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CSerS ;  13116  "BEing Crazy....Continued ...The "days after"(end of the world) party .."new Now" , white city repair with Ms Harvey.. and an UUUUUUUUEEEEE  new years party...with In & without (UE) Wires? SHALL BE GOOD!! :)
Monty blog

REdNeT v F S G ;

within / without frontier ;


p.p.s did you really expect me to come to talk with u, at the hostel reception in prizren ?, when u were sitting with those who got u drunk
and who had disrespected me and you being my “guest”…remember? That u had stormed out of the room a few hours before.. telling me to “F**k off” …don’t u think in such a situation it was for you to apologise to me?// anyway, lets focus on the positive future,,theres a lot we can and shall do..!

13116 To "Dobar DaN IcA :)

There will always be a feeling of "protection" for you, as a "soul-mate" should , and i ask you to accept this
and not see it or feel "controlled"...(in prizren, but u were drunk...i was not..)

I would even protect my friend or "guest" and use my body as a "wall"  to protect someONE I "care" for..!

My feeling of "responsibility" WAS "distracted" when u made the double bed, before we went to the party..
but i never touched you, in bed, i gave you space, i shared and just wanted that u kept your promise to "be with me"
(I didnt "calculate" any other detail) I am sure u are "chased" by many men.. I dont , but I do honestly tell you..

that I love you in a way more than you will probably EVER know...

you may never understand...

but i always live in  hope...that you will...<SMILE> before i leave this mad planet..I want to pass to you my knowledge and abilities
and with GOOD will we shall..make a "miracle"..

"love" is not a word..its badly used...too easily...but when trust between us is will know, and I hope.. <SMILE>


p.s. within the project I will provide U with an email address " "  you change it and make your own password later..
and take time from now until september to think what can be goodness and health for kids now and the future,,and when I am gone
from this dimension..continue..


"for your eyes only" this is a personal record of my life, only for any ONE who "cares" if you dont...dont read it..

special thanks to Ciki, Djordje  (& jelena) Danica...(& a belly dancer) , Ivan & Tijana ...& many more supporting characters :)

...I had a nice train ride back from UE
with a people in a compartment who spoke no english, and it was nice and sort of funny testing my few words of Serbian/Me
on them, with "hands & feet( like Danica too we paint pictures with hands whilst talking..) they thought i was a writer
(i was making notes for this...) and one told me that I looked VERY young..(surprise considering the "wear & tear" of the weekend..) and i hadnt done any sport since thursday..

I started early Friday...

The girl in Pg bus sta, told me "11hrs! to NS...
1t was Twelve :) ... (because she didnt mention the one hour stop in Bg! )
Luckily I kept in contact with Ciki who met me, we dropped off my bag and
I said that as i was later we didnt need to go to "centar" bars ..almost magically a local band playiong Celts / irish music
was at the local "culture club caffe" just round the corner from his flat...nice atmosphere and served by a nice young girl from Leicester , Ana, a sign of good things to come..

the band played well, (and i must congrat Ciki on passing his exams, as he was "wasted" the next day...)

and a big Thanks to him for picking me up & hosting me on the first night of this very very special w/end..

Saturday it was a "slow train to Bg, "rumoured" to leave @ 13h eventually started at 13,30 ..but young Djordje was there to greet me..
(as communications were broken with Dani. ..and she had sent a curious message , i wasnt sure if she was working at the Magic garden or not..)

So after "sharing my Rakija with local restoran table cloth" we had a meal and then dropped my bag at Djordjes flat overlooking the park..
(nice view)... we had an "equal game" of Billiards (pool) being equally erratic with our ability.. went to find Dani. and the @Magic garden" caffe
near "the horse" (with anon. man on it...) ...I was concerned as there had been no answer to her phone earlier.and i knew her phone had problems..

We began "bar hunting" but luckily after a while of "KGB non-info" ...Dani. asnwered her phone and directed us to this secret location..sometimes
my life is that of a secret agent...but of course I deny any such thing.. ha ha :)

Djordje kindly waited with me, until her shift ended at 20h , he went to pick up his girlfriend (Jelena) and we had our "clear the air" discussions...
and Dani. and I played "musical tables" moving from one to another as more people came to the bar...

she was then "Dobar Dan -Ica" ...and we had an "exchange of ideas"  and some better understanding of the "prizren" conflict..IT WAS NECESSARY - obviously
there are language and cultural differences.. as it is also necessary to explain to whoever reads of this MY "lone Wolf" existence and my NEED to write this
"intimate record" of my LIVES... often to clear the pain, the lack of trusted friends because i was "always moving" and that my HOPE that my stolen children
will one day understand a little of who I am..because NO ONE knows me...I hope that someONE, one day... will "care"...

