Thursday, August 29, 2013

CSerS "simple diary" ? not really ..and thanks Shanks

A "simple diary" for august?...not really, because the "CS academy" has not stopped, a mild summer in Podgorica , usually @ 40 degrees C. has been enjoyable, with enough rain to keep the air clean and releatively fresh, and as usual in my life, the usual "human turnover".

..still searching for intelligent life and a woman that does NOT LIE!
any chance to find either before I die??? :)

Nostalgia .. saying goodbye to the "boy who was C.R.S" ..

Canvey-eye-Land, migrains, elections not erections..Motown, Santana, Beatles, rock, & dancing in living room, family, mum & dad, love, footy & music..Liverpool REds, London (swinging) learning, officeboy, docks, trucks & containers, travel, wine, women song.. nasties, team captain, wife, Sarah, Adam..million, Seabrook the sh*thead, Trentino and winning, Soul, Luther, Benson, women, gold-diggers and groupies(?) French, Nicole, Natalie, Shelly, Lynn K (actress) and Linda..the destruction..betrayed by brother, sister hurt my mother.. lost an empire, won my over

and dont forget the lovely Jacqueline (r.i.p.)


LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Bush1 Clinton, Bush2 and now "Liberal Obama" ... (wont share "evidence" with anyone who dares question the USA's "policemen"..) go to war because otherwise why do they spent TRILLIONS of dollars on weapons?????????????? .. an "enemy" is required... where were the USA and its poodles when there was genocide in african conflicts??? (or anywhere where they have no "strategic interests" ??


allez! O' reilly ? no shes "A. P.M"
a cameraman, who is feminine :)
came as a spy, to visit me
not much time foir her Monty to see

but some talk, vino and a cheeky grin
a taste of monteneGRIN
have a great life and see u on the other side
of a this universe, far and wide ;)

ChRiS x

"iRiS".... for yr birthday  :)

Saule Gi>

so may be I'm just silly girl and you need to let it go. I don't feel strong enought or tusting my abilities jet. I have too much doupt and I don't want to do anything if I don't feel sure. Communication with you it's allways unecpected, ups and downs and I'm not sure what kind off value you 

C  R S >

of course u dont, i dont "offer" it..i am not "selling anything" ..the truth is the value, but if u cant identify and value it, then thats precisely why i "bother" with u,. i "bother" because i care, and i dont have enough years to waste chasing U, if u take time, slow down, breathe, meditate, shut out all the BD around u, then u might see who i am.. cuvaj se!


getting a feeling of "deja vu" ..10 years ago the USA "had absolute evidence" of "WMD" 

.. which "justified" the invasion of baghdad, and over a million civilian casualties since then..("good job"?) 

of course no one wants any one or any govt to use chemicals or other WMD at all, but guess who has used such weapons the most in the last 50 years?? USA???

and of course the USA dont comply with "global warming-warnings" yet as i look out my window at a unique "winter rain" in the middle of a Monty summer (usually 40 degrees C.) /

.....?? i wonder just how stupid the sheeple are??? (as california burns...!)

young people are took a financial catastrophe for them to realise it, shame the education of people is so blind!

 oh, is that china being flooded too?? , ...of course pumping 6 billion tonnes of poison into the atmosphere every year CANT have caused any harm , can it???

some familiar scenes..:)


yea, i m child, boy, i have negative attitude.. immature attitude..
u always think u re right chris, that is problem.. i dont have energie to agrue, and i respect your age, so i dont want to agrue anymore.. its ok.. everything u said its ok..

Chris >
i dont want to argue with u, i want to co-operate, this is my home..
by the way, that previous "turnir" ... it wasnt last year , it was two years ago and i knew even less people, and got even less
"co=op" from locals...and u had "Dropped" the ukranian lad and Fab from the team, so they didnt help me..either someone gave the england lads the wrong info they didnt come
but there is no excuse for your players not even saying hello or "bye " last night nor shaking hands when they arrive or leave..
the major irony is that local people criticise politicians for giving all advantages to their friends and not being "open" and you , as soon as u can, repeat their mistakes with your buddies..
if i didnt care, i wouldnt tell u...
cuvaj se!


Saule Gi>I don't assume, if you won't, you won't.. Why do you think I throw intellect away?

C.R. S> 

because u are unaware,, proven by yr question.. u dont use the 95% of your ability and dont understand "communication" or the value i offered you..




... Note team repesentatives ; a) should add themselves tot his group, b) attand a meeting on 1 sept. and friday 6th sept. @ Tolosi, c) pay entrance fee to Gazda prior to turnir...

game tonight wasnt half as good as last sunday, some turned up with the wrong attitude and one thinks he is the whole team! , greedy & selfish, no place for him in our club team next time..if he plays like that, I saw more of the ball sitting on the bench!! = TEAM game!!!

whatever i want???
so it "doesnt matter " to you, hmmmm well there u go!!!

Ugo, I know u bring a team+ every sunday, but, the turnir was my idea, and i have put a lot of time & energy into this and u have blocked any other team, u dont respect my request to put your contact in the FB group..

by booking all the places with teams, that didnt exist until u persuaded your buddies, to "register", none of whom have confirmed(?) ..then u say "dont worry"

..well I am investing MY energy into making a true commuinity club..that benefits YOUR people!

(one of the "regular teams" was turned away by Gazda, I hold YOU completely responsible for any team that dont turn up.. )

you then "poach " players that play for our team, and that is against the spirit of the "We are the club" that I am trying to develop, i sponsor and support, supply t-shirts (gave u free!!)

and a trophy too.. you decided that U & Fab can select the teams last night, without reference or respect to me, your buddies@ Lfc MNE form a fan club NGO without any respect either!

so, what u dont know is the the Tolosi club is going to be developed, and U can either be part of it or not, dont EVER "challenge" me again.. I dont have to explain anything to you, u are still responding like a boy.

dont ever question MY "commitment" to team or making the best out of the community i live in, without prejudice!

so hold back on your sarcasm, even if u dont understand me, you dont understand the Liverpool that Shanks gave me, or that playing football is the most important thing, even more than supporting Liverpool, especially as i know the time i have left to play

.. is limited,,so i take it immensely "personal" when it gets spoilt..






C.R.S >Hiy Ivona, I am visiting Zabjelo this after noon, VOISLAVLJEVICA 29, is there a caffe nearby u could meet me @ 17h? (my mobile 0686 *** **)  ==========

C. R. S.>Iris, 


I have lost EVERYone i ever loved,, Mum, Dad, sister, Son & wife, those that didnt die were stolen, I survived,, 

and i know u dont want to read this..

 or anything that may ruin your image of me.. but anyway..
eured's space ;
Just another site


C.R.S > i still expect empathy in a world where it is so rare, and selfish.


C R S > Iris? so now U ignore me,>? my "crime" was offering u a free holiday and taking a risk i paying for it, thinking u had cleared the dates on your diary...

Iris V>

Wow, you are so full of bad thoughts and hit me with words as if I have done something very very bad to you. Why do you do that Chris? I didn't get the chance to check my facebook-account - I didn't ignore you although with accusing me and throwing this bad energy at me because I missed something maybe it would be best to do so.

I really wish you a good time Chris and I hope you become more positive and don't see the bad in everything that comes up. People do mistakes, they do sometimes not see something and maybe you should give it a second thought if it is on purpose or not.

Just give your messages a closer look and try to see what you are writing.

The way you react with me I believe that there was a reason I did miss that appointment and that we won't be able to come visit you. Or would you have been like that every time I could not pay enough attention to you right away. Would you have told me every day that you spend all your money renting a car for us??

Try to thing one second of how you disappointed me back then, how you filled me with hope to help my parents and to to good things and everyhting blew up in a second. Although this all happened I decided to react when you wrote because I believe that times change and that everybody should get chances. Bad mistake from my side.

Take good care and really I send you positive thoughts and energy. Try to take it and not to hit me again.



C R S> 

Iris, i explained why i offered this.. but the way u explained how u are, with Jana, and the way u tried to control this FREE offer from me, and i am not rich, so i DO mention the cost, because I live on a budget, makes me thing that the biggest mistake u made is NOT to come, I get a lot of visitors, and i try to show them alternatives,POSITIVE alternatives..

you didnt even respect me enough to check your caelndar.. ok I TOOK the risk..

my fault and I PAY for it, not you...

I knwo u still hold a "grudge" you talked all about the effect on YOUR career, but i didnt intend U to be hurt, I attacked the system, and the system reacted

YOU havent asked how i feel or the damage to my life, back then..

...and so called "friends" betrayed me, u didnt show any care what happened to me, that I was kept in a military style detention , with no support from anyone, for almost 24 months on & off by your govt. that they cut me off from everyone, and made sure I lost my son, permanently.. I was NEVER CONVICTED of any crime, but in BRD its only necessary to accuse someone to be "alienated"

I support people, give free coaching , and football ..

"bad thoughts" ?? you really should read that book , because otherwise you and Jana will have a difficult time..

I offered you my hand in friendship... trouble is you want to have it "inspected " first..and u now build an image of me, that helps overcome your own "errors" now and then

I tell the truth, whoever you are, and that hurts me too..

take care , really! (i suppose you wont "claim" as i asked )

u need those "positive" thoughts more than I do...

be well ChRiS

p.s. you were writing every day, until 2 days ago,

Saule Gi>I take my time... I don't want to burn out before I know what I want to light up thanks for caring Chis, I know you are always there for help and advice. I feel there will be a day soon, I will ask you to...


C R S > dont assume that I will always be here... at all


Saule Gi>
ohh.. what am I doing now then ?

C. R. S > 
shut up Gi! i am not in the mood!


Saule Gi>Are you still upset about the world beeing lassitude? I understand it's hard for you. But I can't give as much time as you want. Sorry.

