i really would like us to know each other..I have been "on the move" more than half my life
..and no one knows me..loooong story, id like to know yours (stories) smile

        Wouldn't be able to get time off work despite all the other complications mate...gonna be next year for me.
        Being on the move for so long must be an amazing experience but can imagine also very lonely.
As for my story I'll give you a run down tomorrow...I'm in work now but off then so have more time to chat.
Talk soon wink

        I look forward to it, I dont feel so lonely, although I do/have almost always been (& feel ) Alone.
(even if lots of ppl are around) . there's a subtle difference..
but having had so many extreme experiences, & come close to death 5 times I am so lucky to have had so many great and unbelievable experiences
and all the emotions that go with them..I have lost all those I loved along the way (not by choice!)
 ...BUT i can not regret anything, because the difficult times taught me deep lessons and helped me enjoy so many beautiful moments all the more..
/// Yet ..I feel there is much, much more to come ..and I want to share that..with someone i respect..
that may be a strange thing to say to U right now, but I dont believe in hiding who or what I am ,
I say whats on my mind and I mean what I say..if that bothers U i can respect that too... and will be "quiet" wink
... over to U ..I dont want to know too much about yr work, but i do want to know who U are..if u want to share with me too. smile
        That message gave me shivers Chris. You're so like me. Talk soon x
    October 4
           When l say you're like me l mean on an inner level...our lives couldn't be more different. I have left this island only once in my life,
 going on a ciggy run to Spain. My life so far has contisted of two long term relationships...
the second of which is at the end: actually has been for years. That's not of importance tho, like my work
 (Tesco, team leader/robot is all l could say anyway) Had my heart broken once when l had an affair with a guy who was also with someone else.
 I accept that was my karma: l don't like to be indebted to Karma.

        I know you won't think me vain when l say this, because l know you'll know what l mean, but there aren't many people who are on our level,
are there...we're more like the 150 watt bulbs on a string of fairy lights, aren't we?

        I like that you respect me: l always treat people as l'd like to be treated and always remember my mum telling me:
"You're no better or worse than anyone else"         As for speaking your mind, l'd have it no other way. Expect that from me too.

        I know the loneliness/alone thing you mean...l can be in a crowded room of people who might as well speak a foreign language.
        I don't know what's changed in me lately, but something's so strong and profound that l can't ignore it any longer a magnet. I don't believe in God but l feel this is a spiritual thing for sure.
 Maybe l'm going loopy and l should be in Broadmoor and not travelling the world, but l feel l have a spirit with me:
I see her, in my dreams...a Native American squaw...bit like Pocahontas, but not a cartoon...or maybe l should lay off the wacky baccy!!

        You're spiritul though, aren't you? And you've seen some things too, haven't you?
        Getting tired now anyway, but one more thing: don't wanna talk about my day job but lately l've been looking into freelance writing.
Never had any experience but l've been told a couple of times to try it. So l did. Got offered my first assigment last was a shit job, writing a 500 word blog about roof lights, but l did it. Got my 100% positive feedback and FIVE STAR rating!! I'll be quite honest, l weed myself a little bit coz l was so excited!!! So excited because this should be the start of some continuous jobs...this is what l need to finance the travelling, and l can do it as l go. How perfect is that?
        Oh yeah, one more little thing...<snip> "Silent Knight"... YNWA
        Talk tomorrow x


M,        I woke with your words ...
        I read them again at 08h this morning... I smiled and was touched deeply when I read yr message, again.
        ...I wanted to reach out and put my arms around U, to hug U, to hold U and
        share the protect u, yet trust u too..

        am i "sharing & caring" too much?.. I 'll risk it...

        U see, this time of the year has always been a "dramatic" time for me, usually changes that affected the route I took,
        whether seeming positive or negative, its also the anniversary of my marriage to Jacqui, my 2nd wife who died
        several years ago, although we were seperated, I loved her deeply, as she was one of the "few" who came close
        to knowing me and she was beautful inside & out..

        but, although i dont want to linger on the past, the TV news reminded me ...of this.,..