WE covered most things, although its clear there are some things she will take time to understand about me, and I hope there is time before I leave this planet to pass
everything GOOD to her..

I DID NOT ask her about her "arrangement of the sheets on the double bed", (in prizren) ha ha .. or explain why i am not "tight" ... :)

BUt hope that Dani. understands that my "universal gypsy lifestyle" and my "ways" (morals?) mean I dont have anyone I can share troubles with because I SUPPORT other people
and my time is full of THEIR problems,...and hers..

BUT the positive feeling I had when i first met Dani. came back into our contact and.. when she took my arm..i felt warm again..and to see her cute face
look out from under the Fut hat..made me smile and a deep love for her, but in a way no-one understands..YET! :)

so then the "mission" was to have "white city night - fun".......

Djorde & jelena came back to "MG" and we went to "Podmornica" (submarine)

Podmornica Beogradski Rnr Podrum
Works at Submarine - belgrade rock 'n' roll basementLives in Beograd )

..because of its previous connection to the now demised "Club Lepota" where
I had had been several times and enjoyed its casual musci & dancing... had hoped this "subversive" club cxould be I support "alter-NATIVES"
and have also been described as "SUBVERSIVE" ha ha...

unfortunately the atmosphere was too cold for the others..Jelena took us to "Szeserade" ..turkish style ...with Belly - dancers and "Bongs" ..and
Dani and I danced ( a little...but not together) it was fun, good feeling and I WAS GAPPY AGAIN..(really the first time since prizren 2 months ago that
I could free myself fully and COMPLETELY from the "dark demons")

We went back to the "MG" Dani Introduced us to "C. van Damme-mk 2"... Djordje was obviously tired, and as I had respect for my "host" ( this is MY culture)
reluctantly left Dani. at her x-boyfriend Branko's bar... but with an invitation, which I accepted to stay at her/their apartment next time - as she plans an early birthday
party at "MG" in a week or so..

I planned to go with Djordje to Istanbul, a city I love, and promised Dani. to take her later this year, "insha'allah".. but I told her how much I care about her again..
and our combined "energy" could take over this planet..if i dont leave it...I have to have reason not to leave, or better to say, I must have reason to stay...

We can do good things this year..

..Djordje woke up early sunday and we had a fast-food brunch before going to watch the game @ "old toilet" .. at the "REd Bar" on "Skadarlija"

Quite a few young Lfc fans there, but only 2  (Vladen & Stefan) that I knew, a nice girl came to say hello , at least some of our culture is here..
BR shd have had our team (the REdS in black kit) attacking the maNCs from the first minute, because they may be top of the league but they are not special..we didnt start playing until 60 minutes , too late
I never give up, I never surrender ..but I respected my host in UE, and wanted to be there on time.. so left in taxi (sorry Djordje) just before the end,
of this bitter match.. I knew the result.. i "launched" the campaign ..."we are the club - (FSG) come NOT to pay" ..with a photo at REdBAR..
we can only clear the "bad karma" by removing the yankers...(but i always hope ...that our team will win, anyway..i support OUR HOLY trinity ; the players, and True REDS..
but our manager is not employed by Shanks said ..the "directors dont come into it")

I was well on time to catch the bus and in contact with Ivan by sms, and CSer Vesna who also Lives in Uzice was invited too..

..........I phoned Danica, to say "farewell" and to tell her, in case she hadnt got it... again,,, :)

I was cautious because I hadnt seen Ivan K since our Bg/Stara Pazova "Liverpool pub" meetings... 2 years ago, the Bus was "early" at UE!!!! :)

Vesna (one of the organisers of "Prizren balkan mafia meet") was also waiting at the pub, but was going to meet with her friends, so when Tijan (Ivans lovely fiancee) came to pick me up, I said she should bring them to "the Dubliners"

More "Magic"..

In the pictures of the meeting 2 years in 2010 many of the local REdS there had worn my Red "scouse wig" ..and Ivan too, and I i took it in my weekend bag
to give to Ivan as a present (and a "another great night out with my (Liver)-Bird" T-shirt..because it suits Ivan and Tijana...!) ... the car on the way to pick up Ivan from his home she told me that in his pub upstairs is a PAINTING of Ivan wearing that wig...!!!!

( )

I took them my Liverpool-Celtic scarf that Ivan put on the wall of the pub (I have left so many all over europe , behind different bars, on PUB walls and cafe "DNA" is spread
around on this planet ! ...)

so we went to the Pub, to have a "quiet night" as Ivan said many people had gone to Bg etc,, ha ha  ha  ...

