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CSing 2014-2016

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About Me

seeking intelligence & humour on this earth
ask me or visit me,
next why? always ask why? :)

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

i am always "CSing" I prefer the opposit gender, as I spend a lot of time (during winter) with sports (men) talking football and such, so its more interesting, and DIFFERENT for the rest of the time for me to host and talk with girls & women (not "fee males" ha ha) or go dancing and socialize , as I am a"loner" during the cold months and so like to be active during the beautiful months , here from April to October...PLEASE do NOT REQUEST hosting, if u a) dont like to be "sociable" or b) U do NOT read MY profile....respect the host!
This is the new "pro file" on CSing, I previously hosted over 100 people in Podgorica with over 80 positive references , however some neggies spoilt that..
I have already some VERY positive experiences HOSTing here in Dg, (nearby )
but had almost as many Csing problems of people making requests, and then cancelling late, arriving late or not coming,

I appreciate HHikers have a random travel , but communication with me and realistic targets avoid problems, I will guarantee a GREAT time here if u respect this.
..........I have made a couple of non references because of selfish "new" people CSing , i dont want to make a negative, so please...understand !
(as at 150913, ad 160705 _I had to make another negative because of another "time waster" and it makes me so angry when I open my home and share my life and do so much to make a guest welcome that people make trouble ,
anyway" from now on PLEASE NOTE, any one who wastes my time, (make a bogus request" etc, of cancels too late ...) WILL GET A NEGATIVE "reference" )
I have decided to BAN using the over-used words "awesome" ;) and "cool" during Cser visits to me
and , apart from travel organising and messages to family, smart phones are "verboten" ha aha ;)
its sad that CSing has so many people who dont respect the "original spirit" of "sharing life"
I put a lot of energy and time etc into this important part of my social life, so PLEASE share it..
mostly hosting but a few ijits last year on my old the HQ cut it!
more about me at i am making this private Log PUBLIC because some one dont believe my references ha ha...
This year I have had only a few CSers BUT more than 20 "failed" requests - mostly due to people changing plans.. OR NOT EVEN knowing anything about me, SO DONT want to " SHARE MY LIFE" (CSing motto) I give a lot of effort to this large part of my social life..
therefor PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A REQUEST UNLESS you are 90% sure of keeping to the dates proposed.
only ONE WEEK after I wrote this warning... a couple (Anna & Kris) sent me a personal request to stay 5th august )on 4th august) I dont like "short notice) but as Kris pleaded in a personal way ("YNWA") i accepted, and prepared a room for their arrival, and changed my friday plans.. Kris then cancelled their (individual) request ...and when I complained made some negative comments about my "military" style. I DO NOT WANT NOR NEED CSers who fail to respect the Host (we open our lives and homes to you) SHOW SOME RESPECT!

thats the last not waste my time....PLEASE!
NOTE, and I say it again, as i have 3 negative comments (very recently this AUGUST 2016) , from CSers (2 of which did NOT stay with me, ) IMO .... BECAUSE THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONTENTS OF MY PROFILE OR MY "conditions" for HOSTING BEFORE THEY REQUESTED HOSTING.!!! PLEASE AVOID THIS BY READING THOROUGHLY ... Because I dont liek to do it, BUT I will make HONEST references if you waste MY TIME, LIFE is TOO short..... :)


human BEing = BEing Human ....& hosting aliens, music , dancing , discussion , fun, footy.. and ..more!
  • culture
  • dancing
  • traveling
  • socializing
  • drawing
  • music
  • sports
  • soccer

Music, Movies, and Books

yes Music with soul or energy , ideally that I can dance to, OR idenity with Films that touch my soul , or have a clear message , that question the inhabitants of the planet I live in and why they allow its stupidity and madness to continue..
books..yes some, much the same as above, but IMO people should DO more , or write their own stories and stop repeating the mistakes of the others...

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

cheating death , several times, surviving idiocracy, loving . challenging .. having so many stories to tell,. Living MY life the best way possible.. taking chances , win lose or draw! :) and starting all over again, and again...and again...

Teach, Learn, Share

see above, lots of stories and experiences I offer to share, I dont wish to teach anything, but if you learn, and DO something because of meeting me, I will be made up..

