Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trust , Empathy ..or..."preparing for the day after..the end" (V?)

Trust ?; Empathy? 
. for the day after
..the end" ;) "V" ?
 ...as ..most..of you will  have been informed "the end of the world is 12.12.21 ..(as I write just 2 days to "enjoy"..??????????????? and if I have given u this link (deliberately rather than as a "co-incidence" ) then you are either one of my estranged children who survive me, an "alien" or someone I consider MIGHT "care" ... 
so as my lovely Jacqui (!) would have told you ; I am a "cynical optimist" I know whats Wrong, I know what we are up against, BUT...I will do something creative..anyway ..so ...lets have a party.. starting the 22nd..
http://www.facebook.com/events/535295549814561/ ? (even though FB seemd to have already "banned" it...! ? 
for those who survive.. day after..the end of the world party
22 dec ->17 january in Podgorica-Zabjelo! :) http://www.facebook.com/events/535295549814561/535311986479584 (C1A location?)

I moved again (temp?) & always LOSE something..!

12.12.18  I recall this .."ending"  (ironic that "Ms Harvey" also related to it..even if her recent actions say otherwise,,,)

Ez 25;17 last scene... or NOT the last scene ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMN5uQhF-Ro  ;) ChriS

i'm doing my utmost to pull positively out of this dark..phase, Ste still having drama with his Dad, but... it would help to receive a bit of "empathy" ..

or you @ the end... (" the exit Doors")? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoBFhdeR9PE


Butch & Sundance ..or

("V") .ETC..

are you ready for the "sequel" on saturday? I AM! :)

so were "Butch & Sundance" ..and not so super Mario...


??????  hmmm,  not easy to find someone i can depend on, ..anywhere on this planet, the most recent examples are so repetative,(yes, that IS the spelling i chose) ;)  for me, I cant bring myself to repeat them, its better for me to wait..until I arrive in a new dimension, when my "soul-mate(s)" will greet me... open & honest..!

. Monday started with a SUNNY day, so I'll start..by winding YOU up.. too much "generalisation" ... but... men tend to be a bit like dogs ..may look or act "tough" but mostly soft & sentimental inside, women a bit like cats , mostly LOOk and some act SOFT & gentle but inside are as hard as nails , as cold as ice and as viscious a beast that u will find on this planet...LMAO! (scroll down to "mass-debating")

some ppl are heading to this nearby mountain to "survive" ..
I now focus on ... OUR club.. http://cs961.wix.com/monty-logic-club

Maija is happy, it is good, that pic of her  is the most "sunny" (-CLUB "House-Telling" ; friendly members @ several locations for economy travellers to Balkan regions base; Montenegro; enjoy Nature; trek; lake, or beaches)

...like a travellers site, where you offer people a place to stay in families, or for low price, - company, advices...where to stay, things to do..where to go, the best & most economic 

..and our member Stevan who is also guide.. can also help someone if they want a permament relation to this region, enterprise, start up or whatever (i also used to be a strategic manager before i "dropped out" so we will help club members)

..but @cost, no big fees ..example the parties also just at the cost of the food, the rooms at the cost of the owners .. need only 5-10 euros a night....I do it for social reasons ; "just for fun" as this last year I "hosted" over 50 people in my relatively small place and could have hosted several people every day..


At the foot of this script there are extracts of "banter" which I enjoyed until the subject moved to my stolen / deceased children.. and Maggie M. showed empathy by sending me a warm message of "aplology" ...I told her  its not her fault..I was enjoying the banter ..but ....i can discuss these things when i know ppl a bit, but not in that (open) situation, it was fun while it lasted..

but MM seemed to have a sympathetic attitude to such situations.. if YOU want to know about me ...and my stories i will tell u, but its a long story,,.and i dont like to open up about it unless i feel someone really cares.. hope YOU understand.. Natalie also showed some care although,...! i am a few 1000 kms away..from Liverpool, I should have been @ a party last saturday and with "G" in "V" this week..instead i stayed to support Ste. ..so I expected her to UNDERSTAND..( she spends her days with kids...) whilst I support youth (of any age)

  testing ideas  @ http://cs961.wix.com/monty-logic-club cuvaj se!  where "ChRiS's team" will also offer creative locations & atmosphere to street kids, homeless  or those without direction ... original website http://monty-logic-club.org

So, I postponed my other travel although I am informed by Renata that in the beginning of march, it can still be snow ing in LIthuania , but, they will have had 3 months to clear roads & runways here and in Liverpool!

 yeah ..my decision may not have been the best for me, i missed agreat party in Liverpool, and the person I stayed to help dont seem to be resolved.. and,,well i want to have a party here , but the mood s a bit damp, although the monty girls won the european handball trophy last (sunday) night.. i need to get out and have a few bevvies... how about YOU out there will u "celebrate" ?? ..with us?? (btw its warmed up here in last 48 hrs ..snow melted..15 degrees C!)


