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P0emS .. a random selection for ....U.. its "therapy"

When I am in those dark moments, or during "loss" .....when I miss those I loved or cared for... I am instantly "creative" and a stream of relevant rhyme comes through my "antennae"..... in an almost automatic stream of words, and        ............................there are also some "casual" verses that I prefer to write than                                  "boring references" for visiting CSerS                             

                                  =============================================                                                                 "DaX,  a star in the dark?"

YOU hide from me,
so the TRUTH you (dont (want  to) see

staying with those that you "know"
not the "ChRiS's world I would show....

hurting us once again
although you think its "just a game"

the "spit" I have faced...
is not a pretty taste!

you can continue to run away from "C",
BUT, always & forever, your SOUL, is connected to me.


DanICA , a poem for you.
that is all you will let me do,
still cant get you out of my mind
or my heart, nor my soul, i cant find..

Lady, you are my star 
and it seems you have gone too far
but a sun can burn me 
but I wont care, about that , you see

even if you dont celebrate (with me)
this day is important to ME
and I really wish you well
I hope you know & I will tell

..that you so affect me
in ways you dont want to see
you ignore ME, but, I cant forget YOU
because, you made me feel brand new

even if we argue, or I fall down
if i am very strict, or act like a clown
dont be selfish, you can be the best
with or without me, dont be like the rest.

this feeling is more than love..I care about you more than me
In a couple of weeks It will be your birthday and on 6th February ================                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   =all I want is (not revenge) but JUSTICE!
p.s. and of course NOela…my little girl , she (with son Leon) is one of 2 huge HOLES in my heart , it doesn’t go away, every day the hurt is there…how I enjoyed her living with me most of the first 30 months of her life…some years ago, this is what I wrote for her…
poem:                                                                                                                                                          "tears through a closing door"
in my arms for a minute
in my view for an hour
forever possessing my heart
thats my little girl
today in the rain
i surpress the pain
to be with her again
before she leaves on a train
what does a woman know
how a father feels
denied his flesh and blood
wounds my soul and never heals
how can humanity survive
is anyone alive
caring about the future years
has cost me more than five
losing time is bad enough
whilst time passes me by
her tears cut me in half
as we once again say good bye…..
through a closing door…
ChRiS Smith
 ____________________________xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSubject: [Fwd: tears through a closing door]
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 19:52:30 +0100
From: chris <team@yafoy.org>

a poem for Noela;


The smile you gave
the love I feel
Spirit save us
& keep us Real

Dad & Girl together, is what I wish for us
have a happy birthday, good weather
nice presents and a heart full of sunshine

Daddy xxxxx

To: M <margit@klima-luft.de>,
     klaus luksch <erziehungsberatung.frbg-land@caritas-dicv-fr.de>,
     fathers-4-justice <join@fathers-4-justice.org>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------__________________________
25 years since 96 LFC supporters were murdered by police/stadium neglect @ hillsborough , and almost 30,000 attend the 20year memorial service (following LFC v Burn 4-0 & 4-4- @ Chelski (CL) '09/....now after a memorable struggle to beat citeh 3-2 our Team continues the DREAM - lets do it ..for the 96!!

see REdnet file 


"there must be a better wor(l)d

there must be a better word
"anniversary" seems unworthy & absurd
the 96 we lost fron that day
cant tell me what I should say

@ this special time,
I dont want to rhyme
I wont do them "justice"
no one else did, after all.