C. R. S> Gi? "upset" ? that comment, really ...U make so many mistakes about me...and yourself, its not about what I "want" its about what u waste! ..u have the intellect but throw it away... and its tragic 

C. R.S > Iris?
? so now U ignore me,>? my "crime" was offering u a free holiday and taking a risk i paying for it, thinking u had cleared the dates on your diary...

Elif >Im on the road, on a hitchiking trip. Cant really be online much. Im sorry.

C.R.S > Elif, u are ok!!! ... my comments arent aimed at U!

Elif > Alright! Good to know!


Iris V>Chris, I said that I was sorry and that I did not see the appointment at first, it was not on purpose. It is the christening of my godchild - not a doctor's appointment which I could change so I will not be able to visit you. Sorry. I understand that you have other plans for October.

Well, it's sad that it wont' t work then but I guess there's a reason. I can refund the price you paid for the tickets - that's all I can offer (it is € 20,00 from this side if you paid more, let me know). By the way I never asked you to pay for anything - did I?

Sorry if you have had bad luck recently. It was a good choice to book and I would have loved to come. I already started a list of what I need an wanted to apply for a passport for Jana today.

I really wish you a better time coming up.

Take care.

C.R.S >

well, "sorry" dont help me much, as I planned the time, and was going to use my months budget to rent a car etc to give u the best time,..

theres a saying "no good turn goes un punished" , seems lately every time I do a good deed I get my fingers burnt,,..more "delayed karma" i sent the "invoice" i paid to you by email, it was 69 euros (4 return tickets + admin) , I dont mention it .. for a "claim"

I did notice that u didnt read my messages, so to miss that christening date is not a surprise, .. I TOOK the risk, u dont need to remind me that YOU NEVER ASKED ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told u about the book for better relaxing with Jana in years to come.. "continuum concept"....

i have been recently asked if i want to convert my many articles into a book or film about my experiences, i dont, because i want to live it.. theres a lot of it you dont know..and as U are occupied with Jana, u wont have time or motivation to know it, U were the only one, in my life that knows me more than a short while, but u really dont know me at all...shame!

one last word.. keep your balance, if u make Jana "too important" it wont help her..

cuvaj se! (take care) ChRiS x


Chris >
just to round off the "week's weak"   .. an "old flame" (well she was, is 20 years younger than me, ...) was invited to visit me in september, and i confirmed flgihts & paid for her & her daughter to travel here, (she had some problems years ago...& was sympatico.) found that she missed noticing an important appointment during the time she shd be here, after, I alraedy booked (paid) for her tickets.. so thats it... "game over" i am back to football.& start coaching next month too. ... footy is what saved me this week. ha ha ha..

Stee Schmid> A lot of stuff you have to go thru this time. Seems to be you should really stay with football and let the ladies be... But, sounds sad... I didn't really get your last message, but if you have a place in zabljak, you can avoid american visit .

And fine, all spots taken from friends from ugo, sounds like when my teenagers organized it . But as long there are enough teams and everyone plays along the rules, all good i guess...

Chris >

i dont "run away" from visitors, even yankers, yep u dont understand, (about Ugo..) but i had to laugh at myself this morning.., 2 girls from barcelona, arrived early this morning, at the mini-market, then left..without telling me, NO, u are wrong.. i am not sad about women, I am just angry with myself that I wasted my time on them...thats it, i really dont want to complain any goes on...(not) all good

Stee Schmid
Yeah thats maybe better. They left while you've been in the supermarket, did you miss them or was it on purpose? Yeah, wasting time on women is not good. But at the end you learned something (i hope), so the time was not wasted (they say, i know, sound like BS  ).
But you're right. Life goes on... Make the best out of it, wich means you first should know what is best for you (and so on, and on, ... Phylosophie...;))

Chris > 
I dont need to learn anything about women... I know the problem... the 2 girls didnt tell me they were here.. and  i dont know what happened , the girl in the market told me, that they had arrived at the shop, but I told them to send me an sms when they got to Toloshi, they ddint, and I havent had any news from them ..   yep it is BS!  
 the time was wasted, these last few weeks, only because I chose to give women another chance.. my choice, my error, nothing to learn, just simple .. nothing to make the best big phylosophy to discuss,,,just a choice.. i wasted my time, i am just angry with myself, because I dont have so much to waste!
I kniow whats best for me... I just like to "test frontiers" from time to time, and see if things have changed or are possible..well ....they are not, goodnight!

Whistleblower (film) criminals paid by governments and corporations who violate the people they are meant to serve, 


V Iraqui & Afghan civilians??   this is the "war" you tax-payers sanction!  enabled by governments you vote for!  .... one of THE greatest ever films, beautiful ending..

H-Hing is becoming more and more popular in the Balkans, 

not surprisingly girls get picked up quickest..


Iris V>

Hi Chris, what a nice surprise when I got your SMS. I thought, ok, lets do it, all the details can be solved and I wanted to be spontanious. Then I checked my calender again to be sure I have not forgotten anything and I really got bad news. On September 22 I become the godmother of Salome. She is the daughter of my grand-cousin and on that day they have got the christening.

I am so sorry that you already bought the ticket, although I know that the prices were really great.

Chris, can we postpone it one week? Would that be possible? I jut checked September 24 - October 8, 2013. It would cost 150 € with one luggage (one adult/one child - meaning that you could maybe borrow a maxi cosi to travel by car from someone) or € 200,00 with 2 adults - meaning that I could bring the maxi cosi on the plane - I checked that with the airline.

Would that time be convenient for you?

Are you at home tomorrow? I could call you as soon as Jana sleeps again in the morning?

Have a good evening. I will try to get some sleep now before she wakes up.

Sorry again for the inconvenience I did not see that appointment at first


C R S >

no I cant , did u realise that I already paid for the tickets, its unrefundable, so if I change it i lose the money I spent, I asked u about the dates between 10-28 sept,

I wrote "if u agree with the dates, i can do everything from here."

you replied " The dates look good to me. I am starting to look forward to it."

so I took a chance this morning, I am not rich, i cant afford to throw money away, u only have to pay for the luggage u check in (2 carry on bags are paid for)

but if u dont come, then thats just the way it is..

and ,,,I have already have plans in october...

goodnight! ChRiS

p.s. nothing to do with U but just a run of bad luck recently that I hoped would change by being "positive" this morning, ironic..

 (FEE males who lied, and broke promises, etc..)

Talking to a FEE-male, like heading for a tunnel, with no exit...?
C.R.S > Iris, I "took a chance" and booked the flights from Basel to Tuzla (its nearer to me than Belgrade)

W6 4294 14 September 2013 Departs from:Basel Mulhouse (MLH)17:30 Arrives to:Tuzla (TZL)19:15

Coming back W6 4293 28 September 2013 Departs from:Tuzla (TZL)19:45 Arrives to:Basel Mulhouse (MLH)21:40

- via *Christopher Smith* - non refundable - Phone: 38268614427 - Email:


- *MRS Iris Vogl*
- *Basel Mulhouse: *Web check-in - Small cabin bag - *Tuzla: *Web check-in - Small cabin bag

- *CHD Jana Eva Vogl*
- *Basel Mulhouse: *Web check-in - Small cabin bag - *Tuzla: *Web check-in - Small cabin bag

- Iris, I have booked the "basic" with just seats and carry on luggage IF you chose to come, u will have to pay for extra luggage, pushchair etc..

If u dont...

take your time

ChRiS> wizzair.comCheap flights from the UK and Ireland: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia

C. R.S >

if u wonder why, its because every week that passes the price goes up 10-20 euros per ticket...if u dont come i'll put it down to me..

Iris, I am on your side, but one of the few good things Annika did, was to read this book before Leon was born, I shared this with Margit, and our daughter Noela benefited from it.. I strongly recommend it
(there is a german language version)

another Weapon of MALE destruction = "13"
its probably best not to meet at this time..
its several months since our last contact (no reply from U!) and I suppose i am syill a bit angry about your reaction last november, have u moved??  anyway , I had to smile, I had a dream last night... about us.. U looked different, white not blond hair, and we tried to kiss, but we bothe kept laughing.. ..thats all i remember , u can go back to ignoring me... cuvaj se! ChRiS

Suzy >
I am still here...i changed my name and other stuffs....had some problems here on's not about's me,15 day was my summer holiday,and i was home all the time...i have serious problems,with my had,it's not good and i am are angry,OFCOURSE...and i understand..but you are always WELCOME IN MY HOUSE,whatever happens...i am starting soon to see a shrink???....did i spell it right???....i'm crying all the time,i felt like i'm going to have a stroke...not strong enough anymore...Romano is trying to help me,but it's hard...well,what a dream you had..i didnt moved,again!!...and i cant snatd to live here if my brother wont help me,i will go to see a judge at september are you?????????????????

Chris >
alone.. but not defeated!
u dont need a shrink.. U need to breathe!

 all of MNE on the right____??????? ..."no time" because they are busy doing nothing!


Thats a co-incidence, when I cant find my corkscrew I use a knife too!

Chris>its "one of those times"  Borat2 has thrown a paddy because I wont reaply to a stream of sms he keeps sending me, the last visitors stayed at his home not at the cabin, and when he decided to come back with them to Pg and bring his  son over night (to stay @ "my lodge") without agreement, I told him clearly that he was going too far.. so he sms the guests and unloaded on them!!
and seems an american  deaf & Dumb couchsurfer wants to stay 7 nights with me, she cant lip read or understand any other language..
am i being "tested"..again?