 I asked Sevilay, if she could talk to the CS group in Istanbul about "Raz" (walking from cornwall (UK) to Istanbul...the cold weather has made her push on and may arrive beginning January!!! ( her profile ; over to YOU!
& asked TRiin (who returned to Istanbul) ("i am talking to u, on 2 threads."?)...anyway, this is "Raz" walkign to Istanbul..i am thinking about a surprise welcome, she has just mailed me to infor that she plans to get to Istanbul, close to jan 1 ...or at least first week of... would u like to help me organise a welcome party, have u a couch or are u surfing?... she is...on CS @ NICRAZ's PROFILE: http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/nicraz/?utm_campaign=message&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cs
RED Triin @ Istanbul..

(REQUEST) i was thinking IF I can get there ..to come down by bus to Istanbul and "surprise" her with a "welcome party" //??? can YOU help (or host me if i come??) ChRiS x

12.12.16  email to Leon...(now 16)

 aftter having 30 minutes of time with you in the last 10  years, I would hope you understand that I dont think about "privacy" issues right now, you are 16, and you talk to me like a man, so I will answer to you like a man....

...I am concerned today with the birthday of the brother you did not know, it would have been Adam, my first son's birthday, today but he died in coma in 1999, your mother might remember ....(?) and...a local man in trouble is leaning on me, because HIS father is in hospital and dying, and he has no job as he is visiting HIS father..

you can re-consider what really is IMPORTANT in your life.."privacy" ??
Dad x

Lana S> hi kris apartment was painted and renovated for a few days when you come from. greeting from Velibor.

CS>Hvala Velivor (via Lana) .. i also got yr sms - ! the recent extreme weather changed my travel plans, I am occupied elsewhere.. testing our ideas .. see http://cs961.wix.com/monty-logic-club - i should be back in January..



My son was a victim of an assault by a "live-in boyfriend" of my
first wife (I was married at 19!) she betrayed and I was too young to know who she or I was..
she took Adam and adopted daughter Sarah, had a steam of "boyfriends" and "didnt notice" what the monster she invited into
their home was doing..Adam suffered and died mysteriously in a coma suddenly in hospital in august 1999...

Adam SmItH would have had a birthday today

I am sorry that I did not protect you, Adam, (this pic
of Adam still a kid himself with his own baby, & of brother Leon)
... I do my best to stay fit and young to do my best to rectify this "karma"
and this "dark phase" (birthdays of estranged Noela, my deceased 2nd wife; the lovely Jacqui, and Adam.. should end today

we see selfish & brutal example all around us.. ..I/we have to focus on positive things "WE the people" have to improve this world to give the kids today a chance

i dont like "R.I.P" ..Adam; "remain in my heart" Dad x

Adam, my first son,
taken away

I am sorry , believe me
up to to this very day

that I didn't protect you
as a father TRULY should

I now do my utmost
to help other kids, avoid the sin

and fight the demons
from without & within..


Aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor. ("Shanks")

("Ms Harvey" .."taken" by KauSS..... and the BMM "vultures" ?


so ..U STILL dont want to communicate with me?? .. u are no kid, 28 years old? yet you are behaving like u are a twelve year old girl now?? ..u come on all "tough" even wanted to HIT me in prizren! ..and now u cant even deal with emotions?? so why "care" about homeless, if u dont care ... ?????
about REAL emotions..!
  so its the last day tomorrow (16th) of my "dark phase" ...it would have been the birthday of my son Adam, who died in 1999 , I did not travel..weather conditions, so I will stay in Pg.. People say "put the past behind you", but I believe we should keep a balance between the "dimensions" past, present & future..some say that the world will end on 21st December, what i know is that the world ends when I end.... and i am not finished with it... u probably think i shop stop writing, as U DONT bother to reply, but I think something in U knows why,,, i am still angry.....
.or better to say "disturbed" by what u did ...and I wont be calm until u explain, to me and to yourself.. not a few words that mean nothing.. take CARE! Danica, of yourself and everyone around you..we are all connected, some more than others.. so BE GOOD!
ChriS SmiTH

More CSerS "Diary"...