What I Can Share with Hosts

me , my experience and this wildly beautiful region , so many places to see and visit, culture , enjoy , have fun and ..dancing, ... the night life ..if you want it :)

Countries I’ve Visited

Albania, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, North Korea, Norway, Poland, Saint Martin (French part), Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Wales

Countries I’ve Lived In

Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands



L' Innominata

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
Chris hosted me and my husband in Podgorica for five nights 5th-10th August 2016.
He immediately answered to my Couch Request and soon we agreed the details of hosting. He offered us a separate flat in Podgorica, so we could feel free in our plans. Unfortunately, we preferred Mrtvica canyon and other hikes over his company and he was not in the same town, so we did not spend much time together. Anyway, I feel we could continue our conversation on some other occasion. During our presence Chris hosted two more people, so I think he is another important person among Podgorica Couchsurfing hosts. Last but not the least, he has nice smile. Thank you for hosting!
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Alexandra Amanatidou

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
I stayed with Chris for one night while travelling per hitchhike back to Greece. He and his other couchsurfer were really nice to me and made me feel welcome! Chris had cooked delicious pasta and gave me some good montenegrian rose wine.
We chatted long and the next morning went to the lake which shares the albanian borders. He took me to a great cafe with the best view! In the end I even got hitchhicking tipps 😄
Thanks again for everything Chris! The postcard will be sent once I am in Thessaloniki!!
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Barbara Galletti

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
Chris was awesome. He was totally cool with hanging out with us and also just letting us do our own thing. He had great tips for what we should do and how we could get around. Unfortunately we didn't get to make any of this Brasilian fudge type thing for him but next time! We'll also try not to be on the wifi so much when we go out.
Thank you so much for offering to host us and letting us know about another incredible part of Montenegro. And also for being so flexible with us and our ever-changing schedule. Until next time!
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Chris's response

sorry but "cool" and "awesome" (and smarter phones)_ are hereby banned in this region ha ah ha!

Sergey Tereshchenko

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
Chris is an amazing host with tons of interesting stories from his life. We spent great time together talking and drinking wine in a local bar. He also introduced us local lifestyle))) and we had a chance to realize all our plans in Montenegro and make a big loop around the country.
We're gald we had a chance to meet Chris, he's a great guy.
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  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
It's taken me a while to write this as it's hard to describe what fun Chris and I had while he hosted me in Danilovgrad. We instantly clicked when we met and the next two days were a blur of fascinating stories, onion omelettes, rakija, beer, boats, and trying to avoid dancing while sober :) You must visit Chris if you are in Montenegro, but be fully prepared to drink and dance :) He's a rare character. They just don't make them like that anymore!
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Bart-Jeroen Schuur

Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
I met Chris a few years ago in Albania, he invited me and this was the second time I stayed with him. Chris has tons of stories to tell of the lives he lead and leads. He is eager to show his Montenegro and a great guy to talk with. I am sure this is not the last time I will visit him, as there is so much more to see and discuss.

Chris's response

waiting your return! :)

Axel Wion

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
Chris is definitly an awesome guy ! I spend two nights in his place, it was really interesting to stay with him and to learn from what he has lived ! We got nice talks, good food, good wine and so one it was really a nice time with him !
If you pass in Montenegro you have to arrange at least a meeting with him !
Hope to see you again Chris !
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Axel Wion

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
I got a unique experience at the place of Chris ! He shows me the capital and his neighborhood and gave me some explanations about the life in Montenegro ! He is really easygoing and we have nice talks ! I want to come back during the summer to have more time to enjoy the countryside !
See you and good luck with your football team !
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Maria Jõgi

  • Confirmed Stay - Would Stay With Chris Again
We only got to stay with Chris for 1 night, but it was perfect. Thanks to him we saw a lot of Montenegro in a short period of time. Also we really enjoyed his company, sense of humor and of course Rakija in the morning. I definitely have to see the beautiful Montenegro and Chris again in the future! Thank you.