Justice delayed means justice denied
Thatcher is dead, she never cried
I lost my family and all I love
but I move on, dont ask if they are "above"

I live in heaven - a land of wild beauty
spontaneous people, dont worry about "duty"
its a long way from Sheffield or the 'pool
but I dont ever want to be "cool"

I met someone for whom I care
should I persue, should i "Dare"
in this cold world, dont want to be "old"
So deep is my story, that never will be told

ChRiS SMITH 15th April 2014                                                                                         ================                                                                                                                .... the Dream

" i dream of her skin.....as smooth as silk
of her lips as drinky as milk
...I dream of her breast , as hard as a pebble..
..and her loins ..oh so vital...
cHrIs14423=                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ===========                                                                                                                                                                                                              ===for CSerS; Cesar & Cleo

2 naMES from history
came Pg & ChRiS to see

went on the lake
tasted Burek, Cevapi and Baklava cake

shared my party first
helped me quench my birthday thirst

saw a traditional dance & (VP) music fest
left me now, to discover the rest...


enjoyed your company and discussions :)==============================                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Miley or Yau Cheng
nice girl from Hong Kong
did nothing wrong
talkative? she is not
but, smiled and laughed a lot

music in Virpazar
she has travelled from afar.
brught the sun, not rain
can always visit me again :)                                               ========                                                                                                                                             ======= For the 96 , for Stevie, & the TEAM..never surrender https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eqOWpwlEqk
We'll fight and no surrender, 
We'll fight for the boys in Red, 
We'll fight the fight for Liverpool, 
The teamS that Shankly bred.

We fought for Kenny Dalglish
We'll fight for Stevie G 
We'll fight the fight for Liverpool, 
The pride of our REd Army
Two, three, four, 
Listen to the Kopites roar, 

We dont carry bottles 
We dont carry lead 
We only carry h*tchets to bury in your head 

We are loyal supporters 
Fanatics everyone 

We all hate MANCS, citeh, leeds and everton

We are the pride of europe 
The pride of merseyside 
We fight for no surrender 
We fight for shanklys pride....

We hate Tottenham Hotspur 
we hate Chelsea too 
but most of all we hate the sh*te 
that play in Royal Blue                                                                                                                                               ========                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   http://cser5.blogspot.com/2014/03/cserslog-is-open-to-world.html

non-rules for y-our life

rule number 1 - never follow the rules

rule 2 - always obey rule number 1 :)

be yourself, the wonder of life is enjoying the journey to a dream that you may never arrive at

learn the language and rules of the "system" so u can break them

strive for freedom & let freedom be your mentality yet always accept the consequences of your choices

dont intend to hurt anyone or anything, unless in honest self-defence

sing your song , say what you mean and mean what you say...

Have empathy for others, but know when and where to draw the line of generosity

be to others as you wish them to be to you, dont be led by the herd or "popular opinion" 

enjoy what you have, or it too may disappear whilst you chase more...

Laugh, joke and dance whenever you can, because one day your legs may not move at all.

search for intelligence and when experience talks, listen, you have twice as many earholes as mouth-hole :)

dont read too much of others stories, make your own adventure

be a player, not just a spectator

If you dont like your life, change it, dont waste time on blame, state your truth and move on.

get out in the sun,  and through wind or rain, add you own positive message,  to this mad , wonderful, tragic strange & beautiful life                                                                                                      ---------                                         http://cser5.blogspot.com/2014/05/maydays-fu-freedom-e-union-team.html     
   to be  continued 

the "f**k it CLUB  aims to insult as many "FB friends"  as possible before it dies...a bit similar to the "Bucket list" but this may only last 24 hrs or it may just continue for eternity..... repeating the BS day after day until some one "gets it

....or gets me ;)
you may also add any "phrase" that describes "death" .. preferably funny or witty remarks.. boring people will be removed..so its going to get lonely very quick eh? :)

Birthday greetings to all Gems
Geminis we are at least two.............................
communication is our food
we laugh, we cry and we are sometimes "rude" ;)       .........................................................................................p...............................................                                                                                 13408

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzQp_awu9JY Thatcher ;  finally gone @ 87?, 
confirmation that only the good die young...some modern feemales actually think she was a role model...being the first woman(?) prime minister..
When maggie turned up at the pearly gates,
There stood god with his 96 mates,
Your not welcome here god said,
We dont accept those who lie of the dead,
So due to her poisonous prime minister spell,
They sent her packing straight down to hell!!

