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ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

non-rules for y-our life  

rule number 1 - never follow the rules

rule 2 - always obey rule number 1 :)

be yourself, the wonder of life is enjoying the journey to a dream that you may never arrive at

learn the language and rules of the "system" so u can break them

strive for freedom & let freedom be your mentality yet always accept the consequences of your choices

dont intend to hurt anyone or anything, unless in honest self-defence

sing your song , say what you mean and mean what you say...

Have empathy for others, but know when and where to draw the line of generosity

be to others as you wish them to be to you, dont be led by the herd or "popular opinion"

enjoy what you have, or it too may disappear whilst you chase more...

Laugh, joke and dance whenever you can, because one day your legs may not move at all.

search for intelligence and when experience talks, listen, you have twice as many earholes as mouth-hole :)

dont read too much of others stories, make your own adventure

be a player, not just a spectator

If you dont liek your life, change it, dont waste time on blame, state your truth and move on.

get out in the sun,  and through wind or rain, add you own positive message,  to this mad , wonderful, tragic strange & beautiful life


p.s. Make a Miracle every day..

p.p.s  add your own "wisdom" to the above. if u dare? ;) 

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Chris East-west Invest Ursun

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ChriS SmiTH
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"All the Way" is a 1950s pop song which has since been covered by many musicians.
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=========================================== PLAINT v the evil empire;-
 to whom it may concern, (Financial Ombudsman Service)     19th March 2014

My complaints V Diligenta Ltd/Phoenix Ltd (formerly Sun Alliance Services)

Complaint Ref: LVP/006609004/2013 

My REF ;  CSvEE-PL-Diligenta(SA) 14216 jSmithCLAIM-part23g

I should inform you that, but for my geographical location I would have already proceeded with a civil claim (possibly criminal) against the defendant companies and employees,
that avenue and an action to claim attempted Fraud to avoid or delay their financial (and moral) obligations is still open, should I invest the time to go to UK and proceed with that action to hopefully get some real Justice, and true "compensation" for their deception and/or Neglect ("without prejudice") Their "offer of compensation" doesnt even cover the administration costs they have caused me, since they first denied even the existence of policies held in the name of my (deceased) wife.

Christopher R.Smith

 Dear Andrea Vaughan,                                                                without prejudice

Complaint Ref: LVP/006609004/2013 
My REF ;  CSvEE-PL-Diligenta(SA) 14216 jSmithCLAIM-part23g

Policy number – AF038816 - As there were problems (due to postal anomalies) and you transmitted illustrations by email, please inform me which date this info was included?

Policy number – 87W2155368 - NO , I have not received February or March annuity payments from your company, to date, AND WISH TO KNOW WHAT YOU DID WRONG THAT CAUSED THIS MONEY NOT TO BE RECEIVED IN MY ACCOUNT OR DO YOU BLAME THE LOCAL BANK? - please be precise!

Also, I suggested (obviously ignored) that ANNUITY PAYMENTS be made QUARTERLY,  surely more economic for your company to arrange?

AS errors and delays continue to occur , by "co-incidence" or intent - I again do not accept any "final compensation", certainly not at this time,, and hold my complaint referral to the ombudsman and media and other "solution" or mediation until I feel that all has been fully explained and discovered.

It is in your company's interest to halt these problems and offer a realistic "compensation"

Christopher R.Smith
postal address;
Tripa Kokolja 15
81000 Podgorica

11:01am Mar 24

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If you truly love someone, let them breathe their own air,
digest their own food, and walk by themse...
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Stand up inside as a great spiritual person, not as one who dominates,
 but one who selflessly serves...
11:02am Mar 24

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