CS>G > I posted a xmas ("ChriSmitH") card ,to U today. ..i (& a parcel to my estranged son living in Freiburg!) I hope u get it.. and i shall be thinking of u over this time, I wanted to bring a special souvenir from Liverpool to u, but hope that can wait until March.. ....it took me an hour to get to the city centre yesterday,,,"skating" ... the GOOD news is that Ste's Dad is off the danger list for the moment.....it (would be) my deceased son Adam 's birthday sunday 16th.. and so the emotional rollercoaster continues, but Ste's "problems" have distracted me from my own memories..and after sunday i can clear myself and focus on the post-21st progress & a new beginning...


added Tanya, Iris, and FRanzi to "CuPiD StUnTs"

happy birthday Izzy,
sometimes far too bizzy
with that "farmville" & such
its a bit too much (for me)

because we got too distant
and thats not fun
tell Romano(ha ha) the boy toy
hes not the only one

that cares about U
I still do, too..

the snow kept me here this day
but i just wanted to say

If we ever meet again
dont know where , dont know when..

I WILL hug YOU ....

& xxxxx (5 kisses like 5 European champions cups!)

& greetings from OUR CLUB too ; https://www.facebook.com/groups/152996974833540/
(   an open social not for profit club to bring people together who know how to party & enjoy themselves no matter where they come from & to enjoy & develop social & fun events and tournies ;) 261 members & growing...

should have been with "G"

12.12.12 (!)

CS> Message has been sent to Renata S.     

Subject: 121212 Re: MyZaB 121211 Re: My1211 Re: Hi there:)

Zdravo Renata, good to read U,

I planned this trip to make contacts with people...& .... in Liverpool (to get a "sense of humour" injection .. (humour that only ppl i grew up with understand ) and because I had a good connection with a visitor from Vilnius and I had never been in your region before (I have been most other areas of europe..)

its nice when people show me thier city/region, but mostly I like being with people, new or different ..with character, even opposite if they can challenge me without insult..

from May to September I expect to be "Hosting" visitors and helping our club with the "house-telling" groups, and individuals coming here to beach, tour, holiday or hike..not for profit, but because its fun,..

being born there is your "challenge" (there are no "mistakes" ..? well manchester is probably a mistake, or just a challenge to Liverpool ha ha..)

I always tend to live in areas with mountains & lakes (opposite to flat sea/island areas i grew up in..) as for "different" I prefer to keep that conversation for when we hopefully meet.. ;)
take care
please keep in touch (FB.etc)
ChriS x


Renata S wrote:
>well well. what a long and beautiful message...
>bit pitty your plans changed...but being honest - its bit boring here in winter. Now for example is minus 8. Lot of snow. It might be beautiful in post card, but imagine how long you could be outside in such wheather...so not the best for sightseeing...
>Even in march is still winter here. Snowland! hahah. Thats why I looove south countires...its a mistake I was born here...
>Best time to come to Lithuania is May- September, you can keep in mind when you will plan next escape.
>And...we can meet, yeah. Just quite a distance between us, right? You say I am different...well - it please my ego:) this compliment:) if you say more what is so different about me, i would be very curious to hear...:)
>I also selected your profile in Csrf from many...
>and about MTN I alwasy wanted to visit this place. so, one summer...who knows:)
>hope you are not upset about canceling your travel plans and staying at home...
>have a nice day...

Subject: 121212 Re: MyZaB 121211 Re: My 121130 Re: MY121129 CS-> Milos, Bg.

wishing U a "HaPpY ChRiSmItH" ;)


Milos N> wrote:
>Hey Chris :)
>Hehe :) your messages, always interesting and funny...
>Bummer about all this mess with snow but as we Serbs love to say ,,Ko zna zasto je to dobro''. For nothing but ohh well. I hope you'll manage to make that trip in March and I still believe I'll be here but we'll be in touch.
>Marry Maffioso Christmas :))
>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Hiya Milos,.
>>I plan to travel around 7/8h March 2013..(its cost over 100 euros to re-book, and thats because I did NOT (repeat NOT) use wizz-flex for all flights planned for my trip to Liverpool & Vilnius
>>take care
Subject: 121212 Re: MyZaB 121211 Re: My 121130 Re: My 121129 CS-Dusko

wishing U a "HaPpY ChRiSmItH" ;)