Justice For The 96!     

Pete Wylie [ The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies! ]=============13414

"manners" ?? yeah i am sure hitler had nice manners too..  yes I am rude, but i care more about justice than you do! ..and YEAh i am Fecking angry, there are STILL so MANY IGNORANT fools, (as you|) that swallow the media BS! ("honouring" the b*tch-witch)  and think we are going to be quiet whilst they do it.. one things they dont get is we wont shut up and they are the sheep that allow dictators and criminals in suits & ties to destroy the best things in life whilst feeding the mass on BS!  go to hell! (if u arent alraedy there!) 

 Supporters "conga" @ reading... (the witch is dead)

I wish it was those days many years ago, before our crest was flanked
with two flames.
I wish it was those days many years ago, when ‘the 96’ were just known
by their names.
I long for those days many years ago, when there was no memorials or
masses to attend.
And I long for those days many years ago, before 96 people’s lives sadly
came to an end.

I pray for those days many years ago, before these words were ever
needed at all.
I pray for those days many years ago, before those brave reds had to stand strong and tall.
And I wish for those days many years ago, before so many lives were torn
These prayers can’t come true, that much I know, but I still wish for them
with all of my heart.(KC)


Anti-ChRiS ...ready, J4t96, anti-maggie emotions cont..BR's teram "died"@ reading & i died tomorrow too, RAFA pics?? b'day  
Nice pic, with "Monty Fans"  and a Geordie..at Galerija bar in Podgorics.. I'm the one that dont need a haircut, and without a big head! (?) LMAO!   

"Dobar Dan Ica"... you take almost 3 months to tell me bad news.(ignoring any "obligation, friendship or relation" between us) . ...another case of HOPE versus Experience.. .........                           "experience" told me not to trust you, after you broke the first promises, but HOPE persuaded me to extend my TRUST again, but you ..............are careless!


and if you are not affected by this , you are DEAD , not RED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9OHC7lIfvk4

........Ahhhh... my "loyal pillow" ... always there when for a cuddle, dont b*tch if i want to go to footy or a bevvy, and in the four years since i have been "solo" (NOT so low...) ...never lied or cheated me.. :D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HkpWgDHLZR This is also "the LIVERPOOL way" ..if u thing YOU are "spontaneous" watch this ..unplanned..and REAL!

Hillsboro.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4SdGtCWrvlo


and if you are not affected by this , you are DEAD , not RED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9OHC7lIfvk4=--------------

Outside leppings lane just before three
Waiting to get in to watch the great team
Empty at the side crammed in the middle
All of the reds having a giggle
All of a sudden the gates open wide
The fans move in to watch their side
As they move in we all could see
A disaster happen as a result of the neglect of the yorkshire PD

We all hurt every given day
For those fans we love that are no longer with us on matchday
One fitting way to show them how much we still care
Is by driving the reds to victory and bring home the silverware
So lets all pray for the ones that didn't come home
And send a message that they'll never walk alone


D-days(Djune)DEja Vu Decisions Daze! ..

69 years since "d-day" liberating europe ( didnt u know u are free?)
69 is a signigficant number
between the genders (a key?)
avoiding the missionary , unencumber

each minority frights for majority (rule)
democracy is just a name...
anyway why should i trust the mass?
none of whom understand the "game"

"Monty pythons life of brian"
challenges the way u think,
i want to show u a similar film, 
because sheeple, u stink!

who is intelligent on this planet?
one, i have longed to meet
question, what? how and which?
who can be strong, and not bitch?

how can sheeple still vote for suit and tie?
they lie!
its my planet, so i ask U why?
u follow the ignorance, the media too,
are u too blind to see?
the only question is..
to be ... or not to BE!


"why the skY continues to cry?"