Stee Schmid
Haha... Looks like you are! Why lip read?! But hey, just tell her that your busy... Or make some rules about saying wow,awesome, amazin  or at the end, host her, gives you maybe a different time
And borat... Wow, he's crazy... Just to much output for to less input... Do you still recommend him as guide to others? Maybe you should try to find another...
And no, i didn't had a poor education. I had my education on ultimate and thats a completaly different world... But of course i like to be with team mates and having fun . Thats almost the best part about it

Chris >
I already closed things yesterday with borat2, its obvious, hes not crazy, crazy is ok, hes insane.. the "deaf " girl is probably a scam.. another time -waster..
hmmm still think it could be fun to have a team game .. footy v "ultimate" ..

another  team of a***s ... 
and Ugos' been a bit "naughty" . got his mates to book all the team places for our tournament, ...(7/8 sept.) ...

"these days" i have to be "awake" 

..good job this is not a job..(thats irony in case u didnt notice...)
p.s. the family have a place in Zabljak... is free next


Iris> Chris, sorry if I forgot something I read on Facebook (like that you go to Football). I do not get a lot of sleep at all since many months so I keep forgetting things. It's not that I don't listen or read but my mind is blank from being constantly tired and yes, also worried of doing things right with my daughter.

I never didn't trusted you with children but I am calculating every step I do at the moment even if I am not on the moon.

Somehow I feel completely misunderstood by you at the moment and I never dictated what you need to have I just thought about what Jana needs.

Well, I would really like to come and I would really like you to understand that for me it is important to plan things, to calculate and to verify everthing in advance.

Have a good evening.

C.R.S>Iris, you need to relax, I diont think its good for either of u, to be so uptight.. babies can feel your tension ...u can calculate everything, how to travel, whaT TO carry with u, and by all means list what u need when u are here, but i wont let u plan anything here, from the moment u arrive, u are in my hands.. so its up to u..

If only.....
good game, good win,  when i enjoy my footy , i could give a f**k about the women here!

Stee Schmid> Hey Chris. That sounds really not good. The first time we met her i was a little scared that she just wants to get out of her life and just talked to us because we're strangers (so we must have money). I remember you saying, that we maybe were the first persons since long she really could talk and let her problems be. Maybe we were, but it looks really like now, that she's just, like you say, looking for a man to get her out of her life... 

The way she's treating you is not good i think. I mean, we invited her to a lot of stuff and tried to be good company. And now she gives it back with ignoring you? Looks like she really has bigger problems as you said once, but good people do not treat people like this. Is my opinion.
So i think, you should stop contacting her (if you did not before). Maybe she will be able to see you as a friend (sometimes in the future) or she's not. I'm asking myself now, if we did something wrong from the beginning. Inviting her to all this stuff. Maybe that was a sign for her, that it will always be like that. i don't know...

And yes, started working again. Did not start very good, it was hard to motivate myself. Now there are some things in the pipeline keeping me busy that i maybe can ignore not receiving any more messages from aurelie... i'm trying to focus on my life here. Eventhought i'm not happy at all. Need some changes... I also sent a video to Aurelie, explaning my feelings, without bothering her, i guess. Maybe she will answer me this time. If Facebook is able to get the video uloaded! (it's not since 10 minutes eventhough its only a small file :()
Keep on enjoing you live, forget about M, if you can. And beat the other team tonight!!

i know M. has real problems, but  her attitude is wrong.. I didnt chase her, and wont.. i've told her what I think, and thats that!
hope  u enjoy yr sunday, i am just "drying out"  hopefully in time for the game tonight, I can live without fee-males but would be harder to live without the footy!

Stee Schmid>
So it's up to her what she does from it...
Another lazy sunday... I'm justchilling, maybe go out later for a walk . Or maybe work . Mhmmm... I guess i can life without footy... But not without females . Eventhought i don't really understand them reacting. But hey, make it interesting from time to time... And hard and desperate in other times...


Chris >
well, its up to me too, not to chase hr.. she probably gets her money today, so I doubt if she  will "need" me..
yeah , sometimes it gets hard..
obviously u had a poor education, ..  footy is the only game of life.. mind u we agree the social side is important too, which u also get with  your  "ultimate" league
but we had a really great game last night, best so far,  and won by a couple of goals   , Ugos team also commented on the game , it was so competitive.. we had a period of 15 mins when neither team could score.
a couple of beers after , and "bonding in the bar" after , without any fee-male complex confusing the atmosphere..

Iris V>

Chris, what's the matter now?

Why are you mad now and think that I don't trust you. It has nothing to do with trust and faith in you. Why do you react like that? I am insecure, it is my first baby and I am not relaxed and not experienced - that's all. That's why I want to know things to be safer in my head and with my feelings. Christ, I do trust you no matter what happened in the past because I know that you want us to be safe, that you don't ly to me and that you want us to feel secure. I believe we have communicatin problems at the moment. Let's try to talk tonight on the phone if you are at home.

I am happy for you that you get in contact with the society and that you play football. It seems to be good for you. Oki doki, will we talk tonight??


Monty ; Tara River

Iris, I wasnt "mad" ..I am still a little "Crazy"..

i just had the feeling that u didnt read my messages, (i told u i was going to football last night, and suggested u talk to the airport or airline first) and have no trust in my abiltiy to make this comfortabe for you both..

sure, u mentioned Annika, but no one seems to remember what she did...

I told you that u are the ONLY person i have any contact with that remembers me from the past, but although i know u are being careful about janba, if you are going to be "over the top" and worried about this , and dictate what i have to do, what i have to have, then it wont be a relaxing time for you or me,

as i said , I have had 4 children in my life, and whatever anyone might accuse me of, I am 100% sure no one can say I ddint look after my children when they were with ME!

I have also done a lot of things for other people kids, but thats another story

This isnt the moon, they have babies here too, in fact they spoil them even more here (if thats possible!)

so thats why i said, take some time and be sure, because if u come i expect yopu to trust me, and not "calculate" distances and so on..

i want to see u again, but in the right way...thats all..

btw my name is still ChRiS not Christ !

p.s. i am not rich, but I will do my best..if you come..

Obradovic M
sms 13818 

00.07.00 ?h
"U have no respect & no empathy, for me

i  just wish you had been honest with me, you walked out on me, and in doing so, disrespect me, you have a lovely daughter, I wish you god luck, but i would rather be alone, than play more "female games" good night , ChRIS

Samo bih voleo da si bio iskren sa mnom , ti otišao od mene , i na taj nacin , nepoštovanje mene , imate divnu c´erku , želim vam bog srec´e , ali ja radije biti sam , nego igraju više igara "ženske " laku noc´ , CHRIS

see sms ( u wewre once described as my "soul mate" and I aM WATCHING ONE OF MY FAV. FILmS, "5TH element"

btw , did u have a date , when Jana was with your aunt? how did it feel to be without her for the first time..

Iris V> 

Hi Chris, no, I did not have a date, I drank some wine with my friend on the balkony next door and then took a bath and went to bed. Five hours of sleep for the first time in months

The dates look good to me. I am starting to look forward to it. Do you have a "hand-lend-blender" (don't know if this is the correct word). It is to make food into puree??

Are you at home tomorrow? I will try to call as Harald, the father of Jana is here and I will have some time. Jana just woke up crying, maybe it was because she heard me talk on the phone.

It seems strange to have no contact for so many years and now we communicate. I was young back then and I believed in you and your concept. You wouldn't know how shocked I was when everythin blew up on me. Now that we talk to eachother I start to remember lots of things. How I betrayed Damir, how Annica was in front of your door, how I handed you my medal for your birthday, how we travelled to England, how I found out that the police came to the office. I still don't know whalt exactly happened but I am sure I will find out soon.

Well, got to go now.
Iris V>

Hi, me again, I just checked the conditions of the airline. I would have to pay € 25,00 for Jana, but she would have to sit on my lab which is not possible. I can not bring a seat for her on board. So lets buy a seat for her, I checked and it is not expensive. I will call the airline tomorrow and find out if it is then possible to bring her seat which we also need in Croatia to travel. Can you give me your excact address so I can check distanced from the airport??


C.R.S> what???

Iris, I know u wan to be careful but u have to trust that i know what i am doing??

Mne; NOT Croatia
its not croatia , the flight i propose will arrive Belgrade (Serbia) we can stop near by to avoid too much travel but dont forget it was ME that spent more time than their mothers with both Leon and Noela when they were babies,

I have to arrange things and if u tDONT rust my decision, this whole idea wont work..

so think about it during the next 48 hrs... because i need to feel comfortable too..

if u dont trust me - it could be a difficult experience for u and me..

so,u should only come if u have faith in me?

i wont make a problem if u decide NOT to come, I want t to see u ..and meet Jana, but i need to b trusted too, as It will costs me a lot of investment, car hire and time etc, which i want to do...

i really hope u understand what i mean, goodnight..! ChRiS


..."modern" Fee-males can seem like THE "curse of the Universe"

..but what is worse? ..when men who act like them too, 

.............always looking to make a problem...instead of a solution!

 iRis>  Chris, thanks for checking. September would be good, did you check certain dates? I have a few questions:

* Did you mean Swiss airline? * How much is the flight? * How long does it take to go to Belgrade? * How long is the trip from the airport to where you live?

The following details have to be checked with airline: * Can we use our own maxi-cosi seat for travelling in the plane or do they have a special seat for a baby under 10 KG? * Do we have to buy a separate ticket for Jana, if so, what would it cost? * Can I bring the stroller into the airplane? * will they hand the stroller out to me after the plane lands, not with the luggage?

Again thanks for your help.

Maybe we can talk tonight or you can send a message, I am without Jana for the first time tonight because I really need to get some sleep.

Talk to you.

