Thursday, December 5, 2013

5th December 2013 : wow - wow - WEE wa! :) I have been kissed by a STaR - ladY

I am just talking to ...ChRiS.. :)

5th December 2013 wow - wow - WEE wa! I have been kissed by a STaR - ladY

First, in case anyone who cares about me, or gets to read this, its for my estranged children  Noela, 12 and Leon 17! …

A week ago, the 28th November was a difficult day, but the "after-glow" of Danica's visit, and a light kiss.. That had me dreaming like the 18 year old boy I once was, and felt again during her time with me…

So many times I feel to drift between teenager, and a being older than this planet…

I called her "Dax" ,,,this "star - lady" .. Because that role on the science fiction series seems to fit her, a female warrior yet still a girl too stronger than most men I have met..

WE talked about many things and agreed also, that as much as I wish I had met her a long time ago, she probably wouldn’t have liked me in my "pre-alternative" life, … she wrote an sms … a WEEK ago, that is imprinted on my soul..

"Sms 00,44
Dani S> "I just stand in bus, and put my hands in air, but  you didn’t see me. So bus is start. And see you soon.  For me is very nice time more than I (excepted*) Thank you  (*expected?)

SmS; ChRiS> I know so many words, but nothing that explains my feeling for and about YOU made me so happy & took half of me with you! X hug

SmS 01,40 ; 
Dani S > I wish to have more words in your language to say you how I fell * now. You becom(e) my special friend.

(*feel? But "fell" would be very nice , ) 


"a poem for the STAR of my story" (Danica)
I am back in Tolosi, and have a hole in my soul,
 need a massage = of my heart, 
now we are again apart

You made me happy, in such a way, 
I wished you could stay, 
but I feel so very close, I will not be morose,

A love that’s from the universe,
 rise above any curse, drinking beer, rakija and vino,
 I never want again to say "no"= 

I want to be a better man, 
and with you in my life, I CAN! 
Your ChRiS

CS> Be well! and shave a afe journey - PLEASE send me a short message when are "there" - PLEASE keep in contact, you are my food and drink, and i miss you already, laku noc! :) C.

Sms DS> 02,13
 Why I need to shave? Am I have a mustacio, ? To hairy , And I find water & food! Jeee!

CS> 02,10h
ha ha DOBRO! I am getting tired and writing I better sleep... cuvaj se! C.

DS> 02,21h - Sleep well, take a rest and I send a message when I arrive to BG!

CS> Laku Noc!

Its noela birthday
 (to remenber liks for Danica..)
  1. Lennon/ damstardeep pic
  2. Soul music ; (star of the story) …al green, withers, marvin, benson, luther..
  3. CS link DS profile


 Daily Horoscope: November 28, 2013
There's really only one way to resolve that tension you've been struggling with. A private tete-a-tete is in order -- the more private, the better. 
Sms DS 11,14h Im arrive in Bg, without any problems. Im a little bit tired,,but I am felling good, And forgot my red shirt, So for the next time!

CS 11,18h> Dobar Dan I CA! :) I promise I wont wear your shirt, even that its RED! :) ..please .take care of you, get rest, my home feels empty today, i miss you, be GOOD! :)

 your ChRiS

Its Noela s birthday.. 28 November 2001


and... probably the best lyrics Billy ever wrote,,,  Honesty

Sms 14,34h CS> p.s. ,,,I sent links , picture and music on our FB connection, when u have time ... I hope you enjoy!!! "Star-lady" .PLEASE ... let me know...I want to know if u like this selection or not, cuvaj SE! ChRiS hug & X


The Alsation Farm-House ..where Noela and I lived.. when she last lived with me, then about 30 months old, today she is 12 years...and i dont know what she looks like..
Network of Estranged Parents and Abused Kidstoo many people have similar problems of losing their kids by abduction, or... see more  Pasted from <>

  • 22:06
    ChriS SmiTH
    kako si? are you ok?
  • 22:28
    ChriS SmiTH
    laku Noc, Danica, I am tired, lack of sleep catching me too.. I hope YOU are ok! cuvaj se!

If I could think up a rhyme...
That explains what is time
I think I could write
That it would lead to a fight..

What I know is its worth
To our death from our birth
PLease respect what you had
When its gone you will be sad

It’s a bank you cannot repair
If u waste time it  becomes very rare
So use it carefully
And especially if you meet me..

That would be great!

But ….DONt be feckin late! :)  ===================================
  • ChriS SmiTH
    I slept NINE hours..thats your influence on MY life...
    Dobar Dan I CA I hope you are well and with your family "back home" - I would LOVE to make a new life with you… I am a natural father & partner… cuvaj se, PLEASE take care of YOURself hug and a BIG X, from your ChRiS
  • 15:47
  • Danica Stancic home is a little sad because a funural...but ok...a try later to ride to you on home a dont have a lot of time to be take a care and be ok:)  (write?*)
  • 18:57
    ChriS SmiTH
    ok DanIca , i send my commiserations, I know u dont have time, to write, so dont worry I am happy when I get a little message via email or FB,, I think about you, a lot! ... cuvaj se! your ChRiS
  • 18:58
    ChriS SmiTH
    my "Star if the story" .... ?

commiserations to your family on your loss..! thoughts are with you..

another..poem for my "Star-Lady"

its saturday again
and i am walking from Katun..
feeling empty too
but my idea is having effect

i wish i did not feel like i am ship-wrecked..

you are in a sad place
i would gladly you replace
and take away your pain,
again, again and again..

i am older, yes but bolder
than any man you will meet
please look at me
with an open heart, be sweet

because i paid the price
and deserve Dani-nice! :)

but if i die...before you return
i hope you know
who i will support and for whom i yearn
in the universe ... and go..

to another dimension
looking fior my yang or ying
hoping to haVE another dance
or even badly....sing :)

because words are not enough..