Well.. there was a musician with guitar singing a mixture of local & international songs./.. Ivan and myself did a "rough version" of "YOU'll Never walk alone"
which is not only OUR LIVERPOOL song , world fanously connected with our club supporters, but also sung by the Celtic fans...a CELts connection
as LIverpool has a Celts mentality and connection to Ireland and Scotland (My mother's family came from the highlands..and thats where much of my ENERGY
was born..Like Shanks,.my mother was a strong Scot socialist)

then I sang, alone ..."scouser Tommy" its an old Liverpool song with about 20 verses, and i had just not too much alchohol (as Ivan was serving me Vino &
shots.."on his house"..) ... to remember, I had told Tijana to leave before I I can clear a bar in 5 seconds by singing , once I lost a new girlfriend
10 years ago that way ..ha ah ha...

we sang "5 times" and "Istanbul" to a token manc, i had banter with a giant blue basketball man..(Gaga?) I cant remember everyoens names...

BUT AMazed..the "continued" end of the world party weekend...ha ha ...CONTINUED ..oh it DID  !! and the locals even applauded (they were either drunk, stunned or
unusually polite???) .AND NO ONE LEFT THE PUB,,. ;) ..its been so good... first with Ciki,(NS) then Djordje,(Bg) DANICA and Now Ivan and Tijana.(UE)..

then the dancing ..with the young girls "fan club" 4 or 5 ,one of whom was brave enough to practice her english on me, which i said I would "let her"
IF she danced with me...I did , and she did!!! and then I danced with just about everyone ...a GREAT time for me... DId I use up some of my energy?
= I almost exploded... I dont have a "girlfriend" I am not playing footy since I broke my ankle last year (I am "ready again") and although
I walk everywhere here, and go running 3 or 4 times a week I have so MUCH "energy" that I almost exploded!!! I would have been dancing for the next day
if the people hadnt eventually gone home! ha ah ha ha... ;)

I stayed at Ivans house, he invited me to stay another day, and his mother made a brunch for kings...we managed to get up just before mid-day... I met
Vesna went for a walk, and had a coffee with her friend "Rada"  by the river, even outside!!..and then Vesna left us and another woman Ana
joined Rada and Ana and myself back at the "Dublinners"... we had a drink and Tijana came back from her office to meet Ivan and myself and take
us to "Freedom" football stadium. (designed by a woman,.,!) ...where "Petar" took us for a tour, (Ivan had kindly volunteered to make some
"Not to pay" photos, the previous night ) and we had one with Petar in the stadium, and spontaneously I had the idea, because of this club name
and my association with Freedom...(and as I said to Dani. its ok to be FREE , just to remember you are responsible also for the effect and consequences
of "freedom"..)

 ...and we started a new club friendship event we plan.. :) for June @ UE...

details will be developed at facebook group; ______________(link)

After thanking Petar, Ivan returned to the pub, and Tijana took me to the Bus station, I wasnt surprised that the 2 female employees had been
conditioned in the "KGB training camp" not to give info (especially not to foreigners) ..what about the bus to Podgorica ? ="dont know"
what is the cost... ?  "dont know" ... so I said ok lets test the train..and despite the man being traditionally rude, we at leats could check time
and cost and i bought a ticket , whilst i felt "lucky" ... :) for 13h train the next day, on the way back Tijana, became "!tour guide" and explained
"in wires" to me...and some history of UE, and more and more i could "magical" reasosn to have an "international friendship/charity" weekend at
this place which also has "CELTS" history..which explaines the "Braveheart resistance" of WW2

Then we sat and talked , Tijana, Ivan (In between working and managing his pub) and sat upstairs telling stories to them , and young Janko and
his father and their "WHam faMily connection"..

Ivan and I both were "draining our battery" but it was such a good feeling, and the stories just flowed...a late supper at Ivans house
Tuesday morning...up early with Ivan to his pub, and a few hours talking there , about opinions , about football, about life and about
the UE project

I was so happy, yet "that feeling" hit me...of leaving, i hate it, I felt too many times, happy and sad, what Shakespeare calls " that sweet sorrow"
of leaving people that touch my heart...this weekend had been full of my "adopted family" and NO-ONE knows how that feels to this "Universal REdAlien gypsy"
because my/OUR soul may have found a home , this whole Balka area...I am coming home..a Celts warrior can find his place ? be continued..


taxi cash Petar e4 ->autobuska
(bus to NS = e27.50 + e1 for sta?)
CASH = D. 5000 = e45
- drinks @ culture club /snacks
- D290 train to Bg
CASH (Dj e20 = Dinars )
- Magic garden paid by Dani
- Entrances( 4 ) at Podmornica (submarine) = D600
- szerade (paid by Jelena)
- drinks @ Mgarden (last) ?
sunday @ RED-bar = D500
- D970 bus to uzice
CASH D1000
EVERYTHING paid by Ivan/Tijana
Train D 1368 (e12)

foods shop e3


Triin Paja

Hi Chris,

It's nice of you to upload my picture, but don't forget to ask my permission beforehand.

