Monday, June 8, 2015

ChRiSpring (rolls?) LOG march , april and SG.... MayBE '15 + "D Day 2"

June 5 ...on old house, at Riverside, no fridge (people can come from Sth America M & M from Buenos Aires , but Goran cant get a fridge to me from one side of Dg to the other!!!
HiY M & M !!! :)   thank u for visiting mer and sharing some good food , vino and moments of humanity,.. I would like to write a "reference" for you, but I cant usually unless U write one first... and if u are on facebook. , please also give your link to your blog, ... ?   lastly Mirjana is expecting u in Cetinje today, if u go there or not... please send her a message (sms )  = +382 (0) 67 222 302 ok?  enjoy your adventure in Tivat and come back for a "Podgorica night" when possible, ChRiS
TRain  kids and Lads V Dads e38 /  ATM @ Pg  e40 .....
e100  cash from bag..
JUne 6
bus to Pg
Bag for REdAWN   VISA  e30
Bus to Bdva via CT,,,,(MM)  e 3 and 2,50  she didnt ,,,
ciggies , beer in room
I wanted Siesta,  she said yes, then was impatient to go to beach.,  so no siesta , hadnt slept much since she left Dg (thursdaY( via Pg _)   THREW AWAY 100 e  ... "donated to community MNE"
at beach she swam and played with little girl...
then chinese  e 34 Visa and e3 tip .   walk takled to niece on mobile, "dont mention drinking too much to her"   <I said I was talkign about me,  but worries me how she "fibs".,,,)
at Irish Pub  , Forouk,  (Mihail)  ,,,,Milos at Petrovac.,,, met  Colm, (owner) he bought a round  ( Guiness and Paulaner...)  MM returned almost a full glass of Paulaner "too warm!"  ..she is so  committed to talking Italian, that she always talks to me in THAT tongue,  I started to think in Italian  BUT I WANT to leaern balkan languages ... and he to learn ENGLISH...
MM talked Italian to Colm  ,< then invited him to Ct for cofffee,    *>  !!!!
 Robert Vancouver ... likes Monty,  bought rakija for me and Tequilla for MM.  I bought him a jameson, and another Teq for MM, she didnt want to stay "for dancing"  was a bit frunk, I wasnt .  first time in Years I had seen Colm,   (Scouse - irish connection)  ...and as i said later its nice to talk freely  without being careful about the other person  understanding..  ,,,
About midnight, I was so tired ...    but Mima wanted to lay on beach, and look at stars, great if i wasnt so tired from 2 nights without good sleep and 2 hrs of footy (the first time in almost a year>  my muscled were screaming ....
I had told her that  dont feel that she considers my feelings ,  I had made this weekend for her, because the previous saturday she had COMPAINED that we didnt stop at BUDVA on the way to KOTOR...
Back at the hotel, we ddnt sleep, then aftwer (no protection?) she orederd coffee tot he room <about 03hrs*> and put on the noisy aircon. ...i hardly slept, then she snored,,  she cuddled me in the morning, and I her, and touched her until she slept again,, I didnt,,,
about 07h I got up and went to the reception to ask about a "deal" for another night... Violeta in the reception said maybe....I WAS thinking about keeping the room  and sleeping in the hot daytime and swimming later on,   BUT  when we got the alarm call at 09h,  I said to Mima that I was going to breakfast, she was half sleep, and was still prone on the bed...
So when she came down and said " You didnt wait CHRIS" , I felt my tired mind getting angry and decided that I dint want to walk around BUdva in 35 degrees C with her, she didnt make me feel that I should, and then , of course she REACTED, and I reminded her that I had lost 100 euros this weekend, and that I paid for a  nice hotel, chinese dinner and <expensive> drinks at Irish pub,,   and before I could say "you dont seem interested in what I want"  ,, she shouted "Basta"  <enough> ... so I said , OK ENOUGH!
The jouney back until she left the bus at Ct., was in silence.  except for her talking to her people on the phone.   some things she would hATE me to do,,,,<, *   I wonder if I had asked Kristina for coffee in Dg how she would have reacted....well I KNOW!!!,,,>
Luckily the bus continued to Nk and I got out at Dg, ...
and am calm at homeafter I  cleaned my tired mind by writing this ...
p.s.  Of course Barca Beat Juve on saturday evening, which we "half watched" in the irish pub...  its a reflection on the status of LFC that 2 players ; Mascherano  and Suarez <who scored the winner> helped Barca wina  trophy that we used to contest when Rafa was our manager  Masch left when G & H / woy let him go, and Henry s f s g  couldnt hold on to Luis..gone are the days when WEmade and attracted top players and replaced them with equal quality.. there is no quality, In the "INFESTORS" , in the boardroom, nor on the coaching bench.. the best kids leave us , or get loaned out, NEVER to return.. or are sold on the cheap..
I never imagined that Lfc would be just another "selling club"  ... so I out of it, after a lifetime and focus on  "footballs grass RoUtes" the kids and  local footy clubs = MY Mission as a communty project,,,...
CS Log, AntiCHRis Monty blog part 2
Ev er ton 25 june?
"you have a half EMPTY glass, mine half full... Volim te, ali..., I giev 100 per cent,  you give 50! ...Laku Noc. ChRiS x
Of course we are different, but it seems modern feemales just" compete" they have their secrets,,, <secret garden..Bruce ..LINK>  iwe are positive the ying . yang can complete the whole..but if she likes to live at Budva, whulst I am committed to mu "footy mission" for the kids....?  she dont like bus travel, i enjoy going "native" <economy>  she dont like to talk about "issues"  I WANT her to care about what is important to ME too...   will we "survive"  ???

May 29  ,ackers . 66, 220
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You are heading for big, dramatic and powerfully positive changes in relationships and friendships right now. You may be hit with an "I have always loved you as more than a friend" bombshell, or be dropping such news on someone else."
MOnty BLOG???
, work on MI& MEstarihousetel /// 10 hrs this week..5 15hrs to date

CS0> Vuk,
Hello Wolfie, u know someone called Mirjana (Mima ) Martinovic in your home town??

Hi there.. well I know her but I haven't seen her more than 10 years I dont think she livea in Cetinje..hmm...
a few seconds ago
I may visit CT tomorrow , if u are around for a coffee , Rakija .or..(whats yr favourite caffe in CT?_) ??

May 28
at river
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You'll be talking about relationships, commitments and taking action to improve your love life this weekend. If you have been single, it is in the "talking spaces" that you will meet new people. Find people who share your interests, ideas and hobbies. " hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
May 27
at gem>  at PG,There are many extremely STUPID and ignorant men on this planet but u are nt TESTED before U share a house with a mad women during her period ,,,haha....Arghhhh,,
Gem> "An important relationship is undergoing some significant and challenging transformations right now. You may find that your significant other is pressuring you to change your appearance, to get out more, or to stretch your horizons with a new creative hobby. " ha ha ha ..... yeah I must st

Print REDawmn, letter for MMS to embassy to womens rights sister Biljana?  Zorica Zoran Jasna
e100 cash from bag..
24/25/26 MAY  with MMS..  and her period...
Wizz plaint "  I have made several bookings since I have been a discount member, and almost every time I tried to combine travel with a friend (who should also get the discounted price) your internet website rejected me, so I have had to book as individual flights , even tough we travel TOGETHER, please CREDIT my account with the difference : the referencse are,,,
paid e130 my wizz  Bg - Ldn - Ldn
Paid e240 for MM round trip
she freaked when I didnt  go to chemist... as i said " i am your "hero" as long as I say YES to everything,  i offered her my pants for the 100 metres walk, she then froze me, and refused a kiss,, and called me stupid, ...I am to "love another" ... 5 years since the blond holocaust (Josee) and I never had so much stress as I did tonight....  !
I made her birthday, paid for her taxis here and there and when she was sick, bought the tickets for UK, took her to dinner at chinese (the first 2 datse cost a total of e150....)  gave her ny ring,, ! (feck it) that I have had maybe 30 years...or more,,,
and... she called some guy to pick her up... he didnt, she missed the bus, because she wanted me to go to station with her,,,then when I agreed, she didnt, then again said the would, after the buses stopped...!!
May 26 letter for Bg Embassy...
brunch at river , Goran to sort out fridge and phone. e125 .. (current 1746e)
worked on stari kuci ..  2 hrs , banged head and eye sore,,
Gem> "   "
Stevie ! and 10th anniversary of "the miracle of isrtanbul" ....Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You are disappointed in what seemed to be promising developments in your love life. If you are single, a potential partner isn't who they presented themselves to be. If you are married, your significant other may be slacking off on their fair share of the workload."
may 25 ... raining again... ..Podgorica ,  Wamnko e50 = e400

we had the 3rd "RED nose" <RED FACES!!> event at Dg and... region ,,,friday WET and wet sheep didnt get to MY home party, ha ha ... but it was GooD, intimate and easy .. saturday ..the kids futba1 in Spu" and sunday 23km s on bike !!! ..scenic river and bevvies ....yes ..!!!!.... ha ha ..................... Gem> ...."Daily Horoscope
Gem>You will be in a good mood today. Your sense of humoUr returns, and you are energetic. You are up for some fun, too. You might actually drag your partner out of the house to go party this evening. If you are single, you might be going out with friends when someone new catches your eye. ..." bye "FC" ..... Stevie and I both Go and they wore black...of course <*curse!..>.6.1!!! Stevie G.. an emotional moment as I told the lads . is the only surviving that true REds can identify with and exposed the lack of passion and fight in the rest of the team
may 24, sunday brunch at Obala (e7 on a/c) then ...  bike to Zeta,,,
Gem>Gem> "Daily Horoscope
A partner or advisor may disappoint you or let you down today, but there are others in your life with good ideas and helpful attitudes. Someone you have worked with for a long time, or from your past will have the answers. You may have to travel to get all the information you need today"
CS>  ... FB messages

Stevie pics on profile...


may 23>

20, 21 22 23  ... Mrs M.M> Smith ...
happy birthday to all REds sharing this day and this emotional weekend with me ...thank you Stevie for the times I shared great moments because of YOU! and ,its my last weekend for the "modern" commecial Lfc... also greetings from party at "LAV" Spuz this evening... smile
atm for SPuz REDAWN etc   e80
panties for MMS  ...and cigs .. e10 and taxi , "sick"  MMS  e10
150522 great "Lazy Day" at Dg,,,
Gem >
150522 " Daily Horoscope
You could find that the best place to meet a new romantic partner is among friends and family. You will have a pleasant day because you will be popular and in demand for get-togethers and parties. Your personal energy is very attractive right now."
e100 cash from bag

You added 4 new photos.
May 19 at 2:06pm ·
to all it may concern!!!!! smile
change of program : weekend event @ MONTENEGRO s wild beauty smile emoticon
friday 22 may "bring a bottle"
21h WELCOME party @ "Casa ChRiS" Dg
(and birthday party "for the man with no age") smile
saturday 23 may"community project REdAWN LiveBIRDS club
16h at Spuz ... fun and friendly actions for all ages,,,
20h reception and party at : "Lav" Restoran Spuz
Sunday (time depending on previous nights drinking... Biking and Picnic (Zeta River) ...

Sasa, good to see the kids play again this morning, thanks for booking the "san siro" for saturday 17/19h.. please tell the parents,,  IF they play too on saturday ...theres a free drink on me at "LAV" afterwards,,, H aha   ...MARKO needs to reply properly to this mail below...!!!

150521             acker 104,116, 106..100

last night
bus / Gem with old laptp , at Berlin ,, drinks e25  cigs etc e5 taxi e10  retun fare pivo 4 MA e5 = e45
wild ... dancing and passion, * fun at "Berlin"
its birthday week and at least a part of me got an early present :) Hvala!
watchign the local kids play footy this morning,,.great! better than being at (modern)Anfield ..
its MONTY s birthday too...
at sweet some "local smartass" left the top off the sugar,,, SWEET coffee, but i am too sweet and happy to care .. :) and still the weekend to come,,
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Relationships could be confusing today. If you are single, you could find yourself in an art gallery or book store when you come across a dynamic, creative and intriguing person. They may be interesting, but you'll be feeling cautious" ,,hmmmmm

Gem> 150520

Chris Smith-Mypod
Yesterday at 9:25am ·
" Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You might find out that your partner had been keeping financial secrets from you today but the upside is there is more money in the bank than you thought. If you are single, you may find that your financial advisor was right about a key piece of advice, or that you have a raise coming soon. " hmmmm just be honest with ME people......!!!!