Pg 30th november 2013

Dani CA, I know U are in a sad place - i wish i could help,.tomrrow i will mourn Jacqui, and I wrote you another poem via FB, cuvaj SE,, you are forever in my heart, big HUG and X ChRiS

=== commiserations to your family on your loss..! thoughts are with you.

 Dec 1 2013

  • 02:04
    ChriS SmiTH
    my annual "dark period" started day after u left from 28 nov. & today was my Jacquis Birthday.. i hope to be .. cuvaj se!

...(18 new "termin" @ Katun last weekend!!! )
Dan i CA ... samo u slučaju da bilo koji dio mog poruku prošle nedelje u Pg se "lost in translation" " .. Trebam te!
your ChRiS


Sms 17h
Hiya D, u are U back in Pg? (*Bg!)  do u want a cup of tea? :) ... can i post some MORE  music for you? how are U>? I have a million things to discuss, but just quickly tell u .. that Zoran got 18 "termin" (EIGHTEEN) bookings last weekend, thanks to my "discount" idea... :)  the centre.idea...i need you for this ...& much   more can u understand & translate? missing u like crazy! ChRiS :)

Christopher Richard Smith
wow - wow - WEE wa!

Danica S > 

ok now I read...and if I understand ok its plan for brochure?

but what are you going to tell people after the brochure? where are is centar? Because is not yet finished for all prorams

Danica S>

and can you explane to me what is fanseurope? Its some organization about footy? And what is thay primari job?

Christopher Richard Smith

I wrote a lot of messages sms & email.. trying to explain, but its difficult withoutdaily contact!!!

we have a GREAT chance, some positive things, and we should take this step when the "door is open".. I want u to help me with the event 28/29 december in Pg, bus & time will be paid. th e FSE is a global organisation and accepted to have their Worldwide meeting with fans from all over europs @ Tolosi, and Zoran agreed to make a centar for massage, & therapies and "womens stuff" IF YOU COME TO Pg!!

Christopher Richard Smith

DaniCA, i hope.. a) you can translate the text for the brochure and b) u appreciate......

and c) realise that i respect your situation and didnt want to disturb you,

although I NEEDED to share this news with you now,.. 
you may not understand but there are universal events going on that affect us both.. and I cant let u just "hidE"


p.s its only a week since i last saw you at the bus station... and that memory is deep in me, i keep seeing pictures of you here, @ "Katun" @ Tolosi, @ restoran @ "Berlin" ... and i am so share a million things with you, and help u be the best you can be..

Christopher Richard Smith

I am cut off from power @ Tolosi, so I am having a coffee @ internet cafe ..may seem dramatic, but i wanted to explain..FSE is the largest organiser of fan meetings and has a special project to solve discrimination via footy - and like my proposal for next years (2014 late summer) international meeting @ Pg but i will need yr help and ask if possible u help @ 28/29 december as i want to "launch" ideas for next year (as u see in brochure text..) i know this is a lot for u to understand..but the "universe is calling" too!

Christopher Richard Smith
i hope u are well, power connected @ tolosi again..

wow - wow - WEE wa!
the idea is to get ADVANCE reaction to t he ideas, before starting, to recruit members men women & that in April we are already "ready" last night we discuused perhaps haviing a wooden cabin for activities by then , anyway! if you are with us..

Sms> 18.17h
D, Ideja je da se ADVANCE reakcija na idejama, prije početka, da se zapošljavaju članovi muškarce žene i djecu .. tako da u aprilu smo već "spremni" sinoć smo razgovarali, možda haviing drvenu kabinu za aktivnosti do tada, u svakom slučaju! Ako ste s nama .. C :)

I dream ..................
I opened to UP o you Dan I CA... I hope that you never lose connection to your / MY SOUL 


  1. In Memory of Jacqui SmiTh (left this planet 23may 2005)

    "it’s the first of December, my girl, And I celebrate your birthday Today the team I love play again And I will also play "away"

    Here in the balkans I wish I could share With you a new life You know I win, because , I dare

    But if I lose or if I win Its not the same, if together We don’t play in this life's game

    I have feelings for another That she has yet to discover Forgive me what I have broken Feelings for you are more than some "token"

    I found a "nica Star" in the Balkans sky The Universe must connect us will know why.. I say and write No more words, only spirit remains Wherever you are… I love you alway,

    Jacqui, be at peace x Your ChRiS"

  2. 5th december 2013

    I also remember Steve Biko, who will not be as known as Nelson, but who gave his life to fight against evil, .. i remember reading Mandela s book when I was being "investigated" by the cabbages.. 26 years of imprisonment, he was "fortunate" to have friends-colleagues to share that with, cost him his family and more, and a tinge of sadness , when I felt that he wondered if those he " Saved" were worthy of that consequence.. but as a man i feel a great loss today..