ChriS SmiTH

ok can i post yr picture ... i didnt have time because i am travelling...and using other peoples computer with onlya few minutes...its was such a nice pic that i couldnt resist.. dont shoot me ...please x

ChriS SmiTH

when u have time, explain why u post a photo that U dont want people to see, when its a BEAUTIFUL picture u can share...

my "recent " ... "is this i want to share, and i would if people were able to bear ..."

======================================================= having a great day after the "continued" end of the world party weekend...ha ha ... I sang at the dubliners pub new year party last night..AND NO ONE LEFT THE PUB,,. ;) ..its been so good... first with Ciki,(NS) then Djordje,(Bg) DANICA and Now Ivan and Tijana.(UE)..i will write more when i get back to Pg, ...and a new club friendship event we plan.. :)

Dubliner Uzice


Subject: 13115 Re: My 13109 Re: My121225 CS-> Anna R (new years..CSing)

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

Hiya Anna
hope u are ok, thanks for the reply, I just returned from "serbian new year" celebrations, and maybe I go back for a birthday party on 24th January, so it would be great if u can visit me before then,
hope to cu ,

Anna Rutkowska wrote:
>Thank you for invitation, it's really nice :) Mainly that I wanted to visit Podgrocia, but still never been there. I stay in Croatia only until the end of January and I have a lot of exames now at the university, but I hope to visit Podgorica before my return to Poland. So, if your invitation is still valid I would be happy to come one day.
>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>ok, Anna, best wishes of the new year, hope u come to visit us , sometimes my couch is occupied but we organise CSer parties and fun meetings / treks. etc.. and if i am full my neighbour has family-type hostel for just a a few euros per night, or camnp in our garden.. cuvaj se! ChRiS
>>Anna Rutkowska wrote:
>>>Hi Chris! Excusme for so late answer, but I wasn't on Couchsurfing for long time. So, thank you very much for suggestion and invitation. In the end I deleted this message, because sudenly we stocked in the point where we really didn't know how long and in which direction we wanted to continue together. I'm back in Dubrovnik now, we spent New Year in Albania in the end.
>>>Wish you all the best, Anna :)


Subject: 13115 Re: CS13103 IVANA (Bg)

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

Hello again Ivana, unfortunately, I only saw YOUR message today, and I am back in Pg, I had a great "new years weekend" in NS, Bg and until yesterday also in Uzice,,.,

but in 2 weeks I am invited to a birthday party in Pg, maybe u would like to meet then? (sometime between 24-31 January) ..if possible let me know your telephone number and it may be easier to meet,
take care, cuvaj se and hope to see you!

IVANA9877 wrote:
>Hello Chris, i saw you message just now, i didn't log in for some time, i wish you happy holidays! If you come to visit Belgrade i would gladly meet you for coffee or a drink, I don't know if you were here for 12/13 january as you planned because I saw the message too late, but I wish you all the best for this year! Greetings from Belgrade!
>ChriS SmiTH wrote:
>>Hiya Ivana, hope U are having a good time...
>>CS> to "CSer Friends" ..enjoy the best of this year
>>and if u had a good time visiting me - you are welcome
>>and if i dont have enough room on my couch, or in my garden
>>then OUR CLUB will host you too ;
>>HaPpY ChRiSmItH ;) x
>>p.s. I shd be in Bg for 12/13th January..hope we can meet again..?



Subject: 13115 Re: CS13109 Re: CS13103 Iris V

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hello Iris,
... I had a great time, In NS, Bg and until yesterday in Uzice, I am back in Pg now..
but I expect to be in Pg again at the end of this month for a birthday party, if U would like to try again :)

Iris Vukovic wrote:
>Hey Chris, I'm sorry, but I had troubles logging on the website this weekend. I hope you had a good time in Belgrade and maybe see you again some other time.



Subject: CS 13115 Nicole Re: .

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Hiya Nicole, I am fully supporting some local kids charities with my projects but if anything else becomes available I will consider U, but i prefer a more personal contact with CSerS
...take care

Nicole Chatzi wrote:
>Hey all of you,
>My name is Nicole,my dream is travelling all over the world but for the time being I am studying.So I decided to ask your help to save some memory about other places and start to collect everything you can send from your hometown,even a piece of paper:)
>Thank you for reading this message, I wish I could meet you all!!
>Here is my address:
>Nikoletta Chatzioakimidou
>Eirinis 46
>Peace and Love,




Diyarbakir, Turkey

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    Gender: Several people
    Grew up in: world's been educating us, impact is important...

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member photo DREAMBOATKING

January 11th, 2013 - 2:59 pm
About Me
Hi :) we are two friends traveling through Balkan countries and we would love to meet people, who would like to share their culture, a little bit of time too probably:) we are easy going, can sleep everywhere or can travel together around, have parties or we can cook for you too:) we will be in Podgorica for 2 nights 31st and 1st of February, so if you could host us we would grately appreciate this!

