Wednesday, July 31, 2013

F *&K (the) S tupid G *ts.....HONOUR Shanks!!!!

yes..its a WAKE UP call the anyone who hasn't got yet!!!!

F*&K (the) 
S tupid 
G *tS

"My idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility. Napoleon had that idea. He wanted to conquer the bloo dy world. I wanted Liverpool to be untouchable. My idea was to build Liverpool up and up until eventually everyone would have to submit and give in."

We are organising a 5 or 6 a side footy tournament in Podgorica, Shanks was well known as a fan of this type of training, no "medical experts" no "coaching" just play until his side wins.... ha ha ! I hope people have enough respect for the SOCIALIST who took a second division club and made it a global entity (currently being ruined by commercial Y A N K E R S join this one time EVENT to HONOUR his name!!! wiill YOU?

." to those who believe in Shanks idea of Socialism, not F S G 's "franchise" !!!!"

Henry-Werner Ayrem & F S G (as G & H) have  NO loyalty,  idea, strategy or ability , and I hope at least OUR choice (Rafa) benefits!

... Brendan is not strong or experienced enough to oppose them

...HELP save LIVERPOOL ; boycott official shops and dont complain CAMPAIGN,  F S G OUT!!!! to let Pepe go is an insult to him and OUR supporters,  dont blame Luis if he leaves.....
Hicks and Henry have 7 years of destructive "management" (a word that doesnt sit with these Y a n k e r s well!) 

a disgrace!!

"they didnt care about Kenny
they make fools out of fans..
is STILL in the wrong hands"

apply this @ LFC

 get Henry, Werner, Ayre, & the F S G fannies OUT 

- WE are the CLUB! 

CSnot bad, the Bile that some fans have now, for Luis , and previously Torres is sick,. sicker than anything the players did, The fans dark hatred should be aimed at Henry who, following Hicks, also has no interest to honour of our club supporters "holy trinity",  extended our decline from 2007, then Champions league finalists, we are now average after an average season, and hoping our youth that Rafa and Kenny helped to introduce before they were back-stabbed, to rescue our team.... 
but the fannies just dont get it! good read, btw, I hope he stays just to shut the idiots up!

its a shame that Ivan can forgive Luis, but some fannies and the scum english media can not (until he plays for a cockney club!)

more ....random summer pics

correction ; these words are being said by the MAN!!!

Ste, Aldona & Kris ..being Rafted! ;)


  1. 13726

    “one of the TRUE & greatest Ironies of this mad planet is that millions, maybe Billions study to join the “system” who are “educated” by “teachers & professors and business “gurus” ... to take their place in.....a failure, in 2 thousand years have they got any sign of evolution, instead a steady decline in to “idiocracy” dependant on machines and technology and still buying 3rd class tickets to a SUNKEN “titanic”...”CS13725


    ben harper, waiting for an angell..


    a reminder to the "rich nations" who scoff at the Eurozone, the spanish or greek "crisis" and try to assimilate the "3rd world" in their commercial obsession...THAT YET ANOTHER USA CITY GOES "bakrupt" ..the TRUTH is that every major city has finaicially collapsed, every "stock market" is a trick of illusion becAUSE the sytem failed..long time passing.. but the sad aspect for me personally is the end of an era , the "Motown sound" of the Temptation, Stevie (wonder not Gerrard!) Diana, Supremes, the Jackson 5, Isley bros,Marvyn, 4 tops etc etc gave me great times as a kid and since..dancing to the music...that touched OUR souls, replaced now by electronic A**HOLES! :)


    The lastest CSerS blog ; ... is banned by the C 1 a (C**nts **holes & Idiots) that "rule & SPOIL" the internet and VIOLATE your/our human rights daily......