C Maryanna,,> Doppo domenica  dificile continua "vita normale"  ieri io un po impaziente ogii & triste causa tu non desidera *&+*** (IsnatBALLS) & non capisco lingua mi piace  molto tempo insieme, somomoloto contento di verderla, Maryanna..
M> io ti desidera, impara la lingua! Mi piace stare con te,  non bisognia essere tristre.

to... .the biggest problem is that the majority of fans just dont get it, they still scream for more transfers ,,,and thats just more waste on non top players.. I m sick and tired of hearing "supporters" moan and do nothing,,,,we had a chance before Henry got his hooks in our club.. now look at the game saturday , apart from some loyalty to Steve, a group of cockneys *again( out sung the Kop,  an idiot flys a "trust in Brenda" banner , instead of a "thank you Stevie ... f s g havent and wont get a penny of my money but unfortunately far too many fools get suckered into 3 new kits and advance tickets sales , every season.. and the USA sponsors who profit from the reputation WE MADE... as I have written many times, "people get the society they deserve " the middle class fans now are getting the Lfc their apathy and stupidity deserves! , thanks anyway!!!  I am outa here,,,after a lifetime .. i just cant , wont do it anymore...

previous arrival Vithold and Ania (Gdynia) .. drinks at Berli with Sasa and MAryanna and Gem
bus etc e12

to all it may concern!!!!!  :)   change of program  : weekend event @

friday 22 may "bring a bottle"  21h party @  "Casa ChRiS"  Dg
(and birthday party "for the man with no age") :)

saturday 23 may"community project REdAWN LiveBIRDS club

16h at Spuz ... fun and friendly actions for all ages,,,

20h reception and party at : "Lav" Restoran Spuz

Sunday  (time depending on previous nights drinking...  Biking and Picnic (Zeta River) ...

she "forget" she agreed Istan...BALLS!
Chris Smith-Mypod Gem >" Daily Horoscope
You may find yourself working overtime when it dawns on you that there is another facet to life you are ignoring. your significant other is standing in your chart, arms crossed, steaming that you forgot something, and I bet I know just what. Quick! Flowers, candy, cards, hop to it!" .... "significant other" ?? NOT YET !! <smile >

bus/kafu, berlin deutchecafe, cigars, sendvic, bus, phone (4e ^2e) = e15
bojana birthday at Gemelli.. too, Stevie , they so(u)ld out our club ...,,
its MY birthday...ha ha ..all week!
funny travel on little local bus into city this morning, bus was over full. young ladies shoving their bums on my shoulder, would let me stnd up to let them sit down.. haha
but yesterdays "lunch plus" was good, ..expensive , but its my birthday week, and I wonder if she could be my partner, and if we understand what that could mean..
Gem>"You and your significant other "have to talk" but the conversation will go a lot better than you expect. Just go with the flow, and be honest and realistic about your dreams and expectations. If you are single, don't be afraid to call up an old flame, you may find an opening of the heart you did not expect."  
me ?  "realistic"  dont make me laugh!! :p
buongiorno Mary-Anne, sono u pittura? wll ci si ferma per un breve periodo, e si beve un caffè con me e la sigaretta in grani (berlin) 11,30?

I will try to connect with U via sms... I am now in Podgorica ...but I will be back home later, sms +382 686 14427 ..I am in Daniovgrad, near the bus station there,.. I think I have a couch... :)
CSing> Hi Chris, how about today ( Monday) evening ? Do you have a free time for us and couch? We are social people willing to join some party, we cook for our host. Have you got any guests at this time or we can get a separate space? We might not have Internet all the time so just in case this is our mobile 0048 506 355 024. We look forward to hear from you Ania & Witold
   (:    again. no s,ms connection by me...)
Sanja Radulovic
> well,happy birthaday to you,and glad to hear you are celebrating whole week
i was busy
and when and where will be the next celebration so that we could come,us 3?
a few seconds ago
CS< >>>Ok Sanja, that would be nice, u have 2 or 3 chances   wednesday at Berlin, "warm up"  Friday at Dg,  , or Saturday after the fun and football meeting, restoran in between Dg and Pg..  let me know tomorrow if u will come ok?

Do you offer any special "deals" air tickets Podgorica - Istanbul  with Bed and breakfast - 2 persons??
5 days ?
1 week
end May or beginning June??
english  .. Its important what is a partner for you...what do you expect??
MI piacerebbe, Sapere che cosa vi aspettare da me, , il vostro Partner?
with mary ana... dri ks at Masa , and at harrison = e15
then chinese (e40_, taxi 2 x again a (Dg) casa  - e20_      e75 ...


Ha ha ...more than 200 invited less than 10 reply...!! and of them ..anyone who says "Maybe" is NOT a friend , as its less than a week to go ..  the people who said YES are not coming , so I am right to stop the farce called "facebook friends" ..(dancing)
THe great thing about a strong man, is that he is NOT "addicted " to sex and waits for a woman who is good and not selfish wanting him only for his money or to pay for her shopping or to unload her bitterness .. , like many a cat wants cream., and will leave u if its not always there,,..for the good times,,, smile emoticon  too many women have forgotten the best aspects of femininity and too many men are just "forgotten"  learn what love is,,,its to give ...
so if u join this group dont "favour" one gender, one group, one religion, love all...which is good smile emoticon

Dylan ... " you had better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone,"
link: Times the are a changing ? BoB Dylan ... " you had better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone,"

"AS good is it gets" ...good film (link   )... despite a good night , dancing with a "surprise" lady
and a warm kiss or more.. the comment he (played by one of his better roles)
when the receptionist asks him "how do you know women so well"  ...he (a writer in the film)
replies..I just think of a man,  and deduct REASON and ACCOUNTABILIY...oooh so close to the truth
about todays fee-males...

Stevies last at Anfield..?
.. the aerial banner said "in rodgers we trust"  ??  who cares about him, hes nobody the cockney scum insulted Stevie .. they chanted  " win Feck all" ... was/is the truth of
Henrys f s g infested Lfc....
Like the last day of the Standing KOp..  the result wasnt the issue... Stevie is  and was ...
Stevie G.. an emotional moment as I told the lad in the Pub last night.. is the only surviving Spirit that true REds can identify with and  exposed the lack of passion and fight in the rest of the team.. (although Skrtel and Lucas, who should have been one from the start,,,showed a bit.  )
fan nies who claim players liek CAN(t) who has many holes in his game or Lovren who got bullied by the palace forwards , with Raheem struggling to show the sharpness of his earlier season games, Hendo is no "Captain" ..Phil was targeted and subdued by palace,,,who fought hard and (again) proved to rodgers that possesion isnt going to win games// ...
Stevie fought, and were it not for  bobbled pass might have saved the day,  palaces fans shamed much of the middle class and tourist-fans who fill todays Anfield  by out singing the KOP for too much of the game, reflecting their teams advantages,  though the Support was strong and emotional at the start and end..
When WE supported our Team and were part of the TRUE "holy trinity" of Shanks , the team, and support..  WE were all SOCIALIST .. not the political sort but the sort that looked after each other.. and shared. good and bad..
one more game , on by birthday weekend.. and I am gone too... concentrate on local footy and kids, if the morons dont sabotage this too..

150517   Gem>?  "Daily Horoscope
You'll have sorted out your romantic confusion by now and settled on your true heart's desire. You'll be flirtatious, witty, charming and irresistible today. You will enjoy a warm romantic moment at a cultural or entertainment event where there are a lot of people."  ..

THEy "set me up" ...  :p

150516  ..hungover.... bad head G & Ts  and tequilla...
burek and yoghurt,,
crackers  ¬!   sms with Mrs me  and ...
gem> "

e160 atm Pg,  for pre-birthday x.s... ..with Me=Me,,bus, drink, cigars and Taxi x 2 Pg -Dg Dg - Pg

Obala a / c  e332 at @  15 04 25 (event) e 332 ...  (- 2 x 50e up front)  - 2k loan =  1768e
150515/14  sweet ackers .192.168.1. 240, 97, 117
the people here are like naive children,  can be charming and funny, but are "Takers" asking for sweeties all the time..  and taking too many "sweeties" ("candy" ) can turn charming kids into selfish spoilt brats,,, :)
Film "all the presidents men... ." the modern sheeple too cowardly to expose those things  in ME?
The story "Devil and Daniel Webster" /////???? " ( distributed starring  Anthiny Hopkins as  ) has a message too ...   be happy with what U have ... or you will lose it soon...
so many of the "children" on this planet have SOLD THEIR SOUL ..for "sweeties"...  :)
the madness...that U Feed ??   Migrants dying ...on boats on their way to a "western" civilization that is the most stupid in history..   busines people want you to fund another drug, to compete against the viruses that have developed due to the human being given previous drugs..  (using the "fear factor" they estimate 300 million will die prematurely.) .. well, most sheeple I see , local and global are already deadly addicted to the "matrix".. and drugged into a zombie existence.
Earthquakes and Tsunamies continue to devaste "poor places" ... if New York or London or Amsterdam or ...  another "weatern region" got devasted,  maybe people woudl stop polluting the planet and filling the air with poison , or maybe not...
Whilst the BBC spread FEAR (and this is one of the most ridiculous "news" items ,,,)  that the "RUSSIANS are coming"  so called military  EXPERTS (be wary of such idiots) warn that Russian submarines could get through the holes in the UK "defences" and (shame) that UK needs french and other "alies" to help..   well , the french owe the Brits a bit of help from last centuries Wars,,, and IF the Soviets decalred WAR on UK... U can be sure that the Yankers... will do nothing,... because a nuclear war would wipe EVERYOnE one..   Me, ?? I am more worried about the USA-led "new world order"  that has killed MORE CIVILIANS than any OTHER "terrorist army" the last 50 years ...
of course with a re-elected TORY govt, u can expect more Yanker - style Fear mongering to justify more security and militray and weapon expenditure... to help them kill  ...YOU!
IS IS... th is correct ??
YOU are all Fecking mad!!!   more than 6 billion sheeple and counting have made this planet an "IDIOCRACY"...
what about  Me????    its ...... an emotional time,  10 years since the lovely Jacqui Died,  10 years since "the miracle of Istanbul" ..and preparing for the massive changes that  the leaving of Stevie (Gerrard) from Liverpool.  (because I go too) will bring and my birthday party ,,,with NO guests... ha ha ...   and too many "spoilt brats" so ,,I am going dancing,,, alone..ha ha..
Yes I could organise this country, your town, this caffe, but what will u learn if I do it..?
stars> "Daily Horoscope
Your friends may be planning a "stealth date" if you are single - that's when they set up what amounts to a blind date, but they don't tell either of you what's going on. You may be surprised by your attraction to someone who seems completely outside your normal realm of attraction.    "  ha ha  .. stop trying to "hook me" ,its getting "fishy"  ... :)

2x Gem> "    "tuesday, wednesday Gem> "Your love life is about to get a little funky and unusual. You can expect the unexpected as secret attractions are revealed and you are presented with some highly appealing opportunities. If you are already in a relationship, you may decide to explore a forbidden fantasy with your partner. "
CS> Snez I cant see your "docx)   I ask that U  print the MY mesages and please make sure u pass my messages to Drasko !!! ............................I dont want t come to u...
17 hours ago
Snez> this is doc..

CS>Snez > my messages were for DRASKO via you, (my notes are NOT "sms" I take time to write carefully,_)
but YOU dont want to understand , instead of Draskos reply , you did, so YOU are "the boss" // so I will ignore this last message...
except to say ... Btw :)  "Yes I could (!) organise this country, your town, this caffe, but what will u learn if I do it..?
as I told everyone here... its YOURs and its your problem, your people your community,  everyone
here in MNE cheated, lied, or broke promises to me, so I will make MY party my way, but not at "Obala"  (btw I got the "info"
from Goran now...after nearly 4 weeks and a "discussion" yesterday in the street..