Paula Sumińska

  • Positive
2 nights (and days) at Chris' were amazing. He lives in a very charming place and showed us beautiful places in Montenegro, which we probably would not see ourselves if it wasn't for him. Thank you very much for a nice time with wine, discussing and puppies :)

Chris Smith-Mypod

Hosted Paula and BF Michal 2 nights and some of the day :) I wrote a "poem" in their "travel book" so I will not write so much ... Michal is the talker,... hope U arrived SA ok, and onward travel is not hindered by stupidity at govt, borders :) take care

Fatih Kaya

  • Positive
Chris was a nice and friendly host. Lina and I enjoyed our stay. Chris took the time to take us for breakfast, showed Podgorica and even helped us to find a place to repair our car (since it was making strange sounds). Chris as well helped us to find beautiful places in Montenegro to visit. We wish you good luck Chris and take care!

Louise Legtenberg

  • Positive
Staying with Chris was really good, my boyfriend and I were lucky to meet this special guy, who has so many stories to tell! And ladies, if you stay with him, dance with him! :)

Chris Smith-Mypod

So Louise and Matt came to stay
didnt know if they were ok
but after pasta, and some vino
had a good time , it was "fino"

hope u enjoy the visit to Oestrog, &are welcome back any time both to see the best of the rest of "Monty" and me. :)
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Victoria Nagbé

  • Positive
My boyfriend and I have spend such a good time with Chris ! He helpt us for our journey, he gave us some good advises, he connected us with people in Montenegro, .... So much more ! He's not only an Host : Danilovgrad is THE place to be !
Thank you again Chris, I hope to see you again !

Chris Smith-Mypod

Victoria and Florian
came and came back again
we swam in the lake toured Skada by Boat
discussed the universe, and why we dont vote

enjoyed the food , the vino the RAKIJA
happy again to see YA! ha ha

welcome back anytime!
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  • Positive
Oh yes, dear Chris I did keep calm just left the city of Podgorica. And we passed Tara Canion on the way back. Thanks for your enthusiastic words about that part of Montenegro. It's really worth to visit that region indeed!

magali y miguel Migliori Gu...

  • Positive
We stayed with Chris for 2 days and we had an amazing time together. He shared with us some stories that were very important for us in this moment. He is a great person and we will come back to go out with you in Podgorica!! Thanks for everything!!

Chris Smith-Mypod

HiY M & M !!! :) thank u for visiting me and sharing some good food , vino and moments of humanity,.. .. enjoy your adventure in Tivat and come back to me for a "Podgorica night" when possible, take Care ChRiS/.....WE ARE THE CLUB!

Couchsurfing Friends

Bart-Jeroen Schuur

Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Lina Grakauskaite

's-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands

Kristina Medžiaušytė

Siauliai, Siauliai, Lithuania

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Alicia Álvarez

  • Negative
Chris got really angry when I told him 4 DAYS IN ADVANCE (2 days after having done the request) that we changed our plans and could not come to his place. This was enough reason for him to leave me a negative reference. Apparently he has not understood the point of negative references and leaves everybody that cancels their stay a negative reference. He wrote me really unfriendly, accussing me of not having read his profil and wanting to have only a beach holiday (which did not make sense at all since first I read his profile and second we were on the Durmitor mountain when I wrote him). So apparently he was the one who did not read my message. After his paranoic response my friend and me really did not want to go to his place. Chris you should stop taking the cancelations of request so personally.

Chris's response

as I told her, and is clear on my profile, I ask TIME after time CSers NOT to request hosting unless they are SURE..


  • Recommends Chris
So Chris was our guardian angel during our whole stay in Montenegro : came to pick us up at the airport and made sure we got back home after two weeks ! He is thoughtful and generous, loves to chat and host all the time. He is very passionnate and a good soul with strong opinions ! He has many friends in Montenegro and showed us the best places
 to stay and eat. I recommend to stay with him. But as Chris likes more than everything honesty, I must write for travelers that his place in Danilvograd is not super clean, you might come across a few spider webs !!

Kristofer B

  • Negative
Chris is a very difficult and complicated person. He seems to be like in the army. My friend and I never comfirmed my stay at his place but he left me a bad reference. Reading the reference on his profil and the way he wrote to me, I was demotivated and I was not feeling comfortable to stay with him. I informed him that I couldn't reach his place 33h 10 min before the meeting time that he communicated to me. I changed mind but he over reacted. I didn't want not to be on time as I read his profile carefully. All these reasons made that I canceled my stay. But he might be thinking that he could control every single activity on earth. A little bit of tolerance from him and taking life a bit more easy would be very helpful to humanity !