    "say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in" :) ..sing after me..... you thought you lived in "democracy" wrong..
    you thought you had freedom of speech? wrong! ... agencies , private & government authorised will block and ban
    you, and drones can kill you, without "due process" you may even just be a "passer by" when they target a
    suspect, and we all know many computers go wrong, THE "most powerful" USA had not had a worth president in 60 years
    and violates every human right they they signed to can be DIShonourable too or be a HUMan BEING"

    but dont complain if u wake up in "hell" that you once thought was "civilised"

    Play footy in Podgorica

    would U like to play footy ?? (football) and U live or visit Podgorica m 5 0r 6 a side , then please join and u will be kept informed ..
    12 members

    thank U,that was more than I deserve , Raquel... [CS Reference written: Raquel Adaia] NEW reference
    Raquel Adaia has written the following reference about you on your profile:

    So short, so intense, so many new things, such great memories
    Getting to know Chris was this kind of experience that totally pervert your mind -always that you are willing to listen to what his mind is keeping
    - and if you are ready, you'll loved it!!
    Only 24h and I can say that the knowledge with which he gifted me is thousand times much more valuable than any education you can receive.
    What can I say? You better meet him and take a bit of what this wonderful person can offer you.
    Thank you Chris, not only for your words but also for your respect, hospitality and great sense of humor!
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    Christopher Richard Smith or humoUr ? take care...u are everyone could be!

  2. Was awake and running THIS morning @ 06,30h (as its too hot later) -
    If u go via nevasinje, u should negociate a cheap taxi, if u bargain they could do it,. To Nevasinje, to be sure of catching that 12,30 h bus to Podgorica (Pg) anyway I will go to “Caffe Berlin” Njegoseva 24, in old town, Pg, between 19-20h – if u are early please WAIT there..

    P.s - when u arrive at bus station DO NOT get in a taxi immediately outside (HIGH priced) take any taxi with a number on the door, (they are metered) OR walk about 15 minutes to the old town (ask for “stari grad”) … its only about 15mins walk..

    From: C.R.S >
    Sent: 26 July 2013 07:47
    To: 'Aldona B
    Cc: 'kristen
    Subject: 13726 RE: Aldona RE: CS13725 Aldona RE: cs, recommends that you use Google Calendar

    Noted, pse send me sms when u are actually “en route” and I will certainly plan to be @ the Caffe this evening, (in case I am out of contact) as I am “mobile” today, in and around Podgorica , but sometimes cell connection is weak.. ChRiS

    From: Aldona B [mailto:aldona
    Sent: 26 July 2013 00:59
    To: C.R.S
    Cc: Kristen
    Subject: Re: Aldona RE: CS13725 Aldona RE: cs, recommends that you use Google Calendar

    Hey! We did some more research, and are going to try to get to you via Kotor. We'll leave very early, and once we find out a more precise time of arrival, I will text you. And we can meet at the cafe you mentioned, so you won't have to worry too much about us, and we can meet when it is convenient for you. But it looks like we should be able to arrive late afternoon or early evening.
    Thanks for your patience.
    See you tomorrow,

    On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 8:03 PM, C.R.S > wrote:
    Noted, we can talk if u get here tomorrow../
    U will see on my profile that (IF) we miss each other go to Café Berlin..Njegoseva 24, Old town, Podgorica,
    the Café staff there know me..

    CC: 'kristen

    Cc; CS

    From: Aldona B
    Sent: 25 July 2013 13:14
    To: C.R.S
    Subject: Re: Aldona RE: CS13725 Aldona RE: cs, >

    Hi Chris!
    I got your fb message too, and we aren't at all angry when you give advice! We are very grateful.
    We are sorry if we seemed angry or rude! We aren't meaning to be at all, we must be losing something in communication.
    We are still in dubrovnik, so I definitely will send you a text message when we figure out our exact time of arrival. We want to ask at the bus station for the times! :)
    We've been pretty fluid this trip, and it has been hard to plan details too far in advance (because sometimes bus schedules and such have been hard to find online), and I'm sorry this has bothered you.
    We appreciate you planning a nice weekend for us, and we trust your advice! It is so kind of you, and we didn't mean for you to go that much out of your way for us. We haven't always had internet either, and have been trying to plan our entire trip when we do. I apologize that we haven't been able to always respond quickly with the info you need.
    We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow (and I promise I will text you as soon as we know what time we'll arrive)!
    On Jul 25, 2013 11:34 AM, "C.R.S" >
    Hi again, Adona,
    I told u I cant connect to google calendar
    I take my hosting properly, I have kept this weekend free for you two!
    I want u to enjoy it, and I want to prevent u having travel problems
    Its not a case of “inconvenient “ for ME, I expect u to arrive tomorrow! I just want the best for you!
    So PLEASE don’t ignore or misunderstand me,
    Because I am a friend of Gi Too, so I take care for U!
    And because I am not always on Line I ask u to send me an sms today with your expected arrival time

  3. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    7:56am Jul 26
    ." to those who believe in Shanks idea of Socialism, not F S G 's "franchise" !!!!"