Gdynia, Pomerania, Poland
  Send + Insert message template text

HY ana + 1 .. I just saw this 09.30h friday morning, tonight , I am meeting people (inc CSers) at "caffe Berlin" (between 20-21h) and staying later .. a little party , and I f u come there u can join us and then stay on my couch after , note I am NOT online 24/7 , so if u agree leave yr mobile number on this message and/or just tell the barman to call me if you get to "Berlin" before me, (its in the old town , "Stari Grad" in the street "Njegoseva" 24 ...ok?

less than a minute ago
Helloo Chris,
I and my boyfriend (he is a couchsurfer as well - ) are traveling through Balkans by a car from Poland. Traveling through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and afterwards Macedonia, Serbia back to home. We are eager to explore your country and Balkans region in general, traditions, food, nature! Now we are visiting south part of Croatia and tomorrow we will be in Montenegro. We are looking for a place to stay in Montenegro from tomorow or Saturday. We would like to meet you and stay at your place İF possible? Please let me know.

Greetings from Poland! Ania
about 19 hours ago


CS-<??> Dax
1505012>cuvaj se...
a few seconds ago
U look so good in that pic with Vera .. i imagined u sittign with me one day..but...
sitting at lunch
Jane Hotvedt > Sorry.  4am isn't really a great time for me.

Something about me. ..I have seven kids, ages 11-27.
a few seconds ago
CS> I dont communicate "live"  (chat) ..I prefer a considered exchange, because society is far too "instant" people have lost the skills to communicate carefully .. ok 7 kids hmmm do u have time for u??
Chat Conversation End

Snez,  please make sure u pass my messages to Drasko

Drasko, 2 weeks ago , you told me, you  wanted to "learn from me"..

A) LEARN that you dont waste ANYone's time on this earth, just because its "FREE", (especially dont devalue my time by failing to make a pre-agreed meeting, because YOU chose other "priorities")
B) Lesson 2... LEARN without me ... you are not READY to be my "friend" (I warned you of that)
C) WAKE up, take CHARGE of your cant "afford" me ...
D) Dg needs YOU to build on the RED Nose initiative.. open your mind and the hearts of others..
E) EDUCATE yourself in the things that are NOT "pragmatic" ... FEEL life..
EVOLVE a balanced local AND global view of YOUR planet...
Film Constantine..
Always stand up to evil (the opposite of Live) ... within or without ..even when it is hidden or dressed as an angel.. :) ..or fee-male.... !
Gem>" Horror - scope?  :)  !+" A friend or association could help you with a relationship issue today. It may be that you and your partner are from different cultural or social backgrounds, and you fear you don't know how to act around each other's family or friends. Don't be afraid to admit when you just don't know the right response."   but I do...HONESTY, so arre in the "land of (broken) promises,.. :)

at Sweet Hackers on CS mails  and ... .70. 75, 75 , 69

150512  wake up!!!
CS> Danilovgrad , bridge , 3rd event at Dg weekend of May 23 ...." An event too far"
(a bridge too far) ... film link...
its not a war film its a TRUE story of disaster/tragedy and of course of leaders selfish lust for glory at the expense of YOU, the sheeple in their community prison..

whatever U plan , if people are not with u ,we all lose...
Chris Smith-Mypod looking like a lady,Dan I ca va nice picture of both Vera too!
Chris Smith-Mypod auntie Dani?
Which date exactly? Im working for two diffent funeral parlours now. Still in Berlin.
Hiya Angie, theres no easy connection with Berlin.,(unless U can find one?) I would therefore
I can extend my Birtday...a month more  if u can come .. as the economy flights dont start until next month,,,
from Friday  26 June, departing Memmingen/Munich West  to Tuzla (which is a car dive from here, Montenegro is a very small country, )
return Friday 03 Jul18:20
IF U can come I will book now and pay for  it for u .. as my guest  ?....

I out in the sun today,,, last night reflected deeply as I Was watching a film called  "Elegy" (Ben Kinglsey and Penelope Cruz ) which covers several themes i associate with.. so another "spontaneous poem"... for anyone who can also "relate"..
"I f you had been me"
you were the girl of my dreams...
but I lost you , it seems
was it planned in the stars?
i now have far too many scars..
like him, scared to hope
for a man so intelligent , often acts like a dope..
when LOVE takes my Heart..
hurts when we part
I lost you twice
my ambitions , yet you stayed  , atill so nice
the" BIG C "
...was an even  bigger enemy than me...
Films , though , tell me lies
sure the actor , almost real, cries.
I never compromise, my dignity hardly bending
but that BIG regret
that I let you go,, is an unpayable Debt..
How could I find another?
lost father, sister,son, brother & mother
but its you , you are the hole (whole)
thats burns away my soul.."
for Jacqui, I miss you  & Love you forever x
ChRiS 150512

Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Still single? Shame. Doesn't have to be that way you know. If you get yourself out and in the public eye today there is no telling what can happen. Try talking to attractive strangers about the weather. Open your mind and heart, and you will be surprised what walks in. "  ha ha ...the "Stars ."   ...  .always trying to hook me up...  havent U hurt me enough,,,??
print(pro) and post@  peeGEE..
L and G .and .tax  (agent150511) ..  re located postal; address :
May I claim tax credit,..?
 a) see "flyer" contributed towards charity event (part of the "RED Nose Day" initiative) and wonder if my expenses (AS I am a "volunteer organiser") may be claimed
b)  see the death benefit concerning my deceased wife Jacqueline Smith - details of amount of tax paid
hello Jane, I am in the mood ...  want to tell me something about you?
No reply from Sasa
Memmingen/Munich West → Tuzla
26 Jun20:30 → 22:00
normal price
Tuzla → Memmingen/Munich West

03 Jul18:20 → 20:00
150209 >Zdravo Drasko ....YOU asked to meet me__??? but  on wednesday, "didnt want to drive & talk"  thurs; late back from Albanian biz ...2 weeks since declaring  U are MY < "friend" >  Life is mostly about  the choices u make, the effect on others & consequences,, yr Unexpected serbian guests are more important to U, than the time WE planned to meet..That I made myself free for,  so, sunday IF I choose football instead of u! does that SaY  U are not as imporant ?,, time to grow up! as I prefer NOT to be "friends" like this..
150511 09,30h
There is less than 2 weeks to event and my birthday party 23 may, so I will make alternative I cant trust Dg or "Obala"

CSing  BS?

CS> U have not checked where I live??? as I said before I am NOT on line 24/7 ..and I like to have ADVANCE notice, I am not a hostel,,, and I want to know how long u want to stay, U can sms +382 68 614427 ..

P> sunday??
Hey ! Is it still possible to host me tonight? If yes where are you rxactly? U can send me message +33633732329 on whatsap or sms...

All the BULLsh*te came to my head on sunday, whilst watching the PLASTIC CHAMPIONS , who like Cameon and Bush represent all that is BAD about the sheeple of this planet, the soul sold for commercial gain, the US ELESS of  A... not enough ,that they pollute  the air , water, land , food and MINDS of the world population wit their selfish & hypocritical "new world order" they poison the "peoples beautiful game" and OUR CLUB...
witout dignity the blue clad morans insult Gerrard , who is 100 classes above the plastic herd of cockney fans and their mercenary whores led by the BIGGEST whore of them all ... Maureen..  Jose pretending to be "kind " and complimentary to Stevie..
if they had ANY "class" they would have honoured Gerrard  before the game, but they are plastic ..and I would even rather share a bevvy with a manc than one of these plastic whores,., but the "Office" at Lfc is hardly better
Brent should have left Stevie ON the field, he was the one charging, and apart from Phil,  (whose runs and shots with Right foot are become easier for defenders to read) Stevie was the only RED likely to win this game... BR dont get it, and soon we will be without the miracle worker that Gerrard often was/is.
Hendo wasnt affecting play, hes a decent player, but not enough for a captain of LIVERPOOL, Lucas is a more mature player, and should have replaced Hendo.
btw ////feck U ! Abramovic..!!!   another idiot..with more money than brain cells... :)
I am angry with someone who asks to be my friend then treats me as " a .n. other" . its easier when everyone is an "honest enemy" ..... and I am  angry with someone else I trusted , who needed help,   well, I "helped" about a Dozen local people in recent years,,,only ONE (Margareta) seemed appreciative,,  I dont LIVE just to GIve , I help people in the hope they will make a positive contribution to local or global society, but they dont, they just use and abuse,,,so they and you who feed the system will GO TO HELL> (oops its already here!) >  ...dont say I didnt give u a chance,, to be a "friend" ...but everyone is lost in the "matrix"..
Gem> "Daily HoroscopeYou and your partner can rebuild your bridges now, and talking about a vacation, or taking a course or seminar together could be just the opportunity you need to get closer. If you are single, classes and hobbies that include travel or study of other cultures could be good places to meet new people"  ....only IF they are on another planet??? ha ha! :)

150510  ..
ackerrs  ....75 ..(see also CSds ) 69. .116,
@ sweet>

I am having a day off, of having a day offf... and avoiding BS!! :)
How it was  and how it should be < Stevie should start @ th rent blues shack... > THEY should forma  guard of honour for Gerrard the best COMPLETE footballer to grace their pitch in a decade..
Maureen , copied the fergy book, how to cheat yr way to victory?
still its worse at Lfc, with Davd Brent as coach..and Henry suckign off the cash from the US of A....
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You and your partner could disagree about a trip or vacation, and if you travel together, you may find yourselves arguing in the car. Best to agree to disagree until you are safely on firm ground, not hurtling down the highway in the fast lane."    ,,the "Stars" bang on about my "Partner" ..I dont have one, not since 5 years, and that experience and the state of the modern sheeple, and idiocracy, not sure I ever want another :)
good watching the kids play footy yesterday in Pg, ..age 6  to 11 :)
)Jose Mourinho on Gerrard:
"I tried to bring him to Chelsea, Inter & Real Madid, but he remained a dear enemy,"
"To stop him, or to try to stop him, is very difficult. I'm very sad it's the last time I will play against him."
"Steven Gerrard is for sure one of my favourite enemies. An enemy with all the good feeling I can express."
"It is my time to honour a champion in Steve Gerrard,"
"I won, lost and drew against him, him as a holding player, a No 8, a No 10, coming from the wing in a three-man defence and I am very sad it is the last time I play against him because I need people like him to make me a better coach."
"Who knows, maybe I play against Steven when he is Liverpool manager one day."

Ta Maureen, BUT u should get your rent blues to form a guard of honour for Stevie, because HE is the best most complete player to have graced Romans shack in the last decade
Chris Smith-Mypod's photo. BEST

Play Beautiful Football in the WILD>>>
 add: (see in Train / but footy on Fb)
Play Beautiful Footbal in the WILD>>>
Team first
"Pass and Move"  when your teama mates have the ball.. get into space , and WANT it
*Press when ball lost, pick up the nearest player , then look backwards to make sure their attackers are "Marked"
*Use english , to confuse the opposition? :)
"Mark up"  cover one of the opponents players
"Man on" =  (someone behind U)
"wall"   when I pass to U , apss back to me
"far post"  or "Near post"
"covered"  (I am protecting U)
* Talk  .. help each other and ask for the ball WHEN in a good position (dont when NOT)
*Train keep ball,  team 5 v 5 .. has to keep the ball
* move as Unit,  attack together,, defend together  = TEAM
* Dribble when there is no team mate "open"
* Tackle , strong without fear,,  (watch opponents, if they have one favourite foot, cover it)
* Train in dark  to help communications
*TRain using weak foot only.
Jane Corbridge Really sad reading 😑
Like · Reply · 15 hrs
Chris Smith-Mypod sad and angry that "WE" allowed it....I warned "SoS" almost 10 years ago, but they didnt want to co-op with "sharelfc" project,,,now Henry is cashing in...
Like · Reply · Just now
Drasko & Snez Pop.

* 150509 (08)

pw hgroup mc4Rr27XC7

Igor footy at Spuz..?
Dg ackers, 81.80.136, 163, 178, 185, 190 (sweet) 67, 185 x 4 , 224, 75  , 247, 185 x 3
quackers at central 188, 116, 254, 197 ..26 ,188

last part of "meaning of life".. ".because there is b***ER all intelligence on earth...:) "

they CELEBRATE "Victory in Eurppe" 70 years on???..( 1945 WW2) ...for what did my fathers generation sacrifice?? that the sheeple in UK and much of europe vote for conservatives, hyprocrites, fascists, racists, bigots  & commercial dictators AGAIN???

may 9
Gem: ...(caffe) "Daily Horoscope
The phone will be ringing a lot today, and the wires are heating up with some interesting gossip. There is good news about romance, marriages and relationships, perhaps even some of it coming from you! You are chatty and talkative and that can only help in the romance department."
...I think its only worth chatting with me?? :: ha ha I turned my PHONE OFF!

footy...sponsor local kids playing @ Zlatica ? and ist landlords?? bus taxi walk bus...lunch in Pg_?

