Thursday, May 23, 2013

C hri S ing ...for the last time???

Ana M on the left, the "platoinic friend" of my first year in Monty.....shame..

HEED this !

 feemales take note...
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Pre Monty V engerlund, I dont need a haircut! :)

thanks Carra, last game, for me too?

2006 in Istanbul..

Dani ..a..k.a. Dax, oh you should have kept that promise to stay with me, we could have done so much together ...

happy birthday to me...

see "Iris" messages ...just want u to know who i am

I do , others dont..


Today>>???? closed??

 I have not "arranged" the above photos, they are in some "chaotic" way a representation of me, as i am, was another dimension,,will be..;)

..."The last birthday & Leaving party"

ChriS SmiTH
re-arranged,,, re-opened until ... 23 may ;) then I am ..gone!

13520 Conversation started today
ChriS SmiTH
if anyone truly intends to be at the party they must contact me immediately..

.....(getting the party ready,...) and all True REdSl are invited to be guests, to join our international FRIENDSHIP meeting ; fun ; footy ; party ; grill , music & dance.. and to BENEFIT the kids! :) organised by (contact me for details!) ;)

CSing -diary

Anita Migles

Chris, happy birthday lad xx
And, this is not your "last" birthday.
They are not really your friends, on fb they are just fb friends, nothing more...
Life is like echo-what you bring out, you'll get back.
That's why i want you to stay positive, other people can't make you happy-happines is in you.
ChriS SmiTH>
Anita, I know u mean well, I appreciate it, and yet...i have used those type of words too many times to "support people" but also dont expect me always to be positive, its too much... i live in another dimension to almost everyone. living on "borrowed" time, and i cant avoid my dark side, its as much a part of me as any thing else, its honest, i have my pain, you too, it doesn't control me, but it exists, and I need to let it out sometimes or it WILL destroy me, and i have to also consider that if allow that which inside me to pollute my body, which it will do one day ... no-one in my life will care for me ,
as i have no-one in my life,
and the idea of being a dependant invalid in some clinic or "institution" would destroy whats left of me.. I WILL NOT leave in that dignity may be all i have...
with no family or "friends" ....
that is why i mention a "mate" not in the sexual sense, but to have someone to give my best to, and to get the best from.. I have been through it all.. and death does not scare me, the ignorance , apathy and "cool" detachment of people scares me, not for myself, but for the estranged children
I know exactly what "fb friends" are...
.. and this "modern" way is killing society and feeding the media - contrived hatred .. one of the reasons i fight for (and again) my club, is because its the last family i have on this planet, when it is gone I must make a choice, and i dont want to "party" with hypocrites, so there is no "last birthday party" not for the reasons you may think but because ... i cancelled it!

enjoy yr special day Ivona x
and birthday greetings from ..  are you and "Monty" having a party?


its free and..u will gain more in one week than in 7 years of local "education"

CSing ...for the last time??

Birthday Greetings , from   and you are invited to be our guest  to join our international FRIENDSHIP meeting ; fun ; footy ; party ; grill , music & dance.. and to BENEFIT the kids! :) organised by  

YNWA/J4t96 ; remember 15th April 1989 & Anne Williams

(banned ';

My dark side & a sense of "ironic"  pushed me to form this ;

the "f**k it CLUB  aims to insult as many "FB friends"  as possible before it dies...a bit similar to the "Bucket list" but this may only last 24 hrs or it may just continue for eternity..... repeating the BS day after day until some one "gets it"

....or gets me ;)

 (a.k.a. groundhog day club), by all means add the "WISHES" you may have that u would like to achieve before you "pop your clogs" or leave this planet,

you may also add any "phrase" that describes "death" .. preferably funny or witty remarks.. boring people will be its going to get lonely very quick eh? :)

Birthday greetings to all Gems
Geminis we are at least two
communication is our food
we laugh, we cry and we are sometimes "rude" ;)


"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" - Mahatma Gandhi

 in reaction to the "mob"  following the incidents in London and (alledged) Boston attack...

CS.(to So'C) "bang out of order" ??? since when did you decide what is "out of order" ??  the "FB mob" is active today, THEY dont get angry about 23 years without justice for the 96, or 25,000 kids dying daily, worldwide or the uSA drones killing people as and when it suits them... i am sad for the soldiers family... but...too much hate speech... stirred up by a govt and media agenda! ..and as it my birthday I am out of it!! and i am sad that u dont see how necessary it is to be careful about "reactions" goodnight and goodbye!

and to Baz & "Crissy" (National front enthusiasts?)
NO, I dont condone any racial attacks , not would i condone any group hatred, i worked in London during the IRA bombings too, and also dont think its ok for english soldiers to invade countries and kill civilians for the sake of politics or oil... yr comments are likely to inflame racial hatred, and when there are people being killed all over the world for racial or religious reasons and around 25,000 kids die daily worldwide because of business greed and wrongful distribution, i wonder why u only care when english are attacked?

u havent understood what i have written, its tragic, terrible and wrong for ANY one to be killed , but I dont believe in "mob rule" either, and without all information I wont knee-jerk.. and i wont judge a billionpeople by the actions of a few, there are lots of english , catholic and white murderers ..I do not KNOW for sue the truth of this attack, and u only know what the media tell u, my fathers generation also fought in WW2, BUT THAT was the lAST clear war , the wars since then have been clouded by vague politics motives and business

.. and when people virtually ignore that 25,000 kids die daily because we spend massive amounts on weapons that are not needed when one months expenditure could feed the world poor, then priorities and reactions are way out of line, i watche yesterday an english soldier on BBC claiming that (SOME) english soldiers did terrible things in afghanistan... u choose to promote hatred.. and having lived in half the world I kniow that there are good and people, in every group, in every country ..

have u any idea how many people the catholic church and the "christian armies" have killed all over the world ??? how many violatiosn have been committed by the "allies" since WW2 , u dont even know the story this incident other than what the media told u, u attack a billion people around the world.. the english society is violent because its been made violent by copying a lot of the american way of life, guns and weapons in the street and gangs etc .. go for a walk in manchester in the night and it wont be a muslim that rapes or kills you,, own up to being a racist! i u dont KNOW what this was all about, onyl what the media reports, and the media is no longer "objective" .. ! and if they were muslims , that doesmnt justify hate speech against all muslims on FB!

