Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CSinG ...update DDay? Dazed...D' U know? what "Empathy" is? ..its the FiFth Element... more "close encounters" with CSerS (13626)


 the MAJOR problem is that the sheeple of this planet let themselves get "occupied" .. with games, TV, and internet too, i dont blame the technology I criticise the USE of it, we could solve all the worlds problems , but YOU are an audience, so much so that you WONT take time to read this "CSLog" 's  content or take time to apply any of it???   

So, I write it for my enemies to read and for them to absorb my contempt for the poisoning of this planet, its nature and non-beings,,,and also that someone who TRULY cares may show them to my estranged children, so that one day...they may know more about me than propaganda that their biased mothers or a negative "establishment" pollutes them with ... <SMILE>

cheaper than an airport,  and no expensive shops! ;)
This could have been my story, a favourite film of my youth... in my case they brought me to this wonderful & mad planet.. between CS HOSTING and academy ( )...I sometimes watch cable TV, but like "groundhog day" the same films & series come back..
day after day, night after night, much like politics and music and the stupidity of the sheeple repeating the mistakes of thousands of years,and modern feemales acting like men did decades ago!

barbies !

minorities persecuting others when they get majority,  it might be "packaged differently" but they still sell you BULLsh*te! :) 

..posting "clever" stuff on FB is not enough

..and I have yet to meet someone who keeps their promises, CLEARLY there is a lack of originality & humanity .......IF I find intelligent life, with empathy .. I will explain how to be free...believe me!

.......... but u give me the impression that u prefer to stay in your "prison".....

Matthew Blake> Today a guy pulled over in front of me and said he'd like to give me $20. I asked why and he said he wanted to wish me well on my way before saying 'As far as I'm concerned, you're Jesus on a bicycle.' Time for a shave, I think.

Matt Kelly> I only got the "Jesus" name calling in Peru. Because clearly, Jesus was a freckled, bearded, lycra-wearing cyclist

Sara Boote> Hahaha brilliant!!!!! X

Peter Cannon > Doubting Thomas?
10 hours ago via mobile · Like

Frank P Schlosser > Maybe he is bribing his way to heaven!

Chris>  are u sure , it wasnt the Oil lobby rep, paying u the money for u to leave, in case other yankers stop using their cars  ?     q) u know why Jesus wasnt born in the USA? ....a) because they couldnt find 3 wise men and a virgin! LMAO!

5th element...

(Leeloominaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï Ekbat De Sebat (with "multipass" pictured at top!) 

...//is empathy!

Gi started to "get empathy"  and is biking to Vienna, but not as far as "Monty" balls? ;)


  ....yesterday a tourist bus crashed north of Pg..reported between 15-20 dead and many injured


people are missing the point , as usual,
its not even about whether he did it or not.....

, .... its that if an ordinary person was convicted, that person would be imprisoned until the appeal process completed, but, those with financial or political lobby may do what they like ... because they belong to "THEM" and YOU, the sheeple DO NOT!

its a local and global problem...


13623 CSerS? see CserS below

Met in Vilnius.. Vita fits her name

 ...13619 (Sinatra) ...where are all the romantic women? do they still exist?

...reflecting on a society obsessed with youth, and for those who challenge the "system"......

 ..., the '70 s cult film "Logans Run"... (similar genre as "planet of the apres" ..made long before the "matrix")...
a city (a bit like Podgorica..ha ha ..full of only young people) controlled by computer..&. about a cop who terminated anyone who tries to escape the
"culling" of anyone over 30 years old..("runners").... and then REBELS and together with a younger girl who falls in love with him, finds a post-nuclear world outside where an old man lives... with a load of cats ha ha.. (private joke!) ..the acting is a bit "plastic" but the messages are clear... if u want to understand ...???'s_Run_(film)

U are always welcome in Monty, Liisi! ...enjoy your next choices , whatever they are.. (dont forget ; ) be well! cuvaj se!  x





Tara, river & canyon  we didnt go there..Yet

Evren Kose +XX 536 7404072

So a day at Virpazar and on Skadar Lake...
we later ate fresh fish and home-made cake
Evren , I like U and what you make.
....even if, with u,  i am talking too much,
......for goodness sake...! x

;) x

p.s. the view after u left...?

(atm – 70e , spent e70 airport/caffe Berlin.taxis/Virpazar etc)

Evren; her FB profile gone? (deleted) her phone dont answer & sms dont arrive ? C1a-0!