Why I'd Like to Meet You
Your profile is so far the most convincing we have seen from the Podgorica area. You seem to be a great combination of good spirit, open mind and enthusiasm for life! :) You are obviously good host going by your references! We would like to get to know you and exchange stories and life wisdom while we can! :) If you would have the time, space and mind space, we would love to surf your couch for a couple of days! :)
Take care,
Simona and Erko

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member photo ChriS SmiTH

January 15th, 2013 - 11:53 pm
HiYa I maybe attending a party at that weekend but I may be able to find u free couch or cheap accomodation if you contact me during the week before your arrival

my neighbours also have a "family hostel" at 5 euros a night,,P/P ...

safe journey

also tell me yr phone number and I'll let u know if things change.,


Subject: CS 13115 Levan Re: host in podgorica

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

Hiy I dont usually host young guys, but I am occupied , having just returned from travel , with a charity project..,. but i might be able to find accomodation with a neighbours family hostel next door..tell me your phone number and we shall see.. good luck!

Levan Jugheli wrote:
>Hello, I’m Levan, 22 years old film making student from Georgia. Right now I’m living and doing volunteering job for few months in Latvia. In one week I’m starting to travel to go to Kosovo to attend winter school and on my way to then I’m gonna stop to Podgorica for a day or two. I’d like to ask you if you would be able to host me for 19 or 20th of January. If you can host me please write your address and phone within your replay as there is not so much time left for communicating.
>Hope to hear from you soon.
>Best Regards
>Levan Jugheli


David Thornley

January 13th, 2013 - 2:12 pm
About Me
Hi Chris,

I know this is a last minute request. But could you host us tonite? we are two guys travelling by bicycle, through the balkans. We are only recently in Montenegro and it would be great to find out some more and share some good times.
once i sign out now, i will be offline, but my mobile is 0038269705914

Why I'd Like to Meet You
we would like to meet, cos at the moment the city is cold and anomynous, it would be great to meet some friendly people and make some friends.


Chris East-west Invest Ursun

ok friday, what time..?

Natella Kh

in the evening... I will be online
just about to leave for the interview at the embassy tomorrow.. keep your fingers crossed for me But I don't know how you would be able to type with crossed fingers, though..

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

good luck, I just got back from the "day after-continued" weekend..

Danica Stancic

Im ok, today I rest and making some food...

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

dobro, I just got back to Pg, exhausted, tired but feeling GREAT after one of the best "new year wekends " i can ever remember

Danica Stancic

Still Im not sure, but probably is 25.January

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

and are u sure i can couch at your place?? (IF u have the party ) I will come to Bg...

Danica Stancic

Yeeeeeh:) thats goood to hear

Yes off course, I told you, we have one free bed

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

at the "magic garden" ...

Danica Stancic

and if be a party you be my guest and how long you want

yes at The magic garden:)

Danica Stancic
New MagicGarden Belgrade
Air Hostess at Louvre PyramidStudied at La SorbonneLives in Belgrade, Serbia

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

ok, dobro!! i would like that, have time also to talk... but u MUST promise to dance with a girl! ha ha ..

Danica Stancic

hahahahahahaa ok:)

I will try

like girl

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

are u now working at "bravisimo" restoran?

ok if u do, Ill play the reverse too , that wil be funny

i hd a great time in Uzice , and we plan a special project for chairity in june there too... and i want to make a charity benfot in the project so...maybe u can tell me a national chairty for kids (homeless??)

the oub "dubliners2 is really great...


Danica Stancic

I do not work at that restaurant because I could not get time off for my glory, St. John, and since it is more important to me to be with my family, I quit

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

so what do u do after stjohn (is that 20 or 21 january?)

Danica Stancic

I go to finde another job

whats a benfot?

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

a wrong speeling i mean BENEFIT..that means (in this case) we will organise an international football tournament at the freedom stadium, and special fun events and the proceeds (profit will go to a charity ..that I can decide ..and so ....i want u involved.. to tell me a suitable chairty we can agree...

Chris East-west Invest Ursun


Danica Stancic

The best is A Red cross, because thay have a various volunteer programs

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

I would like a special beenfit to homeless kids if possible, but we can discuss details when I am in Bg, OK? I met the PR man, and we had a really good reaction to my ideas, its was such a good feeling,..i have reason to stay a little longer on this mad planet.. some magical things are happenign now...something i cant tell in writing now... almost a miracle ..

