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CS131001 A september review, (BU) just being ChRIS began with Shanks... &* wag the world...

A september review,  

just being ChRIS began with Shanks...
&* wag the world...

freebird.. still ! :)

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now,
'Cause there's too many places I've got to see.

But, if I stayed here with you, girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you can not change.

Won't you fly high free bird ???????????????????

i like, the story (& MUrray & Johanssen play it well) ..reminds me...of me... 

or how i used to be...when I travelled half the World (lost in translation) 

... a similar feeling these days when  I have said goodbye to young women, when I have been HOSTING @ my home these last 2 years, "girls" who sleep just a few metres away, share meals & laugh with me share intimate stores, drink and sometimes dance.. even hugs
 ... no kisses ..yet! :)

Luis Celebrates his son's birth! with Goals @ Sunderland

3 points, but we dont look that confident.. still haven't seen a game where we really control it,& not impressed by performance apart from the match @ OT..and the tactics iof defending a narrow lead taste of BR inexperience, for a side he supposed to "copy barca" we cant hold possession..

BR plays Hendo on the wing , Sahko because he is one of his boys, and Mignolet is shaky, nowhere near as good as Pepe's contribution to the   team

.. but the media love BR, so thats ok, eh?   

 .. but having said that great to have 2 players that can rescue a result in Studge & Luis..


Elaine Boss Donnellon > Hiya chris..nice to hear from you. Nah im now managing a voluntary services department in a big hospital. .big venture thanks for yr compliment how you doing what u been up too ?

ChriS SmiTH >are u enjoying the challenge?....I am doing my best to get into trouble... here in my suburb of Podgorica I am focussed on a centre for sports, youth & family, with the emphasis, of course, on footy, had a nice tournament for 8-10 year old kids last weekend and with 2 girls who came over from Buenos Aires who supported my idea to get local girls teams started.

.. today the autumn rain started, until yesterday we had 30 degrees

.. but the girls left this morning, so i am hopeful i might get some visitors this winter , but still play footy also sunday night with the lads.. so trying to keep fight/fit , as i cant seem to find a "dance partner" be great for u to visit here sometime, scenery, lakes mountains & beaches , good food cheap booze..and me!
Life of Brian - Bigus Dickus
The scene where the guards laugh their a** off in front of Pilate.


Chris Ursun > gracias Augustina & Lucia..

2 young ladies from buenos aires
slept too much and didnt stay out..late
they didnt like to wake , and the stuff they ate..
didnt like to to walk, (no dancing!!) to party or wait..

but i am glad they came to podgorica, i can clearly state.
because they cooked, they laughed, they argued , & got irate,
and even if i dont agree with them, I can tell..
in every way, they played very very well... 

and the sky is crying..too.
BIG hug & x for u both!!

WAG THE DOG - Trailer - (1997) - HQ
Trailer for Barry Levinson's film starring Dustin Hoffmann & De Niro.


... the only thing u need to know are the articles of the human rights, the rest u can learn from experience..

Subject: 13929 CS-> Ksenya
Hiy Ksenya
I have to check my calendar and activities when do u expect to be here?

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Vita>  but my friends have a flight back home earlier that me - at 5th of October  So I will continue my travel alone ;)

ChriS SmiTH> September 23rd, 2013 - 11:39 pm
u didnt mention before that u are travelling with "friends" ? have they got CS profiles too?

Vita>I didn't mention them you are right.
We met on a volunteer camp and decided to come to Podgorica together and that split. 
P.s. Internet works hard here so I'm writing it in a third time )

ChriS SmiTH >September 24th, 2013 - 7:03 pm
where do they stay in Podgorica? and I ask again please have they got CS profiles too?
September 29th, 2013 - 6:24 am
ha ha ha..Vita, I am laughing with Irony, this morning, because I think you are playing "games" with me..

your first request was 15-17th October...

then 2 weeks ago u said only for 2nd->3rd October , and u are not alone, but with others.. 

then at the weekend you said tomorrow, (30th september) which i said "ok"

now u change to 1st october ?? because u want to stay in BUdva, i dont think u understand my profile, I wrote that I AM NOT A HOSTEL, and i expect visitors to be "sociable" ..i plan my calendar., to be myself and visitors, (so i dont "reject" anyone,,) 

i am generous, but its not respectful to keep changing dates of arrival and length of stay, so i suggest you take more time and read it and the comments of visiitors and then confirm tomrrow if you still want to come, because i question if we are going to be "compatable" CSers?? :)  (compatible?)


Raech >Thanks Chris. Things are tough at the minute but I know that it's for the best in the long run. How are you doing hunny? Any more csers? Xx

Chris Ursun> I have 2 girls from Buenos aires now cooking something in the kitchen. i dont know what....  . 

look  Raech, I know it dont help u much, but juts know that I have been through most things in my life , and dont misunderstand me, please, when I say "when u are going through hell..just keep going" i know we onlyl spent a short time here in Montenegro, but my instinct said something about you and thats why i kept sending u messages, a feeling that u were going to be  in this... 

anyway please know that if u want to "bounce off of me" i am happy to react, and know that u will get honesty, from me, whether u like it or not, big hug & X from Podgorica... please keep in touch, because I CARE! x


ChriS SmiTH > September 26th, 2013 - 1:06 pm
my neighbour is making "Rakija" so just follow the smell.. :)

my door is is behind a white house next to number 55 , there is a Liverpool towel on the door but please try to sms, so that I am sure to be @ home, usually the people in the market know where i live!..

Gemini Horoscope; You will be able to communicate your ideas and feelings more forcefully and directly today, and are likely to be much better received than the past two days, especially where it comes to close friends and siblings. You may feel a bit hyperactive today.

Olivera; >I understand that you have problems with local ladies but that's the way it is-hope you'll find some interesting woman one day
...I've been facing many problems recently and my boyfriend is here now and we have to decide about our future life
...not so easy...and I 'm plunged into that kind of problems and Hamlet dilemas and many other things such unstable job, sickness in family etc etc
...heavy burden for my small shoulders...

Chris Ursun > ha ha ... i dont expect to "find" would take one VERY special woman, and
......anyway, there are things that I wont discuss on FB>>> so,  que sera, sera, if u want to talk, without "strings" 
.. I am here.. but i do not intend to make any complications, and of course u have to sort it out with yr BF..   

life isnt really that complicated, people make it difficult,, 

honesty... few people even know what that means..  cuvaj se!


something similar to a poem passed through my mind as i woke up from a dreamy sleep..(liv)

"Nature made it like this, its simple, my name is ChRiS
gave me mind soul & a body with seed
made you attractive to my eyes
so dont turn it into a "dirty deed"

be you a "friend" , a "Partner" or dare it be said..
a wife..
just be true to me, and U, there is enough to fight in this strange life//
dont complain, about what you dont have, open your eyes to see
who I am, the universe or i am!"