        Love me do.. = 50 years of the Beatles ; A LIVERPOOL phenomenon ; (just like our Footy) wink

        Music & football ; the passions that dominated the whole of my life, no matter who came in or out of it, wherever i am...these 2 things
        were always there, and LIVERPOOL..the phenomenon...and "Shanks" - probably the one person that impressed me,
        though I nver ever came close to meeting him (if I had have done, U would have had to haul me away...with a tow truck)

        and now U tell me about your Uncle, <snip>, but didnt know...
        as a kid I watched th team and was a RED from the time i could kick a ball.. I still do and play with a local 6-a-side team
        and coach the kids (when they let me!) wink

        I could write so much to U at this moment...but ....

        I want to be careful and yet at the same time "dive into you" like a lake.. u could be winding me up, but i dont feel that..

        Yes I am spiritual rather than religious..I sense people and things, and...well somethings I want to explain face to face..

        I want to keep our humour...but theres also "REdNeT" (
 which is my place to campaign against the y*nkers.. wink

        I never went autograph - hunting, I met some players , very briefly by "accident.."         but i tend to feel that one shouldnt meet one's "heroes" and I know that I would have given 10 years off my life to
        have played for the REdS ...

        anyway, back to U..I write a number of blogs, for myself more than anything..        (heres a couple of my SEVEN I dont want to scare u away..ha ha...)

        Anti-ChriS ; No I wont give u that,yet, wink this though...
        UnSUB ;
        & a bit of my story..(3rd of it anyway) @


        I nearly lost my life several times, so I wont hold back..incase the time is I feel we have some understanding between us..
        I offer U a chance to do all that which U mention,, and me ... what a deal! wink
..maybe when U wake up those "voices" tell u to stay away from me..well remember the "wolf story"...I know which one I am feeding..! wink

        and I want U to enjoy what I do..and U!
        ChriS x
        Love me Do-The Beatles ' 62

    October 4
        ChriS SmiTH
        Worked at noneStudied Fellowship at Institute of DirectorsLives in Podgorica, Montenegro



        Hiya Chris, just letting you know l'm not ignoring you just got lots on today and not getting a chance to get on here...will try my best later tho x]
        smile thats ok, I "unloaded" quite a lot on U, I thought to myself after writing that u might be "tested" to cope with it all,
but i guess u either can or u cant... i am not in a hurry...take yr time, i'd rather u take time *& reply in that way..
with care..(I saw Bob is "scoring points" promoting yr writing service, ha, u can post it on the OUR CLUB FB group if U want...
 until then ) wink take care M-i x


        Hiya mate...just letting you know l'm not ignoring you, nor have you "scared me off"! As l mentioned l got lots going on at the moment
 and really have no energy or motivation for much else at the moment.
 I'm on a bit of a downer to be honest and l'm not the kind of person that likes to "talk about it" I know the problems and I know the solutions,
or rather the lack of in my case.

        Hoping to be back on par shortly tho and look forward to some intellectual/soul stimulation which is so very lacking in my life right now.
 Talk soon.         Oh yeah, Bob scoring points!! You make me sound like a competition prize haha!! x

        its just my "ironic" dark humour coming out..I dont see u like that..but///....i dont reallly know U enough wink
... anyway I am glad I didnt over-load U, I think IF we are going to have any sort of positive relationship (if thats the right word to use now,,)
 i WANT to know U when U are "on a downer" ..and as I felt we realsied some "trust" level,
 I would certainly tell u how I am, good or bad, I have just done an "all-nighter" at the irish pub in budva on the coast
(had a wine/fish festival, but met some ppl in the pub and left there in the early hrs after protecting a barmaid from a drunken local
(happens rarely, but bit of "drama" made for a bit of "drama" ..heres something for soul..      