Chris's response

his details not true, attitude contrary and rude in is clear on my profile, I ask TIME after time CSers NOT to request hosting unless they are SURE..

Alanna Krowiak

  • Does Not Recommend Chris
A word to CSers. My friend and I are travelling around the Balkans meeting and staying with many people on CS. Since we often are declined or recieve no response we send out multiple requests on CS . We then usually make our plans around our CSers. I sent a request to Chris who responded with several questions at which point we had already been taken under wing by another person. I told him this and he, in turn, wrote me a negative reference. Although we had never once established a plan he claimed that I changed my plans on him and had no respect. Bith my friend and I care deeply about respecting our hosts who kindly welcome us and, when we establish plans, have never failed to act on them. So take his profile seriously and dont send this man a request unless you absolutely plan to rely on it or he may do the same to you.

Chris's response

Chris Smith-Mypod's PhotoAGAIN ,,, (and no excuse at all as Alanna lived in english speaking country) is clear on my profile, I ask TIME after time CSers NOT to request hosting unless they are SURE..

Egle Spucyte

  • Recommends Chris
Few months passed after I met Chris but.. I guess after few years if someone would come to me and ask: Do u remember Chris from Danilovgrad? I would say: Silly question, u can't forget your friends! He is such a wonderful person,that even we spent just 2 days together I want to call him my Friend. I wouldn't forget him- never. Chris is a man,which makes u feel that all of us, we are from one big family- Universe and he shares with u everything he has. Thanks Cs that we have opportunities to find those people!

Yakup Kobalas's Photo

Yakup Kobalas

  • Positive
Christ is very considerate person i stayed his house 1 night with my 3 friends. we hang out together we drank rakija and we spent really nice time.

Fatih Akten

  • Positive
Chris is a amazing guy, he is very hospitality and very funny He nows how to make joke . We stay his house one night but we had perfect time. We drank rakia together.He helped to us for visiting to almost all Montenegro and gave a lot of gift .Thank you Chris for everything

Henriette Stølsnes

  • Positive
After a turbulent trip up to Montenegro I was lucky to meet Chris. Though I was only supposed to stay two nights, I was invited to stay for longer which of course I did!
Chris is an including and warm person, and I would definitely recommend him if you’re staying in Podgorica. We shared numerous bottles of wine, many good moments and in general a really good time.
As you might understand reading Chris’ references, he really likes CSing and the social part around CS. Like he said himself ‘I invite the world to come to me’, and if you understand and respect this you’re in for one of your best CS experience you’ll ever have.
NOTE (and only a note to future visitors): Chris does not live in the centre of Podgorica, but a few minutes away. There’s a bus leaving from the bus station quite often (32,34 and a another thirty-something). It cost less than two euros and it’s the end stop (bus station in Danilovgrad).
I also want to comment on one of the negative reference that’s been given to Chris. He might be a bit forward with getting your phone number, but that’s ONLY because Chris doesn’t have wifi and imagine all the hassle having to go out every time to check your inbox.

Petrina Thong

  • Positive
Chris Smith - This man ain't a myth!
With him, I have absolutely no beef.
Extremely generous, thoughtful and kind,
He's bound to tickle your mind.

Many good times out and quiet nights in,
So you can throw all your worries in a bin!
He loves to talk, jive and laugh.
And can drink with you til you barf.

Danilovgrad isn't very known,
But a wonderful time you'll be shown.
Thank you Chris for your exceptional hospitality.
The experiences here has made me very happy!

Dogan Aslan

  • Positive
Chris hosted me 2 times. He hosted me before I went to albania and after I came back from Albania. It was nice to be with him I was like ' Sultan' as he said ✌. We went to watch a game of Beşiktaş and I learned a new drink "Bamboos" .. actually it is not easy to explain he is really good guy good stories good time spend together .. 😊

Miljana Zutic

  • Negative
I am not sorry for coming at you're home but I didn't feel safe. Next time don't try to hide a true, you don't live in Podgorica, you live 30 km from Podgorica. I told you I dont want to came becouse I don't feel safe and I will never came where I don't feel safe. You didn't wanted even to give me address to check on google maps where is it.
I respected you and you should allways do the same, not wroting me ,,Serbian sabotage" and insulting me in reference and personal messages also.