CS> ..... Olivera

I understand that u are nervous to meet me, a bit scared of me,
and i have "over-loaded" you with stuff recently,
but if you are really "empty" .i suggest i can fill u up with good things :)

I do know that women here are nervous also of "reputation"

and that although u said months ago that u would meet for coffee u dont want people to think you are going out with an "older foreigner"..
and if "skip it" means that you refuse my invitations,,,


I feel you are making a mistake, a big one,

I have had several "potentials" here, with local ladies, either too young, stupid, or just wanting a "sugar daddy" to pay for them, of just too full with complex dramas and inhibitions..

i am patient... sometimes, (if its important) but i need mutual respect,,, i like you but it seems u dont have the courage to know me ..

and the thing is ..NO one knows me because I have been some sort of "universal alien gypsy" since I was a teenager, even my deceased wife Jacqui, who was married to me 12 years didnt know me, but thats another story..

anyway, if u change your mind, and want to get in touch ..sms 0686 144 27 i can listen very well too.. <SMILE>


Saule Gi> 

million thanks!
how would you explain "daring deeds" ?

Chris Ursun >  deeds that are daring...   to do the unusual, to be different , perhaps  to be brave, courageous, or odd compared to what is considered normal by others.. 
the elite military unit of the British military; the SAS have a motto..
"He who dares, wins" 
but of course there are no "rules" .. it can be a positive or a negative "dare" ...
(from google) dar·ing
(of a person or action) adventurous or audaciously bold.
"a daring crime"
synonyms: bold, audacious, intrepid, venturesome, fearless, brave, unafraid, undaunted, dauntless, valiant, valorous, heroic, dashing; More
boldly unconventional.
"a pretty girl in daring clothes"
noun: daring
adventurous courage.
"the zeal and daring of climbers"
synonyms: boldness, audacity, temerity, fearlessness, intrepidity, bravery, courage, valor, heroism, pluck, spirit, mettle;

Chris Ursun> btw.. one can be scared and still be brave or daring..  i believe that people who take risks even though they are scared are TRULY BRAVE..
if u are NOT a bit "scared" its not really "courageous" IMO

Saule Gi > Anyway, how are things in Podgorica?

The "next one" I was talking about on my wall, was the basketball match

we got 2nd place in Europ, I usually don't care about basketball, but this time it was important. Too bad we didn't make it all a way up!

Christopher> Gi, as much as i would like to communicate with you, I dont like it that u only complaining,, and basketball.. was a game only for girls when i was @ school..(called "netball") its popular here too for the tall people... ------

Saule Gi
I think world would be better place without people at all. so what? I believe in karma as well.
can you help me with english gram. ?

9/24, 11:51pm
Chris Ursun > there are a few good people... me, i suppose , if i help u with english! what do u want help with?

Saule Gi
10:20am> When I was a child I loved to pay the game truth or dare. I became an addict to dare my life and say YES to the adventure of living! Seek&find,care&insipe.DO.
how do I say it correct? 

CS> " When I was a child I loved to PLAY the game "truth or dare" and I became addicted to "daring deeds" in my life and to say YES to the adventure of living! 
To Seek & to find, to care & to inspire, to DO. how do I say it correctLY?"


Dobro Jutro Olivera,

.... I have a patio, and on summy days, or today a particularly warm sunny morning. i sit outside, its more or less my "living room" daytime, and some evenings if i have the ocassional visitor i have my meals there whenever possible,, enjoing the fresh "suburban" air of my garden in Tolosi,

(I have the feeling you would enjoy this place..too)

There is a cat, she was a kitten when she first came around my table, a few months ago, she "adopted" me as although she supposedly belongs to the children of the house, who have obviously become bored with her,
so I feed her (probably other neighbours do too) and play with her..

i am not a "cat lover" i feel people should spend their efforts on people before animals, but i like it when she comes around and purs, when I stroke her, but, as much as I am nice to her, and like her, she tries to bite me..

she reminds me a bit of U, Olivera...cuvaj se! "SING A LONG" during all the coming protests..WORLDWIDE!!

.. 21... whatever, pick the things that suit u, and live your life,
dont be ruled by other peoples, (even from "cosmo"..)

9/21, 9:41pm

Time it was, and what a time it was,
it was A time of innocence, 
A time of confidences Long ago, 
it must be, I have a photograph 
Preserve your memories; They're all that's left you
(Simon and Garfunkel - Bookends)

Saule Gi> Hi, I would like you to not share my pictures with other people (not my FB frieds). Thank you.

------------------------------ The comment: Christopher (September 24, 2013): Saule Gi ,, kicking not licking..
Content URL:

Christopher > Gi, such a cold commuicator! do u want to "de friend" me

 .. .(whats a FB fried?., something "cooked"??) . i see no point in contact, as u dont want to communicate with me, and u dont show any care if i am alive or dead

 ....or even how i am feeling, u are so self-absorbed, and worse, u have no sense of humour!!

... too much american "pc" influence, i suppose

p.s. no one knows who "G" or "GI" is..

 did one of yr friends call u a "barbie"? oh dear!

GI> :)))
no. that's the point, it has to came with the luggege behind. Random pictures of me in your blog or other sites, dosn't make me happy...
I undertand that's is one of your ways to have an attention
And blaming again.

CS> well u dont understand, I dont do that for attention i am not an american or spoilt brat! dont make ME happy that the only time u "communicate" is when u want to complain.. & yes i direct criticism where it belongs, and it belongs with u..


Raech, if u chose a special time, to talk to me, if u trust me, then i suggest to use this ID, i made it for personal contact with anyone that i choose to be "personal" with, its mostly unused :) .. and for u to add, if u want to..
but u get a FREE "BIG HUG" anyway...! :) ..probably need it as much as u , though dont be afraid, anything u are going through, i have probably "done" ...take care ..



(she makes a first contact since 7 months, after failing to keep her promises, then nothing....)

Dani could>?? 


Hello again Olivera,
you giving priority to meet me ,(within the 168 hours of the next week), I realise that "making a date" (and KEEPING promises)
is "against the religion" of MNE people, but I would like to invite u to dinner,,
in fact "dare you to dinner" might be the more appropriate words ..   .... Vidimo se? ChRiS
(we should meet @ ... from film "close encounters of the third kind..")

9/22, 2:16pm
Chris Ursun > u dont need places, u need good people..or just ME!
(some people travel to see places, but dont know people living next to them??)
-----------   Sellers was a genius , especially in "Strangelove"

Chris Ursun > Olivera, are u well>?  I am thousands of years older than u, but you have "tastes" that I respect, more than virtuallY anyone I have met, 
in this Balkan region.. invite u to dinner, tomorrow or next monday, or tell me a date in my lifetime that u could honour?  
we are aliens in common so i want to make u smile! 

 you often repeat stories and stuff from other women (like Liv troday) do u ever write from yourself?

Olivera (Lazic) > no I 'm it's easier to repeat stories from other people...not very creative...and you should skip it..