u are inciting racism and u are dangerous, any way i have asked u politely to delete it, u wont, so I dont see any point in further discussion , u are fixed... and i have my birthday party , so goodnight & goodbye!

when the IRA bombings were on, i dont recall any headlines saying "catholic terrorists" ??

extremists of any kind cause the probelms,,, if u incite hatred against all muslims , would u like them all (nearly a billion worldwide) to say the same about you??  have u lived in another country for a long time?  no one HAS to join the army, and england isnt under threat of invasion, all wars now are for political/business reasons, otherwise we would have gone into rwanda when a million blacks were beign exterminated..

have u any idea how many people the catholic church and the "christian armies" have killed all over the world ??? how many violatiosn have been committed by the "allies" since WW2 , u dont even know the story this incident other than what the media told u, u attack a billion people around the world.. the english society is violent because its been made violent by copying a lot of the american way of life, guns and weapons in the street and gangs etc .. go for a walk in manchester in the night and it wont be a muslim that rapes or kills you,,
u are inciting racism and u are dangerous, any way i have asked u politely to delete it, u wont, so I dont see any point in further discussion , u are fixed... and i have my birthday party , so goodnight & goodbye!

all YOU "conditioned people", spend the BEST times of your lives studying and passing tests to JOIn or climb the "system" the same as buying a THIRD CLASS ticket to the "TiT-anic" 

...AFTER it hit the ICEberg ..wake up!..or dont, because I dont care either! it really a surprise?? with Rafa's family based in LIVERPOOL?... his wife Montse acvtive in the LIVERPOOL community and the blues failed to win a trophy with Moyes who is now understudy to Fergie and like rooney a blue who became manc..!  more to follow.....

will Henry F*** off?  no, because he wants OUR cash!!

Slobodanka Ricko Micunovic ended?

- " What I really want is a person who comes into my life by accident but stays on purpose. "

almost the last (birth day)
the time is going too fast
In monty they had a 2nd vacated day
its not really wedNESday, & its my NOT WEDDED day

p.s. Thanks for Bobo, his girlfriend jelena & Kris
for an enjoyable night @ MNE caffe & "Berlin"until 03h?
if i had known today was a "free day" I would have stayed even longer, later? earlier? and might have flirted with IVona (Iwona,I wanna ...I want her?)
just playing with words, not perverting..

have to smile at myself... nearly 3000 "FB friends" and not one comes to play... ON MY day!

Liisi Reitalu> Hei Chris!
Greetings from Macedonia! Ulcinj was a nice place, after that we visited Tirana for few days.. Albania is very interesting and nice country.. then we continued to Ohrid and now we are in Skopje for the next few days..

I know it is still early but in case I dont come to internet tomorrow - Happy Birthday Chris!!

Chris>Thanks Liisi,
i "celebrated" MNE's "birthday" last night... i appreciated the "advanced party" with you and Daniela, especially, as the last person on the "guest" just cancelled, so ...i will have a very intimate party tomorrow take care , kidder! enjoy your journey, in Balkans and in life, and U are always welcome, whilst I breathe, wherever I am..

? how about 6 months in Tallin, 6 months on yr Island and 6 months of evolving ....this ...
ChriSmitH's Eco-Logistic Training & Coaching Academy

    identify your dreams and why U dont realise them, find solutions not "excuses" dotn be a "victim" just BE whoever you were meant to BE!

CS> Anita,
I appreciate your recent comment, but, I dont need cheering up, I write as I am..and  I do my utmost to remain positive despite the people who make obstructions and see the best of my club, (the only "family" I have left,) being eroded

I have done my best, and I never gave up,
but for me I have to consider letting go when I have 3000 "FB friends.."
and i sent an sms all the local contacts I made since I am in the balkans..
and NOT ONE will come to my (last) birthday

please dont always expect me to smile.. its just me..
when I am happy i show it, when I am not ...sometimes I let it out..
I NEEDED to let it out, because the thing inside me doesnt need more poison
I dont ever want sympathy, but I wish I had understanding , from someone

- " What I really want is a person who comes into my life by accident but stays on purpose. "


- " What I really want is a person who comes into my life by accident but stays on purpose. "

Choose-day (Tuesday) 3 days to go...

some have holiday today
Monty has its birthday too
they go up the mountain way
or Choose on the beach to stay

me? I will soon be gone
so I will stay "home alone"
cold drinks or a snack when I want
no one to say when i can or cant

Freedom; nothing left to lose?
Vino too, if i want to booze
I dont care any more what you say
I'll party every day...

(like frankie sang,, way!) ;)

Hiy! Joanna?

u are living in Sarajevo, and from EDinburgh?
........i didnt see yr request but tday is a celebration in Montenegro so IF u still need help or couch let me know!
enjoy your CSing


p.s. I was interested to meet because my deceased mum's fanily came from Brechin north of Edinburgh..and i have "Celts" ancestry ;)


Mo(o)nday... 4 days to go
where i go to, you wont know!
Carra played his very last in front of our Kop
spice boy & fergie gone, scholes & Owen ,Mike ;no more shop!

Rafa, a natural winner
his body thick, his hair much thinner
ends his time @ stamford bridge
he would rule the world @ Citeh or Madrid

But Rafa's family are truly "scouse"
they all live in a LIVERPOOL house
so as the yankers @ Lfc are scared of his power
could he manage the "peoples club" & the blue shower?

as for me , Four days only, left on this planet
tomorrow is monty's birthday, did you forget?
this state is only 7 years old
I am a little bit older, and at least as Bold

shall I start to party with any of my "friends"?
no, that word has no longer any real meaning
but if i find JUST ONE TRUE mate
then I would have a REAL REASON TO CELEBRATE!