Bye Iris


Hello Iris, u have to check in the "buggy" as extra "carry on" luggage, you probably have to pay e30 for that no its "wizz air" not swiss i will pay the flight if we agree dates now , its quite cheap.. i suggest U contact the basel airport they can explain easily to u about what they do with children, better than me trying to discuss with them here.. they usually take people with children on first and then off first so u can use your "stroller" we will only take a short drive after u land, i alreadyb thought about this, so make it easier for Jana and U

I play football tonight, so I suppose its better that u talk to people at Basel airport first...

take care ChRiS 
p.s. and dont worry , all detail can be resolved!

C. R.S>

I just found this on "wizz air" website...



Infants up to the age of 2 may fly for a (e25) fee , in the accompanying adult's lap, however, if the price of the accompanying one–way adult fare is lower than the current fees, the same amount will be applied for the infant fee. No more than 1 infant per accompanying person is allowed. The infant fees may be paid online during the booking process or through the Call Centre. For more information, please view the booking children page. Infants must be under the age of 2 for both the departure and the return flight. Should the infant reach the age of 2 after the departure and before the return journey, a seat must be purchased and in such case separate reservations should be created for the onward and return flights. Children over the age of two will not be allowed to travel in the accompanying adult’s lap.


Infants are not entitled to any baggage allowance with the exception of a pushchair / foldable baby carriage / infant car seat per infant (carried free of charge). Please note that prams and pushchairs shall be checked in with other baggages and will be carried free of charge given that the itinerary includes an infant. However if no infant is involved, these items will be carried as checked-in baggage for an additional fee.

Iris V> 

Hi Chris,

I have left Jana with my aunt last night (the first time - exciting...) and got to pick her up now. She is not allowed to sit for more than a few minutes on my lab so I will have to buy a seat for her and leave her in the maxi cosi... But let me talk to Basel airport first as you suggested. I will do that tonight.

Talk to you later. Have a good Sunday.

thanks, I proposed 10-28 september (the most economic for me!)


yesterday, I watched footy with Fab & Milos and the lads from 13h, we end up later @ "Berlin " drinking "pivo"s ..(i usually dont drink beer)
@ about 22h we were ready to go home.. but..

M. surprises me and arrives there ...she talks with Fab. until he leaves
and I suggest we go inside listen to music, (i am a bit "drunk" but aware that I need to "move" (dance..maybe)

.. the music is not so great, but M. makes no effort to smile or talk with me , just staring blank..
... but a song comes on that we could dance to, but she "dont want" so
i (as usual ) am direct, "why dont you want to dance with me"?  ,,no respnse, she wants to go,
I ask "do you want to go home with me?) no response..
so i say " if u dont talk, dont dance , and dont want to come home with me? what are you doing here ?"  so she storms off...thanks very much for nothing ! M, I can be miserable with or without you!  = without you is cheaper, and less pain. because you are a just another "user". goodbye ChRIS

Juce sam gledao Footi sa Fabrizio i Miloš i momcima ,

  od 13h , završimo kasnije @ "Berlin" pije pivo .. ( ja obicno dont pije pivo )
@ Oko 22h smo bili spremni da idemo kuc´i .. ali ..
da me iznenadi i stigne tamo .. vi samo razgovarati sa Fabrizio . dok on ode sa c´erkom
Predlažem da i unutra i slušaju muziku , ( ja sammalo " pijan ", ali svestan da moram da se " presele" ( da igram .. mozda)
.. muzika nije toliko velika , ali ti . cini nikakav napor da se osmehne ili razgovara sa mnom , samo zuri prazno ..
... alipesma dolazi na koje bismo mogli da se igramo , ali "ne žele " da
ja ( kao i obicno ) sam direktno , " zašto dont želite da igraš sa mnom ?" , , Ne respnse , hoc´eš da idemo , gde?
Ja pitam " da li želim da idem kuc´i sa mnom ) nema odgovora ? ..
Tako da kažem " ako Dont U razgovor , dont ples , i ne žele da se vrate kuc´i sa mnom ?
Šta radiš ovde ? tako da odjuri kao razmaženo derište ... puno vam hvala za ništa ! Mila, ja mogu biti jadno sa ili bez tebe ! = Bez da je jeftinije , a manje bola . jer stesamo još jedan " korisnik " . zbogom CHRIS


Yes , I am back, tanned , fit and full of energy to spark to Evolutionary uprising against the "evil empire"  ;)

.. people are starting to wake up...

+ be responsible for your lives
+ dont complain, CAMPAIGN
+ dare to care, dont be selfish
+ do the right thing, because its the right thing to do
+ initiate or invest in Small-Medium enterprise (not banks, corporations or "stock")

make sure that your children learn FIRST the basic article of the Universal Declaration of human rights, because its the LAST thing applied by government offiicials..this is y-our world.. take it back from the (royal. religious, or business) thieves who stole the land from the people... they polluted the minds, the land, the water and the air of Y_OUR world..enough!
greetings from ;


so, I wish u a good night of sleep, sweet dreams, hug and kiss ,  you asked where i am this weekend, I am in Tolosi, alone, goodnight, and take care

pa ,Mila,  želim ua laku noc´ sna , slatki snovi , grlim i ljubim , ti pitao gde sam ja ovog vikenda , ja sam u Tološima, sam, laku noc´, Cuvaj se, ChiS x


I had a visit from a young woman today, with her 9 year old daughter, sweet girl , but spoilt.. wanted only to eat sweets, & to watch TV, wanted to go by taxi everywhere, mind u thats just about 99,9% of the population here! :)  ignored her mother, whose divorced father doesnt take any interest, shame , 

the mother tries to be both parents, and therefore makes the common mistake of giving the child  too much and very little "guidance"..( resulting in many social problems with young people, especially boys without good men to relate to, with single parent families), If she was my girl I would do my best guide her carefully otherwise she will become YET another beautiful but spoilt balkan brat!

July 15

C.R.S. > 

that's a very pretty profile pic. today!
July 16

I like your "cosy goodnight" picture,..and prefer you with dark hair!

its a really BEAUTIFUL picture on your timeline.. .. u look different in each a different girl each time :0

Ivona Z> haha thanks

C.R.S >

nema na cemu!


.... this morning after a Loooong run in the morning sun, a turkish coffee with a shot of Rakija in it...decided its time to stop bothering with a "potential" person in my life and utilise my experience. ..being "subversive" (ha ha ha..a joke of the C1a ..small "a" for a**holes !)

. .. so i will go back to being "provocative and consequent" ...campaign for the beginning of intelligence on this mad planet , and the evolution of "freedom" ("just another name for nothing left to lose"?) ..

if U saw things from my view..the only time i see  "friends" is when THEY NEED, not when I need!...

(July 31)

hiya Iris, are u ok??? do u think there is ANY chance u will visit me? (july31)

Iris V>l

Hi Chris, don't you think you should sleep at night ? I was breast feeding and couldn't go back to sleep afterwords because I thought about if it was possible to travel to you.

Questions like: What's the nearest airport, how would I travel with Jana by plane - is it possible?? Where would she sleep - you know that children need a special bed...

I would have to buy everything for her, like pampers etc. over there.

Is it secure to travel there?

where running through my head.

I am trying to apply to go to a health resort with Jana, but they do not have availability until December, January. I am really tired. The last three weeks where very exhausting and I didn't get any sleep, as she woke up every half an hour.

You know I am a person who needs security and especially with a child her age, so lets talk about everything and we will find out if it could work.
 I know people even travel to Africa with children but I am the way I am.

She sleeps at the moment that's why I have the chance to write a long story

Maybe we get a chance to talk tonight, depending on how she goes to sleep and when.
 Can you give me your home number and the complete addresse by facebook or e-mail (iris-v*** please.

Talk to you.



I believe u visited Croatia before? - i didnt expect u to read this sms, I was sleepless, a lot on my mind, it was Leon s birthday last sunday, and i was ....feeling like reaching out..

Montenegro is the safest place I have EVER lived, kids play outside alone at 22h , in 3 years never heard of robbery or assault..

..but i think the most important aspect is how u feel..the question is , If u want to, if u trust me, because all the detail can be resolved

.. u can make a list and I'll solve it, but again, the key is how u feel, I dont want u to feel uncomfortable or worried because then u wont enjoy what could be a great time, for us all..

U could fly from Basel to Brussels and change to Podgorica (ryanair (cheap and easiest) or to Dubrovnik (easy jet?) and I'll get a car and meet u there..

thats the detail what u do know is that I am great with kids...

i was GOOD with u for a short while..but i know that is the past..

what I know is that I will treat u both with absolute respect..

over to U!

email : cs@monty-logic-club

skype chrismith.csema (if on line)

tel : 00 382 *** *****

ChRiS x



I opened this FB, with 3 aims 

a) to exchange and support some "starters" - who obviously feel they dont need it 

b) to have some exchanges with just a few rather than 3000 "friends" 

c) gradually let those few get to know me, this mornign after a Loooong run in the morning sun, a turkish coffee with a shot of Rakija in it

...decided no one really cares enough to spend time "knowing me " or utilising my experience.. so i will go back to being "provocative and consequent" campaigner for "freedom-by evolution" elsewhere...


Are you alright?

thanks for asking, but theres no simple answer, I am everything and nothing..

if u dont follow my "timeline" it takes too long to reply.. maybe some of my comments @ also give u a clue?, but this is not a ""fast food" question for a simple reply..


.if U saw things from my view..the only time i see u is when U NEED, not when I need!? true??