Chris Ursun
skip what?
“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt   
... it is your hands  ,,tomorrows planetary "constellation" is a sign u can react to...

Chris Ursun
it was July 13th when the idea of meeting for a coffee was mentioned.. .. if u dont want contact, its yr choice , of course, I feel it would be good for us both to meet , and generate some "creativity" ..i will keep inviting you until you tell me not to.. goodnight, laku noc! be well!
===========  (when I was capt of our local football team & I , eventually , cut the grass of my first house..
they called me "Captain LAWNMOWER")

Elif, Have a very special day
come again to Pg and stay
enjoy your life and be who you are
whether at home or afar.

be well , and brave , be the best you can be, Elif, x x x x x 


and from

Stephanie Malouff  > 
My version of this would say, "A GOOD LAWYER KNOWS THE LAW... 

Jodi Chalmers > I think more to the point "What is the definition of a good lawyer?"
......... One lawyer with 99 others chained together at the bottom of the ocean. Now that is what I call a GOOD START.

Asha Bas > pretty much every judge I've had to deal with should be disbarred. 
They have all simply obeyed the evil CPS, and seen nothing with with child molestation and neglect, with parental alienation, 
with listening to people who have obvious biases...

Stephanie > @Jodi, mmmm, I am going to college to become a federal attorney.... I am pretty sure that it isn't that they "obey" the demon called CPS, 
it is that they are part of the child for profit scheme and they get a cut of the proceeds!

Asha Bas > Oh believe you me, they do obey them! It is clear that they are profiting and enjoying their sadism though.! 
I've seen magistrates actually say to CPS women "what do you want to happen here?" and the evil abusing CPS worker, 
with a smile upon her face, tells the (female) magistrate exactly what she wants, and the magistrate ordains it!
we do need to learn the ins and outs but not all of us can stomach being in these places any more than we absolutely have to. 
it sickens me to the stomach to be anywhere near these people and I really need to take time out after being exposed to them for awhile!

Stephanie > @Asha, I have witnessed the same thing first hand, as CPS in Colorado illegally took my children from me in 2006. 
However, you should understand that it is standard for a judge to ask the caseworker, and GAL what they want to do.  @Slim, thank you for your kind words, my friend, I truly appreciate it!!

Simpson Jessica > me too Asha after many, many years I now have been diagnosed with Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
 yet the Courts won't accept that the legal abuse I have under gone is the cause.
 they literally have made me sick and terrorised. as are my children. it is so unlawful.

ChriS SmiTH > its in y-our hands, dont pay taxes to a system that violates y-our rights,,...

Asha Bas > what I have seen is the women admit their abuses on the stand, even stumbling over themselves. Even when a huge bias, and conflict, 
is admitted and they should by rights be at the very least reprimanded and taken away from that particular family situation. 
If these were any other people they would spend time in jail. the acts that all of these people commit is illegal,
 but they have so much power behind them, it is unbelievable. I have seen police obeying these women,
 even in my own house. there is a reason that people are afraid of them...

ChriS SmiTH > U need go back to basics, the convention of equal rights ; argue this..always , dont employ lawyers as they make it worse (for their own benefit) and dont enable the system by paying for it! its logical! people!!!


Chris Ursun > please take care of u...  i wont keep posting on yr timeline.. .....but know if ever u need  to lean  on me, i am here, for a while at least,, i know a few things, from experience..   .

if u have something u need to say, then write, it me..

Raech > Hi Chris. I'm at work now so don't have time for a long message. Please don't think I am ignoring you.
 I want to chat to you when I have a decent amount of time to do it justice. However my life is in something of a chaotic state of change at the moment.
 I've been back less than a week and have already lost my husband and my best friend in the world is leaving for Copenhagen in 2 days. So forgive me... 
but I have to focus on those things for now. Hope you can understand that. Raech 

Chris Ursun > 
ok, Raech, its perhaps strange for u to understand, but i sensed something was happening in your life, and thats why I want u to know I am here, to chat, and for an "escape" if you want to come back.. take  care ..please!  when u get the time, tell me ..u are in my thoughts..

how the sheeple of this planet gave power to Liars

the weak said, its ok, let that guy make all the decisions , so we can blame him when it goes wrong..
"that guy" then called himself "King",..,and enjoyed telling others what to do,

so much, that he was worried that the people "over the hill" might come and take his throne, so he told the sheeple that they had to now pay to live under his command...

then he paid stronger men to fight in his army, he didnt wait for an attack and he attacked the neighbours,,

-- and...

once the "king" had more power he needed to distract any opponents so he build a town, with churches for the people to worship, and places they would work so they could pay more tax to their "ruler" for "protection" , and as time went 
on the town became a city with hospitals for sick people who got sick working in the bigger workplaces called factories.. and he made lots of rules.. and employed people (now called "lawyers") to make more & more rules, not to make justice but to keep the people under his command..

there were more & more "Kings" & "senators", & later "mayors" & these politicians  built schools where the sheeple would learn his rules, and many learnt to be lawyers, so they also could become, mayors, senators and maybe even "king" ... sometimes they called themselves "prime minister" or "President" when some of the sheeple questioned th e situation, but after they made more rules to keep control, the sheeple went back to  "grazing" ..

later, there were other distractions ; newspapers, Radio & TV which the rulers could use to sell the sheeple stuff or keep them distracted and under control, or even sent to fight against soem strangers as the "leader" claimed they had to because the "strangers" were baD AND wanted to take their land, wives & so on, and of course needed more lawyers..

some of the lawyers, then made new rules and became "leaders" and when they became leaders they made so many new rules that only lawyers could understand them, which is why now the "elite" is almost always a lawyer.. because no one else understands the rules of society (often there are so many rules, that many lawyers dont understand them) 

then some of the sheeple questioned, so having rules alone was not enough, so the politicians (the lawyers who got to the top of their pyramid) had to invent "stories" to keep the sheeple from educating each other..or "revolting"..or EVOLVING!

so the lawyers became liars, so much so that the lies were almost impossible to identify, and the liars convinced millions to go to war, to accept capitalism, (that means materials become more important than people, with continual inflation to make money for those at the top)  to accept addiction and pollution (to keep "jobs")

and to keep paying more and more, this was particularly CLEVER lie, because things should have become cheaper with more automation and efficient distribution, but the sheeple, even after 1000's of years

...continued to believe the lies...and went to war, or cheated their neighbours or discriminated against "others"... and instead of evolving they became dependent on technology, robots, computers, and "smart phones".......

welcome to your stupid life, sheeple of planet earth!


something to do before I go... :)

T0LoSi International Programme 2013

@ T0LoSi Sports & Family Centre

28-29 September ; “Katun Sports centre Junior football school Turnir”

2-3 November ; International Embassy fudbal vikend Turnir

28-28 December ; T0losi Open Fudbal ; Intrenational Turnir

@ Sadine bb (Tolosi) Podgorica, Montenegro
To register YOUR 6 –a-side team
Tel; 0675 85 777 Or sms +382 686 144 27
Supported by tREdS 


t was raining from the first 
And I was dying there of thirst 
So I came in here 
And your long-time curse hurts 
But what's worse 
Is this pain in here 
I can't stay in here 
Ain't it clear that--

Just Like A Woman - Charlotte Gainsbourg (Bob Dylan) ?