Chris Smith-Mypod

complaint , "Serbian sabotage" Re: Miljana Zutic requested hosting 8-10th September
so, your "apology" was not sincere....
If you had explained with another excuse I may have believed you, but either you are lying now or before,
I communicate often because its MY language, and obviously trying to help YOU, because your english is bad.
a) YOU sent me a REQUEST for 8th - 10th September, and I asked u for your mobile phone number BECAUSE
( as I explained) IF YOU READ MY PROFILE PROPERLY ) I am not online so, i need to confirm your arrivalby via sms
AS I DONT WANT people arriving at my address when I am not at home, thats LOGICAL!
b) you had the chance to read the references , including "that girl" (who actually was in a GROUP of four people who I REJECTED because they were TOO LATE.. (it is rare that any host can care for FOUR!, but...i was prepared..)
c) IF you had doubts you had the chance to CANCEL the request BEFORE the dates, BUT, instead , I GOT A MESSAGE on 9th september (already 1 day late, that you asked to be hosted on 10th September , and DESPITE you being TWO DAYS LATE, I still said "yes" IF you can communicate..your mobile number, as sometimes I am in Podgorica and sometimes in Danilovgrad, which you would know if YOU had REALLY read my profile.
d) I told U i am not online , BUT , instead of txting me your plans, you cancel in the afternoon, not with this "latest excuse" but with " change of plan(e)s"
saying "sorry"(twice) via email and NOT via sms, as i requested , although I texted you (at MY expense) to arrange a meeting point EASY for U! and thus wasted a THIRD evening waiting for your NON-arrival!
e) Obviously you are not "sorry" but selfish...because MY 14 GOOD references contradict YOU!
I dont think you ever intended to stay with me, u just are another disrespectful "time waster" who thins k i am a "free hostel" ..
and unless you convince me otherwise , I will take it you are typical selfish balkanese who would rather lie than own up to your own mistake! what you are doing is attempting to hurt me, through your own immaturity, so its a shame, but I am glad now that I did NOT give u the benefit of sharing MY LIFE and MY home and MY HOSPITALITY,

and I AM WARNING anyone else who wants to "sabotage" this profile can go to hell!
p.s. a pathetic attempt to damage me, I know why!! yr comments are not logical! (my profile states DANILOVGRAD , not Podgorica, ...CU next time! :)

Julia Nosiadek

  • Neutral
I do not advice contacting with Chris because we had unpleasant conversation with him. He canceled our stay at the late evening when we were 30km from his house.

Chris Smith-Mypod

should have hosted , but after a lot of contact her group of FOUR was delayed and expected to arrive very late, I do not want to write a negative reference, but suggest other hosts take care as she and her group perhaps are inexperineced CSing and may need guidance HAVING Read Julies reference, PLEASE TAKE THIS as a warning , ANYONE WHO KEEPS to "the plan" will have a GREAT time, anyone who does NOT, risks beign rejected..I am NOT a Hostel, (but there could be one next door soon,,,) :)

[-] Read Less

Juliette Vimeney

  • Positive
I spent 3 days with Chris. From danilovgrad, he showed me around : skadar lake,podgarica ... He will be a good story teller of his previous adventures. Living with pure necessary stuffs, you will either sleep in his couch or in the 'second house'.
Chris has a special way to do couchsurfing, living the sharing experience fully.
Forget it if you're ONLY looking for a free-place-to-stay.

Melanie Gómez

  • Positive
If it could be a "super positive" rate for sure I would chose this one. I can't describe with words how we have learnt from him. If someone wants to know about what I am talking, better ask him to stay for two or three days. We will meet you again for sure, Chris.

Lucia Katz

  • Positive
Chris is a really good host, someone who knows how to welcome people at home. My friend and I had two wonderfull days with him. He made us discovering Montenegro, the Adriatic cost and the marvellous skada lake. He's a really good, entousiastic and interesting person. Thanks for this positive exchange.
See you soon !!!
Hasta siempre !