(sms  = +0038269303266 ) Zdravo Drasko ....YOU asked to meet me__??? but  on wednesday, "didnt want to drive & talk"  thurs; late back from Albanian biz ...2 weeks since declaring  U are MY < "friend" >  Life is mostly about  the choices u make, the effect on others & consequences,, yr Unexpected serbian guests are more important to U, han the time WE planned to meet..That I made myself free for,  so, sunday IF I choose football instead of u! does that SaY  U are not as imporant ?,, time to grow up! as I prefer NOT to be "friends" like this..
vidoe sent to Snez    

(they deleted daily dan file???_)
his story.. , .. was supposed to have been "liberated"  on may 8th,,, do it properly .please! still infested by bigots, fascists & sheeple who follow the negatives,.,

~ 150507

on 25th April...
*over 40 people who received free t-shirts , did not turn up..

*Goran and his wife etc..did NOT respect the event..

*YOU didnt invite me, NOR my guests to your group..

*The DJ (I paid for) did NOT play anything I asked for (NO Beatles songs!!!) I didnt have a good time,

*NO teacher or parents thanked me.. (although the Table Tennis kids were the only ones who "made friendly contact")

*I am still owed almost 4000 Euros by 4 local people (including Goran)

*Gorans friend was supposed to let me have a 2nd hand fridge (Goran also has a book and Mobile phone of mine)

*Pedja Ivanovic & Pedja Tomocevic (?) did not support or attend (as promised) the 25th april event
these 2 and one other introduced me to Dg..


but people I "helped"...

Goran ; 2k  (minus some costs at "Obala")

Ranko (Pg) over 1000 euros (still owes 440e)

Izabela (NS) - was beaten up by her BF in october , I went there for over a month to help her recover,
paid her major debts, (as she was "too sick" to work at her old job) and to trainer in starting a new business..
as soon as she was "healthy" she was out with guys (drinking) instead of training...
(told me to F*** off when I told her...)

Dina - (Neglected by parents) I also supported her in many ways - she owes me..BIG time!

Borko (Martinici) ..owes me e60 ...(does not answer my calls!)

Velibor + Danica + Blazenka + Pedja T + Dusan D + Milica + Fabrizio + Mari + Ana Maras +
Joe + Nab(? Banka LUka) + Kaja + NOra + Iris & so on...

since I have been here (MNE) I dont even want to remember their names..


..for me, there MUST be a "reaction" .. IF NOT ..I will move on... no one here CARES ...enough!


I realise some good people are lost in this negative society - but..MY COMMUNICATIONS are Blocked..
..UNLESS YOUR people change it for BETTER ..the kids wont have a future worth living..



This commmunity club is open to all, equally, without discrimination,
to improve the life of people who live or give here.

to have fun and develop friendship... for children of all ages..
we have already made a start with "REd nose events"  -
(... information about that initiative is provided elsewhere)

the slogan "we are the club" means that everyone can take part, share the fun
and the responsibility to make a better community, to clean up, to respect the nature
to respect each other and make this a place attractive to live in, and for international visitors
to enjoy your hospitality and contribute themselves to a positive atmosphere and
experiences, that you and your children benefit from.

We welcome your ideas... whether it be social or cultural, to offer a course,
or simply to have fun uninhibited, yet with mutual respect, empathy. tolerance and understanding.

here are some of our ideas..

REd Nose parties
Organisation of Table Tennis, Darts, competitions and other games
hiking and biking groups
River Race (Zeta)
fun football tournament
Art & crafts
Dancing, Yoga and Aerobics
language & discussion caffe group

The only obligation you have is to join with a positive spirit and open mind..because...
It doesnt matter if you are working, or unemployed, boss or housewife, adult or child...lets make it fun
for everyone,..because WE (you) are the ClUB..

our next events are planned for the weekend of 23 may

to join and be sure of being informed,  fill out your email or telephone number on the "creativecommunity brochure" available at "Obala" Dg
OR email OR join

comments , 26th April 2015   ...the failure of Borko to repay a personal loan ,  or  Pedja T or Pedja I (the people who made the introduction to Dg residence) ..  to fully support and participate in the recent programme initiated and lack of appreciation and negativity by other locals has "cooled" if we are to proceed all parties must feel welcome and comfortable in this society...we have until 23 may 2015 to agree , OR NOT!
if agreed the above is to be exactly translated into Montenegrim language and witnessed in one meetings by all persons mentioned. In the meantime "CRS" continues the previous agreements.


other notes....

- The stand  (roll up) for REd Nose event promotion (cost e100) left damaged on floor of Obala
- state of "riverside" credit?
- The "Frog" was impressive and I liked his style and energy, and he thanked ME! I do not seek fame or publicity or gratification
but a simple "thank you" makes a difference...
- IF I bring guests, i dont care if this is a "conservative" society, your media is full of "virtual porn"
naked people violence and bad language etc are on TV at all times of the day so only "HYPOCRITES" complain about a
"wild girl" .. and if those who WANT my co-operation "FREEZE" my guest, then I have no enthusiam
to improve their life, either. (by the way all the men wanted to get inside her pants, of these "correct" people, arent they to blame???
- I could manage MNE, ( I have initiated projects with a bigger GDP than the whole nation)
I could organise Danilovgrad in half a day a week, I could manage a local caffe in my lunch break
I DO play football run to keep myself fit, dance better than most and have more energy than most kids less than half my age..
so dont call me "old man" or insult me .because that is ageism, no less an insult than racism.
- The co-organisers didnt join my guest & I in their group, until it was too late, nor share a song with me,
- the manager did NOT share a (promised) song with me , he went home without even saying "goodnight"
- the "DJs" were terrible.  without equipment, late starting and played too much "folk" -
if the people choose "folk songs" thats their choice...but a) to play it without mixing is an insult to MT culture
- they had NO Beatles songs, didnt know "I got U babe" *Sonny and Cher, nor stand by me (Lennon)
and when Dina told them that they should remember that "CHrIS" helped make this ..they told he
he dont pay us...!!!!! well if they were "responsible" they would give back the money (or to charity)
- the drinks... I asked D and S to state who were the guests, who got free drink, neither told
me so HOW could i control it...????
- there were several small "errors" in communication, I wasnt informed of changes (positive or negative)
LEARN from this!
whether I stay involved or not.. I want to feel that local people will improve their mentality and show empathy (outside of their immediate family and friends)
and leave their comfort zone, because this society (MNE!) will go to hell if they dont..


p.s. IF we continue proposals for weekend 23 may

22 may Friday  welcome party... with (different) DJ  and/or Karaoke

23 may ...river Zeta event &  fun footbaLl tournament , evening grill party

24 May  hiking & biking groups , meet together at a beautiful location for brunch outside Dg

Igor footy at Spuz..?
Dg ackers, 81.80.136, 163, 178, 185, 190 (sweet) 67, 185 x 4 , 224, 75  , 247
 I am 20000% REd  (with some egoist colours one day a week) ha ha ...true socialism community that shares cares and still alows the individual creativity .. (not the political version) is the only solution but do the people who pollute the land air , water, food and MINDS of the world, and those who, like sheeple, allow it ,deserve to be saved??

Plan and program: (01.05): Group meeting in the front of the hotel “City“ at 13:00h. Departure from Podgorica about 13:30h. Arrival in Ulcinj in the afternoon. Check in to accommodation. Free time for your own activities. “All for Tourism” ,with which the opening a new summer season. (03.05):Check out from accommodation. Free time for leisure activities. Arrival in Podgorica in the afternoon. The and of program.


Program includes:
    completely organization of the arrangement
    2 nights in the  apartments on the beach “Copacabana”  and a bus transportation
For all information, I am at your disposal.
Kind regards,
Ana Mijatovic

email Dani150427 > Hello Ana
we confirm that you will reserve 2 places on the plan seen on your website..
currently situated in Danilovgrad, will come to Podgorica before the weekend to pay (can we pay with visa?)
Would you send us the programme again via email attachment , please
molim vas :)
On 24/04/2015 14:27, EASTWEST VOYAGE wrote:
> Dear Dani,
> According to our phone conversation, in the following text, I' m sending you the instuctions for the arrangement to Ada Bojana.
> You can pay in travel agency or on banc account of our company. Here is instructions and bank account number:
> Account Number: 520-10557-26  in "Hipotekarna banka".
> Adress of agency is "Stari Aerodrom", back ground side of building Čelebić.


Invited DAx
Angie to Dinas flat warming tonight,..
anela Seka Hodzic , 41
 Lives in Pljevlja
 Hair Stylist
 Chris Zdravo!2015-04-28 12:46
Sanela Seka Hodzic
2015-04-28 12:54
Chris Ciao, Sanela., I am going to "copacabana" at Ada Bojana, do u join the weekend party ??
week will be in Podgorica and free to meet. I feel like its time to talk with each other...
a few seconds ago
CS> PLEASE sms me to confirm what time meeting at Delta city caffe, molim te!

april 30
e5 mobile
print CS-PI final 5
and Adas programme..
this songs line "all of my kindness is taken as weakness" I off to visit "Auntie Ada" for a few days, and celebrate May 1 ..Celts "Beltane" festival and the original day of socialism...
people hre allow themselves to be prisoners of their own community prejudices made me feel sick, i need some fresh air for a few days .
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Today your love aspects look a lot better, and it's likely on your own that you'll make the connections you need to. Not that meddling siblings and family members are fully happy with your choices, but they'll be happy you are at least getting out of the house." .... (for "house" read Dg??? ha h ah ha ...)

Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds
“FourFiveSeconds” the first single from Rihanna’s upcoming new album available now. iTunes Google Play

CS>SNez >

Billy Joel "Honesty"
I am going to take a "pause"  the way people hre  allow themselves to be prisoners of their own community prejudices made me feel sick, i need some fresh air for a few days ...  this songs line "all of my kindness is taken as weakness" I off to visit "Auntie Ada" for a few days, and celebrate May 1 ..Celts "Beltane" festival   and the original day of socialism...

Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney - FourFiveSeconds
have not seen any photos of last weekend, and IF u can, please record the TV interview /...if u want to share that with ME???

april 29
(no BS! pic) nothing worth talking about last night,.. nothing...Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Sudden and dramatic changes are coming in your love life. A friend or associate could introduce you to a stranger from a far-off place who either triggers renewed romance in an existing relationship, or proves to be a potential love-mate themselves" .."promises" !! smile emoticon is all i keep getting from "the Stars! "
i sent him sms on monday, Drasko didnt understand...He asked Goran for info for me, and when I went there at the caffe to collect it, Ivan told me that "Goran had no time" ... bez kommentar
Yes Jane,& Marie after a lifetime of supporting, I have had enough of the yan kers and fan nies who ruined our club,,,Stevies last game will be my last too! i am just gonna focus on grass roots footy at kids level here... the club I love is dying and am fed up trying..
DaniLOVE Internationa1 Social & Cu1ture Club <org>
20 hours ago

Won't be spending anything on LFC from now on, no games, merchandise etc. Until the yanks are gone. Sick of it sell!
if u can bring the irish reds to one of our footy  parties here.. i would like tomeet u and them Marie, i know we agreed on many things..and its great for hols...

Chris, perhaps at some stage we may well do. Things are bad financially here now and many no longer can afford to even go to games, though there isn't much to entice them now wither.   Has been a bad eighteen months for me too since Johns death and am just getting sorted now. However will keep I touch and we hopefully can do something in the future.,can't wait until the yanks, Rodgers and the mediocre players they dinged move on, but guess it will be a while before it happens...Like when they have milked the cash cow dry. YNWA
13 minutes ago
i always said that we wont get our club until we take it over...but whilst they make their cash they wont allow it and there is too much ignorance and apathy in the fan base...