ChRiS > my own.....

"are U/me happy now"...

Storm is raging within & without
my mind racing but times running out
the wind cleans right through me
heart still broken, nothing can sooth me..

here may be 6 billion people

and many friends who say they are
but no one really knows
you only see me from afar

I give me energy to help the kids
i lost my own, to selfish women & hated state
the world is lost and i found myself
great, but i dont have a true soul mate

Reds will never walk alone

but who cares for being on his own?
i wander here , and there I roam
but who gives me a feeling of "home"?

i meet them "out" & I give them all

but where is anyone when i fall?
One great book Is equal to a
Hundred good friends...

But, One true soul mate

Is equal to A library..!

: "A true mate is not measured ..But who can turn a cry into a laugh will certainly join my soul.

Christine Deverdzic > 
snow is falling in the west, where is my friend my friend the best, 
cant help but think of all the rest, and rest, just rest, just simply rest, while on my quest (damn snow)

Chris Ursun >   "whose LIFE, is it AN-Y way ?????

We have to separate
Call it a twist of fate
A hell I can no longer carry
You refuse to "marry"

This rose it has many thorns

That have bled me almost dry
I cannot be with you...
This human, cant be your guy

One day when I am gone
I promise you will miss
What you have thrown away
Not even had a kiss

U could have had it all

But chose to let me fall
I respect you , but betray
Everything you say

So, its over now

 lets just say "ciao" ..
In a meaning less shrug you let go
Of more than you will ever know.. 

................................. (CS 11 6 28)


13919 my life for ..bitten liv..


its so true, and its for you... 
be someone, others can depend upon
...dont be a sheep,,
dont waste time with your weep, 

live your life every day,, 
..look for the new in every way dust , no rust, if u must 
...have lust..

but only for the life you live..

cs 13919  interesting interview on "bbc hardtalk" 
..Waters (Pink Floyd) talks about his reasons to challenge the system,  who of the modern "artist" of the comercialised music INDUSTRY would dare to challenge the BS that the mainstream spews out or the political "borg" ?? 
"why complain about me dominating with ideas when no one else has the ideas" ?? 


CS13919 >Ugljesa  There are times when i appreciate your "humour" and it is, of course,  your choice to continue disrespect by ignoring my efforts since I met you, to overcome the obvious cultural obstacles between us
if you believe you are "correct" thats entirely up to you

There will be a meeting of the club "interim committee" next month
with "MikE from London", " Gazda" (who was clearly upset by your actions @ the "Turnir") plus myself and probably Fabrizio 
- but you seem unconcerned, for you & the other people you steer away from this club.

if u think I am the only one who noticed what you did was wrong, its also your right to stand by it, 
but often I find that people make themselves believe I am the "problem" merely because i have the "balls" to tell you, and they dont or wont!

sometimes your "enemies" are your best friend and vice verca..

its a shame you think your traditional education is enough, and that despite warnings, to ignore my council, is wise. 
You are likely to exclude yourself from a creative project in the country you are so patriotic about.
CS (via REdNET)

9/15, 5:21pm
Chris Ursun > (Raech)
glad u are safely back there, wish u were here.. dont forget that picture on the boat restoran? i' promise not to publish it,,,(i'll just print it 2 metres high and hang in my bedroom... ha ha take care.. !

p.s. the pics from u & Helen of our balkan region are great I have shared most of them with our club page.. it seems that u enjoyed "my territoy" (territory?) "toy" fits, because i am playing.. i sent u a Looooong message on sept. 9, i supposed u wouldnt reply to it, as i probably held on a bit too long when u both left Toloshi.. i do my best to keep occupied and challenge the world and stay creative..

but.. from time to time, i feel "sorry for myself" i dont want anyone else to do that , Helen was very "sympatico".. i really only need someone to understand, that i enjoy giving, i have a universe of energy i can tap into

.. i am not "lonely" although my last "relationship" partner was the mad & beautiful dutch woman (!) 4 years ago.. but i AM "alone.. its what it is..

girls here are too young or stupid, or both.. or i make "do" with an occasional dance or a casual flirt with visitors..and enjoy the few that "touch" ,, nothing to do with "sex" (whatever that is??)

i hope u keep in touch, but u o know have yr many friends, career and of course "hubby" (i am sure he woudlnt appreciate u having a "back up" version.. ha ha ah ha .. please take care of u... i wont keep posting on yr timeline.. .....but know if ever u need to lean on me, i am here, for a while atr least,, i know a few things, from experience.. .


CS > (Oli) unlikely i know, because "catch 22" says u wont know until we meet, if the value is
"worth" giving priority to meet me ,(within the 168 hours of the next week), I realise that "making a date" (and KEEPING promises)
is "against the religion" of MNE people, but I would like to invite u to dinner,,
in fact "dare you to dinner" might be the more appropriate words .. :)


I recall that when I met you, i was not "only" attracted to your looks & personality but .. that you really seemed willing to give time to 
people, yes I wanted you to stay with me, to share what i do, so that I could pass on my abilities and natural talents that you do not know..

Sec´am se da kada sam te upoznala , nisam bio " samo " privukao svojim izgledom i licnosti , ali .. da li zaista voljno da da vremena ljudima , da, hteo sam da ostane sa mnom , da dele ono što ja radim , ali važan , tako da sam mogao da prenesem moje sposobnosti i prirodnih talenata koje ne znam ..


Olivera (Lazic) > alien comes and goes

Chris Ursun
i am here..still.....
I can probably quite easily help you solve your own problems, at no charge ..except ... only to actually care ... 
because my time on this planet is limited,, I like that you are "odd" ... so I am not being purely ultruistic.. 

Olivera >
''Don't get sick in a foreign language''.It means that if you’re going to be an expatriate, make sure you’ve got the temperament for it because anything that goes wrong gets exaggerated. Everything that goes right makes you feel terrifically pleased with yourself—you made the right decision, you made the break—but anything that goes wrong—quarrels, drains, unemployment, whatever—is likely to be twice as much nuisance.

Chris Ursun > i've been "Alien" more than half my life... and of course.. its natural to be more "aware" than most locals , defensiive or progressive 
... often I know more about places to go, see etc because I want to get "familiar" a.s.a.p...
 its also funny how reluctant locals are to take advice or suggestions from me... 
and how locals react to my "sensitivity" when they dont show me the respect i believe i deserve, Olivera.. ? 

Olivera> don't ask me my dear Chris...I'm an insensitive woman...why should you get what you deserve?

