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MaydayS F.U ; "Freedom e Union" = team ..@ ChriSmiTH academy = Freedom & consequences (bYE dAX?)


Its May day 1.5.2014

" Freedom e Union" ("F.U.")

...  14 Years ago . IN defiance of the "system" I ("legally") formed a Union to defend the  rights of those persecuted by the state (or others) and to support, Self-development, Eco-logistics & social justice. (an equal chance...& Justiuce for all) in accord with the ECHR/UDHR... 

After my coma - I woke up TO the realisation that we are either L I V E
 ..or we feed the opposite ; E V I L...

all religions know a part of the truth; that we have freedom and must accept the consequences, however if you choose to stay "inside the box" do not complain about the world as you allow Air, food, water & your minds to be polluted by the evil that manipulates you like sheep or robots.

The (system) "titanic" sunk, so why do u keep trying to get a ticket, after it hit the iceberg..
WE (who are "we?, is it just ME?? ) are building LIFE-boats...what are YOU doing to improve y-our world, or do you just shout "mayday" ? ;)

ChRiS & on behalf of "F.U." supporting ;

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If more people followed these words, we'd change this world for the better very quickly. 
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.... the Dream

" i dream of her smooth as silk
of her lips as drinky as milk
...I dream of her breast , as hard as a pebble..
..and her loins ..oh so vital...

@RedAlieNeT Freedom ; is a mentality - if MY spirit is free, no walls can hold me, ChRiS #freedom2014.
Joanna Zamarbide has written the following reference about you on your

"Chris was a fantastic host, with plenty of interesting stories full of
anecdotes that will make you laugh and enjoy the time together. We crashed
at his place and at her friend's house in Budva with my friend Helena. We
had such an awesome time, unforgettable and, although may sound cheesy,
kind of magic! If you get to know him you'll have a nice and energetic time
full of good atmosphere for granted!!! Thank you chris for your
hospitality, breakfast and time shared! :)
Hope to see you son somewhere around this world! Helena&Joa."

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Multi-cultural ; Footy, Fun & International friendship party

Community Club "Wild Beauty Team"  (a.k.a TREdS)
My name is ChriS SMITH
I am a lifelong supporter of the Liverpool Team, I am a player, when I was young I was a captain of my local amateur team, I am a lucky member of the people of this planet & respect nature and all its peoples.
at the request of *****, I am here, because I wish to initiate, promote and support a community club project, free of political or other influence.
The land belongs to the people. When I saw a football place, under- used and in need of repair; I see the chance to rebuild a community through football and young people (of any age!) and to use my experience and abilities as an organiser. To realise my dream to build a club from "nothing".
I am not rich, and even if I was, I believe that the people must take responsibility for the community they live in, not expect institutions or business to do it for them.
I want to help young people enjoy the game as much as I do, not to sit in front of a comoputer screen or video game, to enjoy kicking the ball on grass , the FUN of playing in a team ..and the social development that may bring to supporters and families.
I have a small budget, due to insurance caused by my wifes death in 2005, I know she would appreciate why my love for the game pushes me to support this idea.
This is not "my project" this should be a community project, and I will only support it , with such things as balls, kit, nets & help renovation IF the community accept it 100%
IF agreed, I will bring people to this comminity, I will give my time (the most important thing a person can give, in this life) I will coach the team or teams, I will organise tournaments. I will take our team abroad and also help talented kids get chances of careers in football.
But, I will give no favour to any ONE player, not money nor fame is my target, A child will get my support, if he/she is rich or poor. and we shall have fun and play with a smile and respect.
IF you want the same, we can do this together, for the community. What i propose is not complicated, football is a simple game, and I am ready ..are you???
(in memoery of Jacqui & the 96!)

15th April;  96 of ours killed by the state, now I DREAM, of a positive future my mate!
5:35pm Apr 16
96 of our family killed by the state on 15th April 1989

shared The Amazing Wild Nature's photoMarch 26
12:20pm Mar 31 Boys & Girls may buy you "sex" but not true LOVE
dont waste your time studying for a job on the (sunk) Titanic, build a LIFE-boat, because the system WILL sink you too..

BBc talk about irreversible climate change, yet argued that it was "exagerated" when the USA failed to apply the Kyoto treaty 2 decades ago!!
STOP DRIVING CARS - use public transport, walk to work/shops/school ..(or do NOT go!) plant seeds and fill the air with oxygen NOT poison! , Sheeple!
Yet Another Disease That Responds Better to Marijuana Than Prescription Drugs
The National Pain Foundation conducted a recent online survey
12:02pm Apr 27

:01pm Apr 27

12:01pm Apr 27

ChriS SmiTH> 12:00pm Apr 27
12:43pm Apr 26
11:47am Apr 26

11:38am Apr 26

11:31am Apr 26

11:30am Apr 26
unless its a trojan horse ?  

10:01am Apr 16

Harvey Tuttle
Harvey Tuttle 9:49pm Apr 15
The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?
Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning..
12:55am Apr 14

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La vida tiene dos maneras de probar la voluntad de una persona: haciendo que no pase nada o que pase todo a la vez.
REdNeT 10:26am Apr 26
we will be supporting ...

10:31am Apr 26
10:31am Apr 26
Absolutely So True..♥♥♥
I need 
11:14am Apr 26

11:13pm Apr 4
Istina Dobrota Ljepota
Istina Dobrota Ljepota 10:00am Apr 3
akcenat stavljam na crmnicke spotrtske igre,takodje posjetite Donji Brceli,u sklopu manastira sv Nikola,postoji mini fudbalski teren,imamo trenera englez Kris Smit.
Ako zelite da vasa djeca provedu nezaboravan vikend u prirodi igrajuci fudbal,javite se Kris Smitu ,na ovoj fb stranici
Bar - Dogadjaji ||

Bar obiluje
Istina Dobrota Ljepota 9:18am Apr 22
"sa Blaženkom i prijateljima koji imaju interes u homepathic pravljenje lijekova, samo-razvoj, Čakre, meditacije, šetnje prirodom ,kao i susretima na" Monty logiku kluba "
Pošalji mi Pm za detalje; lokalno stanovništvo i posjetitelji dobrodošli 

11:17pm Apr 4


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