The fan base is dumbed down, such stupidity, ignorance and blind faith in these owners and a rookie Rodgers is frightening. They swallow all the spin and bullshit.  I'm just sick of it.
and Marie, I am sick of arguing with them, I remember Shanks words when he left in 74 "sick of arguing and fighting  with people INSIDE the club"

REdNET: post WBA ..Pre Hull away ...Lfc dyng ..poisoned by them


love chain...CS> and too many people just "discuss" and do NOTHING!! (positive)
april 28
Gem?27 april///28th  ??>>>> " Daily Horoscope
There is nothing like making up and making love after a heated argument is there? Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. Let things get too heated and there could be a boil-over. Make sure that you don't let the pot simmer too long."
ha ha ha ..anyway..thinking about the footy tounament , fun footy and international friendship... HERE?????  ha ha
Yes Jane,& Marie after a lifetime of supporting, I have had enough of the yan kers and fan nies who ruined our club,,,Stevies last game will be my last too! i am just gonna focus on grass roots footy at kids level here... the club I love is dying and am fed up trying..
some "fans" may only realise how important he is (still) when he has gone, it was a disgrace that Henry /f s g didnt offer him a new contract last summer, he should have had a contract for LIFE!
WBA 0  Lfc 0  ...Brent spinner...("outstanding mignolet") . Brad Jones could have been our goalie if he hadnt got injured...
and... :)

April 27
G oran left no info on a/c  he promised...DraskoPop.
Igor footy at Spuz..?

CS> Snez , if u and drasko have photos of saturday , day and night , please add them at ok?  .and PLEASE  print this for discussion with Drasko.....  i wrote it before u invited me for lunch,...Thanks for that!! ..

i waited for U friday as u told me u were going to be at berlin 22h (and I could gone to a concert..) u shd have sent me an sms, its costs ONLY a few cents and some RESPECT for me??? not more BS! ok?   but  I am happy u joined me at Obala , and SANG A SONG,  well!!
watched Braveheart AGAIN last night,,., a reminder....
Gem> "If you are single you are looking in all the wrong places for Mr. or Ms. "Right". You tend to be confrontational and a bit sensitive right now, especially where it comes to any criticism of your personal appearance or relationships.... "
..................hmmmm right or guests are MY guests, and those who point the finger and say " who is THAT you"
they should look at their own lives because they live in a prison full of negativity, jealousy discrimination and hypocrites , with walls made of fear and cowardice, time for YOU to break free.. ???
HONESTY was playing as I wrote emoticon
YOU should ALL learn the lyrics..???

pay (march->april) electric e25 (PI says no water costs ..but I saw  bill....??)

Zdravo Sasa,
My name is ChRiS , Igor ("Obala" Dg) gave me your telephone number, I would like to visit your coaching monday afternoon, is that ok?

Daily Horoscope
If you are single you are looking in all the wrong places for Mr. or Ms. "Right". You tend to be confrontational and a bit sensitive right now, especially where it comes to any criticism of your personal appearance or relationships.
April 26
Dna (anagram of Dani...) left 08h... no cinema .
lunch at D & S Pop...

TV Braveheart,,,

april 25
 (Dina KrisM, Dule and ..(!) ..see
Gem>..time fr FUN<,,>>> "Daily Horoscope
If you are single, someone wants to set you up. But their taste in relationship material may be dramatically different than yours. If the friendship is important you may feel you have to go along with their plans for a blind date even if you don't have much enthusiasm....
Hiy Sasa,
I would like to invite you to enter 3  young teams for the fun football event on 23 may (venue to be confirmed)
we can meet tomorrow (wednesday) at a caffe before you train ..i want also to watch a full training session
  I also need to train and play too.*so we can make a team of your (adult) friends ok?
... lets discuss all .........requirements, kit , name , sponsor , costs etc
vidimo se

Lunch at Pop s
april 24..
atm e60  caps = taxi Pg Dg  =  e75
do u remember the 5e anniversaire Ballon Fc Mollenbeek ... (1975)
with FC  Levallois-Perret, FC Postboys and ,,, Canvey United
I am the only "surviving member" and captain of that Canvey Utd Team..
and as it is your 25th Anniversary year, I ask YOU to bring a "veterans team"  to our event
in MONTENEGRO...   weekend 22, 23 & 24 May...
Ryan air  operate low costs flight from Charleroi...!!
do you agree and have contact ?? also  with FC  Levallois-Perret, FC Postboys ???

belated bday Lisa Gerrard Jennigan...
SNe> I am dead...I came home right now...been to principal in school...printed flayers with program and Marija will give them to 12h I must go to school to one more teacher to give her flyers...
drasko called radio yesterday...they will be free tomorrow to meet us
did you heard with Goran about dj?
a few seconds ago
CS< ?  ?>>> 150423  > I have been with visitors yesterday and this morning, I cant visit radio today, suggest tomorrow morning, 10h??) please sms (remember I am not on line at home all the time *i have to visit caffe to check) so sometimes I dont see message until next news from Goran or Dj what about address for caps??

april 23
ackers , .80 87 90 96 102 107...!
*DrinKs Bed & Breakfast...
Thanks Aurelie and Florent for the short but sweet (*Dbnb") visit...
" so u return to france
didnt give "monty" much chance
or me to show u the best,
so come back and enjoy the rest"  (and ooen some locals up ...too....)
cs : @
Gem> Gem>"Daily Horoscope
You are spending a lot of time thinking about romance right now and you could be told that you are smothering someone or pushing them too hard right now. If you are single there could be a sudden attraction that brings in a sensitive, attractive and carefree soul into your life."  hmmmmm  ...i am open for that!!  :D
aPRIL 22
20th of 2nd birthday,,, 20 years ago I woke up from a coma, I want to wake people up...
"we dont care about the price tag, we just want to make the world dance" or at least get some of you smiling ..honestly!
..  and fun footy of course.. :)
join us at "Obala" 25th April and weekend of 23rd events,

april 22   Angie Pg <+38267447727>                                  Andela Vucetic  lots of ackers .83 etc .86 &  .115

hvala   please tell me when the "info flyers and caps will be ready to collect and address in Pg molim te
17 hours ago

flayers are already at our home,,,for caps I must ask Draško...he is cuting grass again
about a minute ago
ha ha ... he can cut mine too?... I expect visitors tonight, shall we confirm Dj/Karaoke? tel67214888 will u or shall i? its on my account...
thanks for doing that!!

april 21
KrisM>I know she told me. I will call you:)
a few seconds ago
CS> i shall probably be at restoran Crystal 16h ..
<after talking to students in Dg>  add to the list ...  "english language coffee and discussion group"...
2 hours ago

a few seconds ago
hvala   please tell me when the "info flyers and caps will be ready to collect and address in Pg molim te
Gem> ..."Daily Horoscope
You have taken every herbal remedy and wild new medical treatment, you have eaten oysters and raw eggs, but you feel your passion waning. Keep your chin up - this is only temporary. You will get your libido pounding again in no time. For now, some rest time spent together could work wonders. " ... "spent together " with.....<q>

CSing for 19-21 ..Hello Katharina , where are you now??? there is something VERY  wrong with the CSing system, I keep getting these messages when its too late  , if u still need hosting  give me yr mobile number immediately , as I am not on line all the time,  i can still help u, if u are unable to find hosts,  and cant contact me , go to "Obala" (Caffe - bar - restoran) at the bridge of DANILOVGRAD ,,(between Podgorica and Niksic) near Oestrog,  and ask the barman to contact me (before night....) and I will try to help you/// ChRiS
20th April
acking .120 * & ...
see explanations for 25th april send to Snez?>>
visit ? take stickers, caps/pens, guest house
april 20
"oh dear Kristina......dont get anz meaner...  U say "I love U" u want me to say "i lkove u too" ... well I suppose I dare and i will alwazs care"
a few seconds ago
and why does "the lost angel" ignore me (@ sweet caffe today)??

Gem>Daily Horoscope
Your romantic life is in turmoil because your needs and values are at odds, and you are being positively wishy-washy at the moment. This is a good day for the two of you to put aside your differences, and just enjoy each other's company. Sit down and hammer out the budget etc., some other day.   hmmmmmmm
19th April
Room key from Pj2
called Aurelie ..(abnb)
picked up stickers from Pro. and
Gem: "Daily Horoscope
You and your partner may have some hard words today, but once you get past your disagreements you will rediscover and heal the friendship that is at the heart of your union. If you are single, you may meet someone interesting in a medical clinic or doctor's office."...____????? ha ha

CS> KrisM on Fb,,,
"Dear Krstina,
please dont get meaner
U said "I love u"
do u want me tosay "I love u 2"?
well I dare, to care about u.."

brunch at river
villains 2 Lfc 1
I was angry to see Lucas left out..(?_)

I didnt agree with the selction of Joe or Markovic, for me neither are first team class..(both were eventually subbed)

The league is weak , no british based clubs survived elimination past march... yet we are still struggling to compete at the highest level,  its not just about money,. Atletico proved that (again)
I had a horrible feeling when I saw the team in yellow. it sort of refected the performance , lacking energy, commitment and passion, villa came for a fight, and its hard to win a game if we cant win the ball,   our midland opponents started well,  and had Balos goal stood (as it was ONside) ... Villa would have been unlucky, Stevie put in efforts, but just wasnt enough to make a late rally...

BR is not a "winner" IMO, he is a decent coach, but for me , he does NOT have that "something" that takes titles, he reminds me of Rpy Evans, ...Roys teams also looked good going forward  and the comparison of Fowler and Studge, both whose sharpness got hurt by injuries..Roys team had "Macca the wizard" ,,,whilst the current team has Phil...

I felt sorrty for Skrtel, Can and Lovren cant match him, and yet I believe had Lucas stood in front of them rather than Allen, neither goal would have been scored.,  its easy to say that but I have continually claimed since the first selections of BR that he does not understand defence and his selections are rarely mine..

and I am ABSOLUTELY ashamed, as a  REDS SUPPORTER since I was one of "Shanklys boys" to see the camera scan to Lfc "fans" leaving before the end of the game, and standing like theatre spectators, some with their heads low ... instead of hanting and shouting our team when behind,....
most of all I feel so sorry for Stevie...  he deserves better, on and off the field...

where is Shanks spirit ????
18th at sweet
Confirmed  stckers
(Rafa Birthday 16th april)
J4t96 .. Semi final irony...villa park , aston villa SG last season, last trophy ...?

to love chain /Kris M
do ing positive things is even better than writing or talking about  them;) "forget about the price tag, ..we just want to make the world dance"

april 17th
drinks/meet with Drasko Snez and Goran at riverside..
CRS?a bnb ??
 Germ> "Daily Horoscope
You will definitely want to be focused on romance and relationships today, but it may seem the world is conspiring to thwart your plans. There might actually be a benefit in this for you - you could find that delayed gratification is more satisfying than you thought." ha ha...not the "world" but some jealous and negative ppl...!
Just now · Like

april 16th "forget about the price tag, ..we just want to make the world dance"
"t shirts and stickers .MNe translate and Fb link on stickers

see also notes ref US of A&&holes
Bob marley stand up
UNsuB from their dream to y-OUR Nightmare ..
I spoke to a young student the other day, who told  me her dream was to go to the U S A..
for me Yes... will you PLEASE  just stop and take a look at the "states" ..that are "in a (bad) state".. the United States of A&&holes???
the states...Built by immigrants from other parts of the world  by violence nd thieving land from the nativies... "Americans" then committed genocide against this continents inhabitants , imported slaves to work for them, .. (and today have a strict "anti-alien" immigration policy)... hypocrites...?
Sold weapons to both sides before they entered WW2...?
made profit from war whilst others went bankrupt ..!
applied "aparheid" until the 1970's ....killed their best President, assasinating  the Kennedies, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King... had a anti-communist "witch-hunt" and USA govt. propaganda still regards "socalism" as a virtual crime,...
financed Dictators versus communists
Invaded Baghdad, whilst lying to the public about WMD...!
the USA were the first to use WMD  .. dropping atom bombs on civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki... and used napalm in Vietnam and Cambodia killing and maiming kids..
Employed president Nixon (a crook) ...Reagan (an actor)  Clinton (a liar) and Bush ...a c&nt! (TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????)
refused to respect envirnmental agreements (Kyoto) or human rights conventions (Quantanamo & patriot act, spying illegally on its own citizens  ...and you and me!)
Polluted world with cars and oil, whilst obstructing alternative fuel solutions.  Makes kids obese with excessive "fast food"
Prescribed 300 million anti-depressants to its citizens in ONE Year..
......  the "new world order" IS our worlds NIGHTMARE...!
p.s. and GET OUT! of our club!!!!!
please translate the text on this new flyer for apirl 25th !!!  ???
7 hours ago
do U still want to be involved with this and summer activites ?..or are u "warned off"??? ... contact me by sms!! ..mo1im te!!

pETITTE  Piranha >  Heey, I just saw these messages
i am not warned off
when can I see you mu dear
12 minutes ago
I am now at "Torte i to" or 18h at centar (Berlin?)
if u dont have time, then i will need to find someone else.....either meet me after school at Dg OR..come to our meetign at "obala" in the evening, and we will drive u home after,, I want to talk with YOU not with your "group"
Life is often about , choices, priorities and consequences of them
REdNET for Napoli fans & memories of Rafa, happy BIRTHDAY & remember how much Rafa is responsible for the commitment HE made to our club and LIverpool people... (J4t96!) adopted SCoUSER and family still on Merseyside
15/16th aprilGem> "Horoscope
You might find that an expensive present does not go over so well. It may be that your partner or companion is more interested in time, and in talking the night away, than in oohing and ahing over some toy they didn't really want or need. The best present will be you - being a good listener. "....hmmmmm

April 15
bike Ride
e20  atm sent to Joe 90 at sp  oooo  zzz

_150415 YNWA

J4t96 = JUSTICE for the 96  .. Justice for ALL
"26 years passed since that day
Cant believe that they did not pay
for the slaughter of 96 brothers & sisters RED!
their spirit ALIVE in me, though their bodies long dead
"Justice delayed is justice denied..
Over & over this I have sighed..
ever day people are abused
by government officiials, like fodder are used"
Everywhere I go  see see the same
who are the the ones to blame?
you the people who wont stand up
they arrestrus, block us and such"
So  when will you have your day?
when will you stand up and say..
enough of the corruption , enough of the same,
its our world, not yours its OUR "beautiful game"

(rednet pics hillsborough , justice ..etc on FB?)