Chris Ursun > why not? despite experiences I believe in being human(e) ..whenever possible!. it may seem impossible to u, 
but that dont change my belief that I we should strive to be care-full and I do my best to make the most of the journey and the challenges and conflicts 
...big or small along the way.. do you WANT to be an "insensitive woman" ?

Olivera > Iron Lady  don't be nostalgic

Chris Ursun > its ok we had our party, Maggies gone... dont need a new one! 
---- so still not strong enough to meet me? ...   i just felt like writing this to you...                                     

   .. Olivera building barriers around you
... anywhere else i would never have found you,  
and maybe you dont want me to , 
 ... but something pushes me back anew... 

so dont be angry with me,
  ..we could drink coffee or tea
... dont get angry with yourself
 ... i didnt find u on a shelf...
 u arent someone to admire 
.. i dont want to put out your fire... ...

ChRiS  ... cuvaj se!

Olivera > I'm in a mess...problems with boyfriend, unstable job...
doing some research, maybe next week I'll have more time

Chris Ursun
its ok, everyone talks about "time" but its all about choices.. be well!

Olivera > you're right

Chris Ursun > laku noc!

Olivera > laku noc Chris...
be good
stay alien

Chris > I always am, .. a GOOD Alien!     (i am here ..until i am not)


, Yeah, i realised as i wrote it , and therefore added ( or Sterling) I was thinking of my prefered line up for the period whilst Coutinho is out.....IMO It was unwise to bring new boy Sahko into defence, , its not easy to "gel" defensive units, my logic says if Wisdom is RB, and Agger injured then U put Toure next to him, as Andre is young, IMO there is no question if both fit then centre back pairing must be dAgger/Skrtel, now with 3 of our 6 best players injured the exposure of "squad players" that may have to slot in looks thin to say the least.. I'd rather see youth than these new boys .. Kelly should be fit soon and hes my first choice RB as then both he & Jose can get up and down the lines.. midfield three of Lucas , SG & Hendo is with out question

... Studge & Moses must get the call satdee, i suppose many (and BR as hes his "own boy") will call for Allen, i just think we should have left him @ swans and not let Jonjo go there... (despite his failings Shelvey has much more to offer than Joe..but maybe needs more "management" than BR is capable of...) .. havent been impressed with any of our 4 league games,but thats footy.. we ve played better and lost in the past.. we need the luck to continue, at least until we can get Danny, Glen & Coutinho back.... our best 11 is ok...but...

I predicated a draw, and was more convinced when saw that (apparently due to a knock) dAgger wasnt paired with Skrtel , causing 2 changes in Lfc defence - IMO BR isnt a defensive tactician ...and throwing Sahko in seemed rash, why not Toure? defendersneed more time to "Gel" 
Coutinho clattered and subbed - He and Studge are going to be "targeted" this season
... Daniel S is scoring every game, but may not always avoid injury, whilst some people are "dishing" Luis, Suarez is rarely out injured a GREAT advantage 
2-2 and top of the table ..the F S G clones and f annies wil be wetting themselves but none of the 4 "performances" have convinced me..a continual struggle to keep hold of the ball, considering "BR's (much promoted by media) barca II style"

 .. .a long way to go and we will see where we are in December, MY hope is that DAgger ,m Glen Lucas & SG (when on form and not stretched by international games) can carry the team through, as we may be fortunate that the league isnt as strong this season as is past years,,, (p.s. another note to BR, when u allowed Pepe to be WRONGLY removed from OUR CLUB, u lost his distribution value, Pepe rarely lost possesion so easily.....) as the TEAM will have to win together as a unit , because we cant rely on the (novice) "Management"... as is past years,,,



CS> Hiya Zhujeta .. are u ok?  do u think u wil be there 2nd part of september? 

Z> I will be at the beach right after BunkerFest, feel free if you want to have a few days at the beach ?? Im orginizing a music festival the 14th and 15th of bunkerfest, expect my boyfriend and two of his friend coming form england and leave the 17th to the beach wouldnt be bad or?? 

CS> i only just saw this message today??? ..anyway I sent this via CS.. "   Subject: 13916 Re: My13623 ChRiS -> Zhujeta

Hiya again Zhujeta
i hope you are well..
I suppose you have been busy with "Bunkerfest" ..i was considering visiting you (as suggested) next week say 24-27 september
or during 1st week October, what do YOU suggest?


Danica Stan cic>  takodje:) dobro je, how are you? Is summer gone?

9/14, 9:37am
Chris Ursun > i am VERY happy to read something from u, I missed YOU   but, .I have had a few visitors,this summer, to keep my mind occupied... this morning i slept very well and woke, as usual alone with the universe, I went running early,  I am supporting the kids centre, and they are already active

 .. the sun is shining and so right now , i am feeling better
... u know the invitation to stay with me...still know that dont you? vidimo se?

Danica (Stancic) > hahahah but we speak difren langues( if i spaek correcty)

laku noc x


taj zašto treba biti oprezan i snesitive jedni sa drugima ... ok?

Chris > the chance to be involved in our charity/club is till open to YOU!

so many modern women tell so many lies, that it becomes "normal" ..

so that when I challenge them - they react as if I am wrong to point it out...ha ha 

Yesterday went to meet Fab @ "hamster" ... its nice for local kiddies , 
who sit there with one drink all day,  but  the staff dont like us who actually want to drink a few bevvies and watch footy
... when Fab asked for "another pivo" and asked (2nd time) for  them to switch channels so he could watch his team the "manager" said "wait i am 
obviously this word has different meaning the everywhere else in the universe.  ha ha 
... & "customer service" only applies when its bimbos in short skirts etc...   I had one drink as i refuse to support such places, I dont care if Luis Suarez made a personal visit , u wont get me back there easily.. 

so we went to have a meal, our fav. greek restoran ...closed... the one @ Stari varos....closed , so we found a small cevapi place which also had the footy on...blues beating chelski (poor maureen) as i predicated (sort of) ..then a few @ Berlin

... staff wearing "we are the club" t-shirt ..shame some Lfc fannies dont get it! :)

Chris Ursun
posted on "footy group" .. "FYI Ugo has been suspended from Tolosi for a third action deemed to be against club members & the spirit of friendship" (he has one month to appeal .. ) CS

this girl ; seems to be sponsored by a religious order!

FYI ..there a five problems I had with Ugo..
* dropping U & the ukrainuian lad when his friends became available 2 years ago

* ..cancelling matches at short notice (in summer for example when his lads wanted to be at the coast) just because they dont plan in dvance doesnt mean they shouldnt respect our time & plans..

* .. "poaching" players from our team t& persuading them to join one of "his" other teams for the tournament .. (little fellani & big guy)

* disrupting the "vikend turnir" because one of his teams (his buddies at "Stefanovi" who won it) didnt want to play at the times we scheduled ..(and refused to accept "majority decision" of Zoran and myself who wanted to replace them with the "profile reserve team" (and they got pissed off listening to him argue against us...)