    The future belongs to those who believe Lovely banner from Croatian reds

  4. Blog Name: Razistan - a journey east
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    Elif İrem >
    5:48pm Jul 19
    i have no idea i dont know anyone living around there who could do anything atm

    Conversation History

    12:44pm Jul 19
    Elif, do u know anyone who can Give CS friend Raquel a lift to Tirana or Podgorica or anywhere north on that dietcion, scopje, or ....? direction

    Raquel A/ also commented on her status.

    Raquel wrote: "And the winner is... (check my last status update) :P"

    Ivona Zekić commented on your post in W.M.D = "Weapons of MALE destruction" LMAO! :D.

    Ivona Zekić
    8:43pm Jul 25
    I know, thank you :-)
    Comment History

    Christopher Richard Smith
    7:34pm Jul 25
    Ivona, it is a compliment...!

    Ivona Zekić
    7:05pm Jul 25

    Christopher Richard Smith
    6:56pm Jul 25
    some gentlemen DO NOT prefer blondes, but for me if the mentality is good, the colour doesnt matter...
    Original Post

    Christopher Richard Smith
    6:47pm Jul 25
    w.m.d ? or not w.m.d, ..IS that the question? :D


    1000 words for Love... (pic)
    ........ there must be ONE still out there that understands this????

    Yes, because it's very hard to be your friend. You are very damanding and blame for things that is hard to even think about.

    For a bike trip I am still typing my diary
    Christopher Richard Smith

    "very hard" ? the word "friend" means NOTHING, if there is no effort, if u treat my contact so casually, then U didnt mean the "nice things" you wrote about , or to me... if u made a small effort to communicate, i would NOT have to " demand" anything, so if you want me to be like all the others better you delete me now, because if i die tomorrow or in a thousand years, I will be me, and i will be right,, i'd rather have an enemy I know, than a "friend" that dont care.. save youer diary for your "fan club" i am not a member!


    Dear Chris,
    ? i am not "Dear" i am very cheap, ask Aldona & Kristen! , I left them with Swiss Ste @ the mountain lodge last night, they had a "awesome time" rafting...
    I understand you have booked time for them and you want them to have a great time in Montenegro. A lot of people don't like their plans to be disturbed. On the other hand, I understand Aldona and Kristin, when you travel by back-packing sometimes you want to stay in one or other place longer. You plan it in generaly, but sometimes changes need to be made. Remeber when you were planning to came for Christmas, and it did not happen. It's life. So please understand the girls and don't get upset with them. Thanks
    nice to hear

    I kept everyone informed of my change of plans , they were caused by weather & other people G, so dont automatically protect your buddies, abd its not a case of getting upset with the girls, or anyone, I am the same with all, U should take some time to read my profile and visitor comments, its respect, and I HOPE that now they have visited me they have learnt, maybe u need to remember again???
    p.s. and I just read your message AFTER they have left, a bit too late, anyway!..i know u dont like to keep me or anyone informed...maybe when u are in a similar situaTION to me one day, you will appreciate my words and remember "when experinece talks ...Listen"

    u have actuall;y P*ssed me off more than them because U should know me better!

    p.s. I sent several messages to ask how the bike ride went, and now i hear u are going to USA, obviously u dont want me to know anything, but then why say we are "friends" day i wont be here , at all..

    Elif İrem wrote: "She passed away yesterday night. Condolences."

  5. Chris East-west Invest Ursun posted in The F**k it Club (a.k.a the Groundhog day club..)

    12:41pm Jun 29
    havent kicked it yet! :)

    Original email:
    From: Sally Holding
    Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 15:10:58 +0100
    Subject: Jacqueline Smith deceased

    Dear Mr Smith

    Further to your email to Leeds DPR on 15th July 2013. I regret that the postal service we operate to search for grants and supply copies does not have a data base and I cannot refer back to any earlier correspondence. I am sorry if you were not sent form PA1S and if you received a letter telling you there was no trace of a grant. Please be assured any errors are not deliberate. The postal service we provide routinely takes 4 weeks for Uk residents and longer if postage overseas is required.