        Round here that'd be you protecting locals from a drunken barmaid! And does the 'i don't see you like that' imply that Bobby does?
I'd like to think not but I'm really not sure. He's a good friend and although age isn't a big issue with me there must be limits
and old enough to be my grandfather definitely exceeds that limit.

        Just on way to work...groundhog day...listening to some tunes...Waterloo Sunset right that song..
.takes me somewhere offer of some ongoing writing work today anyway so that's good news.
        It's funny yano...can talk for England me but ask me about myself and I'm stuck for words
...think a question and answer thing would be best for away!! Don't think there's anythin i wouldn't want to answer
...if there is tho, I'll say so rather than tell a fib.

        And an all nighter, eh? Been a while for me...usually accompanied by vast amounts of amphetamine..
i-pod aptly playin "That's Entertainment" as i arrive at work...another day another quid eh? X

        M=i, ... (ha ha ...i dont go to the grafton that much! i thing the lass here over-reacted a bit,
but we all liked playing the "knight in shining armour" bit...) no not really wink money is not in my daily "menu" being a 15 year "drop out" I left the system a virtual wizz kid but i might have lloked like grandad about 8 am today! LMAO!...
I have 2 visitors from Our club (a girl from ravenna and another from California..)
and they were keen on going to Budva (a popular coastal resort here) for the wine/fish festival I took them down there and used the opportunity to visit the only "real" irish pub in this country
(real in the sense that its got guiness on draft & an irish owner-manager)
..a lot of the "irish theme pubs" in europe are managed by locals..(europeans)
...liked the kinks...about Bob, seems a decent I was only having a bit of "banter" (hopefully U will get used to me..)

......questions? .. -what other limits do u have? - any prejudices - what colour do u like (!)

...what would u prefer to do (as a profession/career/dream if u could get a "wish come true"

..really would prefer to talk spontaneously, maybe I should ask WHat will it take before U share your troubles with me????????? wink

        and would u ever consider a permanent move (say to Montenegro...) ?? 

        Let's start backwards answering the questions...would i consider a permanent move to Monte?
 I'd never say never but the idea of me travelling would be to see the world.
..would kinda defeat the object if i were to settle in the first place i get to.
 Been someone's other half for as long as i can remember. I need to regain my independence and go it alone for once...prove to myself i can do it.
        My favourite colour is purple of course. As for the rest I'll reply in a bit
...this phone's sh*t and I'm just getting off bus...write when i get in X
        What other limits do l have? Midgets. I love midgets, in fact l want one but not to sleep with.
Definitely not. And would not be attracted to a trans-sexual, don't know why but l don't find l'm attracted to them.
..and poor personal hygiene is a no-no...As for prejudices, no...they're for the skin-deep. Although the Brummie accent grates on me
...imagine havin a bird screamin "F*ck meeeeey!!" in a Brummie accent!! How unsexy is that? Maybe that's a prejudice.

Oh yeah, and American's...they're not as evolved as Europeans yet are under the illusion/delusion that the reverse is true, defo don't like American's....
        Career? Now there's a question...l'm still trying to find that out, please feel free to offer suggestions
...writing is not something l'd ever considered as a potential career up until recently. My ex (the one who fucked my head up)
actually suggested it, so l'm grateful for that...we used to work together, he was my manager, and l'd often send him my own words to well-known songs, taking the piss out of our colleagues...really don't wanna get talking about him though, not because l don't wanna open up to you or anything but because it still hurts and l'm still in danger of caving in and answering his texts so l'm trying not to think about him.
        About sharing my troubles

...wouldn't want to coz they're boring, like being skint, like the aforementioned dickhead that you say money doesn't figure in your life...l am not materialistic in the slightest but unfortunately you can't even shit these days without paying 20p to use the bog, so without it, in my world anyway, you're fucked!
        Love music...David Bowie's the opening line to Diamond Dogs..."As they pulled you out of the oxygen tent you asked for the latest party"...that is to become my motto...Listening to Jon and Vangelis now tho...Somehow l'll Find My Way chilled...preceded by Great Gig In The Floyd too...
        Right, gonna get my head down...and don't worry that l won't get the banter...have a look at my FB wall and you'll l'm a black-belt in it...
        Must sleep now...goin gozzy...
        Talk soon x
        Oh yeah, l've never been the Grafon myself l'm proud to say...not exactly on my bucket list either...Ni=night wink