Marko Djurickovic> nice text but we are not old 7 years and as for rafa he was fired at liverpool than inter and now chelsea

Ugljesa Boljevic> bring tony pulis at lfc

ChriS SmiTH>
Hiy! did i wake u up?
according to the "REST of the world " (UN) the independent state of MNE is 7 years old ..  .." An independence referendum was held in Montenegro on 21 May 2006.[1] It was approved by 55.5% of voters, narrowly passing the 55% threshold. By 23 May, preliminary referendum results were recognized by all five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, "
but, its just a farewell dont panic!
Rafa was forced out by frauds @ Liverpool who broke his contract
(Rafa was most succesful Lfc manager in the previous 20 years!)
Rafa said he would leave Inter if the president dishonoured a promise (to buy certain players) , so they fired him (mind you, i suppose some people dont bother about broken promises...)
It took courage for Rafa to take the Chelski job considering the fans hated him and mad Abramovic only gave him until end of season..
Rafa is the best manager in question!
ha ha ; Tony Pulis ; I wouldn't let him manage a rubbish dump..


Fab>Arsenal took 26 of the last 30 available points. Outstanding run and best in the league.

Chris>some thing seriously wrong with footy when 4th place is an "achievement"... money rules the fannies!  BR (our novice "manager" appointed by the yankers) says " we can challenge for top 4 next season "......... prior to the yankers in 2007 we were challenging for number1 about "managing expectations" and the FSG clones swallow the BS!
    btw LFC have scored the most goals in the EPL this (calendar) year so far, so what? we didnt win anything!
Marijana Cvijetic  &  Lenore Savage I just thought it was me writing that book!!!!!!!! ("men suck, .."the end")

 Chris >  i'll write include in my book a note about comparing men with feemales ;" difference is women dont suck ... they just shop! (anything and anyone)
SUNDay.. 5 (4-3-2-1-!) ...  Only space in my life for a mate ... no more "friends"


went for an early run the early sun
...varied my routine
...never be a slave to anyone or anything

..including yourself! ;)

good luck learning to join a system that has no jobs!
instead join
its free and..u will gain more in one week than in 7 years of local "education"


Zdravo Vera, I hope u are well, i am "worried" (again) because none of our "mutual friends" have any contact from Danica, - i dont expect u to tell me WHERE she is , and i suppose she wont come to my birthday, (23 may->) but it would make me feel better if I knew she was "ok" (healthy) cuvaj se!

replacing Carra...

IMO BR is wrong to demote Skrtel, ... Danny & Skrtel were a good partnership and i think BR was making a popular/sentimental slection playing Carra so much this last half season, true he  has performed well, but surely once it was clear BR wasnt going to win anything we should have been repairing the unit (Danny-Martin & Pepe)

I dont think BR or his colleagues are experienced enough, and  way behind someone like Rafa in defensive tactics.. it is not necessary to have a "tactician" in that position, we play  deep when Carra is selected and then if BR plays a virtual 4 - 2 - 4 our midfield gets stretched and swamped... a major reason we have only won one game against a top 6 team (and that was lucky v spurs @ home...our last home win in 2 months, btw!)

ppl who advocate new defensive players really dont know that much about the game, as its takes time to gel, I would rather encourage Sktrtel with Coates and Kelly  (& Wisdom) as alternatives,  than waste more money on transfers as there are few top EPL-standard defenders , mature enough to simply step into a top side (which surely we expect our teams to be?)

Its clear that  BR has been effective in creating an attacking unit, but quantity of passes , shots on goal and even goals scored, do not alone win trophies (too many goals conceded)  without a team unit that has sound defensive ability, discarding Skrtel and breaking up the early success of the Pepe/Danny'Skrtel unit was a mistake (even though martin did, as happens, have a couple of poor games) we have an academy for players Lfc shouldnt be educating its "manager" ... but since Paul became an official writer @ LFCtv  he can no longer be truly objective..thus I defer to those who can! ;)  as much as the young bang on about the changing game, a team built on a sound defence is more capable of winning championships than a "front loaded formation"

Re: 13518 Re: MY 13515 CS
Don’t u ever shut up???
…as I told u before , Danica stopped contact after u “advised” her….
and i am worried, because none of our "mutual contacts" have any news ...

BUT PLEASE also delete me as a CS friend ..then do your utmost to find a way to mix sex & travel, I would appreciate it!!!

Dusko Petrovic wrote:
and yes, I know you were asking about Danica, I have no illusion that you were interested in me. you could have asked her, why you didn't I don't know
instead you ask about my "helping" her, being arrogant yourself and belittling me and what I do with these quotation marks. I'm not trying to be right or to persuade you to anything, we have different views on things and is fine but if we accept that then there really is nothing more for us to discuss

ChriS SmiTH wrote:
is there any way i can remove u from my "friends list"??? u arrogant little ****!


... a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"....continued;

............ so, the "crony" relations between political, religious and industrial leaders; local or global spread the base was property speculation, and banks were constructed to take peoples money and lend it out 100-fold, (an illegal fraud outside of this "club")
people were offered coloured paper called "money" and the leaders decided its value ; people could even buy pieces of the corporations that exploited them, and voted for the politicians who sent them to be killed against each other (as they seperated the people with walls & fences called "borders")

 ... land prices went up because of this "inflation" which in turn inflated prices of everything and the people had to work longer to pay "landLORDS" in order to live, many died in wars started by the leaders, many died in factories
and even in the modern times an estimated 25,000 children died daily because the "powers" chose not to share resources or distribute the wealth of the planet (they even spent more money on NEW weapons in a single month that it would take to feed all the poor in one year) the media then took over the minds of the people, pushing them to ignore human rights and buy more and more and have bigger cars and houses and the inflation went on so far until the pieces of paper were distant to the value it supposedly represented!

and in 2013, it all collapsed.... I dont know what happened after than because my own people beamed me up" ;) (the end!.....?)