Dusko P wrote:
>yeah, snow messed up a lot of plans
>hope to see you next year then
>maybe even at your meeting :)
>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Hiya Dusko,.
>>I plan to travel around 7/8h March 2013.>>"travel plans Distrupted"

>>wishing you a "Happy ChRiSmItH"

Subject: 121212 Re: MYZaB 121211 Re: MYZab 121208 Re: 121116 Re: MY121114 Re: MY 121109 Re: CS-RF 12927 REf the REdS & the titanic/Yankers..etc

thanks ..Rene, i have re-booked travel so keep in touch..


wish everyone a "HaPpY ChRiSmItH" ;)

Rene Fischer wrote:
>Uff... sounds like a complicated story. Travel plans, potential hosts, weather, meeting some lady, and that all together...?
>Yeah, indeed sounds like it might be good to wait until everything cleared up a little bit. Doesn't sound too clear at the moment...
>Hope everything is alright though, and the weather will clear up as much as the lady situation and travel plans.
>March 10 - 14: Almost certainly can come over to Vilnius, yes, at least for a day or two. I don't have clarity on my work schedules for March yet, but usually March is when things start to quiet down because the summer season is (slowly) starting; Jan/Feb will be extremely busy, but March should be more or less okay.
>So I'll get back then, need to make my bus/train bookings about a week or two in advance if it's weekend travel, because they sell out quick from here.
>Fingers crossed and merry Christmas!

Sent    December 12th, 2012 - 9:36 pm
      NICRAZ is a Verified Member

MyZaB 121212 Re: My 121203TolNet CS Raz
CS> so shall we start planning the "welcome party" (have u connected with the istanbul CSers group on Fb yet..) ..u should!
take Care..
I am snow-bounds and postponed my travels, so I am in PG for xmas/new Year..
wishing you a "HaPpY ChRiSmItH" ;)

NICRAZ wrote:
Hi Chris,
Nice to hear from you. I am in Greece and look to be arriving in Istanbul in the middle of January. Apocalyptic rain yesterday made walking impossible and local floods too but now it.is.just back to being cold!.
Glad to hear plans for hostel tolosi are coming along.
Take care

ChriS SmiTH wrote:
Hiya , am in process of moving stuff so that my place can be renovated so,,,, hows things going....? i dont know if yr website is up to dat we had some slight flooding (streets( in Pg) and
I was offline..

M-L> Chris, l'm sorry. I'm not connecting with you...you obviously put time into messaging me and l don't want you to waste any more of that time on me. Hate to be so blunt but need you to understand.n

 CS>   rather u be blunt than tell me BS! not much time "wasted in you" Mandy, u seemed to want me to stay in contact ,if u now dont, thats your choice..I copied stuff on to/for U..and provoked reaction, u ddint so....u once told me some time ago it didnt overload u, so I continued, no problems..we were going to meet in Lp and u made it clear that was purely platonic, i GOT THAT! ,,.PLEASE dont assume that everything i write is aimed at u, or that u need to be wary of me, I am a bit "crazy"..but some of the stuff u post makes "crazy" normal..ha ha ha...i didnt know if u were going through a phase, i offer my friendship, simple..i wont be coming over to LP until March..so..."anyway"....if u want to "share" i am (t)here, if not ..I am still (t)here.. take care..


      (i didnt write this for u, or waste any time doing it )

    remember this... U wrote " And yes, l would like to meet up with you, that'd be nice. I like to meet interesting people and instinctively know that you are one of those."
    I replied ".hmmm...have to go careful with u, dont want u taking a sidestep out of this connection..u still seem to be avoiding telling me yr feelings..but ..i shall be patient."
"so yr sun sign is cancer.? "
    I am ... dont worry - be happy!     sorry , , I asked



Network ..of https://www.facebook.com/groups/217326933861/
CS>Gordon & Julie, the main problems are clearly stated..my own stories of 2 estranged kids and 100's of thousands around the world.. YOU are all expecting the "law" to do something, but YOU (if u truly care about yr kid) must obstruct all govts that violate our kids & your rights... refuse them taxes, fill up their courts & prisons , demo on the streets, organise events & stuff EVERY weekend not one a year! distribute leaflets make your own flyers & t-shirts..STOP IT! because I've had enough of reading all this over & over & over again..when will u realise that lawyers need us, so dont use them, politicians use us, so dont help them...BE someone, for the the sake of y-our children & their future world (if there will be anything at all...) WAKE UP! CS