Danica Stancic
Svratiste za decu, Beograd
Svratiste za decu ulice je jedino mesto u gradu Beogradu,u koje deca koja su ukljucena u zivot i/ili rad na ulici mogu da dodju i okupaju se, rucaju, prenoce kada su bolesna ili uplasena. Svratiste je za njih otvoreno svakog dana, 24h dnevno. Tim strucnih radnika- socijalne radnice, psiholog, psihi...
Page: 2,360 like this

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

ok if u have time , when i come to Bg, maybe we can visit them together? ok???

Danica Stancic

It is like a home for homeless children here in Belgrade, and for they is a necessary more clothes, and higienical things, like shampoon...

Yeas its be a great

They love when have a guests

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

lets make some good things this year!!

Danica Stancic

and maybe we can bring to they some package

it s right time for it!

for good things

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

I know I have a strong spiritual feeling ..and a belief that much can improve.. so, please think of ideas...and lets discuss it, let me know about yr party date, and I will come for a few days...

Danica Stancic

ok... for next time...we think about ideas, and after party we discuss abot that...

Chris East-west Invest Ursun


Danica Stancic

so I go to finish my domestic obligations, and we see soon...laku noc:)

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

ok nema problema, i am VERY happy, laku noc! x



Djordje Lazarevic

i thought reservation for the pub, but they told me serbian NY is night between sunday and monday, so we should have no prob organizing for saturday

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

Ok i wont be online after this on saturday in Bg!

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

Hiya having great time at Ivan, if u get time can u tag pics from Bg at and we will discuss plans when i m abck in Pg/...

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

let me know what u suggest, I will probably anyway come to Bg 24/25th for Dani's magic garden party, let me kn ow which days u would like to travel to Istanbul..


ChriS SmiTH updated his status: "having a great day after the end of the world weekend...Ciki, Djordje, Danica, and Now Ivan and Tijana..."



Tijana Bogdanovic

As for the best company for LFC fan 'supplies' - in this part of Serbia it is Miteks, they are located in Arilje (nice town near Uzice, well-known by cotton industry).
They make sport close, scarves, flags... for a lot of sport teems, you could see more on their web page could do both, printing and knitting.
Owners are Milan and Milica. They are willing to work with LFC fans You could contact them by e-mail

ChriS SmiTH

thanks again, i got back to Pg, only 30 mins late!, catching up on messages, keep in touch _ I shall contact u from the "other account" ...cuvaj se ! and..thanks to you & Ivan again, for a great "news years celebration" I felt very happy and yet sad to leave you today, looking forward to many more good things this year...say hello to anyone who remembers me.. p.s. I enjoyed the "banter" with you! .

CSerS: CS'13..Lucky ...13? lets "MAKE it so..."
Dec 30, 2012Variety is the key to making wise decisions. You must define your goals and start working toward achieving them. Lately, you are sensitive to flu and cough. You make money fast, but spend it faster.

Triin Paja

Hi Chris,

It's nice of you to upload my picture, but don't forget to ask my permission beforehand.

ChriS SmiTH

ok can i post yr picture ... i didnt have time because i am travelling...and using other peoples computer with onlya few minutes...its was such a nice pic that i couldnt resist.. dont shoot me ...please x

Ciki Nasilnik

i've changed my number


061 372 49 15

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

thank snow i am here!
SCLOG: w(h)itch(c)unt continues?, no 3 kings..but, Hypocrisy, "no more" ChriSie sings...;)
- "Vision without Action is merely a dream. Action without Vision is passing the time. Vision with Action can change the world!"

ChriS SmiTH

just a thought.. i dont like the office - always resented them for the way Shanks was treated after he resigned...and the ticket allocations etc.. but as far as Kenny is concerned young fans should learn that for us, who lived not only his glory days as player and player-manager, to go 96 funerals and support the community as kenny and his family did made him BEYOND reproach, it was a CRIME for Henry to sack him only ONE year into a 3 year contract, that broke kennys heart, IMO they could have given Steve the daily team coachs job, o if they wanted a yes man like BR bring him in underkenny like Bob did when Kenny was manager in the 80 s.. as far as i am concerned KD deserved 5 years withotu any criticism for what WE OWE HIM .. no one man is bigger than the club but there are times, as in the cases of Shanks, Rafa and Kenny when one man must receive total loyalty (*at least in public) anyone who insults kenny or his decisons dont understand all the BS "politic" at LFC, as Shanks used to say the "directors dont come into it- they should just sign the cheques" ... every decision of FSG has been debatable or disasterous...they dont understand footy, they dont understand our culture, and Henry \s own "empire" is make a case for "them"????? no. they must go or we will lose all the good things that make us special..

ChriS SmiTH

no one in their right mond would call Stevie a bad player if he is off no one shuld have a go at TRUE legends as Kenny or Rafa for some "seemingly wrong decision"

Ciki Nasilnik

just thought you'd like this song

Sorry it has been so long since you received my last transmission,
meanwhile I've studied them - learned about their strange condition.
Now I think I understand why they live in such confusion,
sadly they'll never change - I have come to this conclusion....

