Monday, October 15, 2012

CSerS House-telling

“CS” are my initials and 
“CSerS” are a personal issue , 
because this 
project must be respected

This morning...I had the 2nd of 2 short-noticed Couch requests ... A girl, Raz, doing a walk to Istanbul..but I noticed she also requested couches elsewhere.. at the same time, ...without perhaps intending to abuse “CSer hostrs” she is... even in a small way...because being a “house-tel” is not my “game”....

James from England obviously scattered his requests so much, that he asked me yesterday to couch “tomorrow or Sunday” (yesterday was Sunday) One of the dangers, as I have found out through my charitable & voluntary projects, is that when something is “free” ..SOME people don’t respect it..

 I HAVE HAD some great moments & visitors this summer.I made a deliberate decision, due to the somewhat “superficial cafe society clique” to reamin here in Pg, hosting not travelling since almost since May’s CSer “Balkan Family” meeting (apart from Albanian reggae weekend & a visit to Novi Sad, with Anna meeting me there!)

..and whilst CSing is a great project, ...and I can immediately thank the following CSers for contributing to a wonderful social experience and party-time this summer...

• “Les (3) Girls” from Brussels..

• Maije & Jolanta from Riga...especially @ Skadar/Virpazar
• “G” @ Virpazar and last night dancing @ “Ragina Glava” 
• Serjan & his mate Oggie “boys night out” @ kicking a ball in the garden..(in spite of fickle Fred!) ;)
• Sitting in the park, just talking with Anna M from St Pete, and her “film-starring” on the lake & mount by Sute-more beach. (15days hosted)
• Mathilde (off the French Dole) also swimming off the boat
• Jakub & Tomek, talking over brunch in the garden..
• Jayde from Oz & Taiwanese Jade, one just chilled, the other danced..
• The aptly names Serena, who suffered her “kim”
• “Taking care” of exhausted Sylvie..
• Launching Cathy & Moritz into their natural adventure..
• Corey & his buddies on Jal Beach..
• Getting Phil & Antje started on their 2 to 1 project..
• Chatty Magda & quiet Hana, eventually bringing us rain..coming & going again..
• Watching Champions League @ Pg stadium with polish CSers Alexsandra & her Boyfriend..
• A funny dance with Anna S , whilst her funny boyfriend got lost during the “medal party” ;)
• Chatting with Kike (Spanish from Brasov volunteers) & his appreciation of the Pg “night scene” ;)
• Cooking fish & drinking more Vino , with NT-ella ...a joint venture? ;)

Many, many positive memories..


 There are several anonymous (Iwona & others) who canceleld late or didnt inform

Although I had already hosted the 4 girls & showed them Pg, (we had a funny moment when a local waitress saw them rolling their own tobacco Ciggies in Pg..) Paddy & co (the "doughnuts from Berlin") missed the party I arranged for them , changing their plans at the last minute,...) I introduced them to Rakija at "BerlinCaffe" ("Paddy" got an shtray, see my photos)I am sure they wanted "to be alone" but didnt think about the trouble i might have gone to to arrange a farewell party for them..

Anna M ; a distant & new (jealous boyfriend) didnt have the trust...and despite we spent 15 of her 30 days here, she gave in to negativity..shame...

Nadya K, didnt keep in touch, so i didnt know if they were coming to Pg or not...! ..waiting for Sophie to say if she was coming.. I spent time and energy to make an effort to host Tina & friend, but she didnt respect my hosting, some CSers must remember hosts are not hotels or hostels we mostly do this for fun & friendship…

& C1A Fred, who spoiled a special boys night out, because he was NOT the “centre” of attraction,… accused me of having been a drunk (“drunk a dozen beers!”) and acting as a hooligan, … I don’t drink beer, I drink wine..and I was fine, some locals objected to the turkish lads..and the pud decided WE should leave.. ((a) I first had contact with Fred when he "volunteered" me for HIS CSer Balkans meeting.. ONE WEEK before it shd start, and he didnt ask me, because he couldnt be bothered with it..)

b) without a couch request I anyway hosted him, the 2 others from Istanbul (who were "registered" with me, and we waited for him to arrive, I bought him drinks and paid for the taxi to my place..gave him breakfast..used my place as a hostel..(moved my cable without ask!)
c) he never offered any contribution to wards money or effort.. d) There was no"plan or Itinerary" we 4 spontaneously decided to go "to test Pg night life" ("boys night") ..didnt offer to pay.. (expecting us to pay all) he wanted us to go when HE wanted) …a spoil brat…


And probably that last comment identifies the problem, some people are spolit.. Miki K. from Tokyo, (profile deleted!) was obviously not a true CSer, just wanted cheap accommodation and someone to buy her drinks?

Kim…well she occupied my living room, after they (2 ) were supposed to tent in the garden… she got sick, so I didn’t make a “negative reference@ but I suspect that she suffers from “spoilt brat” syndrome too, I wont list my “complaints” here as she apologized..and I am doing my best to remain positive..but just with a word of caution..

9 out of 10 people were good company..and in a cynical world where so many people are negative , this was/is a GOOD result..! ;)
Take care, all CSerS this is worthy of your attention, enjoy this project..and don’t let ANYOne spoilt it for you or me.. ;)
Y.N.W.A> with hope in your heart! Because WE are the CLUB! ;) 

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