ChriS SmiTH> ..yeah , a bit of a "ramble" nervous energy i suppose.. i am not getting prettier as time goes by, but i have more stories and for sure plenty to talk about.. cuvaj se! (take care)

Iris Vogl > Hi Chris,

sorry to hear that you feel sad. I believe that joices taken always have a reason. Even if sometimes we might not like them or we might not be able to understand them. I do not have so much time at the moment. To be a mum is really a full-time job and I lack sleep which makes me run around like a zombie, although a very happy zombie We can learn about eachother again, a lot of time has passed and I think it is important to accept and begin to love the past. Talk to you. Tell me, when is your birthday again?
Sorry, I am not good in remembering dates...

ChriS SmiTH>23 may! take care Iris.. i appreciate your time and welcome any u give me! x

CS> Liisi/Daniela
Correction 1 e = 140 Lek!  (about 80 cents = 1 Lek) ..Hvala Liisi & Dani. for your visit company  your visit, yr time & spirit!  enjoy yr journey, in balkans & life, if u want to join the social-cultural evolution u are welcome (if they dont beam me up soon!) cubaj se! ChRiS x

CS> Ana M

to je uskoro mi je rodendan , da c´e doc´i u bioskop sa mnom , sledec´e nedelje ?

hey R2-ditto! note yr comments (glad U had a good time..but..) the reply of this "black sheep of the family"
is that the "ooooeeee Errors" may have matched the BM, but..
couldnt even cope with ONE TRUE REd!  LMAO! (either version!)


is there a "smiley" for "ironic laughter"...
some of my invited "friends" didnt even take a few seconds to read this..and left the thread!
i have almost 3000 "facebook friends" ...and the o nly one I am SURE to attend
my "last birthday & leaving party", is ....ME!! ha ha thats a LOT of self irony in one "event" isnt that a sure sign its time to leave..this planet!?

a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"....continued,

so the people had to work in the fields to pay the "royals" or religious leaders"
or their chosen henchmen to live on the land that was once free ... or fight
in the armies to go and attack other peoples "before they attack us" to "fight for the flag" or in "the name of the King" or "the fatherland" which none of the soldiers could own.. unless they paid a lot of money...and try to climb the "power pyramid" until the "owners" decided to "mechanisE" and "industrialise" the states and then the people were "allowed" to work long hours for low money in pay for the increasing cost of their (previously free) homes and food that they themselves could previously grow .. and the new "bosses" were so kind they built hospitals for those who got sick working in the factories ..(but sold the workers insurance too._) be continued...

Subject: MY 13515 CS Re: CSerS International friendship Party +

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

Hiya Dejan,
have we met?
the base activities have switched to Pg area, so easy for u eh?
pse tell me yr mobile number , so i can inform u of meeting points etc..
vidimo se!

Dejan Kuburovic wrote:
>Hey Chris!
>I am coming on the party!
>I am a football referee, so I can be referee on mathces on the tournament.



Liisi? arrived @ 08h with Daniela!

a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"....continued,,

so the "royals" and some times the religious leaders took the power from the people and spread the control of land, of life and "choice" and the people had to pay to live on the land that was previously free for all  to enjoy.. they made new laws that often conflicted with nature, and benefited the leaders, even though they claimed the people were being "justly treated"... and so the previously free peoples  became slaves or virtual slaves to the hierachy .. and often mercenary armies and local police forces were increased to enforce the "power pyramid".. to be continued...

Lies, & Liars from ancient Rome, to modern media... thatchers coveruops, Nixon, Reagen, USA murdered JFK, Bobby, Malcolm, Martin, ... B-Liar backing the Bush invasion of Baghdad the 9/11 ...? and boston ??... the Hillsborough cover up, the Guildford 4.. and there are people on Fb pointing fingers at other nations ... put your own house in order before you talk about immigrants, your "western civilization" enslaved half the world so dont cry if they come looking for help.. went to war against fascism (Adolf & the nazis) then allowed the USA to tell the world how to live and who to vote for and what religion to chose..and you call it "democracy??
... not one of the "democratic" nations that signed the "Universal declaration of human rights"  have fully respected or applied its articles ... !! (and these "rights" were sent into space to show some "life our there" how "intelligent" humans race are ?  what a sick joke..Aliens will get a shock if they come to this planet looking for intelligence! ;)


a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"

...and they decided to say that the "King's family" would be called "royal" and
that their blood was different from the rest of the people, because they claimed
to be "chosen" (by god)..  and that the people should pay rent and taxes for living on the land (that was previously free... ) so that the King & royals (and their "religion")  could pay for weapons and mercenaries who would fight....but in case the people over the hill might surprise them chose to attack first...

(and whilst over the hill, may as well claim the other villagers land too..and include them in the "Kings empire"...) .... to be continued ...?

Subject: MY 13514 ChRiS-Liisi

Hiya iisi !

thanks for yr sms , I 'll expect u (and Daniela?) tomorrow morning ? address ; ask for "Toloshi" (district) go to street ; Blaya Raickevica - elastica ; look for a "Liverpool towel" on the door @ the side of n.55 ..look forward to your news and safe arrival,
ChRiS ;)

p.s. according to CS website u logged in only 37 minutes ago in Split!! ???????????????



..... well the caveman "leader" came back from over the hill with stories,
and was hailed by the rest of the community, later his son, was made leader..
and over more people , and told the others to protect the community from barbarians or monsters or anything or anyone that might threaten (his leadership)...

(" a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"")

a short history of this planet, by "AlieN"

... a long time ago there were intelligent beings on earth
but they got wiped out by dinosaurs , who then got wiped out...

...some cavemen evolved,, then one day one of them said "I am going over that hill to.... "

(to be continued...)


, .....(getting the party ready,...)
and you all are invited to be guests, to join our international FRIENDSHIP meeting ; fun ; footy ; party ; grill , music & dance.. and to BENEFIT the kids! :) organised by (contact me for details!) ;)


...i was running later yester(to)day, as the sun sets.. Monty ..with blue skies and warm sun, I could have run more .. pumping out the poisons.. getting "fit" for the special birthday party...wonder if there will be any guests from all my "facebook friends" ;) ..hmmm...!
ChriS SmiTH > 1. because Henry betrayed a great man called Kenny Dalglish who gave everything to this club... for a list of other reasons..go to ..
Fenway. We Come Not To Pay (Gillett and Hicks nearly put this club in adminstration and bankrupcy. )


........watching the docufilm "hitler" on tv , a reminder of how he manipulated fear of
certain group (jews & others) blaming them for all the nations problems , much in the same way  the USA has eroded civil rights using Islam as the "excuse"..always challenge the "leaders" (manipulators and their "media" ) and form your own opinions ...