        Oh yeah, did l mention l'm ridiculously pedantic?
        *Americans without the apostrophe x



October 8th, 2012 - 9:25 am
we r already in thessaloniki...tomorrow or day after tomorrow we´ll go to tirana for one or 3 days so i can´t tell u the exact date when we gonna come,
but i think between 12th - 14th of october..does it suits to u?? i definetely let u know from tirana 2 days in advance, ok??? thanks milion hana

ChriS SmiTH

October 8th, 2012 - 11:43 am
Zdravo! :) that shd be ok, U have my mobile number, in case i am off line, but if u can tell me on 10th what yr plans are I would appreciate it,
safe travel, enjoy the journey! ;) ChriS ================

 Subject: MY121009 ChriS- > Paddy Re: holidays

Hiya Paddy, are U all coming back to Pg for the party at the weekend (friday/saturday) ?

Patricia Horn wrote:
>Huhu... Well just short because we are on the way to the airport... We will arrive at around 2 and then we will text u.
See u later ... I cant wait to enjoy Montenegro

City:     Podgorica, Podgorica, Montenegro
Arrival Date:     10/12/2012
Departure Date:     10/13/2012
Number of Surfers:     1
Status:     Maybe

October 10th, 2012 - 2:48 pm
CS> Hiya Triin, my CSers left this morning, and my couch is free for the next days (so far no one else is arriving)
if U plan to come friday, thats fine, however, I suggest U check my profile and the comments on it from CSers that have stayed with me,
 to decide if u are going to be comfortable with me , anyway, take care, ChriS

p.s. do U also plan to go to the CSers "Balkan Mafia" meeting? (Prizren, Kosovo) 1-5 november? =================


NATs Project for OUR CLUB>>

October 5th, 2012 - 5:54 pm
Well, I didn't know about fest... but I've had my personal fish&wine fest today :)))) I bought some delicious fish (seabas? have no idea again)
and home made wine... great.
As for the camp, it's rather hard to find since there's no numbers on the houses.
 It's in a pathway just before from the dentist and after the supermarket
. But people should have their own tents since the camp is actually closed.

October 8th, 2012 - 8:24 am
How was the fest? Hope you had a lot of fun :)
As for our business (in a good sence of the word), the woman in a camp said that those 2 old houses (600 years old!!!) adjacent to theirs actually belong to some guy whose name is Jean-Luke - he's a kind of a honour ambassador of Belgium in Monty, lives in Budva and develops business "Verona Beach". She does not know his contacts but he can be found in Internet or you can try to find him thru your connections. Then, as far as I understood, the camp itself and some area belong to a brother of that woman's husband. I met him and we talked about possible business, he also gave me his contacts.

(its NOT a business!!!!!!!!!!)

Subject: 121010 Re: MYmLT 121009 ChriS->Nat continue on skype..

Nat wrote:
>Well, I don't know. It seems like the guy that owns those 2 houses wishes to make something more than just a hostel - check
>I've sent you request on skype,

>ChriS SmiTH wrote:

>>things are looking good, U too!;) much potential in the mountains and a different contact with potential In TIvat..