... sto, ? ja razumem, it seems from my view that if i dont have money for u, = you dont have time to see me, is that true? vero? goodnight!

if you are a scouse lass like "Shirley Valentine" come to monty...u will "LUV it"

Aurélie Pereira Macedo> 
Yes, later I'll take time for a pic, now I'm working during some days now about "solidarity accomodation" in Provence!

bon chance "O'Reilly@

Chris >
I am sure u are "busy" but I gave u virtually the last "We Are the club" t-shirt, and I want to complete our gallery in time for our next meeting, so it would be "nice" if u can get a photo done.. "que de possible" ?? s.v.p.
p.s. the "project" is taking shape, if u want to be part of it , u should decide, if u want to be included, because i need to decide who will be in it soon.. (start  this winter, at laTEST spring)


Chris >ok Stee, some things dont add up , but I dont talk about anyone until I am sure...lets put it this way , I am being "careful" with Mila..I dont blame her...
I think A.P.M is in some project, she was going to contact me again if she wants to talk about the project we suggested, I think she will contact you again, when another question,
anyway, the ideas are formulating here, for a community/creative academy village... youth centre for "start-ups"..
p.s. did U see the pics from Aldona??

Stee Schmid
Maybe they don't. Sometimes, maybe most of the times my brain is like a swiss cheese, with loads of holes in in it. And its even worse with rakija i guess . I think you told me that with the money when we meet at the coast. But i'm not shure. Could also be when u inveted her for dinner.
I know that aurelie is still not working and on holiday somewhere i don't remember (swiss cheese  ) i think she starts again end of september. But however. If she would be interested there would be any kind of message. So there's not so i let her do her thing.
The project your talking sounds interesting. About start ups, creative and young people... Keep me informed!
I saw some pictures, but i'm not shure if everything. One link did not work. But i don't know if it's not the same...
So did you meet mila again, or did she "broke up"?
Have good times! Cheers

Chris >
i'll tell u when I know! ...

Chris >
I dont really like or want to involve u, but as U asked, & are the only person that "knows" her too, I think it was certainly the best that U did NOT get involved, after u left, I helped with small amount of cash, and gave her a "belated birthday present" of cash too, I gave HER a present for HER to give to her daughter for Simonidas birthday, (in case her family "suspected" a gift from a "stranger".. I fed her a few times to ease her "burden" and she was quite affectionate, but I drew the line ... (i dont need to explain that, I hope) but in these couple of weeks I noticed she came around when I could give her something or if she was getting something, this could be accidental or intentional , she kept mentioning waiting for money ..l know she had problem with the construction next to her house, (hard to sleep) and she had a "nervous rash" ..

obviously the "stress" is real, but also when I tolds her i was not rich and would not be her "bank" she has found lots of "reasons" that I wont repeat NOT to visit me, my son was 17 on sunday, I could have welcomed her company, she was busy..a few small things indicate a selfish attitude which may not be her "fault" but communication AND a local mentality suggests that any relation with her could be complicated.. I told her directly that I dont play games or accept any BS, ...we shall see in the next few days if I see her again..I wont hold my breath..  I am sympathetic, but,i would rather be alone than let this become MY mess too...
so, until now, I have given her "benefit of the doubt" /..we shall see ..
are U back at "work" ?


Its ALWAYS about YOU, Mila, its not equal, Goodnight!

2 weks ago, you said "I have lots of free time" but in reality I have seen u once (a short time @"berlin") in SIX days..because of dentist or family or other "reasons" (?), which dont add up, I get the message! Laku Noc! ChriS

Mila, I dont know if U want to see me? I go out with Pedar this afternoon, many people make promises to me, since I came to Pg, but no one kept those promises, I hoped U would be different. cuvaj se , bye, ChRiS

Milica S>
i have a small familly in Montenegro...i have  a sister she is 37 years old ..she is devorced ..i forget or forgot English because i dont talk and writte English ..
i have a mmamma ..
i finished civilian and work  security and i training taekwondo
Chris > do u want to exchange serbian & english language with me? (Mila has no time)
Elisavet Bubblemaker > Look, Chris, this is not the time or the place to talk about it. Actually.. we shouldn't talk about it at all. All of us had ruined meetings at least once. And your mistake is that you asked if you're welcome. I never ask anybody for permission to join a meeting. You shouldn't either... If you can't take being ignored or scorned or whatever then don't come, if you can then come and have fun with the ones that like you.
If i had any interest in people who don't like me or which i don't like, i should have left cs way ago...
and this is my last comment!

Creep N.1 ... @ Prizren.. 
Chris> I actually wrote to u on a PM, but u didnt answer.. and just because u do things your way, thats up to u, there is no "time and place" to state my feelings.. certainly u dont tell me when to state from the heart how i feel.. I said "let it go".. so let it go..c1a-0



Mila, when U are ready to be open and SHARE, let me know..I will help you but not the  way you want to do this, read what I wote, because I have explained. and I expect you to keep those promises, no games, ChRiS

(Hiya Mila, I have changed plans ; I will be in Pg, if u want to meet, talk or go dancing, in the next days.. vidimo se! ChRiS x) thursday 8th august)

[17:55:08] ChRiS Monty-Logic: Mila, I cant help u, if i never see U, and I am not a bank, I am not rich, I offered to show u something with the club, but U are always "busy" with family, girlfriend, or u have some other reason for not sharing time together, I am here for you, but when are you there for me??you made promises to me, but ..... its not a one-way street? razumem?  you dont bother to send me any nice "laku noc" with kisses, & then expect me to understand you? ChRiS

Mila, I was alone, when I needed you, but now you need to be with girlfriend, your Sms are impossible to understand..Yesterday NO kiss or "laku noc" , yesterday with your family, today with your friend, no time with me @"berlin" must go home fast??? thats what I  "UNDERSTAND"  

Mila, ja sam bio , kada si mi trebao , ali sada treba da bude sa devojkom , vaši sms nemoguc´e razumeti .. Juce bez poljupca ili " Laku noc´ " , juce sa svojom porodicom , sa svojim prijateljem, danas , nema vremena za @ ja " Berlin " ... moraš ic´i kuc´i brzo ? taj što sam "razumeju "


Mila, I know u dont understand this, because U are NOT really"alone", i am glad u came to "berlin" but... today is th 17th birthday of a son (Leon) that i do not know, I wanted you to be with me, But, i am alone, as it is the way it always was! ChriS

so I got drunk, instead. laku noc!
(2 weeks ago she was "ready" to go to  an hotel with Ste?)

Leon ; estranged son now 17, then 30 months old, when he was stolen from me by a nasty mother....."her possesion"...!! "happy birthday"
( )
Karma is not always "instant"

I needed to get drunk, but Bea & Malwin went home early. Zeljko acted like a spoilt brat, Mila had to go to get up for church?? ...
so Cijana & sag. stayed and kept me company whilst I got sh+t faced!

I needed it..

11th of august, today is the 17th Birthday of my estranged son Leon, who is "allowed" to email me @ birthday & xmas, we shared custody, and i was his caretaker until he was 30 months, and his mother disliked my human rights "actrivism" so, one day early in 1999  I went, as usual to collect him @ their address ..they were gone, the state refused me information as i was not "married" even  in modern "germoney" ...

the mother told them not to give me info, i organised a network throughout europe for estranged parents, campaigned and organised events to make people aware, but people dont care...until it happens to them!

despite my natural rights as a father, every time i tried to see Leon, she would complicate situatio, go away or on holiday, or not come to the door, and no policeman will enforce my rights , as I am always the "alien" and the feemales of this world act as if a child is their "possesion" ..ladies you have no "special rights"  we are EQUAL even if the system doesnt recognise equality or apply human rights ANYwhere in the so-called "democratic world"

I have had 30 minutes with him in the last 10 years, i get on with my life , volunteering with other children, and so on. ..but today it hurts especially...I often send clothes and  presents on birthday, xmas or in between but this time I emailed Leon to say that I will pay an economy (return) ticket for him to visit me..

as I get no information, whoever he is, he is a stranger as another man was substituted as his"papa" ..please dont tell me that "one day" he may want to know me, because ...i wont know him, a GOOD father should be there, at all times during growth to balance the feemale bias...

very few of u understand that employment of lawyers and making "politics" only feeds the system that cheats us, I made 54 complaints at the ECHR Strasbourgm and eventually sent the file to Brussels ... because after 12 years it took all my eenergy to get the complaint that far, so how many people give up, if you really want to change this,...for me and others..

a) send a birthday card to

c/o Annika Hartmann
Engelberg 10,
D79106 Freiburg

b) dont pay taxes to a system that hurts you and fails to apply your natural equality..
11th August 2013

MIlica S> IT S VERY BEAutiful boy.


Chris > hvala

Milica S>
when he grow up ...he understand you  your love ...and he hate hes mother ...

Chris >
but that is too late for me , Milica .  anyway I wish your son a happy birthday too (Slobodan?) and a happy future.. goodnight! Laku Noc!

Milica S> no its not too late ?

Chris >
because.... a good father want to influence a sons life, to share the growth, to guide him from man to boy and boy to man, his mother instead found a substitute who has shared that life, if I meet Leon , he will be a stranger to me and i to him..thats reality, as much as i wish it was different.. and he has lost the best of me, I have missed the best of him..that cannot be replaced, /...never!

Milica S> no you wait for him a many years you wait 4 when he 21 years old  ...

no , u dont understand, he wont know me, i wont know him, I have to channel my energy for other young people, because too much pain to hope for him, and not really possible, because IF i had lived with him, I could have given him all my love , my skill, my experience  and support,
but another man enjoyed that, and the mother poisoned his mind.. so that he wont be the man he should have been
and today was the hardest day of the year, and , as usual, i was alone,
and if there were a thousand people around me, i deal with it alone... no one cares ...thats just how it is..
it would be stupid if i thought that it is different,..
Milica, I am am creative and positive person,,, but..there are things in my heart that u cannot solve.. too much pain.  so i give my energy to other young people...that is productive
..not waiting for a miracle..
tonight i played football with young men, of similar age to my son, I talk to them, guide them, laugh with them.. i will coach them in september..that its my "escape" from the reality and pain of my son..