Jana Kurpis(h)a is another "Borg"? least 10 potential CSerS said they would come and changed plans , postponed or cancelled late, time wasting is a CRIME!!

Jana K; not so sweet?
a.n.other; (who REQUESTED HOSTING!)

also no angel;  Cassie; but she was "honest"

CS> Hiya & Bonjour Marion! :)

so, U should arrive 25th and stay 2 nights?
U dont say whether u will H-H or arrive by bus?

I am almost certainly available to host U and show u Podgorica, and if u want also Skadar lake etc and the surrounding area..etc etc.  it would help if u confirm and tell me yr mobile number to make meeting easier.

... I am not so "cool" i am quite warm... ha ha !
actually its about 35c at the moment..HOT..
enjoy yr CSing and I hope to meet U next week

(from yr comments I suppose u already checked my profile and visitor comments, I had 2 different french girls stay with me last year, and i wont mind speaking yr language, if U have problems with mine)
take care
a bientot!


but i suggest this wont be in a street? because they will be alone in their rooms and be girls?  

How it should be


Raquel. i truly was sad to see u leave,
in a short time , i enjoyed your company,and hope one day
you will come to stay "Monty"
take care and be the best you can be!  :)
ChriS x

CS> Hello Raquel, have u found a host? how do u plan to arrive here? bus , train, plane?Hiya ,  I can show u Podgorica , Skadar lake & other (less well known) parts of this region , we have a party @ weekend, we can talk and walk, too ;)  I suggest U send me yr mobile number, check my profile & comments to see if u woudl be "comfortable" staying with me...enjoy Csing in the BalKANS! cHrIs

     Raquel A,   Bern, Switzerland ; Age: 23  Gender: Female
Grew up in: Barcelona References: 16 ; Friends: 9
Arriving:     06/20/2013 (was 22!
Departing:     06/22/2013 (was 23!)
Group Size:     1

    My 13618 CS-Raquel ( host in Podgorica)      

Raquel> Hey there! Thank u a lot for the invitation :) i love o get to know u hut i hope that iam not only a number ;)
My phone number is xxxx 627000190.

(Rquel got a white "we are" XXL from me: to wear as a beach shirt , ha ha)
Subject: My13616 ChRiS-Minna (censored, "shes an LA dodgers fan with a

"We are the club T-shirt".....)


"Close Encounters" (review)

it is reported that Spielberg would have not let "Neary" leave on the ship had Steven himself been married at the time the film was made ('77).............. however, i feel.. as it was the lack of understanding by his wife and society which made it inevitable that "Roy" would follow this almost spiritual adventure...its a feeling that few understand , when a Single SOUL 's journey IS more important that any thing else...

plot of CE3k

In the Sonoran Desert, French scientist Claude Lacombe and his American interpreter, mapmaker David Laughlin, along with other government scientific researchers, discover Flight 19, a squadron of Grumman TBM Avengers that went missing more than 30 years earlier. The planes are intact and operational, but there is no sign of the pilots. An old man who witnessed the event claimed "the sun came out at night, and sang to him." They also find a lost ship in the Gobi Desert named SS Cotopaxi. At an Air Traffic Control center in Indianapolis, Indiana, a controller listens as two airline flights almost have a mid-air collision with an apparent unidentified flying object (UFO). In Muncie, Indiana, 3-year-old Barry Guiler is awakened in the night when his toys start operating on their own. Fascinated, he gets out of bed and discovers something or someone (off-screen) in the kitchen. He runs outside, forcing his mother, Jillian, to chase after him.

Investigating one of a series of large-scale power outages, Indiana electrical lineman Roy Neary experiences a close encounter with a UFO, when it flies over his truck and lightly burns the side of his face with its bright lights. The UFO, along with three others, are pursued by Neary and three police cars, but the spacecraft flies off into the night sky. Roy becomes fascinated by UFOs, much to the dismay of his wife, Ronnie. He also becomes increasingly obsessed with subliminal, mental images of a mountain-like shape and begins to make models of it. Jillian also becomes obsessed with sketching a unique-looking mountain. Soon after, she is terrorized in her home by a UFO encounter in which Barry is abducted by unseen beings.