>>show them the way to go home.....! ;)

a friend has a possible hostel in Tivat...! i will test later this month...
[13:49:05] Nat: great!
[13:49:07] Chris Smith: hope u had a good journey home..!
[13:51:10] Nat: hmmm.. comparably. I got stuck in Lvov for an extra night since there was no train tickets.
They changed timetable and no one cared about passengers.
At the station I saw dozens of people running to and from looking for chances to get to places they needed. I stayed in a hostel.
.. quite nice one, I'd say
[13:52:34] Nata: btw, in Tivat I saw another desolate close to the camping, it would be useful to know who owns it...
[13:59:06] Chris Smith: i will see what i can find out...keep in touch :)
[13:59:34] Chris Smith: btw ;
[14:24:05] Nat: oh, I will give you contacts of that guy from tivat who seems to be owning the camp and some area:
Darko Vukovic, +382 67 222 560,


Subject: Re: 121009 CS->KIM

CS> thanks for that Kim, I wish U well..

Kimberly Smith wrote:
>im not sure about the seperate couch request, i sent a few to people in the town and then used the option to put out the "open" couch request
so all the couchsurfers in podgorica saw it. but that is the least of my faults.
i am very sorry for my behaviour, i wasnt so aware that was the way that i come off.

CS> Hi YaYa :)I also planned to visit Budva this weekend, but its Good for U & yr friend to tent in the Garden ,
& If u can arrive tomorrow (thursday) or latest friday its better then we have some time to exchange stories & see some things..OK? ChriS

KIM, I  volunteer as a Host for Csers, because I enjoy the social life, for fun , culture & international  friendship… not to be used or have bad feelings..

You want to know what was wrong, from your attitude last night – I don’t think you WANT to know! – U need to examine yourself if u cant
See that U don’t respect the “CSer culture of mutual respect” don’t U?

-    Why Did U make a separate request to couch FIVE days behind Serenas original communication with me, without telling her?
-    I let U BITH crash in my living room, even though u were only supposed to tent in garden, but U “took over” the room as if it belonged to U?
-    Why U didn’t U want to walk to town, when CSers are mostly backpackers & hitchers..!??
-    Why did U constantly “bitch” about everything and everyone, even  the Russian girl – who u never met! – because YOU left yr passport at home , and YOU left yr mobile at home Saturday …causing problems for in the car  @ Budva & without consideration for anyone else’s plans or ideas…?
-    (then u expect that Serena uses her italian mobile to make/receive calls etc , when YOU had a “local” Serbian sim, - why didn’t YOU get a 5e sim in MNE? (as u said the Russian girl was stupid – because she didn’t)
-    Why not wait for me to return to  Toloshi Sunday? When we had communication problem, why not use yr mobile to solve problems? Why expect everyone else to care about yr problems?
-    Why tell me and everyone how terrible Podgorica is, and compare with Berlin or Sarajevo in a negative way? When  U should be simply trying to enjoy what is here, not what is NOT here??  U made a “downer” atmosphere, even on Sunday coming to my sports bar and calling  it “sh*tty”…
-    WHY U used ME as a phone service & expect Serena to accompany U to hospital, clinic and get your prescription for U? whilst U occupied my living room , staying late in bed each day???
-     Why claim U had no money , then refuse the food we brought back for U, then spend more money on Chinese restaurant?
-    Why not care that I want to “siesta” but make all the noise??
-     Why IGNORE all my advice (which proved to be correct) then ask other people , who then give u the same info?
-     I put TEN euros on the table last night, and U still moan about money when u are taking  double beer/rakija shots, why make a fuss over a few cents with Serena when she supports U with her time and energy?
-    Why ?  - because U are a typical American spoilt brat? , who wants “big mac”  in every part of the world?? & only care about what U want?? Why should anyone care about YOU, when YOU don’t show appreciation or care for anyone else???

MY opinion is that U owe everyone a BIG “sorry” and U owe youself some honesty about your behavior – which is opposite to the way CSers aim to be! ..funny, tolerant and respectful!

OUR CLUB project

Kosovo too

ChriS>hello Kat,
Pity, as he is working on a project that could have potential to involve YOU,
If U are really keen on doing something creative with us….?
I would suggest U join us during the weekend …in Prizren, meet some of the other member, discuss the future
Have a meal  & stay over one night as my guest?