Chris> Milica S.
Milica, Excuse my "tone" yesterday, I want to learn your language, because its difficult to comprehend something that is so deeply emotional, I wanted to discuss with Mila, but she is usually busy, I only saw her for an hour in the last 5 days... she is your closest Girlfriend?
...I wanted her to teach me Serbian/Montenegrin, but she has no time... and especially yesterday, i would have liked company..
so, tell me about you??? are you well now? do u live in Tolosi too, and with your son (Slobodan?) do you have a big family in MNE...
anyway, cuvaj se!


ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy ; 

Bryan Adams - 18 Til I Die


Take Risks, but respect your body & soul, Dream, but balance between both worlds, remember ..."when experience talks ..listen" care about humanity..everyone and everywhere..but be true to your SELF too :)

remember Shanks, a true man of people 

 ..and good luck Pepe, moving on...

Aurélie Pereira Macedo> Hi Chriiis!
Arrived in France.
I want to thank you for all, for opening to me, visiting with passion your region, spending time with me.
Soon some fotos!!!!!

Chris >
HIya "O'reilly"  !!!
good to see u are ok... i sent u some "reflection" from "C.R.S." my alternative ego (for contact with a very few people ) i look forward to your reaction and pics when u have time to post them on FB... cuvaj se! Slainte


Chris> met with Mila, very difficult, she is in deep sh*te, cries a lot, no money, I heped a bit but i also have limitations , snd I hope we will find a solution, shes depressed and then has a skin reaction to stress, I fed her, because she looked so thin and as if she hadnt eaten in days..  and her little girls wants what all kids want, and its making her ill..
btw I call A.P.M "O' reilly" ( because her name sounds like that if u say it with a Liverpool-irish accent) she was good company, and say "hello" when U next meet her in Paris or Lucerne

Stee Schmid
F*ck. (Sorry for it but i guess here it's the right place). Sounds very bad with mila... Mhmm. Can i help somehow? I'm not eager to send money, and i also don't know if it's really the right thing... but... Makes me feel mad to hear all this...
And Aurélie... Would so much to say her hello from you in paris or lucerne... Wherever... But did not hear from her since a week now. Told her about my feelings two days ago on mail, but... Nothing
I'm kind a desperate... Takes a lot of energie from me... And sleep... Suggaroff!!  Hope is getting better soon...

Chris >
Mila, no , she has to find her own way, I will support how i can, and help her find a way, but  sending money wont solve her problem, I really sensed the problem when she was with us, and only now am i seeing how deep things are, her confusion and language makes it hard to understand, and i am trying to talk her round from doing something stupid, she phones me with I was with APM monday , about midnight, on our way to Tolosi and its was impossible to interpret ..

as for O'Reilly , shes going to be "popular" of course, so i think its good that u told her, but maybe give her time, she was very tired when she left, Peter taxi driver and I made a few jokes, and she left with a sweet smile, good luck...


From ChriS SmiTH.... to A P M

p.s. I went to the farmers market, bought 3Kg of fresh tomatoes for 1e , then a private car gave me a lift to my road, then a smiling neighbour ..who speaks no english picked me up at the corner and brought me home, more "signs" ..yesterday the bus connections, Marko's generosity.. the sun, the "hope bus" all feels defined..if u let it...dont miss this chance!

p.p.s u dont have to tell me to "be the best"..i am...when i have to be.. and thats enough for this planet...

i am writing this after "farewell" @ the airport, and intentionally from "C.R.S." you will understand the irony that my initials have.. (in fact during my wine days my sports car registration was "CRS7" which attracted a lot of attention when i crossed so many times on the ferry to Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe etc..

I felt a difficult start with U, because i have u scattered pieces of the jigsaw...but even if i allowed U to to "boss me" in a weak moment last night, so u escpaped my preferred "farewell party".. I indeed wish you "all the besT"

words like "friend" are too easy to say, I hope one day that U do become a friend, but if not at least an HONEST "enemy" as it often feels that modern women are destroying the best of life, and even the best of their own gender (i have an FB group, called "weapons of MALE destruction"...)

yes i do have a sense of humour, u were not here long enough to enjoy the best of me,

just a "taste"

please allow me to advise you... even if i dont meet U again.. (i say that not only because i warn U of the "danger" of being in my life, but for true reasons, (my time on this planet is more limited than U know...) I got emotional because i KNOW i could support U, and enable some beautiful evolution, before i leave for another dimension ....and start the eternal conflict all over again..

PLEASE be honest, not only with yourself, for example when that TV interviwer asks your opinion, it may seem
insignificant to "tell them what they want to hear"..but too many times, small "lies" become habit
and that a large cause of the mess and madness on this planet..

U seemed in a hurry to leave, but i wanted to slow your departure, so I came with "Peter" ..(my favourite taxi-driver) he is reliable, and good fun...

u were already gone last night...but i wanted to hold your spirit for a few more minutes

Peter took me back to the bus station, i am going somwehere tomorrow , away from here for a couple of days and i need to get really REALLY drunk and dance.. because it keeps me alive.. this morning i NEEDED to run for my body, my mind and to clean my spirit of poisons that caught me, a little tired during the time we were at Berlin, and that "hope guy" just reminded me how much energy I have to do what i havew to do..

so i am WARNING you..DO NOT return....

do NOT return..UNLESS you are ready to be ALL you should be.. because i will not allow any other solution
Karma was often my enemy... because i provoked it, now it is probably my only true friend..

there is a destiny... you can take it or leave it

and i have an even greater "chapter " to live..

I dont need a book, a film or publicity, i have (almost) everything, but almost is how it should be..
there is no reason for my life if it was 100% so if my dream partner, who "yings my yang" dont arrive in this dimension, i will search her in the next..

"freedom is just another name for nothing left to lose" and i win because I have nothing to lose..

you touched my soul, the energy i burn could light up the sun, (not only because i had no woman in the last 4 years,
i prefer to make love, not just "sex"!!) thats "extra info" ;) not for publication..!! ha ha...

be warned.. if U take the challenge you will experience more than u ever imagined...

and ..note... "when experience talks...listen";)
and (not only relevant to me) remember .."

what should i write, about this "surprise" 
arrived with a big bag and ..also big eyes..

a cautious start, you touch my heart,
then i was "made up" too
that we could share a day or two and the lake, with you,

i enjoyed the fun on the ambulance bus,
got to know a little of you, without any fuss,
btw check your toothpaste, she needs a lot??
she can down a rakija, or a tequila shot!

its a difficult thing to say "goodbye"
please be true to your potential,
and i know you can , dont ask me me why..

i dont expect to see you again
but i hope u know that being crazy is not being insane

"escaping the rakija made me smile
to see you laugh i would travel many a mile.."

Aurelie, be the best that you can...and will be... LIVE


alternatively ..... I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind There was something so pleasant about that place Even your emotions have an echo in so much space And when you're out there without care Yeah, I was out of touch But it wasn't because I didn't know enough I just knew too much ..Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? Probably (CRAZY..


most complete player since EPL started, in defence or attack,
in the tackle, pass, free kicks & that shot!  #GerrardTestimonial

@TonyBarretTimes @RedAlieNeT @Liverpool_FC_  yeah! the word is GO!...with F S G, standards corrupted & the rest of yr  sh*te out of our club

about ME...............

anyway that you are "warned"... short version ;

born to scots-english parents, grew up in Liverpool, in love with the "beatles", rock & soul music & "the REdS"
... started as "office boy" in London @ 16, without qualifications ..(migrain attacks as teenager & love for football distracted me )

@ 19 was Logistic manager; married & adopted wife's 6 month old daughter,Sarah, we had son, Adam, but wife ran off with a younger man (!) because I worked "too much" and divorced, (I payed 3rd my income  for her & kids) i changed employers, based Paris or London, and travelled throughout europe negociating in wine services for each company, at 26 started own business, at 29 was millionaire, but fought with business
partner, and walked away with nothing. started freelance strategic managment, took me all over the world (1/2 of it) I was married again, to the lovely Jaqui, who died 8 years ago, very young , of cancer..

1995 , after completeing a satelite network contract with Ukrainian Space Agency in Kiev, in the last week of finalising a pan-european  multi-media project, based near Brussels I went into a "meningitis - induced coma"!
a week later I woke up and surrpised the doctor who "didnt think i would survive" - for the first time in my adult life I was "stopped" ...

I went "Alternative" had a new son "Leon" with a hippy girl (Annika) and later a daughter (Noela) with environmentalist (Margit)
both children were stolen from me by mothers with help from german state apparatus (which became part of 54 complaints made Verus "germoney" ) I organised human rights campaigns, ("human shields") ..a "Medinezt" for illegal refugees, formed a Union to help people oppressed by govt. and moderated a "pirate" radio station,
made a journal. and so on...

I moved to belgian-flemish/dutch regions, played in & organised international fun football parties & coached "for fun" and planned to drive to Ghana to be volunteer coaching football & teaching english, but when I was in Bucharest , (february 2010) the project got suspended so I came to Podgorica because of a "spontaneous invitation" from a Liverpool fan (I have co-ordinated supporters meetings all over Europe)  my vehicle BROKE on the jouurney and I came down the mountains without brakes, and I discarded the vehicle here,

since then I have organised some fun events, Football meetings, a free academy, a not for profit club for visitors have several "blogs" several Facebook groups , 3 web sites and write mostly in winter when its not so sunny...
why am i here?  I joke that I am a spy.... but main question is why should I leave???