"As if an open wound its weeping..
as from me life is seeping...
I lost everything i cared about 
..without YoU ..I have nought

freedom..another name for nothing more to lose
its easy to drown in the booze..
did you ever wonder why ?
there is NOW much water in the sky?

it will rain rain and RAIN
without you ..must i be sane?
my heart can no longer cry ..
my eyes are teardrops dry..
so the weather cries, instead of me..

ChRiS 13602 ============================
last night another dream
tasted like fruit and cream
as she found me in that dimension
the lady who is supreme  (like "Leeloo multipass"...) :D

We walked and talked
ate and danced
romantic , not in some "trance"
and made love that brought new stars
in our universe we healed all scars

its more than I can say
in that place I felt to stay

she values if i have decades, 
hundreds or thousands of "earth years"
i have the energy of a boy
but none of those fears..

if only you could see who i could be...


"Oh, but life is a funny thing
and yet is hard to beat..
for every rose has a THORN!
but the Rose is still sweet.. 

have i had enough roses in my life?
a girl, a partner, a friend, more than one wife?
but I have bled too many times
so i dont care if this poem rhymes .. ! :)"                         ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                                                                       Evren Kose +90 536 7404072

So a day at Virpazar and on Skadar Lake...
we later ate fresh fish and home-made cake
Evren , I like U and what you make.
....even if, with u,  i am talking too much, 
......for goodness sake...! x
;) x
ChriS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;                                           ;CS13614

Happy returns of the day, Dusica,
u are one of the best memories I had of Uzice
the briefest dance 
your girlish smile
for one of those, i would walk many a mile,

your man is lucky to be
your friend, there is no doubt, i see
i must be careful not to envy, so, i say
have great and special..birth-day!
ChriS                                                                                                    ;  ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;               ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;    
                                                                                         ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;               ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;                                                                                                                                                            a birthday wish for Kaja.
i was offine, sorry
hope u had a good one,
even if u are now too busy for me ;)

remember to be even
in all that u do
dont be influenced by "them"
be fair , and most of all, be true

best wishes
ChRiS x                                                                                                                                                 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                                                                                                              Dedicated to "not on the Dole, MAThilde"...

"Walzing Mathilde, Walzing Mathilde, Will U go 
Walzing, Mathilde with me?
but we drank too much Vino & swam off the Skadar Boat..
But I want to go..Walzing, Mathilde,  with U..

I took a while to relax, but.. last evening ..wise words, & 
your dream ..."to be ready ..for Life"..
a pleasure to host U, 
you are always welcome to stay with me, 
ChriS x
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsXHYJUhWg0                                                           ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

AnnaM ...& 
on Fb... 
so many modern feemales are either Barbies, bigots, snobs or self-absorbed b+tches ...but... 

VERY positive a girl with looks AND CHARACTER!! a pleasure to host, any time!!! :) please take care of her!!!

"A "St peter's Burger..
..but certainly NOT a "lump of meat"..
@ Pg Airport I did GREET..
..a day in the city..
& a night on the town,
with Anna M u cant feel down..
then "heaven @ Skadar" ..
..something special was shared..a touch of soul..showed she cared..

enjoy "Monty" and thanks for the visit and presents;;; looking forward to u coming back to "Toloshi mini Hostel"

p.s. "Cat-surfing mini-mi-owalso will miss u ;) take care (cuvaj se)
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "                                                                                                       Bye Redheaded Ania, was good to dance with ye, Quick tour of Podgorica,
\Burek, cevapi, Vino & rakija!"

we shared the joy of olympic "Monty"
sweet girl a bit warped "dixit"(?) too .. :)

"behild that girlish smile & figure
brought her boyfriend, a right winger,
shes a singer, hes a walking historical (hysterical?) encyclopedia,"
cu ....somewhere!
______________________                                                                                                            ,12+1 biking,,,,
dedicated...to my only "hostess" ! ;)

have a great time "Saule GI"
now a footy girl i see

is this some influence from me?
lets have a cup of ginger tea!