* after agreeing last saturday to play the usual match on sunday @ 21h , semding a FB message , mid-day saying they were coming , then  later NOT, and I told him that "watching basketball" isnt an acceptable excuse , (hypocrite because he is always complaining about politicians who look after their cronies..and he does the same...tryign to act as "boss" and dictating the turnir..(at last minute) 
I am not going to broadcast this,...

i want to see what happens - its important that the club starts as it means to progress , one bad apple can spoil it..
cu later!

sorry but Raech wont be coming home to UK.... 

announcement (CNN/BBC) 23,55hrs saturday

 we have to interupt yout facebook communications ;


the scheduled  flight has been diverted due to a high-jack by the peoples liberation front of MOntenegro who have kidnapped Helen and RAech and we hold them hostage, in return of payment of ; 1 large jar of marmite, a large box of PG tiips ; 2 x brown sauce bottles ; cadbury fruit & nut bar... and a large thick cut marmelade jar plus,....Lilly Allen (unplugged) 


Hiy,fudbal sutra? if u don’t  have a full team or only ¾ players, u can mix with ours, we have a session @ 21 h Sunday @ Katun (Tolosi) … there are  a number of events being planned for the coming months & we hope U will participate- reply with yes or no! molim

the "media" ...beeb predictably talk about atrocites by rebels "affiliated" to "call me al" ... quiada the sheeple really believe this manipulation of Bullsh*te ("the worlds failure to intervene" other words "oBOMBa" & idiot Kerry & his lies didnt work as well as W*nker Bush & B-Liar did 10 years ago..) 

that its some sort of club that people can join... 

Dani (July 8)

7/8, 10:52pm
Chris >

did I choose to care about you?
i cant forget and dont want to
I wish you had come to stay
and that would make us smile,in every way
(for Danica )


classic last scene from "Jackie Brown" from Tarrantino ...any man thats lived will recognise the "reality" of this scene....

waiting for the next error by Lfc... bit like chosing the FA chairman or a school prefect... always the wrong ppl...
Vince> · Friends with Hugo Staman
You claim I "miss the point" without you having "made the point". At this point your entire argument is "you're missing the point" and "it's not rational" (with a claim of "family of 40 million" in there somewhere), but that's about it). Fine,
(September 11 )
And for you to talk about respect is hilarious. You are one of the people I've met in my life that is the most disrespectfull. You call it 'provocation' I believe. Lucky enough you are hypocritical enough not to realize it.

Chris Ursun  > nice that finally u have the "balls" to tell me what u REALLY think about me, u forgot i saw how u lived , in a rubbish tip , like a 5 year old.. , its "hypocritical" of YOU to pretend friendship , and take it upon youirself to decide if others should have contact with me.. ..but u aren't experienced enough to understand life at all , contact me when u grow up, kid

 ..if i am still on this planet , as i suggest it may take u a looong time! . ..btw, its not "bitching" when u DO CONTINUALLY miss the point 

..perception isnt comparison, I appreciate u are communicating in my language, or rather the american version of it

...but like so many people u know the words but dont understand the feeling or meaning 

.. i can only guide those who want to learn, and u actually think u dont need educating!! ha h aha thats IS funny, oh yes I "react" to your ignorant attack on a great man.. who cant defend his status ..and i am glad to do it.. c u next time...
......oh and "respect" its SHANKLY not shankley !!


Had a siesta. (late night/early morning)  and a weird dream, imagined someone had hit me over the head,  but it felt real, with a feeling  as I woke up that it had really happened and that i fel concussed and that someone was in the room, and an arm across me...then snap I was awake.. hmmmm


made brekkie for 6 CSers Visiting me in Pg, bit difficult as it was raining and couldn't eat on the patio...oh oh

.. btw NOTHING "significant" about today's date  BTW, just an excuse to feed the USA's war machine..

Nostalgia .. saying goodbye to the "boy who was C.R.S" ..

Canvey-eyeLand, migrains, elections not erections..Motown, Santana, Beatles, rock, & dancing in living room, family, mum & dad, love, footy & music..Liverpool REds, London (swinging) learning, officeboy, docks, trucks &
containers, travel, wine, women song.. nasties, team captain, wife, Sarah, Adam..million, Seabrook the sh*thead, Trentino and winning, Soul, Luther, Benson, women, gold-diggers and groupies(?) French, Nicole, Natalie, Shelly, Lynn K (actress) and Linda..the destruction..betrayed by brother, sister hurt my mother.. lost an empire, won my over

sponsored by

Chris Ursun > 8:02am Sep 10 
BBC reporting on the increasing "smart phone choices".. its ok, u dont need your brain, u haven't used it for a while anyway! ..(why dont the SHEEPLE just have a chip implanted..and join the "BORG"...)
chinese wannt to block "mis-information" by bloggers, surprised oBOMBas govt didnt think of that yet, the people shoudl FINE governments from mis-nforming THE PEOPLE, SHEEPLE WAKE UP its YOUR world NOT THEIRS!!!
STAND up, if not for yourselves but for the sake of y-our kids!
VITAL for any parent and any child who needs to EDUCAte an adult ;)
The Liedloff Continuum Network - Home Page
This website has been created to educate and serve the public — especially parents, & parents-to-be 


please note changes of venue...

Ivona/def MaybeI i know its not "fashionable" for Montenegrins to keep "promises" but u both invited me to a restoran/cafe for something special...what happened to that place???

people know what is right & wrong inside themselves, everyone has the choice of being positive or darkness, people use "group identity" to hide their evil, whether they are nazis, catholic priests, or ... ....blame the person who made that decision.. blame the individual who choses wrong... its simple.. the whole of the world is sick, polluted, minds bodies, air water & food... solve the cause,,in yourselves,because you ALL make it so, then u can point the finger...


I'm not sorry for associating with Chris the unsubversive... but my phone did seem to be blocked all throughout Bosnia  We're back in Croatia now. Just waiting for a ferry to Mljet. Sorry we didn't get the info in time to meet your friend in Mostar. But by happenstance we bumped into veerla (the Belgian girl from the boat in Skadar) and spent the evening with her and some other travellers, so I guess it all worked out. By the way the only reason I didn't initially add the photo of us is because I look fat on it... maybe I am a bit of a girl after all lol. But I'll add it just for you. Hope you are well and getting some new couchsurfers soon. Speak to you again, Raech 

ChrisKid, u are a beautiful woman... and i want to see all the photos, just send them to me via PM, MOLIM!   of you and me and Helen and the "tea lady" etc.. your figure is "just right" i am sure yr man would agree , just right to cuddle, ... cuvaj se (take care) ..ChriS

that woman "Veerla" is either a c1a operative or a serial man-killer,  i thought she was stalking us in Virpazar ... 
wouldnt like to get her in a bad mood,   the voice might get weird
.. a young lad i know from Belgrade (Lfc fan) I know came to the "fudbal party" and 2 basketball lads from barcelona,  so we had "Internazionale team" (from Barca, Napoli, Podgorica, and me , the alien!!) 