"You decide now, win & LIVE  as a team or die as indivisuals " /.....
hackers 192 163 1 68 , 172 , 27 69  ....

 just a reminder to those fan nies who dont realise this. and f s g clones who want to replace him, (they cant!)

..he still is,,,
change my pro pic and at ?  RedNet, euro and e.l.sun pic to this,,,,,?
rollupEDit???   abbey clancy twits P crouch bake off karaoke ..??
be welcome Lp
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

closing fixtures ??
Sat - 9 Barclays Premier League Chelsea A 15:00
Sat - 16 Barclays Premier League Crystal Palace H 15:00


Stevie ..
Thierry s tricks
StevieTeam picson Rednet
 Kop Magazine retweeted
THE ANFIELD WRAP ‏@TheAnfieldWrap 8h8 hours ago
Goes without saying that we're all gutted to be losing the hugely influential @TheKopMagazine. Make the most of it whilst it's still here.
    Mark Hurley John Merrill Kop Magazine Eric Jones gerard blaine NYC KOPITES Linda Mitman Kris Jones Jamie Bowman
1:46 AM - 31 Mar 2015 · Details
Reply to @TheAnfieldWrap @TheKopMagazine
Chris Fisher ‏@fishychris81 7h7 hours ago
@TheAnfieldWrap @TheKopMagazine surely podcasts are the 'new' fanzine. You guys with your increased output are very much fanzine like
Peter Gibbons ‏@petergibbons481 25m25 minutes ago
@TheAnfieldWrap @TheKopMagazine I wonder how many people sad at the demise of the Kop Magazine actually bought a copy?
ChriS-EuRED ‏@EuRED09
@TheAnfieldWrap @TheKopMagazine @RedAlieNeT for me, its significant timing.. clubs gone bad!. Lfc ?? "its life, Jim, but not as we know it"
At home acts like Jo Brand and Noel Gallagher did fundraisers, footballer Robbie Fowler was fined by Uefa for unveiling a dockers’ T-shirt and support groups the length of Britain swung behind the sacked men.
But with the TGWU neutered by Thatcher’s anti-union laws the dockers eventually lost. One legacy of that defeat is those zero-hours contracts that blight so many lives today.
Support the initiative!!!#


___  Drasko & Snez and... Luka, Marija and... silent one?  (they paid..)
posters, kids party, make masks etc..

bus 34 to PG
Visa card gone...
2k GBp = 2700e  = +727 on atm (dom euro)
it seems that you enjoy yourself in podgorica... soryy, can't make ityesterday at 17:26
Chris i enjoy myself wherever, even if the other people dont...  so just tell me if and when U can "make it" a couple of minutes ago
Chris Hiya Aleksandra, so what makes YOU smile? ... I am not always here,, so if u want, to drink something together, walk in the park, have dinner, or a cioffee,, just tell me a couple of days before ?? if this is a true profile  vidimo se! ChRiS Just now
Chris but tell me truth..ok?
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Sudden attractions To unusual or gifted people are highlighted in your chart. Be aware that the more eccentric and interesting they are the less likely the relationship is to last. You can enjoy this kind of person as a momentary distraction, but they are hard to live with long-term."   :)  I know!!!!
You know i am always your dance partner, and Angela of course:)
a few seconds ago
thats nice... but u both got "distracted" friday night ...anyway..I like dancing with u both! .. what about visit the radio (to morrow) if u come with me at 14h i can pay yr fare back to Pg.ok?
and we need to plan the marriage ...u havent told Dusan!!

Evita Torini go to hell idiots !
March 29 at 6:57pm · Like

Andrew Roberts They can sod off back their own country if they want to do that why we called british and proud of the word we all know as BRITISH and PROUD of it so if you lot don't like it fuck off home
March 29 at 10:23pm · Like · 3

Michelle Glasgow o_O
Yesterday at 7:11am · Like

Chris Smith-Mypod go back to Wales!  ??? racists ...! ...its stupid but..if the "new world order " makes Islam the "eneemy" then dont be surprised if thats what they become...
23 hrs · Like

Ray Lee-adams yep this place exists.......its in Syria go there if you think its right
19 hrs · Like

Chris Smith-Mypod mind u the bit about Kings and Queens and the "industrial pollution"  could be discussed more intelligently by the "mob" .. after all the land used to belong to ALL the people , and yet most people paying their taxes to a UK govt who waste it and fiannce also a "royalty" who stol the land and own about a third of england... shoudnt be "honoured" by true Brits, I respect soldiers who fight against things that are wrong, but I dotn resepct the politicians who lie and cheat in the UK , and if they want to go to war should be first into battle.. anyway I left UK and when I come back ..there are too many things copied from the US of A&&&oles ... everything overpriced and pressure to pay bills and rent or mortgage .. where I live now , its far from perfect but people dotn riush around like ants,...  YNWA!
Just now · Like

20 minutes ago


Are u going to berlin with us at friday ?:)
next friday???  ,,,depends ... everyone got so "romantic" friday... ha ha  are you going ?   (I lost my pullover there..)

Hahah, the same group i think:) hahah we will find your pullover:)
i will come if there are dancer parthners for me..


Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Your romantic energy is still hot right now, but you are throwing up sparks today because you have discovered your special someone has some opinions that are dramatically different from your own. That does not have to be a show stopper. Try seeing things from their perspective." so WHO is my "special someone" ..LMAO! ...

add to REdNET (and ScLOG) ?
Today and until I leave Lfc , its all about Stevie G I dont care who "eng ur lund" play I did notice that Monty played 0-0 against Russia because of the centre of Pg being closed.. and because of a delay caused by "unrest" in the stadium   ... so pationate in the stadium , but like sheeple to the slaughter outside letting their polies dictate and bully the population for the sake of the few rich and powerful, (but then thats about the same in the USA or other "democracies" ....   :)
"You decide now, win & LIVE  as a team or die as indivisuals " /.....(shanks pic)
Stevies all star game Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina speak ahead of All-Star charity match at Anfield
Gem>"Daily Horoscope
You have an opportunity to empower the future of your love life. If you are still single, you may meet someone promising today. If you are dating, you may be thinking about the next stage in your relationship. If you are already married, it will be an incredibly romantic day"
...:)  not yet!!! :)

"You decide now, win & LIVE  as a team or die as indivisuals " /.....

CRS> Eco  village plans information..Michael ..join Fb eco village meeting april 22 or 23 may with planners.. your input , solar powered? residence, hostel eco centre food production eco, lake and fishing..

"You decide now, win & LIVE  as a team or die as indivisuals " /.....

'Gem >  Daily Horoscope
"Power and generosity of spirit make your heart centre open today. You have an opportunity to make a big, positive change in your love life. You may learn something new about your partner. If you are single, you could find yourself attracted to someone dramatically different...."
(actions pic)
danced with "the girls" last night and forgot my pullover,,,,thanks Kristina , Andela and the "pettite dancer"  :)  good time, music ok but too full at the end (to move ..) so i came back to Dg'

Chris Smith-Mypod i am at "sweet caffe" (for the c 1 a goon sitting next to me) ha ha i am abit hungover,,
(a sweet caffe)
NO key so Abnb Krystof (>>>if real) cancelled..offered him drink at caffe B or obala//. no CSers either ///... Braz and Swedish student ..?
I would like to shout this into the ears of people here in "MOnty" WAKE UP!
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You may wonder what planet your partner's head got transported to - they do seem completely out of this world. But their vacation from reality is likely to be just that - a temporary situation. And they likely harboUr some similar thoughts about you right now."
ha ha "partner"  ..hmmm close to the situation though... :)
CRS?Dax ?  consequence of breaking promise?
@ gem..
sending out an s.o.s    is anyone there??? I am not a a fan of "american rugby" but,, the film is by oliver stone and well made... the part i like most is .. speech by "coach Domato" (Pachino) " we win as a team and lose as individuals reminds of Shanks ..and is a messge that should be used by teams, clubs , communities , local and global.. smile emoticon and the last sceen with Tony and Willy ..about the feeling of going through it together, in my life my teams were always this way...
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You may want to sweep your partner off their feet, and the idea for a romantic trip is a good one - but you may find that work-related scheduling problems get in the way. If you are single, you may find romance on the road, but there will be a few potholes."   ha ha more like canyons before I find a "partner" :)

see more ////
Danica, I know you probably WONT visit me, as "punishment" for cARING about you,
and for showing it (even privately) 2 years ago..but I want you to know..
that first afternoon we spent in prizren, when we walked and talked together
stays with me, and that (and dancing with you in Bg! ) I will take with me when
I leave this mad planet x ChRiS
Utubve?  "if i say I love u do u mind" ??
So then. If I say I love you do you mind. Make an idol of you do you mind. If I shower you with kisses. If I tell you honey this is. How I think of heaven do you mind.

150325 FB pro file...
Hello to those who blocked me at "obala" smile emoticon 2 finger salute! ha ha..

GeM>"Daily Horoscope
Relationships may be somewhat stressful right now, likely because you are not eager to discuss your finances. Did you know some people find it easier to talk about their sex lives than their financial situation? You are not alone in your discomfort, but it is at the root of a misunderstanding that is easy to address."

chinese lunch, coffes and bus  e20
love chain ..nat "let there be love"
Gem > "Stars" ...."Your love life could get very interesting soon. They say differences make good sparks, and if you are married you could find yourself in one of those arguments that mysteriously morphs into passion. If you are single, you may be attracted to someone wildly different and exciting.....?"

Sade "I shall be with u until the end of time"

... CSMyfb...face book event>>  leaving 30may after our special events weekend and Stevies birthday..
repeat horoscope

CS mypod FB blocked
lunch at Pg e20 (inc with wanko)
top (visa) from FC future Pg, = e20... (bal e824  + 50 from stan micro/car tarwler)

Gem>"Daily Horoscope 150323
Romantic energies return to your chart, and while friends are supportive, family members may not be too happy about your lifestyle or choice of partner. Rather than worrying about pleasing someone who may be impossible to please, stay focused on your own desires and needs"
bad mood, hmmm , romance??  who? "partner"..who?   family (aprt from REds?) .. = none

150322  Stevie RED!

Chris Smith-Mypod‎Steven Gerrard Tribute
hope U join us at the special european REdS party may , in Montenegro to honour the Best..there is! smile

Chris Smith-Mypod "Daily Horoscope 150322
Your thoughts may be turning to romance, but the timing could be off. You may find that people come and go out of your life lightning fast, especially your online friends, all of whom seem a little left of crazy right now. If you are in a committed relationship, you are likely finding that there are dramatic changes in how you treat each other. You need to find new ways to be friends." ... just thinking about the game today come on REDS!
nice to see Torres back at Atleti, scoring too

Nat ? > Thanks for the good wishes. If I come across someone, I will let you know.
CS>ok i saw it!