Korotkaya versiya;

Shotlandtsy, rozhdennyye roditelyami-angliyski, vyros v Liverpule, v lyubvi s «Bitlz», rok i soul-muzyki i "Krasnyye"
... nachalas' kak "kur'yer" v Londone @ 16, bez kvalifikatsii .. (migrain atak, kak i podrostok
lyubov' k futbolu otvlekali menya)

@ 19 byl Menedzher po logistike; zamuzh i prinyata 6-mesyachnym zheny doch', Sara, u nas byl syn, Adam,
no zhena sbezhala s molodym chelovekom (!) potomu chto ya rabotal "slishkom mnogo" i razvelis', (ya zaplatil tretiy moikh dokhodov dlya neye i detey)
YA izmenil rabotodateley, osnovannyy Parizh ili London, i puteshestvoval po Yevrope negociating v vine
uslug dlya kazhdoy kompanii, v 26 nachal sobstvennyy biznes, na 29 byl millionerom, no borolsya s biznesom
partnera, i ushel ni s chem. nachal vneshtatnym startegic menedzhmenta, vzyal menya
vo vsem mire (1/2 yego)
YA snova vyshla zamuzh, k prekrasnoy Jaqui, kotoryy umer 8 let nazad, ochen' molodoy, ot raka ..

1995 godu, posle completeing kontrakt sputnikovuyu set' s ukrainskim kosmicheskim agentstvom v Kiyeve, v poslednyuyu nedelyu zavershayut razrabotku obshcheyevropeyskoy mul'timediynyy proyekt, osnovannyy nedaleko ot Bryusselya ya otpravilsya v "meningit - komom"!
Nedelyu spustya ya prosnulsya i surrpised vracha, kotoryy «ne dumayu, chto ya vyzhivu", - v pervyy raz v moyey vzrosloy zhizni ya byl "ostanovilas'" ...

YA poshel «Al'ternativa» byl novyy syn "Leon" s khippi devushka (Annika), a zatem doch' (Noela) s ekologom (Margit)
kak detey, tak u menya ukrali materyami s pomoshch'yu nemetskogo gosudarstvennogo apparata (kotoraya stala chast'yu 54
zhaloby Vera "germoney") ya organizoval prav cheloveka kampaniy, ("chelovecheskogo shchita") .. "Medinezt" dlya
nezakonnykh bezhentsev, sozdali profsoyuz, chtoby pomoch' lyudyam ugnetennykh pravitel'stvo. Moderatorom i «piratskikh» radiostantsiy,
sdelal zhurnala. i tak daleye ...

YA pereyekhal v belgian-flemish/dutch regionov, igral v organizovannoy i mezhdunarodnoy futbol'noy storony veselo i treniroval "dlya udovol'stviya" i zaplanirovali yezdit' v Ganu
byt' dobrovol'tsem futbol kouching i prepodavaniya angliyskogo yazyka, no kogda ya byl v Bukhareste (fevral' 2010)
Proyekt poluchil priostanovleno poetomu ya prishel v Podgoritsu iz-za "spontannykh priglasheniye" ot ventilyatora Liverpul' (u menya yest'
skoordinirovannykh storonnikov vstrech po vsey Yevrope) moy avtomobil' slomalsya na jouurney i ya spustilas'
gory bez tormozov, i ya otkazalsya ot avtomobilya zdes',

s tekh por ya organizoval nekotoryye veselyye meropriyatiya, Futbol vstrechi, Svobodnoy Akademii, ne dlya polucheniya pribyli kluba dlya posetiteley yest' neskol'ko "Blogi" neskol'ko grupp Facebook, 3 veb-sayty i pisat' v osnovnom zimoy, kogda ne tak solnechno ...
Pochemu ya zdes'? YA shuchu, chto ya shpion .... no Glavnyy vopros: pochemu ya dolzhen uyezzhat'??

=========================== ............. (also theme from "matchstick men" by Ridley Scott, good film...)

12804  ... a time when true leaders LED! and were FIRST into battle , not behind a desk sending others to slaughter, a film that has the feeling of all those who know their Celts spirit...Slainte!

YOU took back mobile, I meant that I didnt want ONLY to talk via technology, but also face to face, but of course if its for simonida.. i understand, you cant concentrate, I suggested coffee @"torte i to" , not to talk but simply to share a coffee. try to be positive, because u have simonida, your friend Milica, and others who care, and I care about you too next time lets talk about positives or go dancing, because thats the picture I have in my heart of us. :) adios!

[18:05:37] Chris Smith SoulMate: Te natrag mobilni , mislio sam da nisam samo želim da razgovaram preko tehnologije , ali i licem u lice , ali naravno
ako je za njegov Simonide .. Ja razumem , ne možete koncentrat , predložio sam kafa @ "I Torte da " , ne govori , ali...........
[18:06:26] Chris Smith SoulMate: jednostavno da dele kafu . pokušajte da budete pozitivni , jer u imati Simonida, vaš prijatelj , Milica i drugi kojima je stalo , i meni je stalo do tebe
Sledec´i put omoguc´ava razgovor o pozitivnim ili da igramo , jer taj sliku imam u srcu nas . :) Adios! ChRiS x

 OM> "kiss we'll talk"


I am pretty sure that This is written only to myself, because sometimes emotions are close to exploding, i needed to write it down before if burns a hole in my soul...

"she" MO , got close last week..

and because of "wishful thinking" I let her choice, MY consequence, because I decided until now that toi be alone was just as it was meant tyo one seems worthy, women just want toy-boys and/or rich, sometimes they look at me as a "sugar Dady" but dont see who i am, or what i know, or even the passion that burns in ME ...a "good man" is not their "target"

and so me, being ME, had to ask what she wants, because I dont want any games and certainly no more pain from women who dont know what they want, (especially if they are scared to say they dont want me...)

So when I ask "do you want me in your life ?" (and equally vice verca) she cried , she told me lost of things but she didnt answer me..and THAT IS the answer...yes you women all talk and talk.... but ONLY what you DO makes any value... to me..

Stefan Schmid has REQUESTED a friend link to you and has written the
following reference about you on your profile:

Ste> "When i arrived i got picked up by a car. The driver held up a shield with my name, made me feel like a star.

As a welcome drink there was this unbelievabel Rakija, with cherisch taste, so we did not waste.

going out with Chris was very good fun, a lot of drinks, dance, dance,
dance all night long, untill it was gone.

Went to the coast, always with good advices from my host.

Met this incredible girl, spent two days, a perfect company i'd follow to
every place. When she was gone one day, she also carried my heart away.

Later on we went together up the hills, in company with two american girls. Got amazingly rafted by the tara, spent two nights at the cabin, very well organized by Chris, beside a swiss flamming.

There always on our side, our guide. with a voice like borat, me like, good

Chris is the perfect host, a friend, a brother almost. If you ever come to
my place, my house is your home, as you might have known, you`ll never walk alone :)."

To see your friend's profile, go to


Chris >ok whats the address?
i misunderstood, when U wrote that u wanted me to visit, that u could host, ...I think i have a 26 day "credit" with your bike group! ha ha

Zhujeta >
thats what i mean i will host you maybe my english is not good enough
dont know what 26 days credit is 

Chris >
maybe mis-understood, because it says on your CS profile that u cant host at the moment , what address do i visit when I come to Tirana?
p.s. 26 days credit = 13 cyclists x 2 nights at my place , ha ha ha!

CS> Hiya Mila, So I now understand Simonida was sick..i have empathy. BUT, is that a "reason" for no kiss or "laku noc" sms?
and when I mention this you simply reply "ok" ???? last week you wanted to meet nearly every day, and now after 3 days and it seems you have more "reason" to avoid face to face contact? whats the story?
i told you , clearly, i want a human relation (not via technology, i closed my facebook with 3000 people because i dont need that!)
you told me you will be busy again this weekend... (religious event) next week I will be hosting more visitors ..
so.......... ? will you ignore this or react positive?

[10:11:14] Chris Smith SoulMate: Zdravo Mila , Tako da sam sada razumeo Simonida bio bolestan .. imam empatiju . ALI , da je" razlog " bez poljupca ili " Laku noc´ " SMS ?
i kada sam pomenuo ovo jednostavno odgovorite " OK " ? ? Prošle nedelje ste želeli da ispune skoro svaki dan ,.....

[10:11:58] Chris Smith SoulMate: i sad posle 3 dana i cini se da imaju " razlog " da se izbegne kontakt licem u lice ? šta jeprica ? rekao sam ti , jasno , želim ljudski odnos ( ne preko tehnologije , zatvorio sam Facebook sa 3000 ljudi , jer ne moram tu vrstu odnosa !

[10:12:12] Chris Smith SoulMate: ( )
rekao si mi da c´e biti zauzet opet ovog vikenda ... ( verski dogadaj ) sledec´e nedelje c´e biti domac´in više posetilaca ..
tako .......... ? c´ete ignorisati ovaj ili reaguju pozitivno ? ChRiS x

13801 ?_r=0

 a good idea for Monty!!

[10:54:57] Chris Smith SoulMate: Thank U for phoning, it seems now since our last coffee @ "coco" you are too busy, yesterday and today, so, no pressure - when u decide u WANT to be with me, face to face - here or @ cafe (u dont like to go with me) then PLEASE call or sms - because I dont want to have "phone contact" I dont work & i dont sit here alone, I can be "alone" @ Caffe! understand? (NO kisses on your last sms??) ChRiS .. ? x
[10:56:02] Chris Smith SoulMate: Hvala U Za telefoniranje , sada se cini od našeg poslednjeg kafu @ " Koko " ste previše zauzeti , juce i danas , tako , bez pritiska - kada u odluciti u želiš da budeš sa mnom , licem u lice ....................... ->
[10:56:32] Chris Smith SoulMate: - ovde ili @ Cafe (u dont vole da idu sa mnom ) onda pozovite ili sms - jer ne želite da imate kontakt telefon " " I Dont radim i ja dont sedim ovde sama , ja mogu biti " samo " @ Caffe ! razumeš? ( Poljubaca o vaših poslednjih sms ? ) Chris .. ? x

I just had a suprise visit from a young russian girl who had "problems" with her previous host, and turned up in Pg un-announced , who speaks almost NO english!!" shes here (well shes only sleeping here, shes in budva today, with the rest of moscow!) until tomorrow, Aurelie had added me on Fb, i wil suggest she makes a "couch request" just to keep my diary in order, and sms me - u can tell her my mobile number , in case i am offline ..or in mountains (unlikely..)