.. but couldnt resists a few bevvies so I was cr*p on saturday but last night i was Stevie G version 2,1 .. had a few dramas but at least we had 8 teams,.. i got brusies in places where i didnt remember i had places... 
i nearly killed myself putting up the big family tent in the garden on my own in the sun friday..

i missed dancing with U, but u might have got distracted by the fit young boys everywhere ha ha ... 
anyway....sorry about the broken  into car, still, u do have another "story" to tell.. 
just resting today, probably do nothing and "ice" my bruises, right now, i need a nurse.. voilunteers anyone....nope ... probably not...
dont forget if ever u want an "older man , whose a bit of a gypsy, i am here, but Chris must be mad to let you "loose" on the world (not that he has a choice??) ha ha.. maybe we meet again in another universe..
yes I AM in a good & cheeky mood . i played 3 hrs of footy this weekend ,had great moments, and "discussions" and i could have danced all night (with the right partner..but..) .. invented a new "cock-tale" called "ToloSHi"  and ....well the rest u must just wait until BBc reports it.. 
cuvaj se, kid,
take care Raech...
ChRiS the alien (just to avoid confusion)

Stefanovi got the league cup trophy and 6 shirts.. "tREdS" won the "friendship trophy" a) for letting the teams beat them on saturday and b) because "Ugo's prima donnas" team didnt make the final match sunday... 
internazionale tREds= Fabrizio, (napoli) Miguel & Ferran (Barca.) Gazda, Milo, Basha & Andrea (Pg) and ME..(Lp)

Stefanovi got the trophy and 6 promised, some ppl just dont know how to keep their WORD!!!

"tREdS" won the "friendship trophy" 

a) for letting the teams beat them on saturday and

b) because "Ugo's prima donnas" team didnt make the final match sunday...


well at least Ugo got teams there "on time"..
complicated by stefanovi! problems..?
had to look after my international guests, last night, I will be @ Katun for usual match and will bring t-shirts and a trophy for the "winners" ..


hope u are good, any news??

Raquel A> Hey there, I'm fine. Today the last aunt of my grandma died. It's pretty much a new experience to live a death in my family here in this little village.

Christophermy commiserations, my thoughts are with you.. there is no one left in my own family to mourn but i understand how u feel! take care x ChRiS

Aldous Huxley quote: "Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."

Raquel (Adaia) > Nice quote, Do u believe on reincarnation?

Christopher > hmmm 

a) I believe whatever YOU believe, is TRUE to you.. 

b) there are energies ("spirits" ) that are within and without us that move in time and dimensions..
 in a way reincarnation is an interpretation of that.. to fully answer , we would have to have a looonng conversation, if ever u come back, i would enjoy .. cuvaj se (take care) Raquel, just remenber you have a good in you, keep your focus on that whatever happens around you!

see UNSUBBED ..?


so, Helen , the "quiet one" of the two
for her, CSing is new?
something of a "thinker"
I'd have made a proposal, if she waS A "drinker"

BUT brave enough to dance with me ! ;)

didnt need vino or Rakija , you see,
and I enjoyed her company
hope she enjoyed "Monty and me"

(unaffecetd by Rakija)
ChRiS x

THE MAN... no one greater in the history of modern society , NO ONE!  the TRUE man of the people, children should read his auto biography before they learn anything else,!  shakespeare socrates and all the other "writers" ??? this man DID it... 

he created a global family bigger than most nations on this planet!!


Chris East-west Invest Ursun
so...  a poEm for Raechel with an in Shrewsbureeeeee

its almost 03 h and i hear them giggling away,
Raechel and her mate Helen who came to stay
this weekend, talked about everything in a funny way.
and although i missed the win v mancs, WE had a great day//

helen on  the juice, was very sweet

they both wore feminine, vey neat
filled them with stories, rakija, vino and pasta
i am glad the days didnt go faster

strange how some people touch my soul

chatty girls they can be but they have a role..
i host ,i cook and oh loved to dance with them too (two)
if they were solo, oooh  i wonder what i might do 

so I say "farewell" and i mean it from the heart

monday to SA you go with an early start
if u come back u are welcome here,
this is my home and also yours when u want, my dear!

happy birthday kidder
ChriS x

Chris  Ursun
u share yr birthday with the most influential man of my life..
Chris Ursun
i know u wont find time to read this...

went for a run in the sun ..

Chris ??

Oransonia Lemonsonia>
 ciao here am I
dear Chris
sorry if i am not sure to come but i have been under huge strees period
i worked a lot and in the end (friday i will finish this job) this job went so well
+ i have my thesis to do which is just not going on 
plus yesterday i fight with a friend and i fell like  a sh*t
and i read your message i also used to be alone. now in pula, i live alone, i basically dont have friends. and i see rarely my bf thats also one reason why is hard for me to plan cause usually when i have time we meet but also this is another story how are u?

Chris > well if u have a BF, go to him..if u have him, u have something more than me,... i dont want to talk about my feelings at this time...
too easy to misunderstand me, and i am angry with the BMMers!!  those people also pretended to be "friends" 
i'll survive .. ciao bella!


LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush1 Clinton, Bush2 and now "Liberal Obama" ... (wont share "evidence" with anyone who dares question the USA's "policemen"..) go to war because otherwise why do they spent TRILLIONS of dollars on weapons?????????????? .. an "enemy" is required... where were the USA and its poodles when there was genocide in african conflicts??? (or anywhere where they have no "strategic interests" ??


allez! O' reilly ? no shes "A. P.M" 
a cameraman, who is feminine :)
came as a spy, to visit me
not much time foir her Monty to see

but some talk, vino and a cheeky grin

a taste of monteneGRIN
have a great life and see u on the other side
of a this universe, far and wide ;)

ChRiS x

"iRiS".... for yr birthday  :)

Saule Gi >so may be I'm just silly girl and you need to let it go. I don't feel strong enought or tusting my abilities jet. I have too much doupt and I don't want to do anything if I don't feel sure. Communication with you it's allways unecpected, ups and downs and I'm not sure what kind off value you offer...
Christopher > of course u dont, i dont "offer" it..i am not "selling anything" ..the truth is the value, but if u cant identify and value it, then thats precisely why i "bother" with u,. i "bother" because i care, and i dont have enough years to waste chasing U, if u take time, slow down, breathe, meditate, shut out all the BS around u, then u might see who i am.. cuvaj se!


getting a feeling of "deja vu" ..10 years ago the USA "had absolute evidence" of "WMD" .. which "justified" the invasion of baghdad, and over a million civilian casualties since then..("good job"?) 

of course no one wants any one or any govt to use chemicals or other WMD at all, but guess who has used such weapons the most in the last 50 years?? USA???