Danica, you may question why I continue to write my blog...     i explained before (though u forgot!) that its was for me,and for my (ESTRANGED) children, who i love , but who know nothing of me, (not MY choice!)  and in the hope that one day my close "friend" (i hoped you) would show it to one or both, for them to "know me" ...when I am gone from this planet..
if that is tomorrow or in a thousand years...
I have in my heart, I connected with your soul, and forgive your crimes against me...because ..
just because thats my choice!  :) ChRIS x
 or offer you a chance despite your attitude towards me .. well, I believe inside of you is a good person, who made many wrong choicees, and I may live a thousand years or another 5 minutes I will hope you wake up to my words,,, because there is a boig chance here for u , now..
..and  ..because I recall one night in Bg when u told me some "secrets" about your past..I dont care what wrong choice u may think u made...I care about your future and open the door one last time...

Gem>" Daily Horoscope
Love and romance are front and center right now, but this is deep, karmic, emotional love and romance, not the hearts and unicorns kind. Your ideas of attachment and affection are being profoundly shaped by changes in society and culture. For some in your sign, this will be a great blessing, for others a blessing in disguise."  ....hmmmmmm :)

cs mails...
for Nat, A belated Birthday wish
wont confuse u with too many hugs or a kiss
I know u are an NS miss
or even a "herbal wife" :)
hope even though u dont visit me.
that you haver a Good Life! x


love chain... "a GOOD Deed a DAy keeps d'evil away?"  cs150320..

The  irony  IS  that most those " anarchist students" will most probably apply for jobs in the system they now right;y the saddest aspect , that they will joiin their enslaved parents , like so many of the sheeple on this mad planet, is tragic! "    Anarchist BBQ in Frankfurt celebrating opening of European Central Bank HQ #Blockupy
    — Kingslayer (@squig_) March 18, 2015"
..Page 8  film is  a fictional reminder of the UK govt betrayal of its peoples to become the fascist USA govts puppets , and act like "dogs" of WAR too... link..

kids exploited ...
"Daily Horoscope
You feel abandoned or rejected by a new or current love partner, and the blow to your self-esteem has you beating yourself up way out of proportion to the situation. Someone will call with good news or some flattering compliments that bring you around."  ......... i?  will it ? :)

H-T REdNET link and..Ktristina on FB...??
'Allo Vera"...
As you may know  Yr  Sister rejected managing the project inToloshi, (Pg) ..I havent seen her in about 18 months ...
.however I have re-located, and although I hoped she would visit me to see the new chance for her ..she is now mad... so I IF she dont want it I have to look for another person..
is familiar with the Balkan regions
can speak good (not perfrect english)  and be sociable , greeting foreign visiors &
 tour with us ..Balkans,  e.g. Tara rafting, Skadar lake boat trips, nature trekking , horse riding.. and help with weekend parties and events..
co-operate with me and another local person (in the local language) and "alternative course organisers"
meet and greet groups with us,,, later to visit other european destinations for co-operative or "PR" meetings..
some administration (like booking accomodation or answering emails)
later travel on "PR" other copuntries
for this a basic income ,  (similar to average income in MNE) from day one, based in Dg,
+  after training, with paid room, plus travel costs,  and share of any profit from the NGO
IF you know of any TRUSTworthy person
please contact me ...?
Molim Te!

Hello Nemanja, is there any way U can return my "special LIverpool shirt" to me ,, ("ChRiS")  or bring a 6 a side fun football  team to our charity weekend party in may (and my shirt..)   ?????  its unique..!

love chain,,,"probably better to help people get what they need..some people "WANT " the wrong things.. ?  thanks for the message though ! "
gem>Daily Horoscope
Your partner comes across as stern, cold or depressed today, but chances are good it has little to nothing to do with you. They may have encountered an old friend, relative or a former lover who has brought up some issues that are a little touchy. Dax???

'acked & ?
20.30h sportklub  swans v  REDS! )late !!! 15 mins or more??_ for no reason only Novac!!_ tennis) ??? no match ..just blah
'acked  ?   ' =  &
Good "st paddys  night"  at patricks irish pub, Podgorica..   although music wasnt really "irish" ... ;)  and .... with the news that bent police chief Duckenfield ..admitted his GUILT for the manSLAUGHTER of 96 of my LIVERPOOL supporting brothers and sisters in 1989. _(26 years too late...)
Thatcher escaped Justice for being a criminal leader, Blair too , (so far)  Cameron is doing a bad copy of thatchers fascism.. but note this...those who interfere with my movement and communications... "karma" has a bite... that gets YOU sooner or later...
....." The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee."
Gem> ..".Daily Horoscope
Your love life is about to get really interesting this evening. You are feeling very romantic and sexy and your imagination is working overtime. If you are single, you could meet someone new and interesting. The sparks are really flying right now."
hmmm..  my sparks are very alive,,,,i think someone noticed..but no "follow up" :)

...  hitch hikers guide the galaxy episode 2...   the answer is ..42!
150318 CS to Dax
Ok I just read it was from TWO YEARS ago, // !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIVATE!!!
- I will remove the  phone number ... !  but who else reads MY PRIVATE blog that I only meant
for you...
- it also reminds me that you promised to help me with the project...and I defended you
when Zoran later objected against you and made sexist remarks.. I only have good intent
and you missed the important aspect that I care enough to put up with all yr sh&te!!
you dont appreciate
its sad you dont know who I am/.
cuvaj se!

CRS>(fb) > Noem1 albert ini(estrela?) in Tir ana

atm e100  2 x 50 with Dule & Kristina nights  (berlin and paddy)

paddys day
in the mood...  people think my kindness, is weakness... i am just ready to explode/.

Daily Horoscope
Your attention will turn from the workplace to your own social life. It's been a bit Spartan lately and your partner - if you still have one - will have to practically kidnap you out of the office. You'll thank them for it though, because you really do need some time off.

'It's important to live your life by a motto. I chose to live my life by the motto, 'My enemy's enemy is my friend.' Unfortunately, as it turns out, my enemy is his own worst enemy. So, I have to invite him to barbecues.' - Richard Herring (July 12, 1967 -)

cancel car trawler (+e50 back?_)
paid elec e24 and water e7  ...= e31 = + 973??  buy euros?? @ 1,30

Chris Smith-Mypod "more stars" .."
Daily Horoscope
You can make a beautiful change in your home right now by taking a course at the local hardware shop or college. New painting techniques, colours and styles will appeal to you. You may decide to start a new renovation project, but it could be delayed..." maybe painting thos e"brisdges" too ?? ha ha //#

00448445449059 Hello , ref > Reservation number  ; GB498187770 , collection thursday = is there a "car trawler" desk at Stansted airport, where i pick up the car keys etc?? Smith C. sms  +38268614427
Drazen?? and wife who danced live next to Franca market . at RedNoseKaraoke
Tel +3826930266
Milla, Bar  ..when do you stop working...? :)  I am travelling next week, but ...when I come back , if u have a free day?  I could come to for lunch> ?? ChRiS
Igor _Pro file
hello Dolly Drag. Dedic
"Joe " Spuz

added CRS> Noela Albertini (estrela) @ yahoo
REdNet add twits and twats to FB Rednet ...and Sclog??
"Who discovered we could get milk from cows, and what did he think he was doing at the time?"
Billy Connolly (November 24 1942-)
hmmmm , theres a big bridge here to "re build" emoticon
Gem > " Daily Horoscope
This is a great day for you to rebuild any bridges you may have burned, especially where it comes to family, partners and in-laws. If you want to impress a mate's parents, you may be able to get somewhere by showing up to help out with chores when they least expected"
nice film " Living out loud" ....
thinking out LOUD... great dance video ... hmmm smile emoticon life is like "ground hog film"" ... ground hog day ..- its a ground hog life... smile emoticon
with the message, keep doing it until you do it GOOD.... smile emoticon
its "almost like being in love... (Nat..)
the Balkans REd KNOWS (NOSE) day started at "Berlin"  dancing with Kristina, Dusaaan, Noemi (CSer) and others .. sharing the REd Nose..and end in the early hours with Goran and his wasnt much, and of course "in the land of promises"  a lot of "expected" guests didnt turn up, but some nice new people, NONE of my so-called "facebook friends" supported me, but it their loss because they missed out on the beginning of something wonderful, the re-birth of "Spirit" :)
some one did... (stand by me) :)
"Daily Horoscope
A partnership or association could bring both rewards and challenges in your career or social life. Be wary of someone who talks much but says little. This person may be hiding some of the key facts that are important to a business decision"
"You may be frustrated with your love life today, because of a dispute over children or entertainment expenses. You may have a friend who is jealous of your love partner, or vice versa. You may have to set the record straight about your plans and intentions."
no BBc link,,,last minute DJ,, nroken promises   i t was the 13th

e50 drinks and taxi
20 e to P2 for toilet repair...sox..!! :)
 with Dule, Naomi ALBDRTINA, kristina, milos, midget dancer and boyfriend..
bed at 03h

banner on
RED nose night at riverside..
nice people.....
danced and  sung... stand by me...   dont be cruel,   honesty...

power cut at Obala
skype / voip blocked (again 3 days running)
Gem> "Chris Smith-Mypod "Daily Horoscope
You could get closer to your partner or a potential partner if you open up and share a deep dark secret that is troubling you. You may find that they say "Is that all?" You have been brooding a lot lately, making this small thing a lot worse in your mind than it really is." ha ha ....?


sms to Rizo Dervisaga 069 484 590 Head of NGO Right to live
Valdet Gjinaj 069 271 009 English speaker
"right to life?"
The initiative is to help children  ( without agenda) I have communication problems to connect with your colleagues, but you are all invited to join the first " happening" if u have the same motives as we, to have fun and do something GOOD in Montenegro , if u and colleagues come to "Obala" friday (13th March) Danilovgrad at 20h we can discuss ideas, and then be OUR GUESTS at the party after .. :)

"Dont try to be a succesful man,  but be a man of Value...whatever you do..." :)
I was clearing up the garden today, and as i moved some old wood, a load of creep crwaling things scuttled away, i reminds me of what happens sometimes when u challenge some people ... they hide under a rock, and when u expose them to the light, they run like insects to find moer "cover"..a bit like politicians :)
creepy crawlers..
now 2 b alien....
the Noughties ... a quiet Millenium decade  ....from being "stopped " by the "Nasties" of Frieburg  (but started. to fight "them" ....)  until leaving "not without me" (Zondereigen)  for Ghana, and landing in Monty,,,2010...
you just need to re-arrange the "puzzle" to see my view of this crazy universe,,, (the "Noughties" .....etc) to be continued>>??
Phone kids... flyers posters //???
Pg fr Karaoke, t shirts S x 2  for  (burk lady balck hair got white T,,,(s) ..
Gem " our Daily Horoscope
The people calling you today really aren't interested in you just for your mind. You have other ample assets to put into play. You may be able to wheedle some extra free time out of your boss - do so, especially if you are single. Sports events are great places to meet new people."   boss??  ha ha ... anyway ... just updating this.  .

Jan D address T EURED
Hiya all
EuRED , FC ZonderEigen (Be.) & ZREDS invite you to participate in a
7-a-side weekend footy tournament ; with the theme Footy FUN & Frienmdship
& to benefit childrens charity & HJC awareness in Europe..

for more info look at  with video & pics of our
recent great Party & footy weekend …or email me, if U cant understand dutch ,<smile>
p.s. what about the 5-a-side weekend in MADrid (MAD – REDS) 21/24 may 2010 too!?

08-13 H Goran ,,no karaoke...
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
You and your partner are going to kiss and make up, and how! Your energy will be warm, fuzzy and romantic. Don't try to get any chores or projects done today. Set the day aside for totally enjoying each other. Sports and heavy lifting are out! Relax, go to a spa or get a massage together.
i really would love to "kiss and make up" but where is "my partner" ?
hope my "friends" support this..friday ...we shall see who "cares" :)

CS>Kristina, I hope U know that that little comment of yours made me very happy, and I would be "made up" if u cam to my party ) and birthday)
Kristina Medžiaušytė Miss you, Chris. Hope to see you again in Montenegro. Hugs!
March 8 at 9:23pm · Like

Chris Smith-Mypod thanks , hope u come back soon:) take care x
 thanks that Martin is ok, just remember it can always end suddenly, (today?) ... "freedom s just another name for nothing left to lose" ? , what will I lose>?? ... Gem >
Daily Horoscope
You and your partner could find all kinds of things to argue about today, but in-laws, relatives, and career ambitions are all at the top of the list. It is not a good day to try to work on that big home decoration or improvement project, either.