Chris >
Ste, no parazzi , if the C1A get hold of this, they might attack me during a rakija moment,,.ha ha ha
"This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you."

Stee Schmid
Hallo Chris, danke, dass du mir mitteilst, dass ich das von mir gepostete Foto entfernen soll. Das habe ich gemacht.

Chris >
das geht nicht! when U write like that! ... it was a joke! cuvaj se! Ste!!! be well!

Stee Schmid
Lilu...MultipaSS ..version from St Peter...
Too late now! But you should understand when i speak like that  why did you post your story of life? Are you trying to find a producer for that:)?

Chris >
no parazzi or publicity, i had to write it for the ruissian girl, as she understood  nothing of what i said.. as I told u ...I dont want a book (or a film) about me, until or unless I cant LIVE it any more..and anyway who could i trust to tell the truth????


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 11:11:49 +0100

Edagn-CSvee-71217- Noela-open letter

Liverpool 17th December 2007 without Prejudice

AN open letter to MarGIT (streifeneder)
49 Saint Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN 3, Ireland

cc: Sg. SEXTON ; "Garda Station" Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland

cc: EU Parliament – petitions – chairman ( ref:no.0290/2007)
cc: ECHR, Stasbourg (ref; 323590/05 )


AN OPEN LETTER concerning NOELA (born 28 November 2001)

Firstly,YOU know that you have (again) LIED to the "Garda" officers – & you know that even the biased & incompetent Freiburg "judge" Prestel told you that you must allow access between Noela and myself! – (but you have ignored or avoided all communications. Email, post or phone calls ; either direct of via my legal repersentatives & human(child) rights Orgs.


I am VERY interested to see the documents you used to FOOL the Garda officers to keep Noela from me on the 16th December 2007 in Clontarf, DUBLIN. Obviously it now seems a mistake by me to co-operate with them, as they, like others, have "protected" your personal desires. (to keep Noela as your 100% "property") which obviously damages Noela.

It was a case of "hope over experience" by me, & apart from the "legal/human rights" aspects you have proven once again, NOT to be a worthy parent – not only because your "paperwork" is based on PREJUDICED german "law" but because you are so Jealous, bitter & selfish that you PREFER to hurt me and in so doing deny Noela a reunion with me at this xmas time, & as you know, on the same day as my deceased son (Adam) birthday. You again show your cruel mentality. (of course you hide this with "sweet & polite pretence" again when confronted by the authorities, such as in Clontarf on the 16th December 07)


I have given Mr. Sexton (Garda; Clontarf) a copy of the EU petition, who inform me that they WILL investigate my claims and I am now also informed by a dutch lawyer that the E.C.H.R (human rights court Strasbourg) WILL hold a hearing in 08 concerning the various german violations of my childrens rights (inc; those you done to Noela) ;and those violations against my person (family rights etc). & The International abduction office (London) has not yet answered.

Whilst you seem to be very sure that you can escape justice and these procedures are primarily made against german govt. Officials (judges, attorneys; police & youth/social workers etc) – should the plaints be succesful, it will be relatively easy to proceed against you; in BOTH the civil and criminal courts ; (all actions will be "joint & several) resulting in bankruptcy ; for you; your accomplices and your family…(as sooner or later a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process WILL result in the TRUTH being known; finally freeing me from stigma and punishing you ; something you RICHLY deserve!)

Moreover; In the meantime I could "Go Public" with the neighbourhood & media in Dublin (mainstream or alternative) with regards to your abduction of Noela & "S & M practices"…(I have not continued any such publicity on the internet, by the way, as the website is temporarily "offline")

& of course you RISK to LOSE contact with Noela IF I get full custody – after this latest situation and the cost & stress it causes me I am losing all reasons to be sympathetic to you!

I have NOT copied your "abduction tactics" as I believe it IS important that NOELA has BOTH (natural) parents/guardians in her life. I will NOT proceed with PUBLIC exposure of YOUR TERRIBLE CRIMES because probable imprisonment would hurt MY daughter ; Noela!

Therefore, I offer you ONE LAST CHANCE ; to be reasonable ; to bring Noela & I back into (positive) contact on a regular basis; to retract your lies; for Noela s sake if not your mine …or your own!


ChriS. R. SMITH F. Inst D
An estranged parent of 2 beloved children
and as European C-ordinator
EuRED – EdAgN ; Euro. Direct Action Group Network

("creative development; ecology & justice for all")


a poem for (my estranged daughter)  Noela (1st October 2008)

for a minute or two on the phone I heard your voice
first time in 4 years – i wanted to rejoice
but my heart is too heavy because i dont know you
i told you i love you, but i want to show you

how can anyone understand how i feel?
i am your daddy, i wish it was real
to hug you, and kiss your face
but i dont know how you look, or anything of your place

you said "I love you too" and almost broke me apart
and that you want to see me too, we could make a new start
your mummy told me I will never see you again
but I will come to you through storm wind or rain..

I love YOU

your Daddy ChriS XXXXX

extracts from a "a book i have not written"


sponsored by (link)   .....a reminder that people have no sense of humour ..

please note changes of venue...

A man who was/is my mentor ; BILL SHANKLY would be 100 years old on September 2; 

I support no other biography of Shanks than his own "Shankly by Shankly"

 its the only one that Shanks agreed to!!! so yes! ... IMO, its a matter of respect, who has the right to tell a story about a man i respect , who cant say if he agrees with it or not, as he is no longer alive? ... we all have written comments about the man, but a "biography" belongs to the man, ..but of course people should have supported him more when he was alive and when the board of Lfc disrespected him!...mind U whats happening at Lfc now is terrible too!

anyway, Global RedS boycott official products and the online shop, from Moores through to Hicks & F S G our supporters loyalty has been exploited ..and the global "wake up" is being extended to Lfc ..

the "Lfc office propaganda machine" that Henry & Ayre have developed is being exposed..

   Shanks would never have allowed S.O.S or the "plastic supporters committee" set up by Ayre via  a "panel" &  NOT voted on by our supporters!) to use HIS name, or allow Karen to be "figurehead" to fool fans into sanctioning the selling of our club's soul, bleeding money out of fans for 3 x new kits EVERY season, advance cash for tickets and becoming a "selling club" for players, back-stabbing Kenny, using Anfield as collateral, and so on...) 

NO,  BILL SHANKLY was a great MAN and this site should remember all he did in or outside of football...........


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    havent kicked it yet! :)


    UNSuB-ed@Tolosi_LOL: Updating REsistance ; Local & GloBALLS ;)


  2. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in The F**k it Club (a.k.a the Groundhog day club..)

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
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    Timeline Photos
    And now for something completely (and very recently) written by John Cleese. ALERTS TO THREATS ..

  3. Chris East-west Invest Ursun approved your request to join the group Car-POOL @ Balkans.

    Margit Streifeneder @RetirePedia "I like who I am now. Other people may not. I'm comfortable. I feel freer now. I don't want growing older to matter to me." -Meryl Streep - 18 Jul
    REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT
    @RetirePedia @EuRED09 did she also steal a child from a father?? 2:42 PM - 18 Jul 13
    It may be very hot but #ChildrenofSyria in #Zaatari school are happy to show off their reading skills to @yokabrandt.


    Chris East-west Invest Ursun commented on your photo in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy.

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    8:24pm Jul 25
    “one of the TRUE & greatest Ironies of this mad planet is that millions, maybe Billions study to join the “system” who are “educated” by “teachers & professors and business “gurus” ... to take their place in.....a failure, in 2 thousand years have they got any sign of evolution, instead a steady decline in to “idiocracy” dependant on machines and technology and still buying 3rd class tickets to a SUNKEN “titanic”...”
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    10:41am Aug 1

    .... ! what about this in Monty!

    Lawmakers in Uruguay Vote to Legalize Marijuana RIO DE JANEIRO —

    Uruguay’s lower house late Wednesday night approved a sweeping bill to legalize...

  4. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    10:41am Aug 1

    .... ! what about this in Monty!

    Lawmakers in Uruguay Vote to Legalize Marijuana


    Uruguay ’s lower house late Wednesday night approved a sweeping bill to legalize...

  5. Anfield Online anfieldonline "Crucify him until his contract is over." - One fans view on Suarez/Court Case story. Agree?… - 03 Aug

    Sean @Sean_LFC @EuRED09 @anfieldonline @RedAlieNeT behave - 03 Aug

    REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @Sean_LFC @EuRED09 @anfieldonline whats the problem? dont your y a n k e r clones like the truth?? 07:47 PM - 03 Aug 13
    @Sean_LFC @EuRED09 @anfieldonline no,.not at all, :) I will oppose Henry, F S G clones and the apathetic fannies who ruin all Shanks built!

    Nick Mulrooney @NickMulrooney

    @anfieldonline we stood by him when he dragged our name through the mud The total disrespect he's showing now is a disgrace #suarez #jogon - 03 Aug

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    Nick Mulrooney @NickMulrooney @EuRED09 @anfieldonline @RedAlieNeT Loyalty big word these days comes from a dying breed of players. #carra #gerrard that's the problem - 03 Aug

    REd AlieN @RedAlieNeT @NickMulrooney @EuRED09 @anfieldonline problem is Hicks, Purslow, Henry & Ayre in the last 6 years have backstabbed our managers & players! 07:53 PM - 03 Aug 13

  6. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy 3:20pm Aug 5

    Shanks Birthday party + more
    August 31 Pristina & PODGORICA