From: Kat
Sent: 09 October 2012 10:46
To: ChriS
Subject: Re: Rene's missed text message

Dear Chris,
I am sorry for contacting you so late, but I just wanted to let you know that I spent the weekend in my home town,
 so I couldn't meet Rene on Saturday. I found that out yesterday when I was entering Kosovo,
I've got his text message as soon as I put my Kosovarian SIM card into the phone.

I am sorry for this, I was expecting his phone call on Friday, as you mentioned to me in the emal from last Thursday.
The shirts are still here, waiting for you. No worries.
All the best.



    haha so ur going to do that with the hostel? tell me more? ur going to do it with the american guy? Don´t remember his name....
    Istanbul is great. and huge. I still don´t get it how big it is actually.

Antje is going to make a reportage in a women shelter and I spend a lot of time writing, organizing and selling our stuff that we collectet during the last four months. two to one is growing each day a little bit more and that makes me very happy! We´re living our dream and it even comes better. smile

    Apart from that we spend a lot of time on the field, playing ultimate frisbee together. amasing team i´m coaching here!!!
    Best wishes and good luck in everything!!!!

CS> ;
our club in assoc. with locals on a not for profit basis, in the mountains, in Pg & probably in a coastal resort 2,
 (to give CSers all best possibilities) no americans involved! wink glad to know u are enjoying it,
 because the 3 "casual hostels" will also be bases for charitable academy & kids creativity camps.. wink

    CS & LIVE r BIRD footy CLUB ;  an open social not for profit club to bring people together who know how to party
 & enjoy themselves no matter where they come from & to enjoy & develop social & fun events and tournies ;)
        ========== u can add a link to yr Fb group on the above link! ok? pity u both will miss the prizren CSer meeting 1-5 nov..

 Christopher R. Smith F. Inst D
tripa Kokolja 15
81000 Podgorica

an open letter to members of the International Community based in MNE

ref : "Local & International Social, Fun & Footy club"

To whom it may concern

My name is ChriS SMITH, I currently a freelance "volunteer" and grew up in the music & football city of LIVERPOOL..
those passions are important to me.

"OUR CLUB" is open to all,regardless of origin, status or gender, & all ages; particularly those who are tolerant
and want to enjoy a multi-cultura social & sporting environment, without business, political or religious influences!
Thisis a not-for-profit social club, and our immediate aim is to form 2 teams - adults & children to train, play (for fun) and eventually
participate in a local league (beginning 2013) and to enjoy social events locally.

I also offer FREE global english to children (not the "oxford/cambridge or school english; but the language people REALLY use
worldwide) & life coaching (as volunteer).

The concept is open and all participants with ideas and enthusiasm are encouraged to make their own propoals, as this
is "OUR CLUB" & I look forward to hearing/reading your reaction, soon!



 ( email & Tel : 0686 144 27 )


Alternatively please add the Name; Phone or Email of interested persons & return to above address
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------
-----------------------------  -------------------------


"OUR CLUB" .... we are recommending our global member-friends to associate with "Monty Logic" ...

A concept based on not-for-profit initiative...for all people by ordinary people without any business, political or religious enjoy exchange of culture & friendship

....most importantly, thanks to a cynical world, currently obsessed with material reward and "security" (..with often a deliberate policy to "alien-hate" the stranger, the "odd one", or the "outsider" ) WE have managed to find TRUST again and want YOU to share that too..

whats the "Monty" aspect?  ...Monty = my nickname for MNE, and because we want to have FUN as well as friendly associations with local (Balkan region) people.....a bit of "dark humour", irony perhaps
similar to the original and unique (monty) "pythonesque" style.. lets not take ourselves too seriously..

existing "CSerS & "members" of this casual global club, have & shall benefit from fun events, free tours & concerts sharing of econimic accomodation and travel, and recommendations; an "exchange of ideas" to help & support each other!

an addition are members of our "Global REdS inter-networker Supporters" who enjoy "having a party" anywhere where people like to share, sing, wine, dine & dance..

...... this is Y-OUR CLUB!


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