"spring cleaning" bed rrom carpets up, wash fur cover, change xmas lights.. change bulb , kitchen, curtain etc...

to Dani

"there will be a big HOLE in my birthday without you... i dont  feel like "celebrating"..
(photo ; missing ; challenge)
na Danica

" bic´evelika rupa u mojoj rodendan bez tebe ... Ne osec´am se kao " slave " ..

its an illusion to think that ANY business people , from wherever are going to care about our club, they will ONLY see it as a money-maker, which says to me the fans are blinkered, because if something between 7-30 million fans out there cant do what Bayern have done, then the fans aren't worthy of our club, losts of chat and "YNWA" and "my family" and blah blah, but it would only cost about the price of a match ticket , if we made our own fund to re-launch the club..the truth is MOST these fans talk but dont have the balls , initiative or enthusiam to actually DO anything , good at moaning and complaining and buying the sh*te from the official shops so they "look" like supporters , but they dont even understand the meaning of the word, our club has declined rapidkly since we let the business INFESTORS in.. but the fans will keep on "chatting" ... FFS !! anyone who can read can see that the financial world is in collapse... but still they think money will buy everything.. its almost too ridiculous to commment about... !! the club itself has a massive income FROM fans worldwide so to say that we couldn't buy players if we owned the club is like saying Barca nor Bayern ever buy players ...what a C*nt!!

the F S G clones & "fannies" bang on about "progress" (thanks to the FSG/BR/LFCtv & "friendly media" propaganda..)
i would support a youth policy, in fact Rafa was instrumental in bringing most of the Kids to the accademy, with Kenny and Rudolfo..
a champions team needs balance.. some experience and "bite" ...

and we cant afford to "discard" players like Skrtel & Carroll...and have "BR favourites" Borini & Allen getting priority

but just look at where we are after 6 years of yankers - then we were TOP of UEFA rankings an averge position in an average league, even the top teams dont look "special" thats the worst mancs team i've seen in a decade!..

and  ..we have NOT beaten any of the 6 teams above us, home or away, (apart from our LAST home win TWO MONTHS ago.. v spurs)  and that was "lucky"..(if you are honest!)

F S G know NOTHING about the game OR our club, disasterous decisions, they are like blinkered accountants, they can only make negatives ... no vision at all.. and we have a "manager" who is learning at our expense..

maybe you havent spent all your disposable income supporting this club? ...but IMO we deserve better, and if Dortmund and Bayern can get to the top without "billionaires" can we; with arguably the biggest and best supporters network worldwide. (CS)

 come on Rafa, probably the last manager to beat fergie's team @ old toilet, good riddance to the old bully! not a bad year after all, first maggies gione, now her footy equivalent!

Seán Ó Cléirigh>  lol

Les Lynch > maggie,s gone...Fergie,s gone...this scouser got one wish left in her lamp! x

Glen White>  It's all about respect and u show none of it !

Seán Ó Cléirigh> glen, just the other week u were saying utd were muck and they should be doing better. they won their 20th league title and you were all happy as larry then. i haven't said anything other than i dont like him. Why should i show respect to someone i dont like

Marie Buckley> No doubt Fergie is a top quality manager and his achievements have been phenominal...............but, on the other side of the coin - he is one nasty, disrespectful and dishonest man and as such its is difficult to acknowledge these achievements and how some of them were gained.

Glen White> Yes cause we're losing important and big games that's y i said what i said and I'm write Sean ever since real we hav lost against real Chelsea city 3 of the biggest game is all I've said !! 36 trophys behind fergie and u don't

Seán Ó Cléirigh> I don't respect someone I don't like... Common sense glen

Glen White > Because he didn't win anything over u !! And he was ur rival!

Seán Ó Cléirigh > ???

Chris>i suppose its the same as ppl who admire Adolf, Stalin , Thatcher, as they do with Fergie, those ppl dont care on HOW the DICTATORS got results, just that they did it, this is a good way to identify the difference between true REdS supporters and the mancs..they have no morals.. they will leave the ground half way through the game when utd losing, whereas most of us will stay till the end , and still sing YNWA!



"just for fun tourny, boy & girls teams (and any other possibility!) ;) w/end 25/26 Nearby ..boat trip & grill party.. @ Podgorica ; capital of  the independent state of Monty!! (has almost the same birthday as me! ;) ...(transferred ; due to "visitor accomodation  FM admin, & Hosting  restrictions"  email ; with your team! Molim/please/bitte/S.V.P/Prego....

must find a lady to dance to this with me.. ;) Samba pa ti...
Carlos Santana Samba Pa Ti Original - YouTube 


............went out this morning, warm but a bit humid, almost an "asian atmosphere to the weather" walked into town, sorted a few things, brekkie was home-made cheesecake and coffee on a "downtown terrace caffe" .. decided to go to market for tonights meal, fresh cevapi, chicken and paprika..
and a neighbour spoke quickly in local dialekt, i didnt notice him at first and replied "molim?"
..... he said "i am neighbour who drank Rakija with you at the house owners homemade rakija "still"
... and i told him that if we were drinking rakija, no wonder i dont remember him.. ;)
he asked about language and i told him i dont have "daily contact or a local girlfriend".. (they dont understand why...and i dont continue to "try") he laughed! ... .. the "uuu000eee move" hasnt worked yet it seems some locals are getting more friendly..late ..before the planet, but better late than never?


....waking up to the "usual mainstream news" ... are you??