Planet Earth is great to visit - It's great to visit
(but you wouldn't want to live there.)

I am the mariner who navigates seas celestial,
astronaut ambassador sent to foreign shores terrestrial.
Now with hindsight I admit I don't admire the humans' lot,
frail bodies - fragile, ill equipped, their lives are hard (but they are not).

And when you know the ways of men
then you can only pity them,
every day a raging storm -
castaway in a carbon based life form.

I've wandered far (I've wondered hard) and have one source of comfort only -
when I share my thoughts with you mortality is not so lonely.
Countless starts between us - myriad the things I miss,
I say farewell and think of home, the static drowns my parting kiss.

And as your signal slowly wanes -
the fears return (my growing pains),
here it is for what it's worth -
yet another postcard from planet Earth.

Ciki Nasilnik
Skyclad--Postcard From Planet Earth
Sorry it has been so long since you received my last transmission, meanwhile I've studied them - learned about their strange condition. Now I think I underst...

Ciki Nasilnik

ps: I've passed the exam today, 11 more to go

ChriS SmiTH

Congrats, I just got back to Pg, i will write again soon... had a great weekend..

Djordje Lazarevic
The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca (2010)
Like it? Please, buy it! :)


ChriS SmiTH

just had a few bevvies with ciki in NS on way to Djordje in Bg, Ivan, cu tomorrow - i wont be online, my number 00382 686 14427 if u need me other wise ill get to UE as ear;y as poss sunday eve.

Ivan Krsmanovic

everything s ok. just send me the message about name of the bus.

ChriS SmiTH

Janusevic Priboj leaving Bg about 17h

Ivan Krsmanovic

ok not a real perfect bus but it s better then train : )
See ya then


Ciki Nasilnik
8:53pm Jan 11
i've changed my number

Ciki Nasilnik
8:53pm Jan 11
061 372 49 15
Conversation History

Ciki Nasilnik
6:57pm Jan 10
See you, have a nice trip 

Chris East-west Invest Ursun
7:01pm Jan 10



Your idealistic tendencies have evolved into a full-fledged philosophy you can live.

Ciki Nasilnik

When are you expecting to arrive ?

Chris East-west Invest Ursun


i can txt u from bus if any delay but that is the "scheduled time"

Ciki Nasilnik

ok, so the plan is:
we go to my place to leave your back and go our in town ?

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

ok !!! cu then...

Ciki Nasilnik

See you, have a nice trip

Chris East-west Invest Ursun



13110 Dobar DanIca

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

13110 Dobar DanIca


i shd be in NS Friday night, stay with CikI..
( A LIvepool Fan.) maybe also meet another Liverpool fan Izzy
and her boyfriend Romano .although he is NOt a fan (*of me) and she may be too sick..


I go to Djordje in Bg in the afternoon
(DFjordje and Ciki are like my "adopted sons" - last year I took them to "footbal mecca" (LIverpool) ///

..then from 19h saturday until sunday with you (! if ok between us?)


@14h I meet some Lfc fans to watch our live game
at a Bg pub, then I go to visit Ivan (a Lfc fan who works in an irish pub in Uzice)
and maybe say hello to Vesna who lives in the same town (she helped organise the Prizren CSerS meeting)

I hope we have a good meeting

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

I will be off line if u need to send me a message it will have to be by sms . but I will be at your bar by 19h unless major problem..cuvaj se , vidimo se, saturday!


Danica Stancic

whats means tight?

ok tell me when we see together:)

nice dreams...take a care

Chris East-west Invest Ursun


Chris East-west Invest Ursun

by the way, do you know ..this place?
Podmornica Beogradski Rnr Podrum
Works at Submarine - belgrade rock 'n' roll basementLives in Beograd


Hey Chris,
we're watching the match in Skadarlija in Red bar. If you want we can meet at the beginning of Skadarlija and then we go together?

ChriS SmiTH wrote:
Hiya Vladen, I should be in Bg at the weekend, where are the local REdS watching the match??

Vladan Veljkovic wrote:
Mine is +381 65 30 66 099 okok coll, we can arrange some beeeer :D




Ok, I will write about tours in general, and then we’ll make more detailed descriptions and offers.
Here it’s snowy again, and it looks like for a long time, I hope. I bet, there’s snow in Durmitor (Žabljak and other places) where many people go skiing, are there any club members?
BTW, do you like Mark Knopfler? He gives a concert in Belgrade on April 30, does it make sense to create an event in a group? I’d like to go, probably, someone else will also want to join, what do you think?

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

why not!!