and of course the USA dont comply with "global warming-warnings" yet as i look out my window at a unique "winter rain" in the middle of a Monty summer (usually 40 degress C.) /.....?? i wonder just how stupid the sheeple are??? (as california burns...!)

young people are took a financial catastrophe for them to realise it, shame the education of people is so blind! oh, is that china being flooded too?? , ...of course pumping 6 billion tonnes of poison into the atmosphere every year CANT have caused any harm , can it???

some familiar scenes..:)


p.p.s I have lost EVERYone i ever loved,, Mum, Dad, sister, Son & wife, those that didnt die were stolen, I survived,, and i know u dont want to read this.. or anything that may ruin your image of me.. but anyway..
eured's space

Christopher Iris, I "took a chance" and booked the flights from Basel to Tuzla (its nearer to me than Belgrade)
....I am on your side, but one of the few good things Annika did, was to read this book before Leon was born, I shared this with Margit, and our daughter Noela benefited from it.. I strongly recommend it (there is a german language version)


Yes , I am back, tanned , fit and full of energy to spark to Evolutionary uprising against the "evil empire"  ;)

.. people are starting to wake up...

+ be responsible for your lives 

+ dont complain, CAMPAIGN

+ dare to care, dont be selfish

+ do the right thing, because its the right thing to do

+ initiate or invest in Small-Medium enterprise (not banks, corporations or "stock")

make sure that your children learn FIRST the basic article of the Universal Declaration of human rights, because its the LAST thing applied by government officials

..this is y-our world

.. take it back from the (royal. religious, or business) thieves who stole the land from the people

... they polluted the minds, the land, the water and the air of Y_OUR world
greetings from ;

CS> Leon ; estranged son now 17, then 30 months old, when he was stolen from me by a nasty mother....."her possession"...!! "happy birthday"
( )
Karma is not always "instant"


 ..... I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place Even your emotions have an echo in so much space And when you're out there without care 

Yeah, I was out of touch But it wasn't because I didn't know enough I just knew too much Does that make me crazy? 
Does that make me crazy?

Does that make me crazy? 


Steven Gerrard (will have a "place" @ "SC Katun"

 ..framed shirt from MacREdS & the Istanbul 05 match programme!

most complete player since EPL started, in defence or attack,  in the tackle, pass, free kicks & that shot!  #GerrardTestimonial @TonyBarretTimes @RedAlieNeT @Liverpool_FC_  yeah! the word is GO!...with F S G, standards corrupted & the rest of yr  sh*te out of our club

anyway that you are "warned"... short version ;  ChRiS

born to scots-english parents, grew up in Liverpool, in love with the "beatles", rock & soul music & "the REdS" ... started as "office boy" in London @ 16, without qualifications ..(migrain attacks as teenager & love for football distracted me ) 

@ 19 was Logistic manager; married & adopted wife's 6 month old daughter,Sarah, we had son, Adam, but wife ran off with a younger man (!) because I worked "too much" and divorced, (I payed 3rd my income  for her & kids) i changed employers, based Paris or London, and travelled throughout europe negociating in wine services for each company, at 26 started own business, at 29 was millionaire, but fought with business partner, and walked away with nothing. started freelance strategic management, took me
all over the world (1/2 of it) 

I was married again, to the lovely Jaqui, who died 8 years ago, very young , of cancer..

1995 , after completeing a satelite network contract with Ukrainian Space Agency in Kiev, in the last week of finalising a pan-european  multi-media project, based near Brussels I went into a "meningitis - induced coma"!

a week later I woke up and surrpised the doctor who "didnt think i would survive" - for the first time in my adult life I was "stopped" ...

I went "Alternative" had a new son "Leon" with a hippy girl (Annika) and later a daughter (Noela) with environmentalist (Margit) both children were stolen from me by mothers with help from german state apparatus (which became part of 54 complaints made Verus "germoney" ) I organised human rights campaigns, ("human shields") ..a "Medinezt" for illegal refugees, formed a Union to help people oppressed by govt. and moderated a "pirate" radio station, made a journal. and so on...

I moved to belgian-flemish/dutch regions, played in & organised international fun football parties & coached "for fun" and planned to drive to Ghana to be volunteer coaching football & teaching english, but when I was in Bucharest , (february 2010) the project got suspended so I came to Podgorica because of a "spontaneous invitation" from a Liverpool fan (I have
co-ordinated supporters meetings all over Europe)  my vehicle BROKE on the jouurney and I came down the mountains without brakes, and I discarded the vehicle here,

since then I have organised some fun events, Football meetings, a free academy, a not for profit club for visitors have several "blogs" several Facebook groups , 3 web sites and write mostly in winter when its not so sunny

...why am i here?  I joke that I am a spy

.... but main question is why should I leave???
=========================================================== ............. (also theme from "matchstick men" by Ridley Scott, good film...)


 ... a time when true leaders LED! and were FIRST into battle , not behind a desk sending others to slaughter, a film that has the feeling of all those who know their Celts spirit


13801  a good idea for Monty!! 





  4. Talking BS again... ....

    needs to be honest with the numbers when it comes to defending vs attacking. If we're defending with 9 against 8 I assume he's including Mignolet. If this is the case it's only fair to include the oppositions GK as well. That means we're attacking 2 vs 3.

  5. footy munch..pranks

  6. spinning can make u dizzy, lad, and further confuse the fan nies..

    when i read " Rodgers found himself with several top class centre backs. " (found?? hmmmm yeah its not like its planned!


    "many of them are comfortable in possession " (many of them??)

    "Liverpool’s marquee summer signing Mamadou Sakho, (marquee?? "media-speak" ! , hardly anyone had heard of the lad before ... BR HAS to pick him.. or Henry will smack his bum...?

    " and it would be a big call to omit any of them from the team. "

    big call>?? its called MANAGEMENT.. something Rafa nor Kenny would have to explain...

    "Deploying three ball-playing centre-backs could therefore be one option to keeping a solid defence and allowing the wing-backs to push forward."

    ..err ..defence dont look THAT "solid" ... especially with Mignolet flapping around..

    EXPERIENCED EUROPEAN managers do NOT explain their tactics in the media like Y A N K E R S do, ... BR is LOVED by media and opposition managers because he tells the world (like they do in the USA) exactly what hes going to do...a 5 year old can "READ" BR... its strategically naive... but FFS the fan nies dont care they all play video footy too :)

  7. Z Z Z .. is not a sleepy girl
    dont know if shes in a whirl
    but u are special & I hope u have a happy day
    and enjoy all in your own way

    it seems it can be said
    i dont know U, but u are a REd
    u have a charm, even at a distance
    hope we meet, and take the chance

    be all you can Be...... xxxxx ChRiS

    and all the best from

  8. 131004
    would have been our anniversary, r.i.p. Jacqui (may 23 2005) .. in a strange mood, *and this didn’t cheer me up, either , I like Winslett.. though