Lacombe and Laughlin—along with a group of United Nations experts—continue to investigate increasing UFO activity and strange, related occurrences. Witnesses report that the UFOs make distinctive sounds: a five-tone musical phrase in a major scale. Scientists broadcast the phrase to outer space, but are mystified by the response: a seemingly meaningless series of numbers repeated over and over, until Laughlin recognizes it as a set of geographical coordinates pointing to Devils Tower near Moorcroft, Wyoming. Lacombe and the U.S. military converge on Wyoming. The United States Army evacuates the area, planting false reports in the media that a train wreck has spilled a toxic nerve gas, all the while preparing a secret landing zone for the UFOs and their occupants.

Meanwhile, Roy's increasingly erratic behavior causes Ronnie to leave him, taking their three children with her. When a despairing Roy inadvertently sees a television news program about the train wreck near Devils Tower, he realizes the mental image of a mountain plaguing him is real. Jillian sees the same broadcast, and she and Roy, as well as others with similar visions and experiences, travel to the site in spite of the false public warnings about nerve gas.

While most of the civilians who are drawn to the site are apprehended by the Army, Roy and Jillian persist and make it to the site just as dozens of UFOs appear in the night sky. The government specialists at the site begin to communicate with the UFOs by use of light and sound on a large electrical billboard. Following this, an enormous mother ship lands at the site, returning people who had been abducted over the past decades, including Barry, and the missing pilots from Flight 19 and sailors from the Cotopaxi, who have not aged since their abductions. The government officials decide to include Roy in a group of people whom they have selected to be potential visitors to the mothership, and hastily prepare him. As the aliens finally emerge from the mothership, they select Roy to join them on their travels. As Roy enters the mothership, one of the aliens pauses for a few moments with the humans. Lacombe uses Curwen hand signs that correspond to the five note alien tonal phrase. The alien replies with the same gestures, smiles, and returns to its ship, which lifts off into the night sky.

New Captain?

Add caption

visual food, not for thought , for re-action...

I doubt if my estranged childtren will say this? day!


  1. MInna wrote


    Chris... the most interesting man in the world! He is full of stories from his adventures all over the world and always interested in getting to know more people. He is very welcoming and helpful with his suggestions on things to see and do in the area. He came along with me for a day trip to Virpizar, invited me over for dinner, and even gave me a t-shirt to remember him by. Thank you for your hospitality Chris.

    For Minna Tran
    Alhambra, United States
    Jun 27

    ..that ref. deserves a "poem" ..for Minna!
    so the lass from L.A
    came for dinner one day
    we hadnt been far
    to the lake @ Virpazar

    short and sweet
    and somewhat "neat"
    Minna, you are welcome ..again
    so dont forget to "pen"

    please keep in touch! cuvaj se! ChRiS

  2. and then... there are opposite "cupid stunts""... Conversation started June 11

    hosting u in Montenegro?

    Jana Kurpiša
    oh, you're Chris Smith?:)

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    Hiy Jana, u sent me a CSers couch request!


    Jana Kurpiša

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    how long are u going to be in the Balkans?

    Jana Kurpiša
    from this Friday till 30th of June

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    ok, well the 2 latvian girls Maija and Jolanta (Kuprisa?) enjoyed their stay (check their comments on my profile!) .. we also went to skadar lake and had aboat trip and enjoyed the social life (good in Podgorica, not too many tourists) and had long talks & walks .. will u stay one or 2 nights with me?

    i had a couple of negatives too so read my profile, I am not always as sweet as U, ha ha... but most of my guests had positive experience.. I am direct and expect my guests to be open and honest with me too..
    let me know yr mobile number so we can keep in touch and so i can meet u at the bus station...
    usually i dont host any Csers who havbe no previous references .. but I will hope u are who u say u are ! cuvaj se! (take care) vidimo se! (see you!) ChRiS

    Jana Kurpiša
    Kuprisa- yeah, it's similar but not the same as my surname.
    I'll planing take the night train on 23th of June to Kosovo, so it would be one night. tomorrow I'm planning to make a schedule of all my trains, buses so I'll let you know.
    negative comments - yes, I read them. but no one is always perfect! and I also appreciate honesty in people!
    My Slovene number -> + 386 040617364
    My Latvian number -> + 371 26296700
    I use both of them!
    wow, that could be really great if we could already meet in bus station.
    and thank you very much for making exception with me! I really appreciate that!:)
    take care you too,

    Jana Kurpiša
    oh,noot - buses not trains! at least today I found the information that there are 2 night buses from Podgorice to Prishtina.
    too much reading for me today!:D

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    ok! i know that bus (to pristina) 21,20 hrs ... english is easier for me than u, but my latvian is terrible!
    shame because I havce a party planned with Rafting that weekend if u had stayed an extra day.. anyway I will do my best to give u special memories of "Monty" ... my movile number 00382 686 144 27

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    hvala is " thanks" in many of the forner Yugo states, here too!