I plan to be in Vilnius 10-14th March 2013..(ironic its cost over 100 euros to re-book, and thats because I did NOT (repeat NOT) use wizz-flex
for the Liverpool -> Vilnius flight (so I hope u realise i was SET on coming to you...) because U seem "different" than any other CSerS i met..
take care
ChRiS x

"travel plans Distrupted"

This morning I woke to a blanket of snow..(outside my room) ...the weather which caused blocked roads,
out of Pg, and 11km traffic jams in the north, caused power cust this morning, I now have net but the probability that Bg airport will be closed, and the high risk of being stuck "en route"
or in an airport on my Pg-Bg-Ldn-LP-V-Bm->Pg journey and cause also Disruption to my "expected hosts" made my decision for me this morning to amend my plans to 8-17 March, when (I-a) things SHOULD be "clearer"!
Its always a reminder though, to those ppl who depend too much on technology that Nature is always able to humble the beings of this planet, (Aliens included) ChRiS x
(pics taken from room this morning..its ALL white!)
about a minute ago · Like
ChriS SmiTH these pics were those in on my memory stick that I hadnt filed away..they more or less reflect "CS" as I am at this time..

 "Happy ChRiSmItH - reloaded(link)"

snow outside and Nature wins
cancel my travel , a new way begins

my problems are real but not as yours
women look inviting, but too many act like w****s

I dont like this negative phase
so I am going to make some positive days

here i am in Zab - Yellow
I am lucky compared with this poor fellow

SELFISH ppl//on 21st december it may end
and i am not sure ONLY on me, that will DEPEND!

wishing you all a "Happy ChRiSmItH

Hiya again, I just saw my "stars" ..."Don't force yourself crazy, complicated life on those you're romantically linked to. Many obstacles appear but you will succeed in attaining your goals if you maintain your positive attitude. You may suffer aches and pains in the coming weeks. Think about lotteries and investments because Fortune is on your side." hmmmm (I suppose is was "a bit romantic" about my visit to you...) and i have had chest pains these last few days, and there are a number of "prospects" that may come out of this "drama" but probably i shoULD NOT "force my crazy life2 on U.. x
======================ChriS SmiTH

i wrote yesterday a VERY long email, for you this weekend.. and if i dont make it to you by xmas.. this is my VERY private "notebbook" for reading when I leave this planet... for my children or "someone who cares" ..dont read it until i am gone..please! http://cser5.blogspot.com


Monday 7pm Lithuanian time and 6pm Montenegrian time. See you!


ChriS SmiTH> NO? ...hmmm well, nature may well make decisions as the roads in city are flooded and mountains roads unpassable AT the MOMENT, enjoy yr weekend..! "cu" monday ..


ChriS SmiTH> I just got this message from one of our club members .. "Here it's like the end of the world.
Mum works in a town 30-40km north of Vrbas, and she didn't return from work yesterday as there is a traffic jam 11km long, and people are starving and freezing in their cars, luckily, she is at our aunt's place now in Backa Topola (where Vanja Uzelac is from)
Vrbas -Novi Sad should be a 45 minute ride,
but my friend traveled that NINE HOURS yesterday .
I don't know when/if I will return to Novi Sad
under these circumstances.
If the situation is critical as here,
stay connected to the city, because you might
run out of electricity, people here just aren't used to/prepared for
this kind of storms.
Take care. walk on!"

ChriS SmiTH> are u there??(i am on skype)
[18:02:06] Chris Smith: current ly Ste. just returned from hospital , his father has heart suregry tomorrow - very emotional. I really want to come....but i FEEL its wrong to leave him, and as it stands (i havent changed my flights yet) I would feel strange being there "enjoying myself" not sure of whats happeneing in Pg..
[18:02:52] Chris Smith: on top of which I might not even be able to get to the airport at the end of this week, i wanted to talk but ...u arent there??
[18:03:07] Chris Smith: surgery..
[18:04:00] Chris Smith: if i DONT come, will u accept me making a short visit, if i can transfer flights end of february / early march???
[18:05:56] Chris Smith: Ste. is in the other room, I am skyping from the cold bedroom with my woolly hat on so not to disturb him, i dont feel comfortable talkign about his situation when In the same room, i hope u understand..?