wish u all that u deserve
even when life sends u a curve
be strong be clear and honest too
and i will always support U! 

x ChRiS

for you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHx7vaa9Fwo GI and the 13 visitors to Toloshi!!! 
scared the neighbours!  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


From ChriS SmiTH
 Podgorica, Montenegro
 Aug 16 Met in person Hosted 2 days  

"Travels om a zero budget.. &
will Talk a lot with U! :)
table tennis is his passion
and CS-ing too !!!                                                                                            ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                                                                                                        did I choose to care about you?
i cant forget and dont want to
I wish you had come to stay
and that would make us smile,in every way

phone Dani??? via ..?3call or sky-p
https://www.facebook.com/danica.stancic.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,may 23

a poem....

I really meant to say "goodbye"
even though it is a LIE..
how to forget your face
when it appears in every place?

Yes, I know you may say it is "creepy"
but whenever I get sleepy
a vision comes to heart & mind
your soul, more than you, to me , is kind..

what would YOu do, if you were me?
I did not plan to meet you, dont you see?
I did NOT choose to FEEL this way
so, what, NOW, WHAT do YOU say?

I am not getting younger, will I leave?
If I am gone, will you grieve?
and you are occupied
with him (or her), I have cried...
BUT, I am free - another I can not love
was this a curse from above?

One day you may want to know
where I have been or where I go
but whatever you deny
forever it is you / ...and I

i have a drink and remember U on my Birthday 23 may 2014


  1. , .......................................13519

    went for an early run
    ...in the early sun
    ...varied my routine
    ...never be a slave to anyone or anything

    ..including yourself! ;).
    ...never be a slave to anyone or anything

    ..including yourself! ;)....

    Choose-day (Tuesday) 3 days to go...

    some have holiday today
    Monty has its birthday too
    they go up the mountain way
    or Choose on the beach to stay

    me? I will soon be gone
    so I will stay "home alone"
    cold drinks or a snack when I want
    no one to say when i can or cant

    Freedom; nothing left to lose?
    Vino too, if i want to booze
    I dont care any more what you say
    I'll party every day...

    (like frankie sang,, ..my way!) ;)...............................................................

    Mo(o)nday... 4 days to go
    where i go to, you wont know!
    Carra played his very last in front of our Kop
    spice boy & fergie gone, scholes & Owen ,Mike ;no more shop!

    Rafa, a natural winner
    his body thick, his hair much thinner
    ends his time @ stamford bridge
    he would rule the world @ Citeh or Madrid...

    But Rafa's family are truly "scouse"
    they all live in a LIVERPOOL house
    so as the yankers @ Lfc are scared of his power
    could he manage the "peoples club" & the blue shower?....
    as for me , Four days only, left on this planet
    tomorrow is monty's birthday, did you forget?
    this state is only 7 years old.
    I am a little bit older, and at least as Bold

    shall I start to party with any of my "friends"?...................
    no, that word has no longer any real meaning
    but if i find JUST ONE TRUE mate
    then I would have a REAL REASON TO CELEBRATE!

    13520............................:............ . . . ...................... .....p .................. .......................................13522
    ....................Slobodank............................a Ricko Micunovic ended?
    - " What I really want is a person who comes into my life by accident but stays on purpose. "

    .................................... the last (birth day)................................
    the time is going too fast
    In monty they had a 2nd vacated day
    its not really wedNESday, & its my NOT WEDDED day

    p.s. Thanks for Bobo, his girlfriend jelena & Kris
    for an enjoyable night @ MNE caffe & "Berlin"until 03h?
    if i had known today was a "free day" I would have stayed even longer, later? earlier? and might have flirted with IVona (Iwona,I wanna ...I want her?)
    just playing with words, not perverting..

    have to smile at myself... nearly 3000 "FB friends" and not one comes to play... ON MY day!

  2. http://cser5.blogspot.com/2014/06/extracted-from-intermission-hairy.html