    Based on the details you gave in the email regarding your wife I have searched the records and found that a grant of probate issued on 24th August 2005 to David Juler Hawker and that the grant was extracted by Raffan Hawker Solicitors.
    I attached scanned copies of the grant of probate and the will.

    The probate Registry does not hold any other records relating to the estate.

    Yours sincerely

    Sally Holding
    Probate Manager
    Leeds DPR York House 31 York Place Leeds LS1 2BA DX 26451
    0113 3896133

  6. Original email:
    Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 10:15:35 -0400
    Subject: CSvEE 13715 (Response to threats from Frau Bohnert)

    Freiburg im Braisgau, RATsAMT V Kinder , Jugend & familie! Jacob –
    – str. 1, D – 79098 FREIBURG, B.R.D. (“a.k.a. GER-MONEY”)

    ACHTUNG ; FRAU BOHNERT Yr REF 7331.705975

    And ; Ref; (*ECHR 22923/05 – transferred to EU petitions & International court
    of the people)
    & ; Epoch Trust society N. 3182122 ; Haftbefehl_20050530.pdf Landgericht-
    Freiburg_20050615.pdf Letter_from_Chris_20050613_to_Landgericht-
    Letter_from_Chris_20050624_to_opposing_attorney.pdf ; Amtsgericht
    (R?? XTV 35/5) or Judge Mrs Klein Landgericht (R?? 4/T/146/05 ) ; 21 AR
    8/05 =
    200 Js 16387/04; 11 05 000394 ; Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 ;
    Aktenzeichen" AR 21 8/05 and 27 Gs 784/05 and 27 Gs 1746/05” ;
    hearing (REF: 14 XIV 68/05) ;
    MY/OUR refs; 050701: ; 04519; 05711; rdl_fr 50805-o6; Balgau50728CS-HM
    05817AH-MS; 05824; (ECHR; 051105 Stephane 5.pdf ) ; Auslanderamt Freiburg

    Herr Ritter REF 32.41.1 (Haftprufung" REF 784/05) Landgericht (3Qs
    ; Abschiebung" hearing (REF: 14 XIV 68/05 AMTSMISSBRAUCH betreff : AZ: Ls
    200 Js
    16837/04 – AK 23/06 ; 60411W_FU-ukOf-Jpap; 50801 ; 05824VILLWOCK .

    (and this current file; 13715CSvEE_JudandRATS)

    WITHOUT PREJUDICE (although all germ-mans are prejudiced!)

    COMPLAINTS & CLAIMS VERSUS : “Stadt Freiburg, the “B.R.D” (a.k.a.
    , “Beamte” & others

    TODAY, I received a BLACKMAIL letter from “Frau Bohnert” from the above address (dated 20th June 2013) stamped from your employers “Stadt Freiburg” who therefore sanction this harassment! I have repeatedly rejected your
    prejudiced attempts to extract RANSOM from me! I do not perpetuate your state-induced
    terrorism. Furthermore, I have a CLAIM of 5 MILLION EUROS (+bank interest &
    ancillary charges) VERSUS “Stadt Freiburg & what I call “the state of GerMONEY”)
    this will increase with every letter that I feel inclined to answer.
    The claim is also “JOINT & SEVERAL” against German Judges, police, attorneys, various Beamte & German citizens. Punitive damages in the international courts could therefore have to be paid by individuals personally should you be arrested outside of the german prison (Freiburg, B.R.D.) where you have held my Son
    Leon (and daughter Noela). Since his state-assisted abduction by Annika Hartmann
    others in 1999.
    The modern violations “In Names des Volkes” of you & your employers & colleagues remind us all, that even SEVENTY years after the HOLOCAUST , German citizens and Beamte have not applied human rights or social equality in your occupied territory. TO CLARIFY ; WHEN WE EVENTUALLY BRING YOU TO JUSTICE ; Should
    EMPLOYERS CANNOT OR WILL NOT PAY, YOU WILL BE (JOINTY & SEVERALLY) MADE TO COMPENSATE IN THE SUM OF five MILLION Euros, (at least!). This also applies to Annika Hartmann and/or Margit Streifeneder!

    CS (FU/U.R.S.U.N) Tripa Kokolja 15, 81000 Podgorica, MONTENEGRO email :
    Cc: UN, ECHR: EU Petitions: H.R. Orgs; I.C. Hague; FCO; Media; H.R Watch.
    & others