ChriS SmiTH> financially i shd change my flights by tomrrow, to reduce the losses..so ...

[18:11:18] Chris Smith: i am sorry u didnt want to skype , i feel strange now (more than usual...!)
[18:11:48] Chris Smith: take care! bi for now...

would U send me your postal address, If i dotn travel I would like to send u xmas card or something..

18:46 G>are yo uhere????
why dont you travel?
so your decition depend not on the "person you need to help" but on how often we write to each other?
its not me, that I didnt want , just the connection happen to not work

20:39 ChriS SmiTH>G, have U read anything I wrote earlier?? I hoped u understood...how much I want to travel to you, but I feel its wrong ..for the reasons stated, more important than what I WANT! ..please understand, I feel U dont have time to appreciate how emotional & difficult this decison is..

20:40 G>hi, ok, so its because of the person
not because yuo dont
trust me?

20:42 ChriS SmiTH> did I say I dont trust U?? did I write that I dont trust you..I wrote so much...but not that!

20:44 G>you wrote smth about people that I live with, guys, time to spend, being a burden and so on.
anyway, you know what's best to you!

20:45 ChriS SmiTH> really?

20:45 G> and ill go home then for holiday
thabk you for telling in advance.

20:46 ChriS SmiTH> probably whats best for ME is to come to there, BUT..even pragmatic ; it may not be able to get to the airport, even if Belgrade airport is open..

and Really If I am there and constantly worried about Ste... ,..if he will be on street when I get back or worse... do U think i should come liek that?
my questions to you..

IF I cant come now ...

20:47 G>if you will be worried - NO

20:48 ChriS SmiTH> will u accept me to visit u end of february..or early march..?
and will u let me have yr address so I can send u something..?


U shd know something about my mentality , even from our short time in MNE,
even though I WANT to have fun with you and enjoy myself
..I cant simply go knowing someone really NEEDS me, u dont, he does??

20:52 G>I hope you will be able to help him

20:54 ChriS SmiTH> I hope so, practically as much as emotionally,,, we are in similar situation he has no-one he can depend on , either...so I understand the position, he gave up his job to care for his father, and he came back just a few hours ago, just before I was supposed to skype with you, and he was broken..the decision to operate, even means his father has very slight chance instead of no chance..

i have to cut off soon, IF i change my dates am i still welcome at yours ? maybe just for a couple of days/nights? and give me yr address, PLEASE ?

take care.. I am sorry if i cause u ....some disruptions..PLEASE keep in touch...????

thanks, G, I just really, REALLY wished U knew and understood me, better, take care!
Goodnight, Laku Noc, "Labanakt" x

G> yes, sure!
"every picture tells a story"


 "remember son, dont lose your head...to a woman who spends yr bread" .."got arrested for inciting a p.... riot, when all i wanted was a cuppa tea! "the women i've known i wouldnt let tie my shoes"..but....."she took me up on deck, & bit my neck...goodness knows i was glad i found her".."make the best job of a bad lot and laugh it off..." ..every picture.... raw music , great lyrics , Rod & the faces before he got spoilt..were great!

[17:13:48] Chris Smith: a week later I would have been there today, but u probably would be too busy to host me, as u never have time ven for a few words on facebook etc...  i am testing ideas on.. http://cs961.wix.com/monty-logic-club
[17:18:18] GI-to-wonderland: hi
[17:18:42] GI-to-wonderland: never?
[17:19:01] GI-to-wonderland: could you check the FB please and
[17:19:42] GI-to-wonderland: make sure that there are ANY of my responces
[17:20:44] GI-to-wonderland: aren't any

[17:21:13] Chris Smith: just a :) unless i ddint get them.. but its ok, i know u are busy..
[17:22:02] GI-to-wonderland: and yes i prefer "life" conversations as you know
[17:22:48] GI-to-wonderland: im decorating my jeans now
[17:22:55] GI-to-wonderland: how about you
[17:22:56] GI-to-wonderland: ?
[17:24:33] GI-to-wonderland: web looks good

[17:24:52] Chris Smith: all my conversations are about "Life" (& death until yesterday) now i am "live" ..many ppl confuse writing life inead of live, I even saw a dutch national bank make a mistake on its adverting in english..
[17:25:23] GI-to-wonderland: :)
[17:25:50] GI-to-wonderland: thanks , wtore live and then fixed it to f