    Jana Kurpiša
    good to know!

  3. Jana (continued)
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    ok just now got yr Latvian sms ! keep me informed of yr plans..! vidimo se!

    Jana Kurpiša
    thanks for the inviting in Balkan page.
    I'm not sure if I get correctly the message - ''weekend 22/23..6.13 2 x car places x available Pg -> Tara and Pg - Pristina''
    so is there a car from Pg to Pristina on 23.06. at 6:13? [am or pm?]

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    ah, its a surprise.. ! i decided to re-arrange my weekend party to include u,:) I was going to rent a car next month, but i will be driving ! so as u are staying with me, I suggest u take one place from Pg to Pristina, OK?

    Jana Kurpiša
    the direction is perfect, but when exactly it is? as I wanted to visit Budva on 23th of June.

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    i suggest u DONT go to Budva, and join our party on lake Skadar (near bar)?
    Budva is a "popular suggestion" but its packed with tourists in summer, and I took the 2 latvian girls to skadar lake last year and they loved it! do u like fish>?
    (to eat)?

    ok, so what's the plan? lake Skadar - when? and when is that car to Prishtina? I wanted to go there after Montenegro. Fish - yes, I eat it

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    well It depends when yr bus gets here, I would hope u could get here on 21 June, but as early as possible on 22 June, there is too much to explain now, at least fish restaurant and boat on lake skadar (swim too if its warm enoughfor u!)
    if u had the time u could come rafting with us too. !

    u are my guest at party, just a few euros for fuel (half the bus fare!) for the car ride! ok?
    u can buy breakfast or4 something or do the washing up before u leave ha ha ! (?)

    Jana Kurpiša
    of course about the fuel! I just have to really calculate my expenses for this trip.
    and then in the evening back on 22th of June? it could be great to see Podgorica too and thank you for your kindness!

    ok, we'll have to pack in a lot... i enjoy the company of visitors if they have positive attitude... so its good for me too! ..and taking CSerS around has helped me get to know more locals too!
    if u can be here an extra day,i am sure u wont regret it
    (i mean be here friday & saturday night?)
    u are lucky because most of these things I would have done on 23 may (for my birthday) but i postponed because ppl didnt come, due to extreme weather back then..

    Jana Kurpiša
    actually, not, I was planning to be in Podgorice on 22th of June. and then stay also on 23 of June and in the evening take my night bus to Prishtina. I have already arranged CS there. that was my initial plan! so your party will be 22-23.06. or just 22.06.?
    and greetings for previous birthday!

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    whole weekend! , so the earlier u get here on 22.6. the better, dont worry i will meet u at station! check the comments of the latvian girls, i will make sure u are ok..dotn worry!

    Jana Kurpiša
    ok, I will try to be as soon as possible! hmm now I start to think to be on 21st of June, then I could visit the capital and the weekend with you and then take night bus on Sunday's night. it could be possible?

    my couch is available to you that weekend, its NO problem for me.. and either u take the bus OR u could still drive with me so u are @ yr host monday 24th!

    Jana Kurpiša
    so you ARE going to Prishtina from Podgorice?
    if yes, then I'm going with you! and yeah, that's my plan to be there on Monday in the first half of the day

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    thats fine! - hope u have good luck with the rest of your plans, enjoy yr travel! ...and keep in touch..

  4. .......continued...
    Jana Kurpiša
    by the way, where we will sleep in that weekend? I don't have sleeping bag

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    its not far from Pg to Skadar etc , 20 mins so , as i said, u can stay on my couch! (Pg)
    Jana Kurpiša
    aaa oh ok, I understood that this lake is quite far way. ok, perfect! thanks!
    June 13

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    ok i'll meet u, at 05h (22 june) then u can sleep a bit on my couch before we go to the lake in the afternoon.... dont worry about the plan & seeing Podgorica, we will see Virpazar then Podgorica at night and then sunday see another area, by day, U will be in Pristina monday moprning ( as I reserved a car for those days,) so dont worry I will work things out so that u enjoy as much of Montenegro as possible that weekend! ..btw do u drink wine or beer?
    June 13