..when any govt. uses its own "forces" military/police or any other form of suppression on ANY of the people...whether it be Post-Thatcher england, or any number of african states, or Syria today, Korea, Adolf or Merkel's reich, french against gypsies, or the USA since Kennedy, the former-Yugo/MNE or anywhere else on this mad planet ...IT IS LOST....and you, the individual, have the responsibility to make it better,

freedom & justice ; and an equal CHANCE for all.. so, dont blame anyone else...its YOUR fault and your opportunity ... to be or not to be!
(8 photos)


"Dani, you are still in my heart.
even though we are clearly apart
and i dont know where or how you are
near or maybe very far..

although you are not with me
a vision of you i see
in my soul
....for eternity"

CS log

may 5
a full and enjoyable sunday...

today "european Liberation day" (WW2) ...and in many ways a "liberating day" for me too an early start , brekkie, then walk to to get a connection to Budva @ at the coast, I'm in shorts...
its very warm, a bit humid in the suburbs .. talk to a Ana a nice local girl,
who works this (easter!) sunday as receptionist at a Becici hotel. makes the short journey even shorter and sweeter, meet Milos and we watch the merseyside derby @ the irish pub in Budva..
Stevie M>o>M .. in a hard fought , "thud & blunder" game, 0-0 but then a belated (chinese)"lunch" for Milos' s belated birthday .. (lunch can come at any time here..)
then sat next to a local blond "Barbi" on the way back who could only speak french , she was surprised that i could , I forgot her name instantly  (totally opposite to the nice girl this morning) she seemed offended that I dosed off (guinesses lunch & vino) back at Toloshi and watching the great film "cry freedom" (Biko, IMO, was a bigger hero that Mandela...but like so many true heroes never survived to tell his own story....) when will they ever learn,...? so many bigots still today!

my way...

may 4

sorry Dave, which game did u watch, it wasnt "tiky" @ st james , they played more like a "RafaBall" style ;) .. with quick forward passing, so I think with Stevie Hendo and Coutinho , looking to pass early , the players caused that result not BR, I agree about Barca, I criticised the "barca - hype " last season.. chelski caught them out in last seasons CL semis... and most top managers will do the same.. an intelligent team varies ...!

Read more: Liverpool Echo

its sunny..over 30 degrees C ..again Pg, the last few weeks.. (already tanned) ...only 30 mins from beach and the same from the beautiful mountains of "monty".. but i'm lazy today.. stay on the patio ,(thats the patio minus me! ) the neighbour brought me some pancakes for brekkie ( his wife made) ... so i'm gonna just stay "@home" and enjoy "alone" ...just the " way it is"

may 3

are FB "targetting me" ,, posting "sponsors" *advertisers) on my time line.. "meet younger women" ... "meet asian women" ..."meet black women" ..what no women from outer space want to meet me?? LMAO! look I may be !Alone" but i am not lonely enough to fall for your subtle form of prostitution..!! sign up, then get lots of "messages" from sexy young things,(with bogus photos) and then pay for contact? what a SCAM! ..FB ; filling the net with crap., will then block you if you tell the truth! I may be "ugly" but i'm not STUPID! :D

CS > Hello Iris ......... sorry if the phone call disturbed u and yr babe! .. (did u say "Jana-eva?" tell me the correct spelling, please... u asked me how i am well , u shd remember that if u ask me a question u get a "book reply" :)  if u are interested and understand "crazy" then u can go to

but, i'd rather you tell me all about u and her, CONGRATULATIONS! "Iris flower. on the birth of your baby girl :)
dedicated to ..Iris ; Goo goo dolls

"Field of Dreams" i am a Football supporter, not a baseball fan ..
but there are sentiments and feelings in this wonderful tale that remind me about what i must protect of our UNIQUE story, the bonding of players and supporters the feeling before during and after.. the celebration of a common ground, regardless, of status, age,  its OUR story, not their business! we are the CLUB, our passion , we are the people...and we must take back our lives its worth fighting them for!
yep its that time..
and i try to make this Rhyme
i wanted to hold on to U
but its just not "true"

i have to be alone,
it seems, because i cant wait for yr games
through my life i had so many events
and oh so many names

i need respect, even if i have to leave

i cant wait until you understand
i have reasons to grieve
but prefer to make my "stand"

so its "adieu" to those i thought care
I had hoped u had courage
but you dont have enough
with me, to "dare"

may goodness go with you,
in this dimension or another
i am not your father
and i am more than a brother!

ChRiS x

when u understand this ...we can talk, but otherwise not.. (love ...Reign over me)

(see footy as a kid picture, above)
Ugljesa Boljevic > hhahahahha, true! but no. 8 and 10...

ChriS SmiTH > all true, 7; if no ball, more usually a can, a tennis ball, or even newspapers rolled into a ball... 10; or if he had to go home to bed! ..we used to play even when we couldnt see each other..until ma called us in to bed..

may 2

went for a sunny run this morn.. ;) almost 30 degrees C. but a slight breeze made it do-able! .(4/5 kms in 20 mins, not bad..!) . on news they are making "great Gatsby" again.. and on Tv last night some pr*t is playing some modern version of Holmes and Watson... turned it off,,, the sheeple run the media too, (its either medical or police related, or vampires! pathetic!) nothing original, music is mostly re-hashed music of my generation, kids are robots, just plug them into the "matrix" .."idiocracy rules the world" ...beam me up, NOW!! ;)
(5 photos)

ChriS SmiTH
dont put cash into Henry's pocket Global REdS boycott the official shops!! F S G out ; WE are the CLUB, WE are LIverpool, our life our passion not your "franchise"!
"rise up" and get F S G OUT of OUR CLUB! (CS)


Subject: 13518 Re: 13517 Re: ?? 13516 Re: 13511Re: my 13510 Re: MY13509 Re: CS13428 ChRiS-Vesna..

Vesna, thanks for bringing the gear to Pg, I meant for Ivan to pay for yr return ticket from the fund..

it saved me going to UE and coming straight back as i dont haVE friends, or anything else there..

(the promised website, location, accomodation, etc etc,... all got flushed down the "errors" toilet)

its ok, if u dont want to come to my party/weekend event - as it is not really a CSerS thing although I did extend part to the various CS groups..