Urszula Klimczak

  • Positive
Chris is an amazing person and if you ever have a chance to meet him - don't miss it! First of all, he can tell you a lot more about beauty of Montenegro than you can read in any book or website, so a week or two won't be enough to see it all. Except being a great tourist adviser, he's also great person to party with! The only time when he's not talking, smiling, dancing or squeezing the best out of life is probably when he sleeps (and even this I'm not so sure of ;)) You simply can't get bored with Chris! Thank you a lot for your hospitality, I'm looking forward to see you again!

Matthijs Plijnaar

  • Positive
My girlfriend and I stayed only for one night with Chris, which was way too short. Chris is full of great (travel) stories and knows all the great places in Montenegro, unfortunately we only met him on our last day in Montenegro.
Chris we really liked the monastery, unfortunately the que was too long for us to get in, but the view made it worth going up there nevertheless.

Tamar Valk

  • Positive
Oh yes, Chris has been an amazing host and might just like that become a friend for life! From the moment i biked up to his place we had a lot of fun. Chris has great stories to tell and might actually never stop if you don't get him very drunk or in the back of a car along the fantastic Tara river canyon :) at least an unplanned two hour hike along the Black lake didn't stop our conversations :p We spent only two days but experienced so much it felt like a week, a great week! To be continued Chris, you rock!

Noemi Albertini

  • Positive
I met Chris in a pub in POdgorica. We spent a nice evening chatting, dancing and exchanging impressions about travelling. He's a kind guy, always ready to party! See you in Danilovgrad!



    Thank you Chris.

    I take your comment into account, obviously. But I really do not want you to think it is typical me to react the way I did. I still can't explain what happened (I must admit I thought of it). There are plenty of people who tried to "scratch" me the way you did and didnt lead me to even argue with them.
    I cannot even said that you went too far (even though you are the first ever who told me I was a selfish person. I rather had the reproach of being too altruistic actually). Anyway, rather than what you said about me, I guess that what I need to focus on is my bad reaction towards you. I cannot explain it. I truly think that I never really meant to challenge you (at least at the beginning) but I didn't know neither that I was questioning you on your main center of interest. When I will have digest this, maybe I will be able to focus on the substance of your comments.

    Anyway, thank you for having giving me a chance and sorry if it didn't work out.

    I hope your boys win their game on Saturday. I thought of you.

    Take care.

    Ps. I usually offer some "herbes de provence" and postcard surprise under the pillow to my hosts. I guess I was a bit to confused as far as you are concerned, I literally forgot about it. I'm sorry!

    18 days ago

    Hey Mis Small

    Enjoy the important lyrics... TRUE and pure honesty is SO rare...

    "your worst enemy could be your best friend"

    Challenge everyone , especially yr "friends" as much as your challengers ... those who tell you truth that you wont like are helpign you the most.....

    so challenge them all - as much as you challenged me! :) so, do not run away if you get the chance again!

    be who u are and best you can be! ..honestly!


    19 days ago

    Hello Eselle. so did u get my sms this morning..? . u dont believe it but there are comms problems here (for me) u should look for some quiet beach in between Kotor and Tivat, scenery is beautuful too, take care of the cars, they dont respect or even see cyclists.. a demain soir.. I will wait you at "Berlin" :) Chris

    23 days ago

    Hi !

    Perfect, c'est noté! I will find you in Berlin bar. I will get there around 7.30-8ish. Hope it is not too late.

    I take note of your advices. Tomorrow I will be cycling along the bay and I can try to go swimming around tivat the day after tmr then ! Sounds perfect to me!

    Hvala puno. Vidimose skoro (?!)

    24 days ago

    Estelle, Great, I am "hungry" (!) to meet u, but when I manage the kids I want to give them 100% of my attention ...hope u meet them during your visit, and so, on 27th I will wait for you in Podgorica at the infamous "Caffe Berlin" address ; Njegoseva 24 (opposite "corto maltese " restaurant , close to republic square, its about 10-15 mins walk from bus station or a 1e taxi ride (take onty taxies with a number on the door as they are "controlled) looking forward to meeting you after all this "exchange" enjoy the coast ..recommend th local bus between Kotor and Tivat , its 50 c and the views are fantastic and nice places with few people to swim in between! 🙂

    Estelle wrote

    I booked for an additional night. I would have loved to be a cheerleader but you were right, too tight schedule.