    Jana Kurpiša
    answer in CS page
    June 14
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    will u be checking yr internet during the next days?>?
    Jana Kurpiša
    I don't if I'll gave the internet access;so better not rely on this!
    June 14

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    have an enjoyable jiurney, cu in Podforica ..!
    June 15

    Jana Kurpiša
    hvala! now I am in Zagreb
    June 16

    where next?
    June 16
    Jana Kurpiša
    Tomorrow - Plitvice lakes, evening Zagreb, and on 18th of June - Banja Luka

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    B. Luka is pretty too.. have fun!
    June 19

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    hows things progressing>??

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    i am considering writing a CS reference about you, questionis; do u deserve a positive or negative?

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    i note that u made it to Pris. with Sarali Hall Lindkvist ? any reason why i should not write a negative CS ref. for wasting my time???


  5. 8:07pm
    Jana Kurpiša
    Chris, you are in CS for a long time, so you should be aware that traveling not always goes as it planned. in my case, unfortunately, it happened too. the bus,which I wanted to take to Podgorica from Mostar wasn't existing in the end. in addition, I needed to go to another town to get to Podgorica. but that's not all, few buses were cancelled from that town. so if I would go to Podgorica, then I could get there only for Sunday and not even full day so I decided to stay longer in Mostar.
    Sarali - yeah,I met her in Prishtina for few hours as she is my good friend but thats my own business,not as you know after PG I wanted to go to Kosovo. yeah, I changed my plans about Montenegro but in other countries after my stupid situation with buses I just tried to be back on plan.
    I already said to you that I am really sorry for this situation and I am quite surprised about your letter, because if you are wise,adult man and meeting travelers for many years via CS then you should know that traveling cant be always fixed as the person would like to. I informed you as soon I got to know the transport problem.
    hope for your understanding,

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    yes I do know that things can go wrong, but i also know that you could have chosen to come to Pg, u know full well that there are buses direct from Sarajevo, u made a selfish choice to go elsewhere, and didnt care that i had re-arranged my weekend to accomodate you,
    i am older and probably wiser, but that is not your excuse to treat my invitation lightly..i can appreciate you are "surprised" because u only see things from YOUR side..?????
    this sort of "careless" attitude on Couchsurfing is becoming far too frequent when surfers dont care that if i keep a place for you, i also REJECT requests from others during that time.. (and as I say, this was a special tiome..too)
    i usually have only one plaCE to offer, and like myself gets a lot of visits (i realise thats my choice) i do my best to accomodate, i kept specially in touch with u, because this was a special weekend, and I planned a party .. certain aspects ..and i think you must have seen and u acknowledged that i kept in touch (vuia FB) ..I mentioned Sarali, because IMO , u simply jumped Pg to be with yr buddy
    .. ignoring that i already told you that I included u in my weekend plans and that I even was prepared to "invite you" (gratis) to the lake party and share my car to pristina.. i vfound out on friday u werent coming.. i understand very well... but i believe you acted unreasonably, I have not given you a negative reference..yet!
    p.s. I hope u give other hosts more respect!
    Seen 8:26pm

    as I said Im truly sorry and, of course, I changed my plans according to my plans, but as I wrote you I even couldnt get to PG at that time as we talked, so if we watch the situation from positive side, then thats good that I didnt come and bother you in the middle of your party.
    hope that no one of us will not have to face such situations often and hope to better cooperation!
    good luck!

    Chris East-west Invest Ursun
    u8 dont want to understand do you??? , i repeat , (i know english is not your language) ...but I made special plans so that i could be at the bus station on 05h..and I kept a place for you, (your change disrupted MY plaans..)
    .i rejected other activities so I could host you, i learnt only less than 24hrs before that you were not coming, you could have taken a bus to Pg, with a little bit of effort but you chose NOT to come..
    ...without any care. on the contrary just look how much care i gave to you, look at all the FB messages..and think carefully before you write any more.. really take some time aand read the words carefully..
    . i see that you are new, but maybe u want to continue with this..and hope you host people and then start to seee what i mean...perhaps only when someone does this to you, you will then understand ..right now i dont get the message that you are "sorry" other than writing that word very easily..

  6. dedicated to Jana Kurprisa, ...Karma is a wonderful thing..ask Sarali and Nina and any of their buddies in Pg? :) (heenashah&co)