U dodnt have to find new excuses not to join us, I dont really want anyone there who sees it as a "2nd or 3rd choice " you probably realise I was sad that u didnt stand up for me in Ue

but there u go, no one else does either!


artu wrote:
>Sorry, found out about my friend's birthday party 2 days ago. Was to go to Mostar this weekend, but it got postponed to the next one. That's why I was waiting to see when I'd come down to PG. Thank you for the invitation. In case the weather won't be on our side for hiking next weekend, I might reconsider coming over although I'm saving money for the trip to Vienna :-/
>Anyway, I'm coming tomorrow evening, Saturday 19:30. Will bring all that Ivan's got to give me. Will text you once I cross the border. Will be staying at a friend's over night for the Eurovision contest :)

>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Yeah of course, u are on the “guest list” for my (LAST!) party , but a week before decide to go elsewhere, yeah well that’s no surprise ..
>>PLEASE sms if u are making a decision at short notice, just to be sure TO PLEASE CONFIRM that u can bring;
>>-The t-shirts,
>>-The “friendship trophy”
>>And I have asked Ivan to give you the “fund” (100e +) out of which your ticket is deducted and I’ll feed you if u stay over..
>>Cuvaj se!

>>artu wrote:
>>>I'll be in Mostar next weekend and my friend is throwing her birthday party on the 23rd in Uzice, so I'll have to skip yours :-/
>>>I'll be staying at a friend's, probably go hiking on Sunday and back home on Monday. But still, I'm waiting for my guest tonight to hear his plans..
>>>Also our 'rafting' friend told my sister over FB he hadn't received any email from you?!


ok Vesna, but if u want to come as my guest u are welcome, but I have already contacted the few that were "booked" so u dont need to get involved in organising anything except yourself (and the things u bring) ! :)

...after the Prizren/Ue history and yr "stance" about my involvement I dont really feel like taking your "advices" you MAY understand.. ;)

however if yr "rafting" friend replies to u , i am still interested in taking a group there..!

good luck to yr sister.. !!


pleas keep in touch as my birthdate is 23 may ... so may be best if u come before ...

artu wrote:
>Ok. I'll get in contact with him and arrange everything.
>My sister is about to give birth next week, so I'll see when I'll be available to get down to MNE, but definitely before the 24th.
>If the whole UE weekend is cancelled, I think you should change the location of the meeting, so all those who've joined, don't get to think the meeting will be in UE after all (although it says - moved to MNE, but location is still UE).
>will keep in contact.

>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Hiy Vesna
>>Ivans contact numbers; +381605331300 or +381642211424 or +38131523065 or email (although he doesnt reply quickly )
>>the Ue weekend not on, its transferred MNE
>>...the party will be in Virpazar 24th night and plan to continue 25th/26th on skadar then Pg..!
>>i agree that bringing the t-shirt bag and trophy is best by train
>>and I can meet u with car or taxi at the station, I am sure Ivan will take u to the train in Ue!
>>keep in touch, molim!

i agree that bringing the t-shirt bag and trophy is best by train
and I can meet u with car or taxi at the station, I am sure Ivan will take u to the train in Ue!

keep in touch, molim!

artu wrote:
>Yes, recovering is the right word hehehe
>So, the party that was to be in Virpazar is moved to Podgorica, right? The UE weekend is still on? Just to get it all clear :)
>Apparently the weather for 25/26 May will be nice, so I'd definitely be in for joining and of course bringing the goods. If they are too many, I'd have to take a train. If not, I'd come hitch-hiking. Do you have Ivan's phone number/email, so I'll contact him?

>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Zdravo Vesna,
>>no doubt u are recovering from the BMM party..

Zdravo Vesna,
no doubt u are recovering from the BMM party..

just to inform you that I have had to change "friendship meeting" plans...

a) "just for fun tourny, boy & girls teams (and any other possibility!) ;) w/end 25/26 May Nearby ..boat trip & grill party..rafting etc, now based @ Podgorica ; capital of  the independent state of Monty!! (MNE has almost the same birthday as me!

;) ...(transferred ; due to "visitor accomodation  FM admin, & Hosting  restrictions"  email ; with your team! Molim/please/bitte/S.V.P/Prego...."

b) Ivan has funds colleceted from t-shirts, and therefore offer u  a "deal" ...if u bring t-shirts & "Friendship trophy" to me
(in time for the event) your ticket can be paid for by the funds.

let me know a.s.a.p after u check i will confirm with with Ivan (there shd be at least 100 e in the UE charity fund)

cuvaj se!


artu wrote:
>Discussing this in person would be more appropriate I guess..

>>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>I am not "begging" to join, i wanted to add for the sake of anyone else in the futute who may also feel "alien-hated" ...that its dangerous for you to "take sides" with locals
>>especially as YOU were with me a lot of time to/from and @ Piran ..and know that if people are good to me, I will treat them well, in fact I recall u almost considered me "too soft"
>>for giving extra lifts etc to the members there,.,,
>>why do think that changed in Prizren? , I was in good form, feeling good (apart from the disturbance of "Kim" who disturbed a lot of members..not only me) even though I felt some people didnt like having an "older man" there... i didnt let them get to me..
>>but YOU did NOT see the causes of the problem on the last night..
>>there was some "surprise" that I had such an "attractive guest" ..the status of our relationship was still "new" but that was/is OUR "business" ..i felt murmurs of "jealousy" when I introduced Danica (it was HER that wanted to leave the hiking group and for us to go back to town on the saturday afternoon, a time i will always remember because i actually started to feel very close to her
>>as i shared some intimacy about my past/ her past; our opinions & wishes, trsut was building )
>>then... that night certain members DELIBERATELT got her drunk, HIT on HER and when one girl and one guy went far too far , (THEY were getting violent) I intervened to PROTECT MY GUEST..
>>this is correct for a man, who has natural instincts in ANY culture,...! ANY CULTURE!!
>>you came into it when only the "reaction" could be seen..
>>and since then I have been "painted black"
>>no, I really re-considered my choices this week. to give a chance to repair..,.
>>I have been to Dani's home and her birthday party since then and although we are not "coupled" it was my HOPE that she could help "repair" this situation..
>>I dont need BMM to survive,,,I have survived many greater tests than to be "Alen-hated" @ BMM, Ue or even in the Balkans, for telling the truth..
>>there is someone in Pg, who wants to join the meeting, what should i recommend when so much prejudice still exists, and so little tolerance?
>>I believe you are different, but if you "comply" with the sheep, then you become another sheep
>>take care

