Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CSerSLOG open to the World....

I made this CSLOG for private, for the people I love and my estanged children to perhaps have a chance to know me

..well the people i Loved are gone... so lets make it ALL...  to BE of not to BE... 


I also offer  so you can EDUCATE yourself...and use my experiences as a "reflection" .. :)

non-rules for y-our life

rule number 1 - never follow the rules

rule 2 - always obey rule number 1 :)

be yourself, the wonder of life is enjoying the journey to a dream that you may never arrive at

learn the language and rules of the "system" so u can break them

strive for freedom & let freedom be your mentality yet always accept the consequences of your choices

dont intend to hurt anyone or anything, unless in honest self-defence

sing your song , say what you mean and mean what you say...

Have empathy for others, but know when and where to draw the line of generosity

be to others as you wish them to be to you, dont be led by the herd or "popular opinion" 

enjoy what you have, or it too may disappear whilst you chase more...

Laugh, joke and dance whenever you can, because one day your legs may not move at all.

search for intelligence and when experience talks, listen, you have twice as many ear-holes as mouth-hole :)

dont read too much of others stories, make your own adventure

be a player, not just a spectator

If you dont like your life, change it, dont waste time on blame, state your truth and move on.

get out in the sun,  and through wind or rain, add you own positive message,  to this mad , wonderful, tragic strange & beautiful life



p.s. Make a Miracle every day..

p.p.s  add your own "wisdom" to the above. if u dare? ;)

 you wont win this for being GOOD, it is its OWN reward...
REdNeT updated:
Multi-cultural ; Footy, Fun & International friendship party
September 5 in Tolosi
Danica Stancic, Tanja Banfi and 4 others are guests.

1:58pm Mar 9
2:36pm Mar 1

7:23am Feb 27

7:20am Feb 27
i have been saying this since many years!!
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