    I 'll come to you on the 27th then. I will be in podgorica around 7pm if it is ok with you 😊.


  2. I am often on facebook, Estelle, and according to my Csing Calendar u are still here until august 4,,, so its hard to forget u, its good to be challenged ... i had hoped that you would have learnt to "co-exist" with someone who dotn agree with you. i never didnt want u to leave early, but i also would never try to convince you to stay when u were "upset" and seemingly more fragile than your profile suggested,,, anyway i do NOT regret your stay, as short as it was.. only that I truly believe if u had "held on" you could have know me better, and both enjoyed the time more.. but I hope one day. when u are stronger you will visit again.. every experience is part of the journey, and i hope u take "the rough with the smooth" ... shame that you cant dance... that usually "improves the mood"

    .. as i said, i was angry with me, ...ha ha, for being angry..

    . I suggest that going through this with me, may help you deal with any similar situation in the future... as I wrote .... because being challenged makes us stronger, and question ourselves.. and in a funny way, i miss u.... so YOU , please, take care, and please keep in touch , from time to time.. on facebook or here... Bonne Route
    ChriS :)

    p.s. .... at least , u dont have to say "sorry" any more... ! :)

  3. i will "adios" from Csing with a party...

    you really DID miss the whole "message"... thats your loss... because I wrote "its ok" "i said YES to hosting Estelle again... "

    about 2 hours ago

    Chris>Etelle, well, I cant reply on facebook because your "immature" COWARDLY cancellation of contact ,
    u have a limited concetration level, as with many of the "fast food generation" and..
    u came to me with a negative atttude, prejudiced from discussing my personal communicatios with strangers
    as I said , that broke trust, I wrote the "refernce" on the day u left.. fresh..
    u think a sweet smile and " take it easy" is the solution to the mess...

    u made no effort to connect with me, in fact u are probably the most anti=social person I hosted out of 140..
    because u can be different but u chose to freeze me out , at Niagra, and when we ere with the others
    excluding me , by intent or accident.. u didnt have enough respect though i included YOU in everything
    you didnt even get the value of that..

    "childish" is a compliment to me,,, u were , and still are IGNORANT, it seems you learned nothing..shame
    because I can accept losing u as "friend" if you gained ...alas... u are simply, predictably "BITTER" again...
    I though the "rhyme" wasnt that bad as I simply re-structured my HONEST comments into a poem..that probably no one will take time to read ...and less will understand... i wrote it to "process" MY anger against you...
    and a joke you write to me "give me an answer to this e-mail and then, just forget about me. " thats the talk of a DICTATOR!
    you said after u left (having changed your plans twice and 2 days earlier, and 4 days on my calendar, without any apology for your part in our "dispute"_ ) that u would reflect and consider my challenge and your reaction, well this is you being "reactionary"

    yes that negative reference you "quote" has a valid point, IF I chose to make it easier by being more tolerant ... but, I would not be honest! and honesty is too rare in OUR world...
    (btw its OUR world that you and they continue to foul up by denying responsibility... taking the "easy way out!..

    by the way, I cant "turn you into a monster" unless you already are.....? can i? I can only ignite what is in you..
    consier that!


    p,s, I dont WANT you to read my blog, only people who CARE are invited...u dont!

    p.p,s write what u want , the quality of Csers has declined so much that I dont care any more if it continues..

    about 6 hours ago

    What you did with this stupid reference is childish. I didn't expect anything from you, and didn't desirve anything either. I was not planing to write anything on your CS profile. You didn't put me in any kind of danger, you are reliable.. that the least I expect from a couch surfer so, I saw no reason why I should earn anyone about you. But the way you behaved by writting this not understandable peice of shit is so crazy to me that I am now hesitating. You are again turning me into a monster. Can you imagine it ? I don't !

    Anyways, I don't want ANY kind of virtual relations with you. I was planing to read your blog back home, but I won't. waste of time. because you lied actually (not only once !) NATO supporter? Me? Pardon my French ! "Montenegrian would be stupid to enter in NATO " - is that not intelligible for you?