>>artu wrote:
>>>Sorry for not coming on Friday. I don't go out as I'm penniless, but wanted to come and stay until 22h to be able to catch a bus and had arranged everything with another couch surfer, but then I got stuck here and it was already 21h when I got his message to ask me if I were coming. Damn.
>>>Thanks for letting me know about the 'organizers party' on the 20th. I'll try to join it unless I take off to Zagreb for the weekend :) Will depend on the weather.
>>>Did you ask Vjeko about the possibility to just pay for the rafting itself, no other costs - no food, no camp lodging, nothing..? Or do you want me to ask him? Otherwise I'll see if I can find contacts of other people..

>>>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>>>Hiya Vesna,
>>>>I was promised a tour of Arilje , but the person (Ana) has been ill of late, I was @ the irish pub on st paddys night and at the rock & roll nights last thursday & friday,
>>>>thanks for the contact, but the prices offered by yr buddy seem "standard" and I was hoping for 20/25 euros for my group (as its a "treat".. i will perhaps fund from my pocket..)
>>>>if u know anyone else please let me know..
>>>>btw - we have an "organisers party" for our event (31 may-June 2 in Ue)
>>>>at the pub on 20th April night... u are invited
>>>>in spite of everything :)

>>>>artu wrote:
>>>>>Sorry for not answering on Sunday night. Had no credit and was in Arilje at the family reunion anyway.
>>>>>Got you the contact for the Tara rafting:
>>>>>Apparently Vjeko's not on CS anymore. Guess he didn't want to mix it with his business. But do mention me when writing, so he knows who you got the contact from.


ChriS SmiTH> Hello Iris ......... sorry if the phone call disturbed u and yr babe! .. (did u say "Jana-eva?" tell me the correct spelling, please... u asked me how i am well , u shd remember that if u ask me a question u get a "book reply" if u are interested and understand "crazy" then u can go to

but, i'd rather you tell me all about u and her, CONGRATULATIONS!
CSerS: NO more MAY (be) Days?
May 3, 2013Speaking your mind without feeling guilty is a craft you still need to learn. Stop thinking what others might think of you. You are very stressed out now, slow down. Finally, you will be able to spend more money on entertainments.
ChriS SmiTH

u know i actually booked a flight to visit u in march, but the airline cancelled it, ...! of course i would liek to see u ..both!
ChriS SmiTH

if my contact is unwelcome, please tell me, I am coming up to my birthday
and its a time when I feel deeply about my decisions and whats next..
. i would like u to know me and to know u both,
 it seems too dramatic to say too much as we havent spent any time together since those days,
I made my choices and paid consequences, and i got damaged by them too..
I lost everyone i loved, .. i still have a lot of feelings for u then
and didnt take rejection well (who does?) i........ no point in regret,
but i learnt a lot about me.. and i wonder ...if u would consider a "new start" here...
most of all would like to be friends, real not "talk"
...and build something.. ..does everyone get another chance?? we shall see!

 Linda's "cancer", the Wine & spirit banquet, the police chase, the driving ban, & "anton pillar-moreva", fighting everyone, & my brother, Rogers plane crash, George P, (partners & enemies).. Steve and cheating'Shelly & her party, causing pain to Jacqui, and the decision ; Jacqui V Linda... and ...being "houseman"

This is a blog-style partial book of memories and reflection; to inform anyone who really cares, and i hope gives my estranged kids a TRUE insight into!


  1. "why the skY continues to cry?"

    "As if an open wound its weeping..
    as from me life is seeping...

    I lost everything i cared about
    ..without YoU ..I have nought

    freedom..another name for nothing more to lose
    its easy to drown in the booze..

    did you ever wonder why ?
    there is NOW much water in the sky?

    it will rain rain and RAIN
    without you ..must i be sane?

    my heart can no longer cry ..
    my eyes are teardrops dry..

    so the weather cries, instead of me..


  2. D-days(Djune)DEja Vu Decisions Daze! ..

    69 years since "d-day" liberating europe ( didnt u know u are free?)
    69 is a signigficant number
    between the genders (a key?)
    avoiding the missionary , unencumber

    each minority frights for majority (rule)
    democracy is just a name...
    anyway why should i trust the mass?
    none of whom understand the "game"

    "Monty pythons life of brian"
    challenges the way u think,
    i want to show u a similar film,
    because sheeple, u stink!

    who is intelligent on this planet?
    one, i have longed to meet
    question, what? how and which?
    who can be strong, nd not bitch?

    how can sheeple still vote for suit and tie?
    they lie!
    its my planet, so i ask U why?
    u follow the ignorance, the media too,
    are u too blind to see?
    the only question is..

    to be ... or not to BE!


  3. The lastest CSerS blog ; ... is banned by the C 1 a (C**nts **holes & Idiots) that "rule & SPOIL" the internet and VIOLATE your/our human rights daily...

  4. thank U,that was more than I deserve , Raquel... [CS Reference written: Raquel Adaia] NEW reference
    Raquel Adaia has written the following reference about you on your profile:

    So short, so intense, so many new things, such great memories
    Getting to know Chris was this kind of experience that totally pervert your mind -always that you are willing to listen to what his mind is keeping
    - and if you are ready, you'll loved it!!
    Only 24h and I can say that the knowledge with which he gifted me is thousand times much more valuable than any education you can receive.
    What can I say? You better meet him and take a bit of what this wonderful person can offer you.
    Thank you Chris, not only for your words but also for your respect, hospitality and great sense of humor!
    Christopher Richard Smith or humoUr ? take care...u are everyone could be!