I look forward to seeing u, ( i expect during the afternoon, saturday) will your girlfriend come out with us saturday evening/night, I am invited to meet someone @ "Magic garden" bar saturday - she can join us ? .. ok>?

Djordje Lazarevic

Venue? I was planing for us to watch the game at my place, unless Velja calls for a meeting, i told him we are interested.

I have invited her, but she still doesn't know, she told me she has promised to some friends a night out, but we can go to play some bowling or billiard in the evening.

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

AS its the first time in Bg since a long time i'd like to meet a smany ppl ads possible, and do something special..& some REdS ..I asked Luka...(aqbout sunday) on saturday we can work it out when i get there, I thought maybe yr girlfriend and a lass I know could make a "foursome" ..(maybe "Margareta") ..

Chris East-west Invest Ursun

I have not been "out" drinking more than once in the last month, so i have saved up some pocket money, so dont worry.... ..
we can maybe meet yr girlfriend later in the evening..


Times confirm Assaidi to be shown the door out of lfc.

this club is a fooking joke if that is the case. they bought this guy during the summer and like most of our recent signings, only lasts one season.
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    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Rodgers has no clue about the kind of player needed no more than he has tactics on the pitch..........................all of his 'signings' have been wasteful
    3 hours ago · Like
    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay this is the same shite with Hodgson, Dalglish and now Rodgers... under Fenway.. there is no direction. they havent a clue and they need to sell the club before they run it further into the ground
    2 hours ago · Like
    Chris East-west Invest Ursun NO , WE need to take it over , otherwise we will just go from one "owner" to "another" and go down the drain...its OUR money that funfs their fanchise ..its OUR CLUB, start believing it!
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Fenway. We Come Not To Pay shared a link.
Ian Ayre comments on Liverpool's transfer strategy
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    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay Talk is cheap and coming from him, means little!
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Fenway. We Come Not To Pay

Fabio Borini AS Roma £10,400,000 13.07.2012
Joe Allen Swansea City £15,000,000 10.08.2012
Oussama Assaidi Heerenveen £3,000,000 17.08.2012
Nuri Sahin Real Madrid On Loan 25.08.2012
Samed Yesil Bayer Leverkusen £1,000,000 30.08.2012

Jordan Henderson Sunderland £16,000,000 * 09.06.2011
Charlie Adam Blackpool £6,750,000 07.07.2011
...See More
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    Michael McColl nevermind
    Sunday at 9:54pm · Like
    Fenway. We Come Not To Pay ive just mailed u
    Yesterday at 12:06am · Like
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Fenway. We Come Not To Pay shared a link via ??????oo? ƒoo????? ????.
Liverpool FC Ins and Outs under FSG / NESV
Following the deadline day debacle, much discussion has now opened around FSG's financial strategy placed upon Liverpool



Subject: CS13116 Vesna..take care,..,.

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

Hiya Vesna,

I am back in Pg,
good to cu again, and meet yr friends Rada & Anna (?)

I had a really great time, in UE and I intend going back in spring or even before...with some "co-operative plans" ... :)

... I notice the thread , with Matthias from NL asking about Balkans..
..I dont say anythign against him or his enquiries but my winter "in box" has been FULL of enquiries which seem like they ar being compiled for tourist guides and travel agents, MNE especially is being listed in national UK newspapers and other western countries as one of the "top hot spots" to visit in 2013...

obviously want to help "genuine" CSerS but i would suggest..just to "examine" the way people ask to see if its a real or reasonable request... but of course its your own time ..

take care/ cuvaj se! :)

ChRiS x



Subject: CS 13116 LIna Timo,Re: informacion

[do not respond directly to this email, use the link]

hello Lina, I suggest u write to or check the "balkan mafia" group on couchsurfing... as it seems u are constructing a tourist guide more than a visit....! :)
good luck

Lina Timo wrote:
>On june our family will have a road to your country. Can you help me with informacion? About the road nr.9. Is it nice view to go by this road? Do you recommend to go by this road from Macedonia to BIOGRADSKA national park? Do you have some maps national parks of Biogradska gora or Durmitor? And informacion about them?
>Can you writte the prices of diesel? Where it is the best: Albania, Makedonia, Bosnia,Montenegro, Croatia? Is there no problems to changing euros or using a credit cards for buying diesel, food and else?



  2. private comment...this is the "edited version" Danica! ;

  3. Jan 21, 2013
    Speaking your mind without feeling guilty is a craft you still need to learn. Stop thinking what others might think of you. Smaller amounts of coffee might help you overcome sleeplessness and reappearing headaches. Talk to a friend before you make any financial decision.

    Jan 20, 2013
    Trust in your love and affection, they will never let you down. You should also consider changing your environment to a more lively and active one. Take care of yourself because there are too many things you have to do. In the coming months, only spend on what you need.

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