Black XL for Drazen (obala techie)
Pedja 2  collected  Rollup Posters , flyers and  banner
Stuff from pro...?? e64

sunny day,,,what a difference a day makes, out chopping (the last?) wood and running this morning then sitting in shorts on the patio...

to "those who think kindness, is blindness.."  I go monday (with Goran) to visit "Joe" who , by chance came to a local karaoke night , and joined us , then told us he was going to prison..
he has no one to visit him,  he says he is  a minor offender,  so obviously I volunteered to visit him, he proposed this date, tomorrow, and he speaks, if I was cautious I would think "this is a trap" ..(to get me there, then invent some reason to keep me..) but then that would taste of paranoia ( or cowardice..) so I am going ,,,and goodness help them if they invite "the ChriS-virus" into their system,,,, auf weidersehen ? pet :)
////  Gem>   "  Daily Horoscope... Your partner is having mood swings again. The real problem is likely to take the form of "in-laws" in most cases, but that may not be obvious at first. Some real changes in attitude need to be made, and they are not willing to be the ones to change. You have to find a way to accept some eccentricities."
theres a lot of "eccentric  behaviour around"..but who is my "partner" ?? :D >>>??? say hello please!!   ???

REds got to play  for the next FA cup round this afternoon, with out the BEST!

"Berlin verse"  post  on caffe Berlin (fb)

on H-T?? ...
"featuring Joe the hobbit"

42  ..hitchhikers guide (highjackers?) fr Goran...) monday Spuz and Pg .. deliver flyers ..with Bignose?

Chris Smith-Mypod
1 min ·
woke at 06h clearing up outside the house after storm... is there a "message"?
...probably is "look out, theres a storm coming " ? because "they" delay all my messages LMAO! grin emoticon
'woke at 06h  clearing up outside the house after storm... is there a "message"?

...probably is   "look out, theres a storm coming " ?  because "they" delay all my messages LMAO!  :D'
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Chris Smith-Mypod Gem> "
Daily Horoscope
Relationships are important today and the keywords are communication and compromise. You will only damage your own interests if you let yourself get wrapped up in a power struggle with your mate and partner. Be an "active listener" - mirror back anything you don't understand."    who is this "mate & Partner" ????? introduce me please ha ha .... !

watching Camelot  tv show last night (with Claire Forlani and Joseph Fiennes?) ..
a fictional Reminder how (if legend or not) that the TRUE community concept ( violated by those pretending to apply "communism" which has never BEEN APPLIED on this planet by any nation......  the idea of a ROUND table where every member of the community has equal status..
is lost ... in the so called "civization" that your govt. pretend ..and YOU allow, whether in the occupied Americas (occupied by a fascist regime called "the U S of A" )  or a former "communist" region , as the Balkans.. big or small nation, you the people are to blame for the sick society you allow..!! ... so dont complain! :)  just get the rakaija bottle out... ha ha ...and lets really "communicate" ....?????
Gem > Daily Horoscope
Your love life heats up all of a sudden, with unexpected romantic opportunities flying fast and furious. You and your partner are filled with energy and enthusiasm right now. You may be thinking about a more formal or secure relationship soon."   ,,,,keep on talking about "my partner" where are you ????  ha ha ha.... :D
new Suzi Bad...on FB
Majda birthday (NS...CSer?_) and Belated Birthday greetings, Kike :)  and from and Sasha..

Liverpool 2 Burnley 0    Hendo and Studge
Angie> Yeah sometimes its heaven...sometimes its hell...and its good to have it somewhere in btween
It would b  cool to come over for a trip  atm im a lot at organizing and getting things done. So ill see how it goes during this year
Im a lot easier than i was in the past with contantly working on myself...which is quite tricky sometimes  how has life treaten u so far? R u ok?
CS 150305 >
still firing on all guns, but picking my battles a bit more carefully, hosted a lot of people in last 3 years , enjoyed showing them around this wild and beautiful land,  and that helped me,  being "alien alone" here, (my last girlfriend was in Holland 5 years ago) , i just had a couple of crushes and a brief "romantic visit"  in the last 5 years ..where i am now is small, but nice place to live i have independence too...,people dont bother me much , and I am "testing .."  this,..  U know, u are the only person i have contact with  from "before" 5 years... ???? take care and keep in contact PLEASE!  x

CS150304/5 at riverside 19,30 h > ha ha ha,,,
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
If you are single, you may be lamenting the lack of action in your love life this morning, but by late afternoon a pair of bedroom eyes could catch your attention! If you are married, don't let an early-day lack of energy get you down, your libido will pick up again this evening." ..
??? er.....when ?? smile emoticon

no Goran? (sms from "mum")
  ( CS ers LOG 150228)
________  ,,
and who will follow?? or not
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
If you are single, an unexpected, unusual and exciting new romance will bring out your wild, passionate side, but you may find that it lacks "staying power". So what? Let your hair down and enjoy the fun. Just don't try to tie down a free spirit.______________
love chain... bdul Qadir   (what u can and cant do)
Lola Zarate thumbs up
CS > hmmmm , I dont know what is "CANT " so, ha ha !!
Free Your Mind En Vogue with lyrics
Hiya Maija... so..
its that time again
to wish you a happy day
and do your utmost in every way
in what U do and what U say! :)
hope u have a special time , now and....(cu in Monty again?) X  and
birthday greetings too from...
and also to Jolanta Kuprisa,, dance partner....:)

Chris Smith-Mypod‎Kristina Medžiaušytė
Just now ·
Hiy I hope U have a Very special time... for u , a little poem smile emoticon
Kristina, seems such a long time since I seen her
... we had some fun in Monty
and enjoyed the sun
hope u come back and have more fun
happy birthday , ChRiS x and from .. smile emoticon
Vesna susic too..


ChriS-EuRED ‏@EuRED09 16h16 hours ago Montenegro
@RedAlieNeT @RedAndWhiteKop @WellRedMagazine ...4th,? we should always aim for Number 1 …
Hiya, Snezana are u coming to RED nose karaoke march 13?? at Dg??
Saturday 12:00pm
I don't know yet ...I'll let you know
a few seconds ago
i hope so, because its important for MNE people too, if u come , be my guest...!
Anyone out there "brave" enough to join the respond to their continual interference with emails, sms, websites, facebook, Abnb, couchsurfing or any of your communications?  ...." Monty" reminds me of the  "magnificent 7" story. .. only when the "farmers" (YOU!?) stand up and fight back does the oppression end...
(they even block charitable inititaives FFS!)

its always up to YOU!!
(2 finger pic on sclog??)
add sclog to rednet etc..(H-t?)
Gem> "Daily Horoscope
Your love life gets a little challenging right now. Your partner is wanting more of your time and energy but they are also insisting that you need to push harder in your career. You can't do both. There are things that are more important than money and that may tip the scales in the right direction for your happiness"
er ..partner??? where are u ha ha... .

Aha that sounds amazing  good to hear that you´re livin well! That trouble U have behind, it´s a wonder that you still have so much energy left to start new  good on ya!!!
In this way we´re a bit similar...we sempre recover  no matter what blurks us down into hell...still aiming for the light and brushing the wings from the dust, standing up proud and smile to the devil....thanking him for geting kicked arse and invite him for a drink
a few seconds ago
cS> Angie, sure the things we clashed about are lessons in this journey called Life, ...i thanks you for your words ..and long to see u here, because u would make them "burn their eyes on you moving" ha ha ...u know the saying..."when going through hell, just keep going"   take care , come visit me ..soon!  I will always have a place for u....really ...x

CS>no more contact??? yesterday at 09:29
Milla:) Hello Chris...i am is ok ..Have good night!!yesterday at 21:36
Chris let me know if u want to meet , or keep the contact??? I have a very big party coming next week March 13 in Danilovgrad, if u want to come, be my guest??
atm - 110
110 Pj2 hosue dani to 31 march
add the REdnet (fb..)
REdS 2 citeh 1
Hendo & Phil

Liverpool started and finished well, Phil must be  my man of the game,  top right corner of the Kop end goal is the bst way to score a winner against the current champions, ,,Hendo having scored a similar beauty in the first half with city equalising before half time, Lallana had one saved at the start, one  ruled offside and he and towards the end Studge both put shots wide when through on goal. Studge is definately not yet at his best because he would usually bury those type of chances in the net. Marko created one of Lallanas chances but still, too often his final pass is too loose or negative, with Allen producing very little its vital, especially against the top teams to have big contribution from all players,
 for me, although he put in more effort than thursday, Raheem also isnt as sharp or adventurous as was earlier in the season, Mignolet didnt do much, apart from pick the ball out of the net once, which says a lot for Skrtel , who did weel again, against Aguero,   aided by Can and an improved performance by Lovren..
BR was right to remove Marko for Studge to come on , But IMO was wrong to take Moreno of for Toure, as on thursday, when changing to a defensive structure the imputus can go to the opponents, and I believe that attacking city could (and should) have brought us a abigger win 3-1 would not have flattered us, and apart from Joe (my granny could have taken a better corner kick , and shes been dead 20 odd years..)
In the first half city had most of the ball but we created more chanced, and in spite of Brents ideas, its more be EFFECTIVE than "possesive" ...
all said and done, a job well done, by the TEAM, better at closing down and more energy..
Lets go for the title... :)
Lilly May birthday poem.(CRS..on fb) ...(add to  feb ? is on CSds file)
march ..01??
Christine Deverdzic
Agustina De Luca[start_date]=2015%2F03%2F01&ref=notif&notif_t=birthday_reminder
Hiya Agus..
another day, belated i am afraid I am late
still I hope u enjoyed your special date
one day I want to dance in your city
not to Tango there would be a pity..:)

I wish you all you wish for you
and be careful what u do
enjoy all there is and see
that one day you (& Lucia ) come back to "Monty"  :D
Christine D
(March 1, 2014 9:17 am
happy birthday from
June 7, 2014 10:57 am
pg too many people , not only the young, think the "goal" is the goal  ... like they want quick sex and lost of orgasms , and miss the feeling of making love, in life or in bed, same as footy, enjoy the journey, the game, the feeling, it will all be over far too soon...anyway  ChRiS14607
150302 Belated best wishes and birthday greetings, Chris, ..  a little poem for u...   one time i met a another "Chris" ....didnt know for sure if she was a Mrs or a miss...  and i had the urge her to kiss.... then she left  Pg and i am P&ss......ed!   hope u had a good one... ChRiS x
join us....
DaniLOVE Internationa1 Social & Cu1ture Club <org>
Lilly May...
CRS? poem

150228 (pic born again)
Life of David Gayle.. when they take it all away, they may find thaT they "PAY"...
1000BACKin = 1344at m /dom esticvisa...
dolly i will be in Mall of Montenegro at 7. and 8. 03.
all you need is love..)))))))))))))))))_____________________
"if we stick together" "and stay loyal" they can never beat us//" smile
ther idiots blocked the "RED nose charity initiative " this morning STUPID ..buGG&rs!!
"build (<this>) and they will come" ????
Goran, loan, notice, printer, candles/...
films and music at Danilover
REdNET...the indecision of LFC boREd room  ...(see pics) and the wall of sound that got Rafas REDs through against chelski to Istanbul may 05...
150224   RED nose karaoke party on Network...for...
for you....wherever u are, (if I fell....)
rednet pics uploaded (A soton Cout,)
car hire Thank you for requesting your vehicle rental with us. Reservation Number GB498187770
We will email the above Request Reference to
To see your confirmation voucher go to:
Raindrops ... (Butch  & Sundance )
eventually 19.40 750e - 150 from wanko = 600 next  200e at 20th april...
Wed 18 Mar 2015    Reservation Number
13:05hrs Wed 18 Mar 2015
14:55hrs + GB arr , 2173  E int  5080
for all the "cool" People... " its a FOOL who plays it  COOL whilst making this world a little COLDER"  so.....warm up ! :)
raining, in bed  late , run in rain, shave etc.. and Rivercaffe chips and cola..
AND Ana, why didnt Igor correct your companys errors on the data used from the t-shirt....??

CS> Dax "Just know I am here for U & hope if u can come here, (help me, do something good
have something in your pocket, and some FUN too, with me...?) take care X"
reminded me of when I was doing trancendental meditiation...hmmm...we all come back to ourselves...
14018 to Dax


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Amount Paid £1.00
Payment Reference W233OY8U7T14276330610016
Card Used **** **** **** 1212

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