[17:26:16] Chris Smith: f u too :)
[17:26:38] GI-to-wonderland: ;)
[17:29:27] Chris Smith: whats know as a freudian slip, its warm now, almost 15 degrees today, its like once i decided to stay the weather improved its been grey here with ste, difficult and we had a n arguement.. seems now to resent my help..i understand he is frustrtaed watchign his dad....
[17:31:04] Chris Smith: but I decided that i will move back "home" next month, one way or another the situation will be "sorted" by then...and IF u read my FB messages u know that the last "dark anniversary" is past...and i just want to focus on creative..effect..
[17:39:37] Chris Smith: yeah...just as i thought,,,u dont have time for even 5 minutes "live" on skype... :P
[17:42:45] GI-to-wonderland: (heidy)
[17:42:54] GI-to-wonderland: :)

[17:44:07] Chris Smith: let me know when u have time to "exchange" for more than a couple of minutes..dont forget the world ends on 21st..so i deceided to make a party here on 22nd "the day after" ..
[17:49:54] Chris Smith: its funny when u mentioned that we couldnt be a "couple" with reference to age, culture etc.. for me the problem is a) sensitivity and b) communication :)..theer u go..GI!
[17:49:58] Chris Smith: there
[18:00:10] GI-to-wonderland: :D
[18:07:59] Chris Smith: hmmmm.. (angry)
[18:09:08] GI-to-wonderland: \o/

 Natalie (Lp)
"How come women deal with illness much better than the male species, thought they were 'stronger'???? x"

<lots of good "banter"> <snip>

John Lemmon how come they all say that....

Margaret Maloney hi Tony

ChriS SmiTH> thanks margaret, and i do mean that sincerely...

Natalie Jordan Hi Tones, yeah think I need to go out ...

John Lemmon but they stll do it.....

Margaret Maloney I never understand that John tbh it sickens me

Tony Odonovan out on the razzle is it lol

ChriS SmiTH
> had 2 kids stolen...etc etc..

John Lemmon so... where are we..... nat is fixed up with tones and maggie has copped off with chris

Natalie Jordan havnt been on the razzle for at least ........ 2 days??? ha
 lol hey now John x

Margaret Maloney I hate women who think kids are weapons to hurt their dads when the kids is who's hurting

ChriS SmiTH
>its got serious so...rather ..let it go, thanks Natalie (& margaret) enjoyed that "banter" ...must do it again some day...(my "day after the end of the world party..?)

John Lemmon which leaves me here again.... on me jack jones...

Natalie Jordan now Chris .... its not serious!

Tony Odonovan im here lol

John Lemmon don't you love me any more chris.....

Natalie Jordan Chris has fallen out with John

Margaret Maloney Hahaha the spaceship is to takes us all  lmao

Natalie Jordan I see Tony

ChriS SmiTH> sorry dont want to discuss..yesterday was the birthday of my lad who died in 1999...neglected by his mum who stole him.///etc ...done this discussion too many times....bye bye take care all..(yes even u girls! )

John Lemmon i'm gonna top meself before the end of the world

ChriS SmiTH >sorry Nat, lost my sense of humour bye bye!

Natalie Jordan sorry Chris tc

John Lemmon sozza chris.. ynwa

Margaret Maloney Oh sorry Chris  didn't know

David Llewelyn Wright You say this, but I only ever see women on here complaining about being ill

CS>hello Nat, i jusy noticed on that thread..dont need to apologise, i was enjoying the banter until it got serious about kids,,its a long story and only discuss with those who really want to know for the right reasons,, didnt want to dampen the thread which i was enjoying until the... btw i just noticed we have the same birthday ..I am having a big party weekend here ... come over//?

Natalie J> lol I never took offence and hope you didnt either, love a banter thread, and where are you lol? xx

ChriS SmiTH > https://www.facebook.com/events/177731482369076/

NJ>oh heck bit far x

20:32 ChriS SmiTH>but worth it..becoming the no.1 place to go in 2013...and i'm here too.  if u get here, the accomodation etc is on me..

20:33 Natalie J> sounds good to me x

20:34 ChriS SmiTH > u are invited!

20:35> Natalie J>thanks I will bear that in mind xx x

20:40 ChriS SmiTH>ok Nat, tw i'll be in Lp march 8-10th ...if u would like to meet for a bevvy or .....dinner (if u aren't "engaged" ..)
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