    You have a right to give me an answer to this e-mail and then, just forget about me.

    By the way, I totally agree with this negative reference you had "a bit more tolerance and open mindness would make your world easier"

    about 9 hours ago

    I bloked you on Facebook. Here is my last message though.

  4. as you got it deleted..(a very suspect action and typical of someone workign FOR "the system")
    i suggest you make an EFFORT to understand the words...this time!


    a poetic "reference" for Ms Small from Mr Smith

    so U left 3 days earler than planned ,Ms Small
    U could claim that U did not have to come at all!
    but arrived u did after a "cute Parisian couple" at Berlin
    straight away (with them) you "settle in"

    you avoided the direct approach
    with this "Manager" (i am neither Trainer or "coach")
    and now you "escape" to Durmitor
    Via Ostrog, Niksic and maybe more...

    the last evening was a clam event
    perhaps if u were stronger , you might not have bent...
    ironic that I did like you anyway
    but you were too busy disagreeing , to hear me say..

    ..its "ok"

    if u are honest , but u want your way,
    in my home, and without my knowkedge, every day..

    TRUE and pure honesty is SO rare...
    ("your worst enemy could be your best friend" Marley)
    did you understand how MUCH i care??
    If you share my feeling with others , you are the "right charlie"

    Challenge everyone , especially yr "friends" as much as your challenger
    whether he or she is poor, a boss, a Pm, a lady or a "sir"
    ... those who tell you truth that you wont like are helping you the most.....
    and if I seemd like a "know it all.."
    just think ...I dont NEED to "boast"

    so challenge them all - as much as you challenged me! :)
    so, do not run away if you get the chance again! , you see?
    be who u are
    and best you can be!

    its merely polite when u keep commenting "Hvala puno "
    but dont say "Go for it.. you insult my caring , my emotions are deep, you know?
    giving a little bit, at Niagara
    you were cold to me, in a "cool" sahara

    sharing my trust with others could cause me (again!) CSing damage is "careless"
    I will stop may be my very last , better to walk away from the CSers "mess"
    swimmign in skada, ignoring me , i remark
    u prefer to talk with a shark

    despite my warning , you read my private blog , in 5 minutes scan
    without care, thats not criticism, lass, I have to fight "their" ban
    would u complain that Marley words not always to understand?
    would u better believe my words if i led a (music ) band?

    Estelle dont accept "them" could alienate me, block comms, sms
    hack my phone , laptop. blocks and disrupt it all, oh yes yes yes!
    u made almost no effort to share know me, or let u be known,
    with Anthony and Elli u speak english, but "as three" not with me,,, U throw the dog an "occasional bone"

    I read again your early contact via CSing
    when I meet u, it makes me think, "this kid is only messing"
    you wrote before "Does it help you knowing me ? I doubt it ! ??"
    well you broke my trust, big mistake, because that IS SH&T!

  5. ...................>

    u dont want me to know u,
    unless u control the discussion, yes thats what u do!
    and those issues u mention you dont want to discuss,
    and when I care , its from heart & soul, not just to make a "fuss"

    those matters are personal and emotional U say you are "emotional"
    but u cant deal with mine!! u revert to anal..
    IF you gave ne something, I would support u, caring..

    intimate information and my TRUST IN YOU, I opened my life
    share my home and my life and even tell u about my sweet lost wife
    when you showed my private communications to others
    u should remember I have no sister or brothers

    with you, vis Csing or facebook, YOU broke the trust,,,
    I was angry, and yet avoid, and have not openly "cussed"
    but I thank you for doing the "modelling" for Sava , ( broke his foot...)
    merci beaucoup that will help him until he can put on his boot.

    U came but disrupted, a bit of a b&tch
    not intended, but its a disease of the rich
    promoting "ney Tow" or u culd be a c1a spy
    brought out my dark side, made sad, I sigh...

    its a pity that you didnt want to dance
    i can not get angry then , & could have been our chance
    often it is thought the worst is to die without any one
    but it would be worse to end life amongst sheeple who make me FEEL alone

    take care and challenge ALL!"
    Chris 160731